‘Indiana Jones’ Blu-ray Collection Coming Fall 2012

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Indiana Jones Blu Ray Collection Fall 2012 Indiana Jones Blu ray Collection Coming Fall 2012

With the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray selling like gangbusters — in spite of controversial changes like computer-generated Ewok-eyeballs — it was only a matter of time before Indiana Jones made similar moves.

Today, Lucasfilm and Paramount are announcing that The Complete Indiana Jones Blu-ray Collection will be available for purchase fall 2012 with a “best of collection” of special features and “a few new surprises,” too.

Check out the press release below for all the available details:

The man with the hat is back – and looking better than ever! The world’s favorite globe-trotting archaeologist is, at long last, embarking on his greatest adventure – when ‘The Complete Indiana Jones Blu-ray Collection’ comes to Blu-ray Disc from Lucasfilm Ltd. and Paramount Home Media Distribution. The Complete Indiana Jones Blu-ray Collection will be excavated in the fall of 2012 and will include all four of Indy’s thrilling adventures, using the highest possible high definition picture and audio presentation – along with a “best of” collection of documentaries, interviews, featurettes and a few new surprises.

What exactly does “a few new surprises” entail? Your guess, as ever, is as good as ours.

For Indiana Jones fans worried that George Lucas’ compulsion to change his old films has rubbed off onto his friend, Steven Spielberg (as it did temporarily in 2002 with E.T.), fear not — Indiana Jones is safe.

Back in September, at a 30th anniversary event for Raiders of the Lost Ark, Spielberg talked about what we could expect from the inevitable Indy Blu-ray collection:

“This is the best I think it’s ever looked, because in preparation for the eventual release on blu-ray we had to correct the print again and get the original negative out of the salt mines, and then we had to do the separations, and basically the files, which are just amazing, with all the technology of today, without changing any of the movie materially, we haven’t removed anything, we haven’t added CGI, there’s no digital enhancements! It’s purely the movie some of you may remember from 1981.”

ET Special Edition CGI Indiana Jones Blu ray Collection Coming Fall 2012

Computer-generated E.T.

He also talked about the changes he made to E.T. for the special edition (courtesy of our own Roth Cornet), which he has since come to regret:

“I tried this once and lived to regret it. Not because of fan outrage, but because I was disappointed in myself. I got overly sensitive to [some of the reaction -- including parents who had been less than pleased with the guns in the film] to ‘E.T.,’ and I thought if technology evolved, [I might go in and change some things]…it was okay for a while, but I realized what I had done was I had robbed people who loved ‘E.T.’ of their memories of ‘E.T.’”

Suffice it to say, there’s no need to worry about Spielberg inserting a computer-generated Indiana Jones dance number for the Blu-ray collection. I mean — they’ll probably wait for the 3D theatrical release to do that, right?

The Complete Indiana Jones Collection hits shelves fall 2012.


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  2. Yay! Plus the joke about a 3D release at the end of the article–that would be cool. As much as I love the SW saga, I have no interest in them in 3D…at least not the prequels.

    • Should have added, “But the Indiana Jones franchise I’d see in 3D in a heartbeat!”

  3. Didn’t he say there was going to be a ID5? Not like I’ve seen the 4th one but I am a complete-ist. I would want a box set of all the movies, hence why i didn’t shell out for the jurassic park box set since theyre making a 4th one

    • Amen to that Jerry. The 4th was good, you should check it out. I Hope to god that plans for the 5th one work out, but I’m guessing they won’t, considering its already been 4 years and the script isn’t even done. Yes the 4th one did take 20 years to produce, and it paid off in the end but I don’t think that they’ll end up finishing things off as much as I want them to. Maybe the box set is supposed to generate some hype or something? Idk.

      • jDirk, you must have saw a different IJ’s4 than the rest of us! You can have my Blu-ray copy when it comes out.

  4. FINALLY!!
    Since I purchased my Blu-ray player I’ve been waiting for this. I know people have their issues with what Lucas has done with the Star Wars Films (I do to) but the Blu-ray’s are amazing, including the prequels.

  5. Ah, George Lucas’ annual cash injection.

  6. I have been waiting for this trilogy on blu-ray for as long as Star Wars! I actually enjoy all 4 films, even though the 3rd act of crystal skull sucked. I wish if they were going to make future Indy films they should do it like Bond. a new actor, but same time period.

    • Word. It’s too bad because I love Harrison. He would be hard to replace but I do believe the time has come.

  7. Alien, BladeRunner and now Raiders of the Lost Ark on Blu-Ray! Nuff Said!
    Thank God Speilberg didn’t re-do E.T. with more CGI or else E.T. will start looking like Joan Rivers! LOL!

  8. Jaws, “the original” E.T. and now Indy. Awesome!

  9. About ******* time!!

  10. Bring on Indy 5…!!!!!! :)

  11. I probably won’t buy this. I bought Star Wars on Blu ray because of all the new special features, this will have to have something really special for me to buy it again. Hopefully they have found all the deleted scenes from Raiders which were curiously omitted from the DVD boxset.

    And I liked Crystal Skull too!!!!

  12. So wait, Lucas isn’t changing anything or adding any stupid unnecessary CGI?
    Where’s the real Lucas and who’s this impostor ;)

    I might actually buy this…
    I still haven’t bought the SW box-set, and I really want that first, so it’ll probably be a while before I add this to my collection.

  13. I might buy a Blu Ray justfor this. Especially since there are no unneccessary changes.

  14. The BEST Indiana Jones film is ” Raiders Of The Lost Ark.” That’s it. It’s Spielberg’s best movie and one of the all time greatest movies of all time.
    It’s the only Indy movie you need to see and the rest don’t even come close.
    “Raiders” will be awesome in Blu Ray. The others I’ll get rid of on E Bay.

    • To clarify:

      “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” is equivalent to the original Star Wars Trilogy.

      All of the other Indy movies are synonymous to the Star Wars “prequels.”

      • I don’t agree that all the Indy moves aside from Raiders are bad — I enjoy Temple for what it is, an over-the-top action extravaganza akin to the serials of yore — but I agree with everything else. Raiders is perfect. I’m so-so on Crusade. Crystal is an abomination.

        • Fair enough, Ben. I think our paths pretty much cross on common ground regarding “Indiana Jones.”
          If I had to choose which ‘Indy’ to choose from the rest of the sequels I’d go with “Temple.” It still retains the basic elements that made “Raiders” totally unique.
          “Last Crusade” seemed too centered on the relationship between Indy and his Dad (Connery). But it wasn’t enough to solidify the film. Also that production seemed rushed. The screenplay and the visual effects in particular. There are terrible blue screen shots in that movie. Matte lines galore.
          As for “Crystal Skull” I paid to see that in the theater. We walked out. lol. It was an insult. Brutal.

      • You’re kidding, right? KotCS, fine. But the rest? C’mon! :P

      • What Kryptonic said. I’ll be buying the first and third in the series individually. You can round-file the other two..

  15. Spielberg may have come around, but of course Lucas will make sure that we have to buy the “complete set” to get the bonus features. I don’t want the 4th one, so maybe I’ll just resell it or something (perhaps a coaster?), IF indeed the bonus materials are worth it. If not, I’ll just get the singles of the TRUE Indy films, 1-3.

  16. Maybe we will finally see the deleted “falling egg” scene from Temple of doom