‘Indy 5′ in Development to Secure Harrison Ford for ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′?

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Indiana Jones 5 Harrison Ford Indy 5 in Development to Secure Harrison Ford for Star Wars: Episode 7?

One of the biggest questions facing the impending return to a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars: Episode 7 is the extent to which franchise leads Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill will be involved. Ever since the announcement that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm with the intention of delivering an all-new trilogy, along with spin-off films, rumors and (mostly) unofficial reports have indicated that we’d see the fan-favorite performers return to their iconic roles. Still, in lieu of an official announcement, we cannot be sure (at least not yet) that each of the stars is signed to return. After all, talk is cheap until the papers are actually signed.

However, there’s no doubt that Lucasfilm is motivated to bring the actors back – especially given that a number of possible story scenarios actually center on Skywalker and Solo children. The studio is so motivated, in fact, they may have invested longterm resources in the development of Indiana Jones 5 – just to secure Harrison Ford’s involvement in Star Wars: Episode 7.

The news of Lucasfilm allocating resources into the development of a new Indiana Jones film first came to us courtesy of The Daily Superhero - who reported the studio has been actively (behind closed doors) attempting to figure what to do with the franchise. Rights issues (i.e. Paramount Pictures still retains distribution control) and the poor reception of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull have made developing Indy 5 a challenge – but Ford may have expedited any development hiatus by leveraging his involvement in Star Wars: Episode 7 with the promise that Lucasfilm will give him another Nazi-fighting adventure of his own.

Indiana Jones 5 Up to George Lucas Indy 5 in Development to Secure Harrison Ford for Star Wars: Episode 7?

The aforementioned tit (Indy 5) for tat (Episode 7) is the basis for a scenario recently reported by (largely untested source) Jedi News - who go so far as to indicate that Ford wasn’t going to sign for another Star Wars movie before seeing the full story arc for Han Solo and, also, required a commitment to a new Indiana Jones installment. So, is Ford on board and did he get what he wanted in the negotiation?

Again, no official announcement has been made, but according Latino Review (months back) Ford has signed-on for Star Wars: Episode 7 (even if he’s been less-forthcoming in public). That said, Jedi News indicates that the actor didn’t get everything he was hoping for at this juncture – while Ford was happy with the portrayal and direction of his Han Solo character (which could include several films), he did not get a firm commitment for Indiana Jones 5. Yet, Lucasfilm did agree to beginning development on a new chapter for Doctor Jones (and possibly son, Mutt Williams) – set for release before the close of 2016.

Meaning, while Lucasfilm isn’t promising to push out another risky addition to the Indiana Jones series, they’ll spend the next year developing a script – and, if everyone is onboard and in agreement, the studio will give the film a green light (which should add further credence to The Daily Superhero‘s report of those “behind closed doors” happenings). Apparently, the promise of a good will attempt at developing Indy 5 was enough to persuade Ford to board the Millennium Falcon again.

Han Solo Harrison Ford Star Wars 7 Indy 5 in Development to Secure Harrison Ford for Star Wars: Episode 7?

Given the state of the Indiana Jones franchise, following Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it’s not surprising that if Lucasfilm is going to move forward with a new film, they’ll be proceeding cautiously and under the radar for a while – especially since they’ve still got to re-launch Star Wars. Though, given the right script and director, there’s no doubt that Indiana Jones could deliver solid critical acclaim and massive box office sales. Assuming the rumors of Lucasfilm’s interest and commitment to developing Indiana Jones 5 are true, the next year could result in some very exciting announcements for fans of whips, snap brim fedoras, supernatural mysteries, and punching Nazis.


Star Wars: Episode 7 is scheduled for release in 2015.

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Sources: The Daily SuperheroJedi News, and Latino Review

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  2. Great, another chance for people to complain about Indy 4 again.

  3. I enjoyed Indy 4. The crystal skull, ancient aliens thing was cool, I dug it. My only problems were all the retarded fake cgi animal, some bad plot elements and a 1950′s Sam Witwicky. Other than that I thought it was pretty solid.

    • Right on.

      I do not get why people would paint Indy 5 as ‘risky’? Indy 4 made an embarrassing amount of money. And say what you will about the quality of the last instalment- actually don’t: Crystal Skull is rated consistently high on all aggregator sites, and often higher in fan reviews… I’ve never understood how a vocal minority monopolizes discussion of this movie.

      So, yeah, I dug it, too.

      • Probelm was watchin an old man gettin the crap kicked outta him.. Fords to old fer thatc — painful viewin,’ sure

    • The one thing I didn’t like, was the aliens factor… the adventure was cool, the fx were “ok”, there were some dumb moments on the film (e.g. ‘Tarzan’ LeBeof). I wouldn’t mind another movie, though.

    • I agree with you, actually, except for the point that those things were an awful lot of the movie. Loved the opening sequence (except for the gopher), was fine with the whole alien premise (hell, it’s an Indy film, whaddaya expect), fine with Indy having a son and the chase sequence, but after that, the whole movie fell apart. Bringing back Marion was stupid. In the first movie she was a great protagonist, in this one she was just there and frankly, annoying. The sword fighting on the trucks was dumb as it just felt SOOOOO forced. What a coincidence, nobody wants to use their guns and we have a fencing master available. The monkeys. Except for the monkey in Raiders, monkeys have never done it for me, especially when it’s filmed like a scene out of Disney’s Tarzan. There was more to dislike than to like…

      And don’t get me started with the fridge. Fortunately they followed it with a great shot of Indy in front of the mushroom cloud, but still. Are you trying to tell me that if there’s a nuclear bomb dropped on my city, I’ll be fine if I just jump in the fridge? I’d like to see someone test that theory… preferably Lucas.

      The point is, there was some functionality to Indy IV that worked, but most of it didn’t. I can take an Indy 5 as long as they go back to what Indy was meant to be.

  4. Not to sure since it’s just a rumor. Reeeealy hope it’s true tho.

  5. Just have Sam Mendes direct Indy 5 and everything will be fine.

    • There’s no “like” feature in these comments. So…


  6. Indy 5 means more LaBauf…. No Thanks

    • +1

  7. Harrison Ford is smart. There’s no arguing. Now keep Shia LeBeouf away from it (or at least sidelined) and I’m down for the return of the world’s most badass archaeologist/anthropologist.

  8. Harrison Ford is smart. There’s no arguing. Now keep Shia LeBeouf away from it (or at least sidelined) and I’m down for the return of the world’s most badass archaeologist/anthropologist.

  9. Why are my comments being moderated?

    • S’est dommage,parce que moi j’aime bien shia laboeuf.

  10. I remember seeing I4 at the midnight release and remember thinking…”What a let down.” But… I watched it a second time and let myself enjoy it. I realized my expectations were (rightfully so) very high. The more I watch it the more I accept it.

    The things that bothered me are:
    1. It felt rushed
    2. Russian accent was horrible
    3. Magnetic field in Area 51 (very cool idea) wasn’t logically shown
    4. Shia swinging with monkeys (funny idea) was poorly executed with poor CGI
    5. Bad acting by Ford at times (ex. beginning of movie when he first meets Russians and also his line “Part time” when talking to Mutt about being a teacher.
    6. Watered down plot – Wish there was more explanation and closure with the crystal skull alien plot

      • Ray Gun or Rail Gun ? not quite sure !:)

      • True! I missed that until you pointed it out!

        • Cheers !

  11. Do indiana jones movie well, they could make a good movie few times, when it was not appropriate technology, now just a good scenario and not exaggerated effects, do the fate of atlantis, or infernal machine something mistery. That make dr Jones back to roots. A little bit of Han Solo in SW is needed.

  12. indy 5 is not a must. Neither was Temple. Neither was Last Crusade. If Spielberg and Ford dont roll the dice again how will we ever know if it would have been a great fifth instalment? I saw go for it. Ford is in great shape and OBVIOUSLY wants to have another crack at it. Steven has publicly stated that there were things in Crystal Skull that were bungled. They’ve learnt from the ONE mistake they made in the entire franchise. Let them send Indy out with the bang he deserves.

    • + 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      “Raiders Of The Lost Ark.”

      Spielberg’s greatest film. Harrison Ford’s greatest performance.

      Without question, “Raiders” is one of the top five films of all time.

      No sequel could (or did) ever come close.

  13. I am hoping for a plot involving Prester John and his supposed magical Speculum (mirror) that could be used to watch over all lands. It would be cool if the story shows that it could do more things like move you to other lands and or dimensions. I did some research and found some cool stories/legends they could pull from to make up their own!

    Prester John’s Kingdom included the legendary Fountain of Youth, Garden of Eden, and Gates of Alexander. Also these topics tie in lots of neat religious legends/stories like Gog and Magog, Three Kings, Thomas the Apostle, early Judaism and Christianity, etc. Some of my research found that the legends were known to possibly originate in places like India and China (courtesy of Wikipedia)

    Supposedly Marco Polo wrote about him as well as having been beheaded by Genghis Khan. (Courtesy of Indiana Jones Wiki) Also according to Jones Wiki, Wolfram von Eschenbach connected Prester John to the Holy Grail. This would tie in nicely with Sean Connery’s dead character (if he is…)

  14. Before anyone starts ranting about Indy 4 with the usual arguments, let me present two of them I’ve heard the most and give reason, why they can be considered irrelevant.


    You may not like the existence of extraterrestrials , but this is actually it. You can’t argue, that it’s b******* having aliens in the Indy franchise, cause any supernatural thing or being of any kind would be b******* as well and therefore would have no place in the Indy universe. Why is it not ok to have aliens, but “angels of death” in raiders or hundreds of years old knights in the last crusade. Many people say Fate of Atlantis should have been the source for the 4th installment. Guess what, Kerner transforms into some miniature minotaur (or if you will mini-taur) right before Indy/Übermann transforms into a god-like, antique, supernatural being. Sure sounds less crazy than aliens.. Like I said, it’s personal preference, but it doesn’t mean having Aliens in the franchise is unfaithful to the legacy.

    Jumping the atomic fridge.

    Indy jumped out of a plane, with 2 people without a parachute and landed safely with an inflatable boat under his whip. It may be over the top, but it doesn’t make it a movie bad.
    Indy went to Berlin in Nazi Germany, then he got an autograph from Adolf Hitler. It may be unrealistic, but it doesn’t make it a bad movie.
    He jumped off a ship and swam to a sub and made it somehow into it (according to some extra sources) and to an island (a heavily guarded nazi port). It may be poorly explained, how he actually did it, but it doesn’t make it a bad movie.

    Ofc there are other points you can criticize and many of those points may be right in place, but I always get the feeling, those 2 arguments are used as the flagship for the whole anti-indy 4 movement.

    That being said, give me another Indy movie, but without shia labeouf, cause god knows there is no way to justify having him in any other movie ever again. ;p

    • Yea i agree. those 2 issues never bothered me. Indiana Jones was supposed to always be far fetching anyways with things that happen.

  15. On board with the Star Wars 7 casting but quite honestly, Raiders of the Lost Ark should’ve just been left alone. That’s a classic film. Temple of Doom was a disappointment and Last Crusade was alright and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was eh. They need to sure things up to get me to approve with this (not that they need my approval but…)

  16. What does Spielberg have to say? He is part of the Indy team, too. I’m all for another Indy film. Crystal Skull’s devils were in the details IMO, as opposed to the broad concepts. I liked the idea to use Russians and Aliens and bring back Karen Allen, but the execution was not that appealing. The film just looked ugly to me, something about the way it was shot and/or filtered.

    Star Wars and Indiana Jones are both inspired by classic old fashioned adventure, so the more they stick to practical effects and simple, clear storytelling, the better.

    It is reassuring that Ford has (allegedly) approved of the Han Solo character development. That speaks well to the story that has been developed.

    • I agree with you about the “look”. I love Janusz Kaminski’s cinematography…. except this one movie. And it’s sad to know that he was trying to get the look from the previous movies according to the behind the scenes stuff. But yeah, it didn’t feel the same. Not harsh enough shadows or something. All they needed to do was look at the opening titles of Raiders to see the difference. And it’s a major difference.
      With all that said, there were two shots I loved in Indy 4. The shot of Indy looking at the nuke aftermath and the long shot of the saucer coming up out of the ground. Both very epic in my opinion.

  17. It makes sense now that Sean Connery has been cast in star wars 7. Donald Pleasance has been cast in indy 5 so that’s off to a good start, but hopefully they’ll go through with the original plan to get Vic Tayback too as the yoda reincarnate. So awesome cant wait.

  18. If it takes a fifth Indy movie to get Harrison Ford to be in Episode VII, then so be it.

  19. PLEASE, if Indy 5 is to be made it should be fate of Atlantis

    • Gonna be tough to do since an Atlantis movie is already be produced. I forget who is doing it. I wanna say it is Del Toro but not 100 percent.

    • Been thinking that for years. Atlantis would be cool.

  20. YES! I’d trade Star Wars 7 for this any day!

  21. I can’t wait for both!

  22. $800 million is a poor reception?

    It individually outgrossed Iron Man and Iron Man 2.

    I guess those were very poorly received.

  23. Yes but Iron Lung was too many the walk and not lingering talk. i no cuz i was at the place ware it all statted plue Hostetler was not present nor gatekeeper nor promise weeper.

  24. Check out the link here:

  25. The new sidekick is Miley Cyrus

  26. Yes, Harrison Ford has discuss his Henry Jones role for INDIANA JONES 5 and it sounds like an idea.

  27. totally gay and so are you