Shia LaBeouf Says Indiana Jones 5 Is ‘Gearing Up’

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indy5 Shia LaBeouf Says Indiana Jones 5 Is Gearing Up

While doing the press rounds for the forthcoming Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Shia LaBeouf has been talking about his up and coming projects. The young star has revealed that a new Indiana Jones film is on the way and that he is excited to be starring in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps opposite Michael Douglas.

With regards to the fifth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise La Beouf said:

“Steven just said that he cracked the story on it before I left and I think they’re gearing that up.”

This doesn’t mean that the film is anywhere near production. It took a decade before Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford agreed on a script before The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hit the screen. Now if you throw LaBeouf into the mix the process becomes even more complicated.

Having said that – money talks in Hollywood. Last summer’s installment of the Indy franchise grossed almost $800 million, so I’d bet that we’ll see a fifth film sooner rather than later with LaBeouf returning as Indy’s son. It was recently revealed that Harrison Ford received $65 million for starring in the sequel!

Speaking of money, LaBeouf said that Money Never Sleeps is now the official title for the Wall Street sequel to be directed by Oliver Stone.

So what do you think about another Indiana Jones movie considering how the last one turned out?

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen starring LaBeouf and Megan Fox opens on June 24.

Source: BBC

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  1. I found out today that Shia has signed on for Indy 5. He’s not just talking about it he’s going to be in it.

    Ford made 65 mil???
    Why even work after that,,,???

  2. I was kind of disappointed in The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull. Yes, KenJ, the aliens just about made me cringe with embarassment, but some of the really ‘out there’ stuff, like Indy surviving ground zero of a nuclear blast was just… *rolls eyes*

    I missed to wisecracking, clever Indy too. He has worked with kids before (‘Shorty’ in ‘Temple of Doom’) What happened to that amazing give and take?

    For me..the magic was kind of not really there, watching a geriatric Indy get married…*another eye roll* and being a “Dad”

    I didn’t expect Super Action Hero…but gee! I hope the next Indy adventure is better!

  3. @greenknight333:

    ROTFL! You couldn’t get me to watch Mamma Mia but then, I hate musicals. It makes me laugh when people start talking to each other in song! I don’t know how they can do it without laughing. You should have added “I’m here all week!” at the end of your email. LOL

    Regarding a hot, but singing Pierce Brosnan: He’s a great looking guy, he was the best Bond since Sean Connery until Daniel Craig. Loved his show, Remmington Steel but…the man can’t carry a tune in a bucket. A nice speaking voice doesn’t mean that you should be a singer. But I haven’t watched the movie so maybe it didn’t matter that he couldn’t sing. Maybe that was the point. Gosh darn it! I’ll never know. Oh well…

    Back to the Indy 500!


    Harrison Ford could have quit working years ago. I doubt he pays alimony and his kids are definitely old enough to be making their own kids so they don’t need child support. He could sit home and collect residuals all day but I get the sense that he’s a mover, not a sitter and that he likes acting. Some people like their jobs. That’s just sick!


    I don’t mind that Indy got older, over half the American population is over 40 now. Unless that’s just an ugly rumor. ;)

    And I even sort of justified the aliens, sort of, so that I could enjoy seeing Indy again. I just don’t want to ever see an Indy movie where he’s “pops” and his son is THE MAN! I’d rather not see him in it at all and they change the name of the whole franchise. That’s the only way to hand over Indy’s mantle, IMHO.

    Indy was based on the old serials that they used to show in the movies, right? “Come back next week to find out how our hero gets out of this one…” Just please don’t have Indy be Sean Connery. I loved Sean Connery in the third Indiana Jones. He was perfect. But Indy should never be over shadowed by a wise-cracking kid, EVER! I’d rather he really had fallen off the cliff in the third movie.

    I rate the Indy series this way: 1, 3, 2, 4. And the only reason that the second one didn’t make last place was because Harrison Ford was at the top of his game in the second. He couldn’t help it that the plot wasn’t that great. At least, I thought it was a silly premise and I hate when they bring in kids. ARGH! I didn’t care if they were saved or not. They were THAT annoying.

    But the third fixed everything. I think this last one should be considered a “next chapter” without so much emphasis on his age. Just don’t “James Bond” it and keep replacing the actor. Harrison Ford owns Han Solo and Indy and he always will.

    By the way, Daniel Craig makes the best James Bond since Sean Connery. Just sayin’.

  4. @prtfvr

    I am totally there with you on the musical front! I just can’t get my head around why you would just suddenly burst out in song. You gotta see the South Park ep ripping High School Musical if you haven’t already, freakin’ hilarious! Call me bitter but that’s why my fave Disney film excluding pixar is Rescuers down under!

    whoops, off topic! indy iv indy v blah blah blah….

  5. @mariokilledpeach:

    I agree, you’re totally off topic. I never do that. ;)

    And South Park RULES!

  6. 790,
    because it would be too tempting NOT to work after that.

  7. Just goes to show that there should have been a, “wtf Pierce Brosnan sings in Momma Mia, Bond fans look away” post.

    I mean seriously.

  8. I actually liked Indy 4. Anyone who thinks it was silly should rewatch the old ones, especially the second one. Why would aliens be malplaced in a franchize that honours old B-movies? The other ones had hebrew ghosts melting the faces of nazis, a holy grail that keeps a crusaider alive for houndreds of years etc… And of course it is unrealistic to survive a nuclear blast inside a fridge… But is it any more realistic to dig a guys heart out with your hand, with the victim being alive for like five minutes with no heart? Its all in good fun!

  9. @pondababa

    Yeah, it is all fun. Maybe because I’m old enough to have been a kid for the first two movies, my sense of incredulity has changed.

    I don’t believe in fairies anymore, either.

    It’s a shame. :(

  10. Maybe I’m too old… I remember seeing all those movies like Indiana Jones, Star Wars etc when I was a kid. I still have my ‘Darth Vader lives’ badge!

    My sense of incredulity and wonder has disappeared along with my belief in fairies, I’m afraid. :(

  11. A growing sense of cynicism will do that. Hollywood has a tendency to give you that, haha.

  12. Darn! I posted this in the wrong place! I think this is the right place!

    As a teenager, I remember sitting in my local theatre watching the first Indy movie. At the end of the film, we were told that Indy would return in ‘The Temple of Doom’. I STILL remember how we all cheered!

    A lot of people have looked at the franchise with a critical eye over the years, and probably rightly condemned Temple of Doom as the worst of the original trilogy, but in context, for its time, it was fantastic!

    I remember we all screamed when the scary priest of Kali appeared and tried to rip Indy’s heart from his chest, and the comic element of the scene where Indy screams through the chamber of bugs to Willie, “WE-ARE-GOING-TO-DIE” still can make me laugh. Of course, John William’s musical score also starred here.

    Say what you will, even ‘Temple of Doom’ is a hundred times better than any action adventure film that has come out in the last year or so.

    ‘Short Round’ and ‘Willie’ actually added some much needed comic relief in a very dark Indy adventure. They did not bother me all that much. I have always wondered if ‘Short Round’ was the son or brother of the man who is killed in the opening scenes of ‘Temple of Doom’…you remember,

    “We have been on many adventures together. Into the great adventure, Indy, I go first!”

    These films need to be watched sequentially. I love them all. ‘The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ was not my favourite, but I am willing to sit through another!

    Heck, its Indiana Jones!

  13. @ gottarhyme

    Good point about that dude being short rounds father.

    If marion was brought back for IJ 4 who could they bring back for IJ 5? I guess it depends on who’s available and who still “got it”. (It was refreshing to see Marion but it’s like she forgot how to act.)

    John Rhys-Davies is still doing his thing, and Sallah was always a great character. If IJ 4 was set in the 50′s, perhaps they could jump a few years into the 60′s and return to the middle east during the Israeli-Arab war, that way Sallah could return during another war-torn era.

    But what artifact would be the focus? Maybe something that’s egyptian, not christian/hebrew… that way Sallah would be intimately involved. A mummy of some sort maybe? Any thoughts? Anyone?

  14. @gottarhyme

    I have to agree with you, I liked Temple of Doom. 1 and 3 was definitely better, but all three of the original IJ movies were damn good. The last one was crap though in my opinion, I thought it was pretty dumb. As long as they go back to religious relics and mystical stuff and not sci-fi aliens, I’m there. And please, no more Shia LaGoof swinging with the monkeys, that was retarded…