Indiana Jones 5 To Hit Screens By 2011?

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 6:22 pm,

While the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise may have failed to scratch the adventure itch for most film fans, it was hugely profitable at the box office, making $786 million around the world. In Hollywood terms that sort of money means follow-up, and as we recently told you a story is in development for a fifth film in the Harrison Ford-starring franchise.

The Insider is reporting (via Slash Film) that a new Indiana Jones film will be going into production soon and could hit screens by 2011 – when Harrison Ford is on the cusp of turning 70!

Now while The Insider uses an unknown/unnamed (and therefore unreliable) source for the story, the release date mentioned does gel with the kind of time frame it would take to mount a big budget action film. However, having said that, it took George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford twenty years to agree on and develop the script for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, so two years might be be a bit of an optimistic hope.

Last month Shia LaBeouf talked about the development of the film saying :

“Steven just said that he cracked the story on it before I left and I think they’re gearing that up.”

So it does appear that Indy 5 is moving along on Spielberg’s backburner. With LaBeouf hotter than ever after Transformers 2 and Spielberg with a full directing slate it might be difficult to schedule. Ford’s not currently attached to any other films having shot comedy Morning Glory and the as yet untitled Crowley film.

The main problem with Indy 5 (apart from scheduling issues) is that Harrison Ford isn’t getting any younger and as he approaches 70, making an Indiana Jones film might be difficult (although Ford was in damn good shape for a man even half his age in The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

What do you guys think – make Indy 5 or just leave it alone?

Sources: Slash Film and The Insider

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  1. I think they should go for it. I’d hate to see “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” be the final word on Indy. That, and part of me has to wonder if having less time to put the script together might actually make it better than the fourth installment turned out. That said, I did enjoy the fourth film, but I think it was a far cry from the quality of Raiders and Last Crusade. We can only hope that Indy has the reverse problem of the original Star Trek films, and that only the even number films in Indy are the stinkers.

  2. So far odd numbers have been good while even numbers just so-so(As mentioned above)….lets hope the trend continues!

  3. They should definitely make a 5th Indy film. Despite the flaws of the last film, I still enjoyed it. Harrison Ford donning the hat and whip for one more adventure sounds like a great way to end the franchise.

  4. They really should go for it. The last movie wasn’t perfect and as an Indy fan there were scenes I didn’t like at all…but it was a fun movie. For everyone who says it was so different than the others you have to think of the fact that no movie in the series is like any of the others. I was fine with the direction. It was just some cardboard acting by A-List actors. If anyone has read the book adaptation the ending was almost completely different. More down to earth with a chase through the pyramids/temples at the end. We cut right before seeing the alien instead of getting what we got. I think just that alone would have made it a much better movie. If you haven’t read it seek it out. It’ll make the movie that much better. Now let’s get another one.


  6. cool

  7. No Shia this time around. Not a Shia hater, actually like him as sort of a quirky young Richard Dreyfuss, but the character was *ucking stupid and forced. Indy doesn”t need a young sidekick to appeal to the dummy generation. I think the character is larger than that and even the dummy generation will give up a few hours of applying manscera and what other truely effiminate things they do to go see a really good Indy Film

  8. As much as I enjoyed the 4th, I wouldn’t like it to be the finale to Indy. The idea of a 5th film, learning from there mistakes and going for a final send off is a good idea in my mind.

    Ford signed up for 5 back in the day and I think he’s still got enough left in him for 1 more film. In Die Hrad 4 Bruce Willis needed a stunt double and both ended up with bad injuries, no such thing for Ford.

    Though Speilburg would be hard, he’s got at least 2 films in production of you don’t count Tintin which is being given the post production work by Peter Jackson.

  9. I agree, Shia’s character in 4 was kind of forced, and the ending… it was un-Jones-ish. First finding the holy grail, and then [SPOILER] discovering a spaceship? I liked the movie until the second half, from there on Indiana wasn’t Indiana anymore.
    But for Indy 5, maybe he can finally go on that trip to find Atlantis..?

  10. OK, now Spielberg is doing the same as Lucas with his Star Wars… oh wait, Indy is from Lucas too… hum.. nevermind. He has lost his cretive talent by now.

  11. Do NOT let George Lucas near the next film…all I have to say on the matter.

  12. I don’t know. The 4th movie wasn’t bad but there were some screwy elements and I wasn’t a fan of Mutt either. I’d say just leave it alone. I’d be all for it if Ford were at least 10 years younger but it’s too late now.

    Maybe the franchise can be revived in a few years with a new actor in the role who could go on other adventures that interweave with the original 3 movies.

    As much as I like Indy, he should be laid to rest. Let hollywood come up with something new already.

  13. ‘It’s not they years, honey, it’s the mileage’ Indiana Jones to Marion Ravenwood, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

    All I can say is; what a pity that River Phoenix is dead.

  14. Indianas next sidekick should be WILL FERRELL

    LOL god that would be awesome.

  15. he could be like indys other ilegitimate overweight scared of everything son ahaha.

    i could see it now hes like , PAPA! IM GONNA SWING OVER… WITH MY WHIP… OK… HERE I GO… AAAAHH- (very high pitched and very little girlish) and he never even got off the ledge. then he sees a snake screams SNAKE!! (again high pitched and girly) and falls into his swing.


  16. There gonna make it with Shia, he’s going to take the torch from Ford. Everyone will hate it and it will make 900 million dollars.
    So just deal with it now,,, :-)
    b**** and rant nothing will stop this from happening. Maahh aahhhaaahhaa!

  17. lol. 790

  18. Lol, Caroluz,,, Harrison Ford has a nice 401K plan and its called, ” Indiana Jones, and who cares what the title is”.

    “Coming 2011″

  19. I Think the 4 Indy was belivable , i know lot of you here are debating that, but if i tell you some strange story you probubly won’t belive it, and i was wondering, how did Lucas and Spileberg come with this idea of Ailens, Extraterestials?
    The story goes as follows.
    12,000 years ago a space ship landed on Earth with the extraterestials(Space astranauts?, the reason was they landed to repair the space ship, beacuse was damaged by some cosmic magnetic field, or from the astriods in the vasinity of the those extraterestials could not repair their space ship, istead they buried the ship under the mountin in the ancint times and left a conifurm kind of writing or text, in order when the future gemneration become advance enogh, with technolgy they would be able to deciphery the script and find out why there was buried a space ship under the mountin, that the mountin is situated near a lake.
    The austranauts died of a terrible virus that they encountered on their planet, all their pouplation died and their planet got destroyed by the sun similar to the Crypton of the movie Superman. The survivors wanted to leave and to find a sutiable planet and to restart their life with populating it and spreading their vast advance civilization. As a matter of factbut they got cought up in this solar system and had to quickly land on earth, but it was to late for them to find querer for their virus, that one of the crew had it and spread quickly to others in the ship.
    The last one was sirviving and buried the spaceship under the mountin left some writings that was the trail to the secret resting place of the space ship.Unfortunatly that tablet has not been found yet,but there is prophecy that a future nation in the world in the 2012 as the Myans predicted, this world will be uncoverd of all these mysterious, and find the true meaning behind the crystull skulls, there were 13 of them in all.In these coming years they will find the space ship, not only that the whole histroy of theis world is recorder in the spaceship in crystalin structure of some record keeper, that is strored similar as the crystall skulls, that were left by some advance civilization in the past epoch.
    I won’t discose the nation and the country were the spasheip is buried, i’ve just heard it’s been keept for secret untill the right moment comes, untill the War, Poverty, rasism, killings, Abussings,and e.ts is stoped.
    The same goes for the Shinx and the great pyramid of Kefren in Egypt, the hull of regords will be revield by the end of this epoch, and the return of the Light Brotherhood, that they helped buled all these in the past Civilization, Smmer, Egypt-Ethiopia, Maya, Rama (India), YU(China,Mongolia and Tibet), Ionia, Inkun(Peru), Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu(Pasific)and E.T.C.
    Quiet intriguing isn’t it…!

    Let’s continue hope that they will continue the Indiana Jones franchise as someone mentioned Ford has sign for 5 so he has one more to go before her rtires hands the wip and hat to some younger actor Shia.
    Now all these movies are teeling us something it’s not about the archology it’s about the secrets that lie on this Erth and soon they all have to come out from the serfice.
    They should make this one of a heluva adventure either finding Atlantis or Lemuria, that could close the chapter of the Indie saga and also will be the closing of this age of Pisces and headin in the Age of Aquarius as the Maya Prophesy.

  20. @Pelasgian, how do you know Atlantis and the Hall of Records haven’t already been discovered? If so, they would be kept from the general population. We would never hear of anything and all the technology would be surpressed and used for military applications.

  21. Indy 5 – not such a bad idea!


  22. Make it but seriously consider pass the torch somehow although NOT, I repat NOT to Shia.

    Shia is a fine actor but he’s NOT Indianna Jones. Even though Harrison Ford is a great actor would it have made sense to cast him as the new Sam Wigwikki in Transformers 2? Of course not. Shia is just not the right fit for an Indianna replacement.

    I also think it would be better to replace Harrison Ford with a younger actor as the new Indianna Jones then to have Indianna’s son take over the adventuring. I don’t believe most fans will be that upset since Ford is hitting the upper years of his life. It also is not fair to him to expect him to keep doing IJ movies and its not fair to anyone else to not do any IJ movies without him.

    The entire Indianna Jones phenom should revolve around the character and not the actor as with the James Bond character. Imagine if they stopped JB films after Sean Connery had left; we would not have the great Casino Royale or the incredible Quatum of Solace.

    In ID5 they should either use Ford and make it clear that this is his last round as Indy or get another actor who is suited for the role and perhaps cast Ford in the movie as another character. What would be really great in ID5 would be to cast someone new as Indianna and cast Harrison Ford as the lead bad guy. I bet Harriosn Ford would enjoy the change and it would be something new in Hollywood movies; something that has not happened in a very long time.

  23. Who could fill the shoes of Indianna Jones if Harison Ford were to retire from the role?

    How about Hugh Jackman or Gerald Butler?

    Both have proven to be excellent actors with action movie skills as well as box office draws.

    Anyone else have any suggestions on IJ replacements?

  24. LMAO,EdCarden if your going to make all those changes you’ll have to replace Steven Speilberg. I just don’t see him siding with your ideas.

  25. 790 – Replace SPielberg? Hmm tat woudl probably not be a good idea but dropping Lucas wouldn’t be a bad one!

  26. Viggo Mortensen?
    Maybe Eric Banna?
    Not Shia!

    Both excellent action stars, with the right touch of Indianna ‘cockiness’.

    Eric Banna in particular can play heroic and goofy at the same time. He would make a great Indiana. Viggo is just so fantastic, I feel he has the physical presence to be Indiana.

    I think Shia is too darn ‘Hugh Grantish’ to be a serious contender for the crown. His performance as ‘Mutt’ was quite unbelieveable. I could not think of him as Indiana’s son at all.

  27. Leave this alone!
    “The last crusade” was a great ending to the younger Indian Jones’ life.

    Then they came back with the “Crystal SkUll” which in in my opinion was not that bad (although cheezy and just ridiculous at parts but overall good). The Crystal Skull was pretty much Indie (Harrisoin Ford) saying good bye. I mean we learn taht his father is now dead, he has a son, and at the end he gets married and walks away. Great ending. He was portrayed as an old timer in the movie already so you really cannot use that same theme for a 5th movie.

    And someone said cast him as the villain? No way, bad idea.
    Also I cannot really see Shia taking over as a young Indie…he doesnt have the charisma, stage presence, looks, and prestige that Ford carried. Sorry.

    I know that Lucas will be on board for another, Spielberg will be on teh fence, and Ford will be teh deciding factor.
    All I have to say is, Harrison stay AWAY, you went out on a high note with this franchise, as you did with the star wars series, and you have had some excellent movies in the past. YOu definetly have teh money so dont ruin our image of you.

  28. I agree… retire (Harrison) and Indiana Jones.

  29. I think you all putting your opinions and not having Harrison Ford back as his last adventure quest that can slose his chapter of being the greatest Mystic, Occult explorer of the planet.
    No you are all wrong…sorry!
    Why can’t you rewind your comments and watch the last Crusade….
    Now! Tell me what does that say…if you follow life in the carectors development? Since you all consider Indiana Jones are historical adventure movies.
    Henry Jones was an Archaeologist…right, was he young or old before he pass the torch to Jr Indiana?

    Was his last quest made him old and taken half of his life time to find the resting place of one of the mysterious religious artefacts, the Holy Grail?

    Now think…please all this in the shoes of Dr Jr Jones now, to be similar incorporated if you will.
    We all really want to see a real classic… does he have to end his exploring for the sake of all of you that like fast acation-orinted and making a buck of a franchise movie?
    No I don’t thinks so… Indy 5 needs to be a true classic a masterpiece as were his previous outings, Raiders, Temple and Crusade, and continue with the 4th Crystal Skull which for me was an very good movie but truly accurate to some extent, but had its let down, you all know that..A part of the extraterrestrials that is true, and I won’t go back to explain to you how this story fits to a real event that happened on earth.

    Indian It’s not James Bond, it’s not Jason Bourne, it not Terminator it’s not Rambo.
    It about exploring the mysterious of the Occult.
    Try understanding what does that sounds to all of you or perhaps some of you…
    The movie needs to be character driven with flow of action and adventure that can emphasis the depth of the movie. The events and the character need to run the story not the action and special effects?

    Like Conan the barbarian, there is hardly speech in the story of the movie but the scenery and character driven make us understand the story in a more complex way…
    This is not a video game… its movie and we need to see the mat rarity of the character, because when people are older they are wiser and they can easily deal with advance knowledge. And EST.
    I suggest you out of cariosity go back to my previous post and read.
    And don’t jump first to conclusions, first think and feel with the flow within then express yourself with limited use of your ego oriented brains.
    I suggest you all educate yourself ,not make statement about crap like ideas, because some movies are meant to be like that they need to disclose something so will get the clue or the knowledge from our previous life times, ad teach us what to expect from our future.
    Where do you think Nikola Tesla got his knowledge from to build generator and power transformers with less power and more voltage from? Was he a genie or was he being from other galaxy incarnated here in order to teach us something because we were still primitive in the last 1oo rears or so.
    Another example Beethoven, Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, Nicolai Copernicus, Giordano Bruno, were all these brains come from and why are artist depicted with knowledge before he drew the picture or paints it.
    The same apply to movie screenwriters, their idea does not come from jus the wind it come from the main source people from the Creator of the Universe and it’s all connected.
    It’s all been seeded by the Higher Reals, without them were would still be in Stone Age and fighting for survival.
    I lot of you might think that I’m a mystic or Occultist, I tell you know, I’m not, I just have broad a point of view in life and more advance.

    I will make this last comment and I’m, sorry to disappoint you but the saga has not ended yet with Ford.
    Let’s give him the last quest of his life time to search the Lost Civilization of Atlantis or Lemuria or could be interesting story the Hall of Records, that the 19 century mystic and clairvoyant Edgar Cayce predicted at the end of the closing of the age of Pisces, Atlantis will be uncovered and raised from the deep of the Ocean.
    Al this story can be put in the %the Indy movie, that knowledge can be continued, as the 4The one express it when he found the space ship, were the rest is hidden in the Hall of Records under the Sphinx in Giza .However he can go back to his old roots to Egypt and work together with his buddy Allah.
    I can turn out to be the greatest adventure movie.