Karen Allen Says Making ‘Indiana Jones 5′ Is Up to George Lucas

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With Indiana Jones: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray now available, and many of the franchise’s stars out and about to promote the release, it was inevitable that someone would bring up Indiana Jones 5. It has been something the cast and crew have mulled over since the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, with George Lucas, Harrison Ford, and Steven Spielberg each saying they would like to do it.

It appears now that there is only one major roadblock in the Indy 5 conversation, and it’s not the overwhelmingly negative critical reaction to Crystal Skull either. According to Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood), whether or not Indy 5 gets made is entirely up to George Lucas.

Speaking with Movies.com, Allen revealed that most of the fourth film’s cast and crew are on board – namely herself, Stephen Spielberg, and star Harrison Ford – but the decision to press forward ultimately rests with Lucas. This echoes comments made by Spielberg said last year about Lucas, as Indy’s creator, being “in charge of breaking the [‘Indiana Jones’] stories” whether Spielberg likes it or not.

However, producer Frank Marshall revealed about two months ago that there was no idea, no Macguffin” for a fifth film, which leads us to believe that little to no progress has been made with the story.

Still, Allen appears to be resolute in her belief that everyone else is on board and that they’re just waiting on Lucas to figure out a story. Here’s Allen’s response when asked about whether she would return for Indy 5:

“I would! And I, in fact, just talked with Steven Spielberg recently – we e-mailed back and forth, and I said, ‘What should I say? I’m doing this publicity, what should I say if people ask me that question?’ And he said, ‘It’s in George’s [Lucas] hands! I’m game, Harrison’s game, and now it’s up to George to write the script or to get the script organized, and the story.’ And so I think it’s – they want to do a fifth, from what I understand, but they don’t want to do it just to do it, they want to do it if they can come up with a story that everybody is happy with and that everybody likes.”

If Lucas were to sign off on Indiana Jones 5, the production would presumably have to act fast since Harrison Ford isn’t getting any younger. Yes, Crystal Skull featured plenty of stunt double work for Indy, but seeing Ford go toe-to-toe with some henchman is only going to get harder to replicate on the big screen.

Indiana Jones 5 Up to George Lucas Karen Allen Says Making Indiana Jones 5 Is Up to George Lucas

Another interesting thing to point out is Allen’s failure to mention Shia LaBeouf in the Indy 5 conversation. While not necessarily the worst part of Crystal Skull, LaBeouf’s character, Mutt Williams (later revealed to be Indy’s son), took a lot of attention away from the franchise’s true star. The belief early on was that LaBeouf would assume the Indiana Jones mantle after Ford walked away from the franchise – hence the fair amount of screen time – but seeing the former Even Stevens star swing from vines with computer-generated monkeys gave fans pause about the wisdom of that direction.

About three years ago, when Shia was promoting Transformers 2, he said that Spielberg had “cracked” the story and was gearing up” for production, which suggested the actor was still very much involved with the franchise. However, LaBeouf has since said that he would like to move away from blockbusters and focus on more performance-driven films, like this year’s Lawless.

Without LaBeouf, the Indiana Jones crew has the opportunity to focus on what arguably makes the franchise appealing: watching Indiana Jones fight bad guys over the possession of a supernatural artifact. Hopefully, if Lucas does give Indy 5 the green light and begins writing a script (if he hasn’t already), it’ll be more Raiders and less Crystal Skull.

How do you feel about an Indiana Jones 5? Does the franchise deserve an opportunity to redeem itself after Crystal Skull?

Indiana Jones: The Complete Collection is now available on Blu-ray.

Source: Movies.com

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  1. Why do they leave it up to that quack? It’s like everybody must revere the esteemed George Lucas. Steven Spielberg is a way better film maker.

    • because he owns the rights to it, that’s why. his creation, just like star wars. he may be a quack when it comes to directing, but he has come up with good stories.

      • Spielberg was ashamed to admit that the alien theme from the 4th installment was esentially bullied on him by Lucas. Spielberg himself did not want to go in that direction, but Lucas got his way.

  2. There is nothing to redeem. Crystal Skull wasn’t any worse than any other Indy movie, and had the same silly stuff that was present in every film in the franchise. For all the crap that “nuke the fridge” got, in Temple of Doom, Indy, Short Round and Willy jumped out of an airplane and landed on a snow-covered mountain in an inflatable raft. Is that any less realistic than hiding in a fridge during a nuclear explosion? Not in my opinion. As silly as the aliens were, how is that any less plausible than a cup that gives you everlasting life or a a chest that melts your face off if you open in? Crystal Skull had its flaws, but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as angry Internet fanboys and fangirls made it out to be. It was Indy being Indy, plain and simple. I look forward to an Indy 5 and hopefully we get it sooner rather than later.

    • Agreed. I loved watching Crystal Skull at the cinema and it was great introducing some younger friends to Indy. The series has always had its pulpy, over the top plot elements ( also when he jumped onto the submerging submarine in raiders and somehow held onto a hatch or swam alongside it while it returned to shore ). The only parts that didnt work as well were some of the CGI sections, which looked a bit out of place. Other than that it was a fantastic addition to the series.

      • I agree that the only major problems were the terrible CGI scenes and the attempt to modernize it to todays standard for a blockbuster. Just didn’t work and made those parts not feel like an Indy movie. The aliens and over the top stunts were perfectly fine for an Indy adventure. If they go back to practical effects and miniatures I think the next one could be amazing

        • I think you guys make good points. Perhaps the expectations were so high and the character so dear to everyone, that people expected something amazing and if it wasn’t so, then they tore it apart? I dunno, just a theory.

          I didn’t hate it. I didn’t like it as much as Raiders and Crusade, but I thought it was decent, and it was good seeing an Indy movie again. Somehow it didn’t have the charm of the others though. The CGI prairie dogs and monkeys on vines may have been a bit silly, but they don’t make a movie suck as much as people have made it seem.

          • I view it the same way as I view the prequels and I think that you hit the nail on the head. The majority of people expect every subsequent addition to a franchise to be way better than the last. With Indy and Star Wars it just isn’t possible to always raise the level that much. I think Lucas needs to stop worrying about what 16 year olds and 38 year olds fanbois think of his films, and realize that those millions of dollars we spend to see his films are us VOTING TO SEE MORE. That statement that he released basically saying that 2000 fanbois on the internet leaving comments about how much they hated the prequels will keep him from releasing more Star Wars for the rest of us, was the only thing he has ever done that robbed respect from him in my eyes.

            • I liked Indy 4 personally, but the Star Wars Prequels were just crap and could’ve been handled PROPERLY.

          • i cant explain it all but just watch mister plinket review of the Cristall skull and you will know…

    • Well, actually, that is kind of a big deal. While most of the time, huge falls are not survivable, if given proper and certain circumstances, many people have survived either plane crashes or straight out freefalls from huge heights. Surviving a nuclear blast, however, when being so close? A fall is a lot more manageable to explain away than a fission or fusion explosion. If he’s anywhere near the blast radius, it doesn’t matter if your fridge is lead lined, it and everything else in the path will be dust. And it’s always had kind of hocus pocusey sort of elements, but the aliens/interdimensional beings felt a bit much. Also, I’ll never understand how in the world anyone thinks Shia Lebouf/Louis from Even Stevens cam even remotely compare to Harrison Ford in either sheer masculinity or badassness :/

      • You can’t sit outside a sub for a 48 hour trip while its submerged that is equally as stupid

    • I’d just like to say that the “cup that gives you everlasting life” and the “chest that melts your face off” are myths, whereas aliens are simply not real. Crystal Skull was a terrible movie through and through, any fan would know that.

      • How do you know aliens aren’t real? Do you know something we don’t ?

        • I know that Shiva, Kali, Jesus, and Ywhw aren’t real. But I still like Indy 1-3 :)

      • @THGhost

        Extraterrestrials are real…

      • Aliens aren’t real?! :(

    • It’s less about the “what” and more about the “how”. These scenes work in the old Indy movie, because they were filmed, edited and acted competently. Nothing of that applies to Crystal Skull, though. While Raiders, Temple and Crusade make outrageous ideas believable, Crystal Skull makes them as unbelievable as possible.

    • I agree!

  3. I hope Indy 5 gets made I love the character and I have eversince I was a kid. When watching crystal skull though it didn’t feel like Indiana jones at all it didn’t feel like the continuation of Indus adventures it didn’t have all the great entertaining action or the comedic properties of the old ones. Some may argue that they had a similar family thing in Indy 3 but in Indy 3 Indy and his dad had chemistry they weren’t like labour and Allen in crystal skull where they were just really there for comedy relief there wasn’t any emotional stuff there and they really werent all that funny to me. And Harrison didnt feel like the old Indy that I grew up with he felt more like a comedic action man who had less believable traits and action scenes. I didn’t even like Karen Allen that much I personally didn’t see the point in having her in the movie she really didn’t do that much for the plot.

    So in the end if Indy 5 was gonna get made and I’ve got a good feeling it will because this is George Lucas were align about and he can’t go two seconds without milking old franchises lol. But if it were gonna get made I’d hope they did what they did with rocky balboa, where they made 4 great movies a fifth be which sucked and then they make another one to basically reboot the fifth and they act like the original fifth film never happene, in this case I’d hope for them or encourage them to reboot kingdom of the crystal skull and make this Indy movie an actual Indy movie by to putting Marion or Mutt in it and absolutely no aliens or soviets (not that I didn’t think they were a smart idea I just think they were portrayed poorly). I think that Indy 5 can be really great I hope it gets made and I hope they do there best and I hope they have fun and I hope they turn it into something special.

  4. Indy 4 was essentially Raiders. The reason it sucked is because no one wants to watch a 65 year old man punching people and awkwardly doing all the stuff he did 25 years ago. Just doesn’t have the same awesome effect. And the special effects were cheap and fake looking. I think they should just leave it all alone. Reminds me of Mr. Incredible or something “reliving the glory days.”

  5. I still think it wouldnt hurt to try the james bond formula where they keep making new movies with new stories and when the actor gets to old they find a new one. Theres really endless stories that could be told through the world of indy. And no im not saying anyone can replace harrison but at the same time i feel like people would except another indy if they did it right and didnt make it out as trying to live up to harrisons shoes.

  6. I feel like a lot of people try to rationalize Crystal Skull’s terribleness, which I understand since I did the same thing after cringing through the midnight showing of the final sequel to my favorite series since I was 4 years old. It’s not about Shia, the fridge, or aliens. Indy was simply no longer a bad ass, both in how he was written and how Ford was acting. Things like “Oh sure don’t wait for me!”, his clumsy falling into mannequins, and his Looney Toons dizziness/falling over after the rocket escape from Area 51 were just so out of character for Indy. They tried way too hard to make Indy comic relief a few times and it was just awkward. It’s Indiana Jones, he’s neither clumsy nor a whiner. They really neutered the character, and the aliens and nuked fridges are irrelevant in a series with beating hearts being ripped out of chests and crashing plane escapes via inflatable raft down a snowcapped mountain because Indiana Jones is a total manly mofo, and they seemed to have forgotten this aspect of the character, and that characterization is why we watched the first three. The one fight he had with the Russian was basically him rolling around on the ground for five minutes. I don’t know who was to blame for it but I’m going to go with all of them just missed the mark in the old age and forgot the essence of what makes an action hero exciting. Another sequel couldn’t be any worse, just drop the family element and go back to escapist serial adventuring. Movies about bickering families aren’t escapism for anybody going to a movie to watch Harrison Ford punch people a lot.

  7. I’m surprised Lucas didnt re-do the sword scene in Raiders and have the guy throw the sword first before Indy shoots him!
    let Guillermo Del Toro do it! In fact, should’ve let Del Toro do the SW Prequels, Deathly Hallows, Thor 2, Lobo (if they ever make one) ..

    • Blah blah blah director’s name blah blah blah. Lucas did a great job on Eps 1 and 3 and an ok job on Ep 2. Biggest problem wasn’t Lucas’s writing, directing, or editing. It was Hayden C’s acting in Ep 2. He and Natalie Portman had NO chemistry.

  8. I wish there was at least one indy film in the 90s, that wouldve been the perfect time, ford wasnt too old and the effects werent to bad then and it was before george did the star wars prequel trilogy. though i didnt think the fourth was to bad, but it couldve been a lot better.

  9. please keep karen allen away from indy 5. the nostalgia was nice the first time around, but once she appeared on screen, it was evident that she hadn’t acted in 20 years

  10. If they go through with this I hope they play down the CGI and keep the script simple.

  11. I don’t know. They gave the same “we won’t do it until the story is great” line with Crystal Skull and look where that got us, maybe it is best to leave well enough alone. No pun intended, but I think George Lucas’ forte was indie films, and once he was firmly in the big time with not limits to how much he could spend he just let his imagination go wild with what effects he could use brilliantly instead of focus on the minimalist style of the original Star Wars trilogy and Indiana Jones movies.

  12. I actually liked Crystal skull. Its not the best of the series but better than temple of doom. And I thought the mutt character was kinda funny. Although I did think they over relied on special effects. I hope they make another one.

    • That goes to my point about subjective opinions. TOD is my favorite :)

  13. Time to move on. It’s not the 80s anymore, and the last film put the final nail in the series’ coffin.

    Go re-watch the originals.

  14. Up to George Lucas. Great. We all know his wonderful decision-making prowess of late.

  15. Lucas is on a mission to suck the soul out of his films.

    • I disagree. I thought Episode I and III were great. III is actually my 2nd favorite Star Wars film (after V of course). I think that too many people buy into the hype about how bad a particular entertainment endeavor was and they forget what was good about it. I didn’t like Episode II overall but then I also didn’t like Episode VI overall and I spent 1985-1999 dogging Return of the Jedi every chance I got. Stop denigrating the man who created/funded Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Industrial Light and Magic, Skywalker Sound, THX, and Pixar, just because you didn’t like a film as much as other people did.


  16. Agreed with no Karen Allen but a new a chick. Bring back Short Round as an adult! I wouldn’t mind seeing Sean Connery again. Who cares if the said he was dead in the 4th. It’s an Indy film and anything’s possible!

  17. Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom was set in a time before Raiders.
    Do the same with Indy 5 and logically erase the mistakes of the later Indy 4.

  18. No , No No, No.

    Harrison Ford was old enough last time and just about managed to keep the role credible, so four years on is just pushing it too far. I agree with earlier posts that the final 4th installment should’ve arrived in the early to mid 90s when Ford was still in his prime physically and as a box office star.

    Part IV showed signs that the one infallible creative dream team of Spielberg , Lucas & Williams is finally fading when making this type of blockbuster.

    Crystal skull wasn’t 100% terrible (although it came close at times) it just lacked those elements of danger, peril or jeopardy that you associate with an Indiana Jones film. When too much CGI is used over practical stuntwork, the thrill is lost too a degree as you can’t suspend disbelief because of what you’re watching seems too improbable. Just imagine if Ben Hur or Mad Max 2 were remade now (and i’m sure it won’t be too long) the CGI use would just look too false in comparison to the real thing. Crystal Skull is still the most disappointing movie of the noughties – Superman Returns a close second.

    Can they please just stop thinking abut the money and start using common sense and just forget about 5th film , please!!!

    • Don’t include John Williams. The man is a God of music.

  19. Then it’s never going to happen. -.-

    I was hoping they would save Indy after the last movie. Well I guess the Last Crusade will be my all time favorite Indy flick.

  20. But if anything, I’d like to see Indy go after something out of Greek Mythology. Something from ancient Greece, Heracles bow or something cool like that.

    • Good idea. Get out of the Hindu and Judeo Christian stuff.

      • I liked the Hindu and Judeo Christian theme. Some were really scary. I was really enjoying Crystal skull until it ended up being Extradimensional rather than Extraterrestrial. :/ That was kind of a let down.

        Lets do something fresh, and make it a really good ending. They can do the villains who are the remnants of the Greek Civil war, or maybe some more Soviets with the cooperation of the Arabs as the villians.

  21. Honestly I think Lucas is just too old to craft and create an Indiana Jones movie, moving forward. I mean i takes time and patience, and an accumulation of ideas to come up with this stuff. And being as stubborn as he is, so i’ve heard, he will not listen to anybody else when it comes to his property. Which i understand in a way. But at this point in his career, he is far more interested in running an empire then making a good old fashion adventure flick. He has merchandising obligations that reach world wide. So the kind of movie we fans want, in 2012, ain’t gonna happen. Not in the slightest. Just look at the last one. How many people thought the film itself was just a dumbed down PG version of what we grew up with as kids. Or young adults. I mean i felt like I was watching a kids movie. Or a movie made for idiots. Especially after the first half excitment(fog) subsided. I say leave it alone. For goood. It would just hurt to much to watch Lucas muck it up again. With a 72 year old Harrison Ford trying to be OUR action hero from the past. And at this point in film history, I think movie patrons want more them a nostalgia act playing out on screen. We need smart, new, and intriguing story lines to keep us entertained. Especially when it somes to the greatest adventure trilogy of alltime. But does Lucas have the time to create this kind of storyline, in this era of time? I think not. Time to let go.

  22. After Crystal Skull I don’t want another Indiana Jones movie, thank you very much. Not with George Lucas involved, anyway. It will only tarnish one of the greatest movie trilogies of all time even more. After ruining Star Wars he needs to keep his fat fingers of the franchise!

    The main problem is that they don’t make movie like the old Indy movies anymore. Back then movies were shot on location, with practical effects and with huge sets. Today they slap everything together with green screens and CGI, which sucks all the excitement out of any scene.

    Just compare something like the excellent tank showdown in Last Crusade with that chase through the jungle in Crystal Skull. The former was a fantastic action scene with great choreography, character dynamics and cool stunts captured with beautiful cinematography. For me it will always be one of the greatest action scenes on cinema history. The jungle scene, however, was nothing but awkward and bad. Stupid ideas (fencing between cars), sterile CGI, bad humour, lousy cinematgrophy with some color grading and bloom slapped on it… it was an unexciting nad cringeworthy mess.

    The diner/motorcycle scene and parts of the warehouse scene in Crystal Skull were the only things that felt like a proper Indy movie. The rest was just terrible. And don’t get me started about the prairie dogs and the monkey swinging…

    • He didn’t ruin Star Wars. Just because you didn’t like parts of the prequels stop overreacting. Episode III was fantastic. I think what really happened for too many of the fans of the original Star Wars films was that they were 14-20 years older than when they saw the first movies and they had changed so much that they couldn’t possibly enjoy the new films in the same way as they did as a kid. You can’t possibly tell me that if you had been the person you were 14-20 years earlier you wouldn’t have enjoyed 1-3 as much as you did 4-6.

      • That’s true about the prequels, but what about all the unnecessary changes to the original trilogy? The musical scene in Jabbas palace alone warrants saying that he ruined Star Wars.

      • Still do just as much!

  23. Yeah I think it’s obvious they lost their opportunity. Allen should load a copy of ‘Sunset Blvd’ into the player and realize her life needs to take a different direction…

  24. There are so many elements to Indiana Jones that are flat out unrealistic. I ask where is the problem with that? I want escapism when I enter the theater. If I wanted real life I would stay at home and watch the news or some reality show. I say bring on the 5th installment and while they are at it make it a new trilogy.

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  26. We can look at the current trilogy in two different ways, 1. just let it be; what’s done is done, Crystal Skull was it was. 2. There is an opportunity with a 5th film for the franchise to redeem itself.

    ***If Sean Connery was still acting, they could bring him back and say that he never really died. Crazier things have happened. I mean they did tie in aliens in an Indy flick. lol

  27. I’m part of the generation that grew up while the Indy films (1-3) were being released and along with Star Wars those movies were a huge part of my youth. But it’s time to stop. Ford is getting to old, Lucas has lost his touch and Spielberg is always busy doing other things. Speaking of Ford I still think he only did 4 and is interested in 5 because he’s not getting as many riles as he used to, so why not do another Indy film to keep working. That’s just my opinion and I’m sure others may disagree but that’s fine.
    So I’ll say let’s move on and I think it’s best. Part 4 was huge misstep but it hasn’t tarnished the legacy overall like the Star Wars prequels have done.

  28. Don’t do it !!! Just stop!!! Don’t turn a classic like ” Raiders Of The Lost Ark ” into an angst filled memory( aka, the original Star Wars Trilogy ).

    • I’m personally waiting for the “remake” boot to drop on the franchise.