Indiana Jones 5 Getting Lost in the Bermuda Triangle? [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated June 9th, 2010 at 5:52 pm,

Indiana Jones 4 Indiana Jones 5 Getting Lost in the Bermuda Triangle? [Updated]

[Update: Producer Frank Marshall labeled this rumor as “completely false”]

Ever since Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull banked over $700 million at the worldwide box office there have been rumblings of a fifth Indiana Jones adventure. Harrison Ford, George Lucas and Shia LaBeouf have all mentioned that an idea, if nothing else, is out there – but they failed to elaborate on any details.

Now, we’re hearing rumors (take this with a pinch of salt) that Indiana Jones 5 may shoot next year – and that it will see the iconic action hero visit the Bermuda Triangle, with son Mutt tagging along for the ride.

Aint It Cool has a posted a scoop from Stuff that seems to purport details about Indiana Jones’ next adventure.

The site claims the filmmakers are presumably shooting for a 2012 release, and goes on to state the movie will take the Indy franchise “back to its roots after a badly received fourth installment.”

“Indiana Jones 5 will begin shooting next year, and much of the plot line will be centred around the Bermuda Triangle, an area over the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft are said to have disappeared.”

Stuff goes on to report that a “source” said:

“George (Lucas) and Steven (Spielberg) have been working on a script and it’s almost there. Harrison is on stand-by for filming next year. This looks like being an emotional and exciting conclusion to the franchise, with Indy facing his biggest challenge yet.”

Shia LaBeouf Indiana Jones 5 Indiana Jones 5 Getting Lost in the Bermuda Triangle? [Updated]

In regards to Mutt’s return:

“Shia LaBeouf has a central role again as Indy’s son but this will be a blockbuster made in the old fashioned way rather than the CGI efforts of the last movie.”

So, is there any truth to this?

God only knows. If I were a betting man (and I’m not) I’d say it’s unlikely – because Lucas and Spielberg like to play these things close to their chests and I doubt there’d be any leaks at this early stage (unless they made one heck of a slip up).

There’s a chance that this story could have been an early idea for the fourth film – or another rejected plot. It took almost 20 years for the last Indiana Jones film to make it to the big screen and it would be pretty amazing if they had this in front of cameras by next year.

Having said that, Harrison Ford isn’t getting any younger, so another 20 year delay for Indy 5 isn’t an option.

So, what do you guys think – Indy in Bermuda shorts?

Source: Stuff via AICN

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  1. Indy get lost in the bermuda… Please, he survived that huge explosion in a refrigerator (which i actually did in heavy rain to save the reporter girl). Nothing can stop indy except old age… And Snakes lol.

  2. That will be a great idea to see Indiana Jones 5 ? I thought Harrison Ford is tired playing Indiana. He is getting too old

    • i dont think he said he was tired of playing indy

  3. i liked Indi back when he did judeo-christian mythology like in “Lost Ark”

    that was the major problem with Indy4 to me, having aliens completely counter-acts the proof of moses and god from the other films.

    maybe have something to do with the Staff of Moses or stumbling on Eden, i would much prefer that the Triangle.

    (also the villians would have to be treasure hunters like in “National Treasure”, Nazis or cults are too overplayed and cliche, have something new without being stupid. Big isnt always good, taking a step back with the villian and making him interesting instead of a “character” would be really refreshing for the audience to watch)

    • I dont think the Ark and Holy Grail were neccessarily proof of god at all, but in keeping with the religous theme they could use the spear of destiny.

      • i actually like the garden of eden idea, thats why things go missing in bermuda.

        • Personally, I like the idea of the Bermuda Triangle, but perhaps take a page from the darker section of the library and bring in a loose plot based on H. P. Lovecraft’s work?

  4. I agree with a previous comment about Christian Mythology. I believe that if this is true, the Bermuda Triangle should be home to the Garden of Eden or something like that. I hope they don’t have this turn into Indiana Jones meets Land of the Lost

  5. Below the Bermuda Triangle, lies what’s left of the ancient city of Atlantis.

    I suspect he will journey underwater to that location,,,

    Sounds great!

    • Thats exactly what i thought, Atlantis and the triangle would make for a great plot, maybe have some cataclysmic world event that sunk atlantis happening again and only Indy (and Mutt) can save us!

      • Atlantis would be a good story. I was thinking more of like a time traveling artifact of some kind perhaps, but Atlantis would be good.

  6. I’m game for another Indy adventure!! While Indy 4 was a bit weaker than the other films and relied WAY too much on CGI (i.e the monkeys), it was still fun to see Harrison Ford back on the screen as Indiana Jones. The Bermuda Triangle COULD be very interesting because who knows what could have been lost there? Done properly, this could be a great idea for Indy.

    • Correct

    • people tend to forget what the movies were all about. i liked them all equally, even 4, they are all ment to be popcorn movies

  7. Its Atlantis Andy. Take my word for it.

    • As long as it’s not populated by aliens.

      • Aliens was a nice touch, but once is definitely enough.

  8. I don’t care where they send him or what they have him doing as long as they take the franchise back to its roots — and I mean Raiders, not any of the sequels.

    Most of all, they need to do away with silliness, make sure all the action sequences are at least physically plausible, and make Indiana Jones a mercenary treasure hunter with an air of mystery, rather than a doddering punchline stumbling from one ridiculous played-for-laughs mess to another. Indy needs to be dangerous again. That doesn’t mean the movie needs to be brooding or morose, or that there can’t be laughs, but it does need to take itself — and its source material in the adventure movies and serials of the thirties and forties — quite a bit more seriously than any of the sequels have.

    • ghasp! you sir, are suggesting reboot, without suggesting reboot lol

      • Well, if you can call another movie with the same actor playing the same character under the same director as the first movie a “reboot,” then yes… yes, I am. 😉

        Again, this wouldn’t be reimagining the character or his milieu at all. It would be going back to the original. Watch Raiders, and then watch Kingdom. The other two movies were basically just interpolation between those two extremes. I just want to see another Raiders of the Lost Ark, not the further devolution of Indiana Jones into absurdity.

  9. There is also the possibility of having aliens & religion intertwined in some fashion to somehow make sense out of the previous installments with a trip to the bermuda triangle. Maybe he goes looking for amelia earhart & winds up in atlantis,or maybe even something else altogether that we haven’t even thought of. Hopefully if it is materialized within the next 2-3 years,they will do it justice & at the same time give it proper closure.

  10. sounds like a cool concept to go with the triangle. i cant wait to see what they do with it. As for indy 4 i liked the film. sure it wasnt as good as the originals but i still liked most of it.

    • I agree. I mean, it was the weak link in the series, but it was a lot of fun and continued the story in what I feel was an intriguing and fun way. Even my dad- who had sworn off Indiana Jones just for the sake of being sure he wouldn’t like it- got into it during the chase through the jungle and the giant CGI ants.

  11. One story that could use an update is the Shangri-La story. “Lost Horizon” done back in 1937 by Capra. You could have it all from running halfway around the world to get clues to finding the place, to the return to Paradise, a reprise of evil reentering into the world, drama, action, and including a fitting end to the Dr. Jones character. Where would Indiana Jones takes his retirement with his new wife if not the real Shangri-La?

    • I like this, not the least because it ties in to one of those great old adventure movies that Raiders drew on for inspiration.

  12. Sounds like speculation or wishful thinking on someone’s part. Personally the Bermuda Triangle story doesn’t sound like an Indiana Jones movie to me where as say something about the Lost City of Atlantis would be. Whatever they do I hope they do go more old school with the next one rather than trying to make the CGI side more prominent.

  13. Wishful thinking, speculation?????!
    Do the research Andy. I’ve investigated the data on Atlantis years ago.

    Atlantis is located under the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Florida. Source: The Bermuda Triangle.

    If you don’t accept that its up to you

    Btw,,, Spielberg has said in the past that his final Indy film would deal with Atlantis…

    • Atlantis has been SPECULATED to be in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida. Evidence suggests this to be the case. However, it’s LOST because NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE HELL IT IS.

      It could be just west of Wales for all we truly know.

      Honestly, I feel you’re probably right about the plot of Bermuda and Atlantis. It could make for a very fun plot and could explain why Atlantis (and a solid dozen planes) vanished without explanation.

  14. This is going to be way better than the last one and seem more realistic too.

  15. Well and it is the only answer….

    Indy goes to the Bermuda triangle finding the Isle of Atlantis finally freaking answering all of LOSTs questions.


    I just hope it ends on a better note then the last one. It can be far fetched but not to far fetched. It needs to be “believable”.

  16. Im happy that they will go back to film it the old way, and not using cgi. And hopefully the “biggest challenge yet” wont be death for indy.

  17. Like the article said, take with a grain of salt. But since we are all speculating, I wouldn’t mind mixing the Atlantis legend with Judeo-Christian, Old Testament teachings. The story could be that the continent of Atlantis seemed to coincide with the theory that the Nephilim, the offspring of angels and human females, lived on Atlantis and was destroyed by the great deluge. The bubble that seems to make things disappear could be advanced artifacts that have created some type of rift between space-time when the city was destroyed. Indy would have solved the mystery but either gets trapped or loses his life before he could make the solution known; but before his final scene, somehow his fedora flies to Mutt so that the adventure continues with him. I think it could work.

  18. I hope they use Frank Darabont’s rejected Indy 4 script. Spielberg loved it, Lucas hated it… so it MUST be good.

    • If it was the Frank Darabont script I’ve read, they basically did use it for Kingdom.

    • Most of Darabont’s script ended up in Crystal Skull, the nuke and fridge was a leftover from his script which I remind everyone was called Indiana Jones And The Saucer Men.

  19. As long as Lucas is involved in this project. This is a NO GO! All of you guys who are even debating going to see this need a catscan. C’mon look at what they gave you w/ crystal skull. Fool me once shame on you… you know the rest.. you have been warned.

  20. I say Oh Yeah. I would love to see Indiana Jones go back to it’s roots. I feel that if Indy 5 does come together it will be the last one that Harrison Ford helms. I wouldn’t mind seeing Shia LaBeouf take the reins and start his own Indy Franchise. I was hoping that would be the case after they introduced Mutt, but seeing the family again for one last adventure sounds great to me. Let’s do it.

    • shia was the only horrid thing about indy 4……

  21. Maybe it can turn out the triangle is the gateway to some kinda alternate universe run by evil robot people.
    And then Indy can get a jetpack!
    Oh, wait, nevermind……

    • you should be a reboot writer with that form of thinking sir lol

  22. I think its kinda funny how some people don’t have a problem with Atlantis but mention aliens and they’re callin bs.

    • You’re seeing that theme too? Another great one is the nearly obsessive focus on Christian artifacts- Garden of Eden, Spear of Destiny, etcetera etcetera etcetera. I’d like to see either Atlantis or a serious situation involving a semi-alternate universe. Where am I coming from with “alternate universe”? Well, there’s one short transmission from a pilot who flew into the Triangle and saw fireballs and a boiling sea. Sounds kinda doppel-terra (alternate earth or something- the term is entirely my lame idea) to me.

      • The problem with that is their are already good scientific hypotheses to answer the mystery of fireballs, boiling seas, and missing vehicles. Methane Hydrate boiling up from the sea could sink ships blow up planes and cause unusual phenomena. All the artifacts or McGuffins from the previous stories have been passed down through the ages and have been lost to history and myth in some way. I think that’s the key to an Indy story. The McGuffin always transcends religious and scientific explanation! The next one by necessity will be the same. Whether it’s a lost city, the tree of life, the spear of destiny, whatever it will have the same character. Lets hope it leaves the series in a good place it will most likely be Harrison Ford’s last…

  23. @ Chaos
    “Atlantis has been SPECULATED to be in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida. Evidence suggests this to be the case. However, it’s LOST because NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE HELL IT IS.”
    The US military knows where it is,,, what better way to ward off the curious, then to create a story about missing planes and lost airliners.

    There’s also areas in that region that boats wont/are allowed to go into.

    That area of the world is a waterlocked version of Area 51,,, (IMO)

  24. Anyone remember the last time I jet or plane went down into the Bermuda Triangle,,,,,??????


  25. Love your comments Old Man, but there’s absolutely no proof on why aircraft and seacraft have vanished in that area.
    All just stories and hypothesis. Makes for a great epsiode of, “In Search Of.”
    I did like your comments on the Indy franchise though,,,
    This will be Harrisons last Indy film I just feel it.

      • Awww man, 790, I used to LOVE “In Search Of..” when I was a kid. I think it kind of fueled my love of the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel.

        • that show actually used to scare me as a kid lol, but yeah it was a good show

  26. Very interesting links, yes I’ve heard about that theory Old Man.

    It is curious as we haven’t lost any planes to the triangle in years.

    • big brother is REALLY good at keeping that kinda stuff on the downlow thats why man

  27. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they should do a Search For ATlantis IJ film since that is the only big Archealogical thing he has not yet gone after and because of its debate of ever existing, there’s much room for taking the story wherevere they want.

    Its kind of hard to top searching for the Holy Grail since the ARK was done in the first one so aside from the Lost City of Atalntis what could Indy go on a quest for that wuod be the big finale?

  28. Here’s an idea…

    ACT 1:
    It’s a few years since IJ4 and Indy has returned to spend time with his newfound son. His son has a job working at an Archeology exhibit at the Smithsonian. A break in at the governments warehouse facility occurs and the container holding the ARK and several other very rare and priceless items are stolen. Government has 0 leads and no idea where to go. They call Indy to ask for his help since he found the ARK before and is the expert in rare artifacts but he declines saying “I’m retired now guys”.

    A few days later several thefts from museums of rare pieces occurs. One is at the place where Indy’s son (Mutt) works. Mutt disappears that night and no one has any clue who the thief is or where to go next. Indy goes to the Feds and says “I want in”. And so begins his quest for his son and the stolen artifacts.

    ACT 2:
    From here, the whole second act does the standard classic Indiana Jones story path (like in the first 3 movies) with over the top stunts and action.

    Indy gets a break and finds a major clue that takes him to the Bermuda Triangle. Because of its unusual weather pattern and strange everything (like compasses not working along with any other measuring device) Indy crashed his plane on an uncharted Island. He ventures thru the Island to discover a lost city. It’s not Atlantis but some small outpost which has a portal to Atlantis. Indy goes thru and finds him self in a very futuristic looking city under water with a large Dome like structure protecting it from the sea above.

    ACT 3:
    Now that he’s found Atlantis he runs into Mutt and of course the stolen artifacts.

    Indy of course saves his son and the day and in the process wreaks havoc on the city of Atlantis.

    As for who the Atlanteans are or why they stole the items I will not speculate because I’m not a great writer this is just a concept piece.