The Indiana Jones Saga Returning to Theaters in 3D

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indiana jones saga 3d re release The Indiana Jones Saga Returning to Theaters in 3D

After news broke last month that George Lucas and Lucasfilm would be up-converting the Star Wars Saga for a 3D re-release, it was only a matter of time before the same thing was done to the beloved Indiana Jones Saga. I can practically feel Indy’s whip cracking me in the face through the theater screen already!

According to Blue Sky Disney, Lucasfilm will be announcing their intentions to release the old-fashioned adventure series next month, starting with the first and best Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Are you excited yet or what? Imagine all the various things that can—you know—come out of the silver screen at you and your loved ones. The boulder at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark rolling after Indiana; the asps and cobras in the snake pit biting at Indiana’s face – and now, potentially, your face, too! The creepy angel lady that bursts out of the Ark of the Covenant to annihilate the Nazi forces – how would you like to be annihilated by a creepy angel lady? And that’s just the first film!

indiana jones temple of doom 3d The Indiana Jones Saga Returning to Theaters in 3D

Cover your heart, Indy, or Mola Ram will rip it out — in 3D!

Really, the possibilities for things to randomly pop out at your face are endless here.

On a slightly more serious note, I’m no fan of 3D—the price is ridiculous for something that oftentimes severely decreases the quality of the film—but as a twenty-six-year-old who has never seen Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big screen, this isn’t the worst news I’ve ever heard. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (and Short Round in particular), but my desire to see Indiana Jones movies wanes with each succeeding entry.

indiana jones trilogy The Indiana Jones Saga Returning to Theaters in 3D

The question I have is, does Lucasfilm really plan on going to go to the trouble to re-release Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the greatest atrocity on film that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have ever been involved with? (Yes, far worse, in my opinion, than anything from the Star Wars Prequels.) Or, as is my fondest wish, are they only up-converting the classic trilogy, i.e. those Indiana Jones movies made prior to 1990? Please, Lucasfilm. Pretty please.

The last word on a fifth Indiana Jones movie was in August from Shia Labeouf, himself a critic of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, who said Spielberg and Lucas’ idea for the fifth movie sounded both “crazy” and “really cool.” Oh, I think we’ll be the judge of that, Mr. LaBeouf, if Indiana Jones 5 ever makes it to the big screen.

Source: Blue Sky Disney via Bleeding Cool

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  1. Hmmmm. I think Star Wars will work better, but I will still go and see these films.
    I presume they will be doing the same as star wars and rereleasing all the old films before a new one is released. Although I’d rather have a new Indy flick sooner rather than later!

  2. And I like Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wasn’t Blue Sky Disney the ones who said Josh Hutcherson landed the role of Spider-man? I think I’ll trust this “news” when I hear from somewhere else. Although, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Lucas does this. He incapable of coming up with something new, and is obsessed with milking his own franchises.

    • I mean that in a way to discredit Blue Sky Disney, not Screen Rant.

    • Or you could look at it in a slightly less cynical way, and its not as if Lucas needs the money he is one of the richest people in Hollywood, I know that my younger brothers will be incredibly happy to be able to see both Indy and Star Wars at the cinema.

      • Just b/c he’s a billionaire doesn’t mean that he’s satisfied with what he’s got. It’s called greed.

        • I disagree.

          • There’s many signs that point that he wants to get more and more money out of his Star Wars saga than anything. He said he wasn’t going to do a prequel trilogy, then he later announced that when he released the “Special editions” of the OT. After the prequels he said he was DONE with Star Wars, then he announces the Clone Wars and live-action TV series. Add to that the upcoming BD and 3D re-re-re-releases, and it becomes very OBVIOUS wants to make as much money of his franchises as possible.

            • Ps: Sorry if I sound like an douche. It’s early lol.

            • Maybe he knows people like his films, and he doesnt have anything new, so he is trying to do waht makes people happy. His films certainly make me happy, and I would love the oppurtunity to see them on the big screen again.

              • Yeah, he knows people like his films and will see them no matter how many times he re-realeases the same material. Easy money.

                • Little Monster:: I totally agree. Lucas is greedy and has lost his touch.

                  DSB:: If he wasn’t greedy than he WOULD have a new movie out every year. The only reason he doesn’t is because he would have to give up the helm to other people. He wants full control over the project just to feed his own ego. As much as I love these movies (Star Wars and Indiana) I am sick of seeing the same crap every time. I want something new. I think that most all fans want something new. There are too many great stories to keep harping on the same movies over and over and over and over and over and over. I don’t think that this news would bother me half as much if I knew I was going to get a new Star Wars movie in the next couple of years. Instead he is going to stuff his masterpieces down our throats again. Kevin J. Anderson has written books that puts Lucas’s half baked scripts to shame. I think that the main problem with the new movies were the fact that we saw how bad of a script writer Lucas really is. The original trilogy are classics and were way ahead of their times but the writing was mediocre at best. As I have said before, give them up to people who are going to make fans salivate with anticipation. Not groan saying, “Oh great, SSDD.” You would think that he would want to run the race with JJ Abrams. That new Star Trek was Very Awesome. I hated Star Trek up until that point. Now I am a fan.

            • He never said he was done with Star Wars insofar as an animated series or live-action series were involved. He said he was done with Star Wars movies. Now, I’m not saying he doesn’t love his monies, but the truth is that money can’t be all he cares about. If all he cared about was $$$, he could produce a Star Wars movie every year.

              • Very true indeed. I wish there was one every year…Sigh.

  4. UGH more 3-D. Just kill me now, people! Hate it.

  5. I too am a 26 year old who hasn’t seen the original indy movies in the theater, I did see Indy 4 but, it’s not the same. I dont really care for 3D movies in general, but i will see all three regardless of 3D, just to experience them in a theater is worth it alone.

  6. I’ll be skipping Temple Of Doom as well, I hate that movie with a furious vengeance! Worst entry in the series, I use my dvd copy of it as a coaster!

    • sorry DSB, usualy we like the same stuff lol. but i actually loved Doom…why you ask? seeing Indy belt Short Round made up for anything bad in that film :)

      • It’s the woman, I just cant stand her. She is the most annoying character in film history. Every time she’s on screen I just cringe!

        • lol…yeah she was annoying too, but at least she was better looking than some whining crybaby kid.

          • Wholeheartedly agree that the blonde girl is a huge detriment to the movie, but honestly, Doom is still easily my favorite of the bunch. I like it for probably the same reasons you hate it: it’s just different than the other three.

            I feel like Indy is in over his head for most of the film, and that works. I’m not saying there weren’t moments of that in the other ones, but I feel as a whole Indy seems more collected and sure of himself in the others.

            I like the fact that Indy isn’t tracked down by some museum curator or someone who tells him about the MacGuffin and then Indy goes off and fights the Nazis (or the Commies), but instead he literally just falls into the adventure.

        • Didn’t Speilberg marry that screaming actress? I’m sure somebody did.

    • Me too. Short Round is such an annoying character, a sign of the “cute” Speilberg to come and of Jar-Jar Boinks.

      And replacing Karen Allen with Kate “I can’t act my way out of a paper bag” Capshaw was like taking my beloved Bosco syrup and switching it up with liquified elephant dung.

  7. Money Money Money

  8. “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the greatest atrocity on film that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have ever been involved with”

    If it isn’t MADE in 3D to begin with, it isn’t WORTH the money to see it.

    • Ditto.

  9. Stupid Lucas taking our money! But if this is my chance to see my favorite franchise on the big screen, since Raiders was released way before I was born, I’ll pitch in my $12

  10. NO NO NO NO NO…… does everything have to be destroyed in 3D.

    • i guess so :(

  11. I think Temple of Doom is ace, it’s a rollercoaster ride. The first three make it my favorite trilogy of all time, the fourth one less so but it’s still very enjoyable. I want to keep my fond memories and cringe at the idea of having them concerted into 3D.

    • Totally agree with your assessment of these movies! Right on the money in terms of how I rate them, including the fourth one. I never get tired of temple of doom either, it’s always like seeing it for the first time again somehow. And its the most different and way-out one of the lot!

  12. There should be something like the rating system for films of different dimensions. They should be 2D, 3D and psuedo 3D.

  13. Why…..?

    I mean I loved all the films (yes even KOTCS), but really? 3D?

  14. Oh hell no MAKE NEW MOVIES HOLLYWOOD! Dammit..

  15. I have all these films already on dvd. They look amazing on my HD Sony. Why would I bother going to see these in a public theater with people that fart? Etc.

  16. I rate these films like this.

    Crusade is my personal favourite but I know Raiders is the best film. I can’t sit through Temple for a few cool sequences because I just find it an awful film.
    Crystal Skull, well, it sure ain’t perfect. But there is a lot of stuff in there to love, and I will forgive the really dumb stuff because I totally see the film they were trying and almost succeeded making.

    • Lucasfilm’s policy has always been to deny absolutely everything until the very last minute, they have been working on 3D conversions of Star Wars for the past 2 years and deined it up until they were ready to make the announcement.
      Same with the prequels, they denied those despite numerous leaks saying they were going into production.
      And even now, they deny there is any work being done on a new trilogy, but I guarantee come 2018 there will be new films.

      • What he said.

  17. muppet (nowhereman) wat are u some kind of superhero with a name like dat

    • JediTray,

      Blue Sky Disney is known for their reliability. I suppose you’re right that since it wasn’t officially announced, but we DID say that it was according to them.

      Just because Lucasfilm denied it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

      We’ll see how it all shakes out in the end.


      • Exactly, I’ve already stated how Lucas is a hypocrit in an earlier comment. He also denies a new Star Wars trilogy is being planned, but we all know it’s coming.

  18. This story is true. I work for a conversion house in Hollywood and my boss had meetings with a high up Lucasfilm executive earlier in the month. And for those that think this was just about Star Wars, it wasn’t. They’re converting the films to 3D. They may not announce it next month though, The goal was to make it a surprise an d Blue Sky Disney spoiled that for them. They may wait for a while to announce it, but that Lucas spokesperson denying it is total PR.

  19. I too want to add a little bit to the validation of this. I work in LA and know quite a few people in the industry. When I went over to a friends house last week, he mentioned that some Lucasfilm big wigs were at his work to check out the 3D they have for conversion of some films. I said the Star Wars films and he smiled and said Nope. His wife asked a question and we changed the subject and didn’t get back to it. But this makes total sense.

  20. Christ, I dunno what to believe anymore! Whatever happens, since it involves Lucas, it will be the wrong decision.

  21. indiana jones 4 was definitly better than the star wars prequels.
    granted there were some parts that were crazy in it. but overall it was a pretty decent movie.
    but i hope there is a indiana jones 5. i think they learned a few lessons on the 4th.

    • I would rather watch every Star Wars prequel, over and over and over again for the rest of my life, than ever watch Kingdom of the Crystal Skull again.

      • I want to see you actually watch the first Star Wars prequel three times in a row. I don’t think it is literally possible. Your brain will be hallucinating just to get away from ‘Jarjar and the overly stereotyped friends network’. Even my kids who get locked into anything have never been able to sit through Phantom Menace in it’s entirety. Crystal Skull actually scared them in parts and was pretty fun; much more like the early serials in films that Indiana Jones movies are based off of.
        Most of these films we saw when we were really young so don’t be too critical. I know a lot of people had issues with the Last Crusade film because of the crazy traps, faith bridge, knight being alive, cup of Jesus and all that sillyness. This is no crazier than an ark that shoots out spirits and energy blasts, melts faces, and avoids you if you close your eyes or even aliens coming back to life, made of crystal and taking off a whole city up in the air as an ancient UFO.
        I challenge you to film yourself watching Phantom Menace three times. I predict it will be like watching an exorcism! Haha.