‘Independence Day 2′ Would Launch a ‘Series’; Jeff Goldblum Would Return

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Independence Day 2 and 3 Plot Details Independence Day 2 Would Launch a Series; Jeff Goldblum Would Return

Who could ever forget Independence Day; the movie that not only allowed Will Smith to welcome an alien race to Earth, but blew the White House to smithereens (before it was a trend)? And yet despite the fond memories of fans and box office success of the film, Independence Day 2 has yet to gain any momentum.

That’s not stopping director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin though, who recently hinted at the much larger story their pair of sequels – and additional films – would tell, and which of the original cast members they’ve already found places for in the plot.

Emmerich explained his plan for a pair of sequels – dubbed ID Forever Part I and II – some years ago, along with his intention to pick up the story right where it left off. The passing years haven’t gotten the project any closer to production, but speaking this week at the Hero Complex Film Festival, Emmerich and Devlin provided an update on their plans.

Despite the number of years that have passed since the last substantial progress, Devlin remains optimistic, and claims the pair won’t hesitate should the opportunity present itself:

“Roland and I would really like to do one. We have some pretty darn good ideas on how to do one and, hopefully, that will all come together. A lot of things have to align. The planets have to piece together and if they do, it’ll happen.”

The first question on every fan’s mind will be the fate of returning characters. The news that Will Smith wouldn’t be connected to a sequel disappointed many at the time, and the most recent news concerning cast seemed to hint that the children of ID4 might be leading Earth’s defense this time around.

Bill Pullman previously claimed that he would be reprising his role as President Thomas J. Whitmore regardless of the story, but would there be room for the brilliant David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum)? The actor – who was sitting in on the discussion – is a fan favorite, so Emmerich was willing to playfully explain that “I think we’ll invite him back.”

Independence Day Jeff Goldblum Independence Day 2 Would Launch a Series; Jeff Goldblum Would Return

These days, a colossal film usually means not just a sequel being rushed into development, but the crafting of a story meant to stretch over a trilogy. With almost twenty years separating the original Independence Day and any potential follow-up, that gives the filmmakers plenty of stories to tell, and freedom to evolve the parallel universe created by mankind harnessing the alien’s technology.

If you’ve used the intervening years to think up some epic sequels to the original movie, you’re not alone. Emmerich says he and Devlin have much more in mind than one more film, with the first installment showing little more than the tip of the iceberg:

“That’s actually what we talked a lot about. The mythology of why did the aliens come in the first place, what is the bigger story of this whole thing? And we talked a lot about swarm intelligence. And [the humans] are individual intelligence. Even though we kill each other and have wars against each other, we have something special. We have this indomitable human spirit to believe in good and over coming enemies. And it’s a little bit about that and when you get a bigger mythology going, I think then you have the chance to do not only one or two or three but you can create a series and that’s what we want to do.”

Independence Day White House Explosion Scene Independence Day 2 Would Launch a Series; Jeff Goldblum Would Return

We won’t disagree that plenty of film franchises have been founded on less interesting or lasting ideas as humanity’s will to survive, and fight an invading alien army bent on revenge. It’s hard to say that the theme would be enough to carry the series among a movie landscape now filled with space adventure, but Devlin has always maintained that an Independence Day sequel wouldn’t be made until they had a story that made the film worthwhile.

Does his brief description of the battle between humanity and an alien swarm sound like the story to do it? Or would you prefer the original film’s fiction be left untouched? Share your thoughts in the comments.

We’ll keep you updated on any and all information regarding Independence Day 2 & 3 as it arrives.


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Source: /Film, HeroComplex

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  1. Why are they making this. Didnt they destroy their entire race when they nuked them?

    • You wouldn’t understand. This sequel is necessarily because of 3 books. So, they are continue it for trilogy movies. I can’t wait!

  2. I have wanted sequels to ID since the first minute I left the theater after the first time I saw it. I am disappointed it hasn’t happened yet, but I am encouraged by this update. Why on earth haven’t these been made yet?

    • +1

  3. Leave Independence Day alone I say, unless the story is really really really good, which honestly, I doubt.

    • I have to agree. I cannot even watch the original anymore. It was good for its time, but I say let it die.

  4. I would love to see a sequel. ID4 is one of my favorite blockbuster/popcorn flicks. And it was one of the highest grossing movies at its time so its about time we get a sequel.

  5. Well…

    The idea behind it is awesome – if they can create an awesome storyline to continue where the other left off – I say do it. But if they are only going after the money – the plot/story will probably suck – regardless of who is in it.

    Just look at Iron man 3… It sucked – but the money was there because of the series and upcoming tie-ins.

    • Sorry, but it’s your opinion that sucks. IM3 was pretty good.

      • IM3 was terrible… So many holes I’m surprised the director didn’t fall in one.

    • @ Perniciuous Attire


      Perniciuous….really?…… isn’t that kind of a long way to go to make an IM3 blast? I mean really, you’re on a comment thread about a possible sequel to an almost 20 year old sci-fi movie, where everybody else is talking about a sequel and you throw that out there?

      Very creative….. what are you, like 11?

      I really though you could comment better than that. I guess I thought to highly of you. Aren’t there other articles talking about IM3? Can’t you go there to make a fool of yourself?

      The next time you’re allowed to use the family computer, check out the other posts about IM3, and post there.


      • LOL

        The IM3 comment was tiny. The reference was to the money it generated due to it’s companion movies. Read it again – and then try to “read less” – you’ll do much better in future replies on comments and not look so much like a drama queen striving for the attention your family never gave you.

        The point I made is solid.

        There are a lot of movies out there that were totally awesome. But when the sequels were created – it was almost as if they said: “We don’t need to put any thought or effort into the sequel because the story itself (past movies, comic books, etc) will carry us through and then you have a movie that is horrible.

        You have to put the effort into making an awesome sequel that closely follows the prior movie FIRST – and then the money will follow. It doesn’t work the other way around.


        What I’m saying is – if they follow the original ending, continue with the story and the feel of the first movie – the sequel has the potewntial to not only be awesome – but spawn even more sequels if done right. If they go after the money ONLY – the movie itself will suffer…

        • @ Pernicious….

          Hmmm…..Not bad.


          That was good, I like that one. See, that’s what I mean, creative, original. you can do it if you try.
          I’ve been called many things, but never a drama queen (now I can check that one off the list).
          A very good one indeed. Not true at all of course, but still a good one none the less. :)
          The family/attention blast, meh, not so much, kind of tired, somewhat old, but I see what you were trying to do there.


          I understood your point, but it was still a reach to throw IM3 in there. IM3 wasn’t bad, and it wasn’t a money grab as you’re describing. A better example to your point would be perhaps something like The Hangover 2. Retread money grab type stuff. IM3 doesn’t fit your description. Sorry.

          Yes, it was tiny, I agree, as was the thought process behind the comment, but still…..

  6. I love Independence Day, and think that it’s a great 90s pop-culture alien invasion film. Truly, genuinely epic. And I saw it on TV last year, and the visuals are still incredible looking.

    So of course, I’m interested in sequels, and it’s good to hear them saying that they will only make it if they can make it good enough to be worthwhile. Mae Whitman should totally be in it. I do have to point out that frequently, a long wait between installments does not bode as well for quality follow-ups as one might hope.

    (And I, for the record, found Iron Man 3 far better than I ever expected it to be – as a film in its own right.)

  7. Independence Day will always be a classic to me. It’s a Roland Emmerich film, which most people despise as much as Bay, and I like his films. They are all great fun. If you think about it though, ID4′s story wasn’t amazing. It was a generic alien invasion film with a corny ending. (A computer virus? LOL) But it worked. Will Smith was hilarious and Brent Spiner’s cameo was awesome as well. If they make a sequel, I don’t think they can come up with an incredible story. Just add-on stories. And I for one am okay with that.

  8. What was great about ID4 was its “what if” take on if aliens came here and basing it in a realistic approach but then making fun of popular alien films at the same time..
    I can see a second film that goes back to the original premise- have Jeff Goldblum’s character team up with a Klattu\Spock type alien who comes here seeking our help to fight against the aliens again,and if anything have Will Smith as a cameo as the President..Maybe throw in a side joke that Klattu had been trying to contact us for a long time but we never understood his crop circles because they were based on 50s tv shows or some tv series that no one watches but where he’s from is always on repeat ala Galaxy Quest..

  9. It would be cool to see David Levinson take over as the President after President Whitmore is called away for
    a meeting with Hamid Karzai.

    No Foreign Agent or enemy would expect a non appointed Citizen to do the work and therefore not be a target.

  10. I can still remember going to see the original. I had bought our tickets a week in advance and their were people who were turned away as the shows were all sold out trying to bribe others for there tickets. And then of course was actually watching the film itself. I don’t recall many movies I’ve been in where the audience, as a whole, was clapping and cheering. I know this movie is far from being a classic along the lines of E.T. or Gone With The Wind and so on, but it did give people a sense of unity. One I really haven’t seen except for 9/11. For a summer popcorn movie it did show us all coming together and I think that was the major appeal of it, Earth beating out the Aliens. So in regards to the sequels, I say bring it on! Would be nice to have a trilogy to watch every 4th of July instead of one. And God willing they can capture the spirit of the original and have the audience cheering once again.

    Also, if they bring back Jeff Goldblum, please, please, please, bring back Judd Hirsh as well.

  11. do they really think in 10-15 yrs we could of cleaned up all those huge spaceships and repaired all the destroyed cities and repopulate the world from those city destroying Beams? lol…

    btw… half of earth was destroyed 70% population dead but its ok we fixed it in 15 years…? lol

  12. Yes, another crap movie about Aliens as bad guys! Haven’t we had enough of those already??? When will someone portray Aliens as good guys? Its interesting because Hollywood America mostly prtrays Aliens as evil, needlessly bent on revenge, but in reality it is America that forcibly enters foreign land and starts a fight!
    Sick unidimensional uncreative ideas targeted at stupid moviegoers who are eager to part with their hard earned salary! Way to go Hollywood! Continue your global money-ripping with stupid idiotic and worthless movies!

  13. In the 1950′s movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” A Robot alien was attacked who only held a peaceful message in a

    Klattu intended to just deliver a warning to earthlings to stop the violence because it was affecting the universe.

    It was cool when a laser beam turned a weapon into a mound of melted metal. It looked like a puddle of chocolate.

  14. With the coming of an Ender’s Game movie, I’m curious to see what these guys will do differently with the swarm consciousness idea seeing as where the story of Ender’s game is, seems like where an I.D. franchise would go.

  15. i love to see the sequels. yes my favorite director is R.Emmerich. and i defiantly say, he is the one of most best director of film industry ever. God bless him & his team.

  16. I think it is a great idea to do a sequel only because the storyline concerning aliens visiting earth can get much more deeper and interesting i say that because look at the things that have been said about aliens and ufos really existing over the past 10 to 15 years i have to say that there have been some very exciting stories behind this concept such as the origins of the human race and the possible alien influence aliens visiting earth for thousands of years all the way up to the government cover ups and so much more if the writers can take that information and make a great sequel im up for a new ID4

  17. I would assume that the film would not be contemporary, but take place years into the future. I’m sure in the aftermath the surviving governments have come together and made use of learning more about any alien technology they were able to recover and have made use of it to make a Earth Defense Force. It would be stupid to think that they might encounter the aliens again, since they had visited the Earth previously before ID4. So I would suspect a more futuristic science fiction film.