‘Independence Day 2 & 3′ Plot Details Revealed

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Independence Day 2 and 3 Plot Details Independence Day 2 & 3 Plot Details Revealed

The citizens of Earth have had almost 20 years of peace since their planet was rudely invaded by aliens on July 4th, 1996, but recently, there has been talk from director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin that the victory might not last much longer. Two sequels to Independence Day are currently in the works and awaiting a green light from 20th Century Fox. It may well be that the studio is keeping a close eye on the success of Emmerich’s most recent project, White House Down, before giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to Indendence Day 2 and 3, A.K.A. ID Forever Part I and II.

It seems that Emmerich himself is confident enough to start divulging details, or at least savvy enough to start generating hype for the Independence Day sequels by releasing a few intriguing snippets of information.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Emmerich has happily provided solid answers to some of the biggest questions that fans of the original film have had. One of the biggest uncertainties regarding the plot is whether the story would pick up immediately after the events of the first film or twenty years later. According to Emmerich, the answer is is both:

“The humans knew that one day the aliens would come back. And they know that the only way you can really travel in space is through wormholes. So for the aliens, it could take two or three weeks, but for us that’s 20 or 25 years.”

The Independence Day sequels being set only twenty years after the events of the first film will mean that by the time they (potentially) gets a theatrical release they will more or less be set in the present day, but Emmerich claims that the films will also have a distinctly futuristic feel. Based on a “what if…?” scenario of what might have happened to our history if we’d discovered advanced technology back in the nineties, the story will see humanity far more prepared for an invasion than they were in the original film. Says Emmerich:

“It’s a changed world. It’s like parallel history. [Humans] have harnessed all this alien technology. We don’t know how to duplicate it because it’s organically-grown technology, but we know how to take an antigravity device and put it in a human airplane.”

Despite the progress that has been made, Emmerich insists that the fight won’t be an easy one, saying that, “We’ve rebuilt. But [the aliens] also do different things.” If only two or three weeks have passed from the aliens’ perspective, it’s doubtful that they’ve had time to come up with any new major advances themselves, which can only mean that they weren’t bringing out the big guns the first time around. Perhaps the first Independence Day was just a warm-up.

Independence Day White House Explosion Scene Independence Day 2 & 3 Plot Details Revealed

When we first heard rumors about this project several years ago, the impression we got from Fox was that they did not consider Will Smith’s return to be necessary for the film, perhaps due to the large price tag that inevitably comes with hiring such a consistently successful star. It’s unclear whether this was a factor or not, but Emmerich implies that he has written a story which will allow new stars to shine by focusing on characters who would have been children during the first invasion.

“It’s still some of the same characters, but also new younger characters; it’s a little bit like the sons take over. The first one ends on a little success, but only enough to give the humans hope. And then in the second one they free themselves again [from the aliens].”

The word “new” seems to imply that the younger heroes will be characters that we haven’t seen before, but there are a couple of candidates from Independence Day who could easily make a return as adults. The two prominent child characters from the 1996 movie were Patricia Whitmore (Mae Whitman), the daughter of the president, and Captain Steven Hiller’s stepson Dylan, played by Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air co-star, Ross Bagley.

Though Bagley has more or less lapsed from the acting world and is mostly remembered for his child star roles in films like Little Rascals, Emmerich confirmed that Dylan makes a return in the latest version of the script. Mae Whitman is still very active and recently appeared in Arrested Development (her?), Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Parenthood. Might there be room in Emmerich’s customary cast-of-thousands for this familiar face to play the part of a heroine?

mae whitman independence day 2 Independence Day 2 & 3 Plot Details Revealed

To quote Bill Pullman, who recently confirmed his involvement in the project: “Nobody’s holding their breath because [the sequels have] been continually plagued.” So don’t assume that the movie is definitely going to make it out of development hell at this point. Dean Devlin has said that he and Emmerich are not interested in making the sequels just to squeeze a little bit of money out of the Independence Day name; rather, they just have a genuine, creative interest in continuing the story. Whether or not you agree with that no doubt depends on your opinion of the original. It should be noted that Emmerich has yet to make a film as successful as his 1996 blockbuster, at least financially-speaking (The Patriot has a slightly better Rotten Tomatoes score), which might explain Fox’s trepidation.

Are you excited for ID Forever Part I & II and, if so, who would you like to see return for the second invasion (aside from the aliens, of course)? Let us know what you think in the comments.

We’ll keep you up to date on any further developments regarding Independence Day 23.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. I’ve been waiting along time for this sequal, and sounds like I cud b waiting a lol longer, but I dnt understand the concept that 20uears hav passed for us but 3 years for the aliens, that makes no sense what so ever, I would understand if it took the aliens 20 years to mount an attack once again to gain vengence on the human race, but hav taken the time to plan as the underestimated our capabilities, but also giving us time to adapt thier technology to our own, as by having an active ship in our hands for a brief moment, fav the scientists enuf time to understand thier technology, and retro fit ships that were destroyed on our planet, giving us a mountable defence against any future attacks, but only affactive against so much, there’s ure first movie plot, 2nd movie cud b that we didn’t hav enuf ships, and were raped by the aliens, but were effective enuf to dissable the alien fleet for so long, and do on and so forth

    • 3weeks for the aliens*

    • “I dnt understand the concept that 20uears hav passed for us but 3 years for the aliens, that makes no sense what so ever”

      Theory of Relativity, my friend.

      • Problem is wormholes don’t work that way. IIRC, travel by wormhole would not be subject to the same time dilation effects that travel at relativistic velocities would cause.

        • Take a sheet of paper, draw two dots on either end; Now take you right indext finger (or left if you want) and touch one of the dots, then drag your finger across to the other dot. To get from Dot “A” to Dot “B”, it takes a measurable amount of time.

          Now, fold the paper in half. Poke a hole through Dot “A” and lay the paper down; Placing your finger on Dot “A”, you now realize that you are touching both Dot “A” and Dot “B” at the same time. The time it would normally take you to reach Dot “B” is now irrelevant as you are already there.

          Wormholes, theoretically, can create short cuts by connecting folded space, greatly reducing travel time. Emmerich is playing with that theory in this movie.

          • Yes, I know this. MY point is that you would not experience time dilation effects because you are NOT actually approaching c. If the aliens see a week of travel time while passing through the wormhole, then the destination would only see that SAME week from their frame of reference, NOT the 20 years Emmerich is using.

            This is why wormholes are one of the preferred models of superluminal travel. Actual acceleration to or beyond the speed of light (beyond being impossible under our current understanding of physics) is functionally useless to the people on the ground because generations may pass before the travelers are able to reach their destination and return. Wormholes get around this for the same reason as warp drive: You’re not ACTUALLY traveling at relativistic velocities, therefore there’s no time dilation.

    • There talking in space terms. Were ever the aliens are 5 mins for them is 12 months for use its to do with space etc the rules change in space were time is concerned.

    • It doesn’t say that 20 years have passed for humans compared to only 3 years for Aliens!! It specifically says that “the only way to travel through space is through wormholes” – thus meaning that even though the aliens may mount a counter attack instantly, what might only be a couple of weeks for them could be years and years for us (possibly 20 years?) this is because of the wormhole properties, time-space continuum, time warps in deep space, ie ie ie. I think it is the only way they can make sense of the aliens counter attacking us right away but still making a movie that takes place in the present.

  2. A.Mack – to understand the 3 week = 20 years idea you should do a bit of reading on Einstein’s theory of special relativity. Enjoy… =]

  3. Yes, einstein’s THEORY, nuff said lol

    • A scientific theory summarizes a hypothesis or group of hypotheses that have been supported with repeated testing. If enough evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, it moves to the next step—known as a theory—in the scientific method and becomes accepted as a valid explanation of a phenomenon.

      When will people learn that your definition of theory meaning “I have some random guess!” isn’t the correct definition for the term?

      • When will people learn that some words have multiple definitions. Check out #2 and #3, Mr Norrell.

        the·o·ry [ th əree ]
        1.rules and techniques: the body of rules, ideas, principles, and techniques that applies to a subject, especially when seen as distinct from actual practice
        2.speculation: abstract thought or contemplation
        3.idea formed by speculation: an idea of or belief about something arrived at through speculation or conjecture

      • Dude – chill out. Your commenting on a science “FICTION” movie that hasn’t even been released. The movie isn’t titled “Einstein’s Theory is Fact” it is titled Independence Day because we defeat Aliens on July 4th (coincidentally) with Jeff Goldblooms idea of flying an alien ship into the mother ship with a rigged nuke, only to get away when being chased through ‘mothership’ by experienced alien pilots with knowledge of said mothership. Are you now really gonna get on people for using the word “theory” wrong. It’s my theory that this movie will suck more than the original. But to me this is a fact.

    • It’s Time Dilation Theory. The premise is as you approach the speed of light time in your reference slows down. So if an Alien ship is traveling light years from Earth and they are moving at near the speed of light, time on the ship that passes could be a matter of weeks when on Earth a number of years has elapsed.

      They have proven this with nuclear clocks aboard the Concord I believe.

      • The problem being that much like warped/folded space, a wormhole circumvents this because you’re not ACTUALLY traveling at high subluminal speeds, therefore there would BE no time dilation.

  4. It’ll never stop being hilarious to me to see people flock to movies like Transformers or Michael Bay films then turn around and put something like Independence Day down. Gotta love double standards and hypocrisy in the west.

  5. I’ve been waiting a long time for the movie makers and writers to figure out that this story can continue. It makes sense that 20 years could have passed on Earth while only three weeks passed for the aliens. Time doesnt work the same when wormhole travel andor light speed is involved. The technology the people of Earth could use and develop in that amount of time, given the technology left by the aliens, could easily make this an action-packed CG intensive film. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  6. I would totally see the sequels in the theatre. But I wanna see Goldblum, Pullman, Smith and Vivika. And I also want Goldlum’s dad (Dear John guy) as well. That guy had the best lines. Original cast is a must, otherwise I may not want to see it.

    • I agree, must have the original characters or this would be a no go for me. I definitely want to see Will Smith, Jeff Goldlum, Vivika Fox, and Bill Pullman. Next I want the kids grown up and involved. While I loved the one liners from Goldlum’s father in the movie, it would be easy to believe he had passed away by then after 20 years although making him a 90 year old smart ass would be funny as all can be lol. I must agree without the original character’s in it, it would be just a cheap remake like Lake Placid 2. To me that’s a total disappointment in a sequel if the original characters are not in it or if they are replaced by different actors with the same character (totally annoying)

  7. By this time, Smiths kid will be of age to join in the fight!
    Without some original cast members this could smell like Sci-fy channel crap.

    • Smith’s kid as in character kid or his actual kid. Because His actual kid is a horrible actor!

  8. For the love of god don’t put Will Smith’s son Jadan(?) or his other kid in this. Theyre annoying and pompus. It’ll take away from the movie.

  9. I love Independence Day. I think when I first bought the VHS, I watched 14 times in a two month period. It seemed everytime I watched it, something else would come to light in the movie I had missed before. I can’t wait for the sequel. If it is half a good as the first, it will definitely be worth watching in my opinion.

  10. Well its a great idea but in the first movie, the major cities were destroyed . Economic upheaval would have followed. Millions died world wide. I find it impossible to think the world recovered from all that. Also I find that the original script was very flawed in a number of places. I hope any sequel takes a lot more care with the script. The dialogue that is.

    • Just because the Americans and some other countries shown were able to stop the Aliens over their areas does not mean it went so well for all others. Some areas could be occupied with these aliens or seeing that the humans found a weakness in their plans maybe some of the huge ships called it a day and escaped into space. Either way I hope its thought out well and not just an over-marketed, over-hyped piece of crap.

      • Are you serious? WHen they destroyed the mother ship, the shields went down on all the little ships. They would have been easily annihilated by the explosives we have…

    • For instance, will smith replies to goldblum when they are inside the muthaship, ” looks like they’re planning an invasion” …OH YA THINK?

    • It’s not impossible to recover from disasters! One quality us humans have is adaptability. Either god given or evolved (whatever you believe) humans and all the species on earth have a knack for adapting and overcoming insurmountable obstacles.

      • “Oh really?”

        -A grumpy t-rex

  11. Lets give the Aliens another ass-whoopin then, another and another.

  12. I am a big fan of the original and am very excited about the possibility of continuing the story. I give it a big thumbs up!

  13. I would LOVE to see these two sequels. I still watch to this day ID4 on TV and DVD whenever i feel like it. My only problem is that in the original (ID4) the President, played by Bill Pullman, when first the aliens in Area 51 and they communicated with him via telepathically he stated that their “whole civilization” was in the mother ship. How can they return if they were all destroyed at the end of ID4? I hope I am wrong and they don’t make these two movies with HUGE plot holes….That would just be disgusting. Somebody please ease my mind…..

    • That is the type of thing I was alluding to in the script.

    • Their whole civilization was moving from planet to planet yes, but did they say the whole civilization was going to only 1 planet at a time? Who’s to say that their were not multiple motherships, each with a part of the civilization, going to multiple planets.

  14. All the aliens on the ships couldn’t have died.
    There would still be millions of the squids still running around after all the ships were 15 miles wide and had countless levels. So wars are still being fought!
    BUT PLEASE don’t go with the rebel aliens wanting to help the humans!!!Ill puke if I see a alien allie like in “V”!
    I love “V” but even it would have been much better with aliens who just want humans to “DDIIEEEEE!”
    OH? and PLEASE no phucking mix breeding love affairs!

  15. Do it!

  16. Yet another sign that Hollywood is out of original ideas. Humanity recovers from a planet-wide genocide in only 20 years? It’d still be a Hellscape. And the aliens were able to come back from a resounding defeat in only 3 weeks? We wouldn’t even have cleared away enough of the rubble to start rebuilding even one major city much less human civilization as a whole while the aliens would have to recruit more fighters and build replacement ships, and that’s no small feat.

    And “organically-grown” technology? Yeah, their space suits were organic but the rest of their stuff wasn’t. Does he even remember how Jeff Goldblum was able to jack in and hack the alien’s computer system from his laptop? You can’t do that if it’s “organically-grown”. If any of their technology survived, humans would be able to replicate it, even if we had to strip it down and reverse engineer the whole thing. If the Russians did it with the B-29, we can do it with a UFO.

    • So you’re saying that Russia was as technologically behind the US in the 1950s as the US is to a space faring alien civilization today? Hmmm. Guess who was first to put a satellite into orbit, the first to put a man into orbit, the first to land a probe on the moon and the first to send a probe to Mars. I’ll give you a clue. It wasn’t the U.S!

  17. I don’t understand how its the same aliens. In the first movie, the president says they are like locusts their whole civilization travels from planet to planet. Now im pretty sure they was nuked! They gonna change they story. Not liking this at all.

  18. Why is anyone upset? LOL, we know nothing about this film other than its in the works…Could be a whole different alien race attacking…Calm down people.

  19. The president said that the entire civilization traveled from planet to planet like locusts. I don’t recall anyone saying they were all in that one ship. I think this could work. Why would anyone keep all of their eggs in one basket? I could see hem having more than one mother ship.
    Think outside of the box.

  20. pns

  21. Will Smith was the problem with the first movie. His lines were rediculous.It’s taken over ten years just to put up the Freedom Tower so I can’t imagine what a mess the world would be after an alien attack. With politics today I would think we would just surrender….

  22. All this TALK, WHO CARES as for me I SAY LET THE FILMING BEGIN, The TRICK is going to be making 2 better than 1 and 3 better than 2 ? Did anybody ever ask Will Smith if he would tke less to star in these films ? DON’T ASSUME ANYTHING ! Are we there yet ?

  23. Funny how it talks about that this time we now have reversed engineered weaponry and aircraft from the technology gained in the 90s to fight against the new wave of aliens. Considering we have had that technology since the 40s seem a little funny. Movies like this is just another step towards full disclosure about the truth that they have been hiding for over 70 years.

    • The movie explains this. The technology was inactive they couldn’t use it until the aliens showed up and that was little more than a fighter and the exo suits. Most likely with the large amount wreckage they could get the stuff running much easier. The destroyers were probably most likely intact that much of the stuff on it would have still been functioning. the mothership not so much.

  24. Aliens download Free AVG and are impervious to our counter attacks, aliens for the win!

  25. to see a sequel of independence day would be great

  26. Maybe this fleet would of been reinforcements for the outher to wipe us put once in for all with better equipment like it says

  27. I wish we could envade them and conquer

  28. Wasn’t Enders Game pretty much a sequel to Independence Day??

  29. With all of this banter on relativity, has anyone considered, that if only a couple of weeks pass for the aliens and 20 years for us (and the alien homeworld), then whatever happens in the sequel will be transmitted back to the alien homeworld (assuming that some of the invaders survive) 20 years later from the alien world’s point of reference (not even counting the transmission time, which unless they have “subspace radio” will entail another handful of years…or am I missing something? I’m just a bad accountant, not a temporal physicist…

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