‘Independence Day 2 & 3′ Update: Producers Confirm ‘ID Forever’ Title and 3D

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Independence Day 2 and 3 Update Independence Day 2 & 3 Update: Producers Confirm ID Forever Title and 3D

Last we’d heard about Independence Day 2, director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin were still struggling to find financing, but had a pretty good hold on where they wanted to take the franchise’s next two films. While we still can’t report that any member of the 1996 film’s cast has signed on to the project, or that the project has found its money, we have a very brief update for fans.

Rumors had been circulating for a while that suggested at least one of the Independence Day sequels would be titled ID Forever, and now Devlin has confirmed they will both bare that title. Since, as Devlin reveals, each movie will exist as one part of a larger story, the films have been appropriately titled ID Forever Part One and ID Forever Part Two.

In addition to a somewhat official unveiling of the films’ titles, director Roland Emmerich (2012) provided an update on his approach to the sequel(s). While we’re sure ID Forever will make great use of the special effects technology of today, Emmerich reveals he will not be adopting more modern filmmaking techniques whole cloth. The director confirmed Fox wants ID Forever Parts 1 & 2 to be 3D, but says they will be shot in 2D (presumably on film) and then up-converted.

It’s actually a little disappointing to hear that Emmerich won’t be shooting in 3D since his films are known to feature some truly epic shots of destruction. Though it’s not his only trademark, the director has never failed to deliver at least one awe-inspiring sequence that emphasizes the destructive capabilities of his film’s cataclysmic event (i.e. The White House exploding, Godzilla laying waste to New York, etc).

However, Dean Devlin claims those bombastic sequences aren’t why audiences responded so strongly to Independence Day in the first place. Devlin tells Film Smarts that when looking back on the 1996 film, he discovered that it was the “lovable” relationships between the characters that drew audiences in and made the film compelling.

“The thing that really hit me about the movie is how much love there is in it: between the characters; that the filmmakers had making it; that the cast had for each other. As we’re approaching a sequel we’re focusing on that aspect of it. Because I think that was really the key as to why it worked for everyone. It was lovable.”

Some might argue that getting to see Will Smith punch an alien in the face was certainly a major selling point – but yes, each member of the film’s cast was given plenty of time to shine.

Independence Day White House Explosion Scene Independence Day 2 & 3 Update: Producers Confirm ID Forever Title and 3D

Speaking of the cast – there’s still no word from Devlin or Emmerich on whether or not Will Smith has signed on for the sequel. When news of the IDF first broke, Emmerich claimed Smith was trying to work out the right “package” to satisfy his financial needs, but that was the last we had heard.

Casting is going to be of the utmost importance for these sequels, though, as Devlin reveals it’s been a “tough battle” between the cast and the studio. Bleeding Cool surmises that, based on Devlin’s comments, Fox won’t officially sign off on the sequels unless a vast majority of the cast (read: Will Smith) are on board.

At this point fans have a vague idea of how Devlin and Emmerich plan to approach the two belated sequels – including what they should be titled – but really there isn’t much in the way of progress. Next year audiences will get a chance to re-experience Independence Day in theaters (with the added boost of 3D) – an event that should give Fox a better idea of how casual moviegoers feel about the property some 17 years later.

Independence Day will be re-released in 3D on July 3, 2013.


Source: Film Smarts (via Bleeding Cool, Total Film)

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    • 2012 Was long boring and terrible special affects

      • “terrible special effects”. Are you from the year 3000 where they have like 100K TV’s or something because 2012 certainly did not have “terrible special effects”.

      • 2012 was NOT boring, NOT long, and its special effects were adequate. It was a grade B level movie and that was fine.

  1. Sorry, but I thought Independence Day was overly campy and stupid. No interest in any sequels.

    • Campy? Stupid? You don’t see the fun in films like this at all my friend. Hollywood is made of many campy films despite their reputation against some people like you they live on throughout decades being regarded by critics and everyday people like you and me. So please have faith my friend!

      • You guys aren’t friends so why do you keep calling him friend? You must be an Iindependence Day superfan the way you defended it down his throat. Idependence Day was alright, but it definitely was campy, and certain parts were real stupid. Two sequels? 16 years later?? Please. Roland Emerich is one of the worst Directors in Hollywood next to Michael Bay. The thing I don’t get is how studios keep funding them big bucks. Even though there movies go on to be laughable, faded footnotes. They are like children in the directors seat, all effects, lots of budget($$$) and misplaced actors reciting horrible scripts. Who really looks back at 3000BC and says “wow” I really love this! PLUS, “ID Forever: Part 1″ & “ID Forever: Part 2″???? WORST TITLES EVER, next to “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes”.

    • Jeff, just curious as to whether you saw the movie when it was released or of you saw it like 8-10 years later. In other words, how old are you? Not a slam, but ID was an incredible special effects movie in 1995.

      • I saw it in the theaters and rolled my eyes at certain scenes. For example, one thing I recall is when Judd Hirsch got to ride in Air Force One and he was all giddy about it, despite the fact that the world was undergoing an alien attack…LAME! For me, character, plot, and story always matter more than special effects.

        • So go on watching The King’s Speech and The Artist and let us enjoy the fun movies. Of course no one is saying ID was an Oscar caliber film, but it was a lot of fun and in its time the effects were top notch.

  2. The question I have is: Are these sequels even necessary especially this long after the original released?

    • Remember Tron Legacy? Original film came out in the 80s but Disney had faith I tell yah and we have a great fantastic true sequel, Tron Legacy and both the original Tron I feel are really underrated films that should be looked at more. Even Terminator 3…when was Terminator 2 released and boom a sequel many years later, even though it wasn’t successful people loves or hated it they still did it. There are still fans out there like me and it’s a great remarkable thing to see something like this truly live on again. Even Indiana Jones also had a sequel Crystal Skull many years later on. I think it’s needed wether bad or not it shows the fans you still care about the film. Star Wars the list goes on my friend!

      • Terminator 3 is very great as a stand-alone Arnold Schwarzenegger action blockbuster; But as a follow up to Terminator 2 it is absolutely terrible.

        So to clarify, I love Terminator 3 like I love Commando. But I do not love Terminator 3 like I love Terminator 2.

        • You summed up my thoughts on this subject perfectly! T3 – Great movie, Bad sequel.

        • Agree Eddie.
          Your summation is the best way to describe T3 I have ever read.

        • Terminator 3 had the best john conner.

        • @ Eddie

          What you say about T3 is how i feel about Predators aswell.

      • Do you hear yourself? Are you Head of the Horrible Movie Committee? T3 wasnt a good sequel, and it damn sure wasnt a good movie, AT ALL! A foxy, female villain? Who walks around in skin tight leather? Who makes her boobs grow in the her 1st scene? Nick Stahl was a STALE and boring choice for John Connor, Claire Daines?? In a Terminator movie?? A badass, time-traveling cyborg saying “talk to the hand”?? That movie sucked period. Indian Jones and the Crystal Skull??? That movie sucked worse than T3!! Harrison Ford, old as s***, taking refuge in a tiny refrigerator during a nuclear blast? Shia Lebou like Tarzan swinging through the jungle with his own personal army of monkeys? Alien spaceships? Why does everything with Spielburg always involve Aliens? Dude, that movie sucked! Tron Legacy? It wasn’t all THAT bad, but the total CGI version of Bridges was distracting, and its too long after. Wow man, from this day forward, you are,officially, President and Chairman of The Crappy Movie Comittee.

  3. This is a case of striking while the iron is cold.
    There was a time sequels could have been
    hammered into shape but it has expired.

    • Don’t lose hope my friend, it’s going to be a great sequel and your going to end up watching it after you see the trailer…love him or hate him Emmerich is a Brilliant Mind.

      • 2012 was totally stupid and terrible!

        • I thought it was great as a comedy.

      • Given ID4′s ridiculous copout of an ending, they ought to just reboot the movie and go from there.

  4. I enjoyed the original but just NO to any sequels. No reboot, no remake, no reimagining, no re anything either. Just leave it be.

    • I totally agree with this. There is no purpose to any sequels. The aliens were killed! End of story. The cast is gone. End of story. They need to quit trying to milk old stories and instead create new ones.

    • Do we have alien invasions or human counterattacks every July 4th? That’s the reason the movie’s called “Independence Day”. That little bit is given away. Don’t make it.

  5. What are you talking about? Will Smith punches aliens in the face all the time!

  6. “It’s actually a little disappointing to hear that Emmerich won’t be shooting in 3D since his films are known to feature some truly epic shots of destruction. ”

    And you love him and not me???

  7. Wow, I can’t believe they’re making a sequel to that turd of a movie. Let me guess, the aliens come back for another invasion, only this time they have Norton Antivirus? They’ll conquer Earth for sure.

  8. I’ve also read they have an interest in doing some sequels to “Stargate”. I’d much prefer to see Stargate on the big screen again than see a sequel to “Independance Day”. And seeing as there seems to be no plans to move forward with the Stargate tv franchise, I’d be happy to see Emerich and Devlin continue on from their original movie.

    • Stargate… absolutely. I always felt a SG-1 movie would be great. Might be too late in the game for that, at least for Richard Dean Anderson. Or they could go back to the original film, redo it, and start up a film franchise from that. I’m not a big fan of reboots, but the Stargate universe (no pun intended) leaves room for thousands of stories to be told.

  9. They simply cannot beat “Hey guys, I’m baaack…. in the words of my generation Up Yours!” *boom*

    Comedy Gold.

    I don’t think I want to see Will Smith zipping around in an alien spacecraft anymore. 10 years ago it was great for him. Now? Not so much.

  10. I can do without Smith coming back.

    But Jeff Goldblum must be in it!

  11. jeff goldblum and Will Smith are a MUST for these movies, and the guy who was the president. If its only Smith then i wouldn’t really care for it.

  12. Independence Day was a lovely movie and came at the right time when cataclysmic movies needed a rethink. My favourite thing about it was the almost realistic portrayal of man’s response to an alien invasion. Panic exodus from cities leading to stand-still traffic on highways, alien ‘worshippers’, looting etc. ID brought a refreshingly human angle to such catastrophe. People were people and not just extras being blown over the place. Something 2012 tried to re-enact.

    I hope the sequels would not be based on events that also happen on July 4? I know there’s some humour in ID but that coincidence would be ‘Hang-over’-ridiculous. Maybe if the crises faced in the sequels stem from the original ID invasion, then it would make more sense. Two sequels to me, however, is over-ambitious.

    • Period!!!!
      this film bring a new level of realistic effects and human reacting to some thing unknown for this world! this is #1 movie to me, but sequels without will smith, bill pullman, jeff goldblum and others……don’t make it please!!

  13. Sequels, reboot, re imagining… it’s creativity and originality drought for Hollywood…

  14. hmm hard to believe they would be able to secure will smith if they’re having finance problems. i mean, he’s not exactly the ‘fresh prince’ anymore i have to imagine he’s significantly more expensive in 2012/13/14? than he was in 1996. plus the rest of the cast was just as important as smith so if we can’t have all the key characters i say just let it go. the only reasonable alternative is to focus on a different set of characters for a fresh perspective but for those of us who remember the original that nostalgic feeling won’t be as strong.

  15. I didn’t care about the characters at all. I cared about the aliens and the destruction. I’d love to see the aliens come back and start their invasion where they left off with better anti-virus software. They were a great threat to humanity, but it seems like the director doesn’t share my interest. I think he is trying to make a film for himself rather than the audience. Not shooting in 3D is a big disappointment and I wont go see it in theaters.

  16. The first thing the sequels should address is how did we clean up the giant, burning spaceships that crashed all over the Earth.

    • Haha!!^^^

  17. I would be okay with the sequel is it was something like Independence Day meets Die Hard with Bruce Willis, LOL.

  18. “fosucing on relationships” = limited effects budget

    they must move on from will smith. inject some new blood.

  19. Okay, this may be a bit far-fetched and all but I’ve been thinking about this for weeks now and today’s news about ID4 2+3 once again fueled my imagination to say the least…

    Fox actually is in possession of various “alien” franchises that might…might…be, at some point, united to one giant sci fi superfranchise.

    We’ve got the “Alien” franchise, including “Prometheus”, “AvP”, “Predator” etc.

    We’ve got “Avatar” that will get at least two sequels plus an alledged fourth prequel movie.

    Now there is “ID4″ and these two sequels.

    Plus Fox Home Entertainment is in control of MGM’s “Species” movies. I know, all three sequels where horrible but get R. Rodriguez to do a reboot called “Species 3D” (ignoring the two DTV sequels)…

    Okay, let’s just imagine for a second Fox would be going down the “Avengers” route…First flesh out the standalone features within the next four years (2013 – 2016): Prometheus 2, ID4 2+3, Avatar 2+3, Species reboot, Predator 4, maybe an Alien 5 etc…Hide little hints that all of them are part of the same cosmos, like Weyland-Yutany taking over RDA or sending Will Smiths character to the ID aliens’ homeworld on Earths first deep space mission, Ripley having a twin sister, the Mala’Kak having sent Sil’s DNA to Earth… etc…small stuff that provides enough links for the geeks to dwell upon…

    And then do a massive crossover movie with all the various species appearing in one movie…You know, RDA-Yutany Corp. extracting blue-skinned proto-Xenomorphs from the dark side of Pandora called “The Box” in order use them as bioweapons against an alliance of ID aliens and Predators…that sort of stuff…

    At the end of the day, you’d end up with a darker, grittier sci fi universe if compared to Trek or Wars but equally rich and full of various species…

    I know, far-fetched…and for some of you not desirable at all. But I like that thought…

    • Wow. Keep a piece of the concept, erase all memory of those would-be sequels, and produce a series similar to “Stargate Universe”, which I happened to like. Actually, perhaps closer to an older series too intelligent to last long: “Earth: Final Conflict”. Look it up if you’re not familiar. Lasted 2 years I think. Earth realistically meets and joins an apparently beneficent advanced civilization. But they have their own agenda. An intelligent series with enough bang and pop to keep the viewers as multiple species with competing plans work together to conquer the Earth, that would be an accomplishment.

  20. problems for a sequel –
    1. no one trusts government anymore – even less trust than now
    2. the total landscape of earth has changed
    and more.
    it would be a totally different earth, it would be a far fetched sci-fi film set in some unfamiliar futuristic america (if america still exists)
    the good thing about part one was it was a familiar world with familiar people doing extraordinary things.
    i can’t say i won’t watch it.

  21. Well either way, they still need at least one person to return. Jeff Goldblum. Because he’s the one who hacked into the alien computer and delivered a nuclear bomb. Then of course, we need Will Smith to return to punch some more aliens in the face. :D “Welcome to Earth!”

  22. “S Jones: Terminator 3 had the best john conner.”

    Maybe so, I didn’t notice that guy in the movie… But he can’t top Eddie Furlong’s John “Connor”. :P

    I couldn’t get around Stahl’s Carnivale character, just didn’t like him as Connor.

  23. What I would love to see:

    Pay the guys who did “Iron Sky” some money for the “rights.” Take the original script, gut it, and rewrite it. Then do that movie.

    C’mon! Nazis from Space in the same vein as ID? That would be awesome!

  24. Fans go to see ID for it’s lovable characters?…rrrright. I know I went to see it for the white house destruction and the fighter jets vs alien air-crafts battle. Hell Yeah. How are they gonna top that this time around?

  25. ID4

  26. I hope ID Forever comes out. not a bad name. It should be named “Veteran’s Day” Instead.. Perhaps the new president should say “today we’ll show these alien bastards how our kind stands up to this universal genocide. The galaxy as we know it will no longer be known as a dead waste of space.. but the space where only one race lives on to manifest a better life under one creation! Today we remember and celebrate our VETERAN’S DAY!!!

  27. ID4 was one of those film that excited everyone back in ’96, yes it was camp and yes the script wasnt the best but for me and millions of others worldwide it was something to be excited about hence the effects which were wizardary at the time and as a 15 year old back then thats all I was intrested in, apart from the Alien theme as it was something I was into then as well. Personally i’d love to see it brought into the 21st century and it would recapture the same feeling I got as a 15 year old as I qued up to see the one movie that got me really excited, it would take me back. I just hope though that he makes his script, characters and plot as realisitic as his special effects, somehow that will be doubtful but i would still see these next installments!

  28. f*** 3d you tard, give us a good story not s*** flying at us