‘The Incredibles 2′ is Moving Forward; ‘Cars 3′ in Development

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incredibles 2 brad bird The Incredibles 2 is Moving Forward; Cars 3 in Development

Many a person was relieved when Pixar president Ed Catmull offered his assurances that the beloved animation studio will, heron out, put renewed emphasis on the task of churning out quality original content – hence the company’s next two releases, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur – rather than just prioritizing sequels and/or spinoffs of its previous hits (see: Cars 2, Monsters University, and so forth).

The plan moving forward – as Catmull described it – will be for Pixar to alternate between new intellectual properties and established franchise installments, on a year-by-year basis. We already knew that the list of upcoming sequels includes Finding Dory (i.e. the followup to Finding Nemo), but we can now officially add The Incredibles 2 to that list.

A sequel to The Incredibles – Brad Bird’s Oscar-winning 2004 computer-animated film about a family of superheroes – is something that many a person has been asking for, far more than any other prospective Pixar sequel mentioned to date.

In fact, yours truly can attest: pretty much every single time I’ve written about an upcoming Pixar movie (no matter what it is), someone inevitably leaves a comment expressing their desire to see the adventures of the middle-aged Mr. Incredible (voiced by Craig T. Nelson), his wife Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), their super-powered children Violet (Sarah Vowell) and Dash (Spencer Fox), and their friendly-neighbor Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) continue on the big screen.

Well, at long last, it appears that Disney/Pixar is ready to grant the masses of Incredibles die-hard fans their wish. Today, at the annual meeting for the shareholders and D23 members, Disney Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger confirmed that not only is an Incredibles sequel being actively developed, but that Pixar and the Mouse House also have a third installment in the popular (though the least critically-respected among Pixar’s brands) Cars franchise planned and starting to move down the pipeline.

cars 3 pixar The Incredibles 2 is Moving Forward; Cars 3 in Development

The news about Cars 3 is bound to generate far less excitement than the Incredibles 2 announcement. Fact is, after the comparatively lackluster Cars 2 – which many people still regard as superior to a lot of other kids-oriented entertainment on the market – and multiple less-than-memorable shorts focused around the tow-truck character Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), many a film buff tends to view the Cars franchise as being an easy way to make money for Disney/Pixar – and not much else.

On the other hand, the profitability of the Cars movies has eased pressure on Pixar and Bird to make Incredibles 2 as quickly as possible. Indeed, Bird has said on multiple times over the last decade that he’s never stopped brainstorming ideas for an Incredibles sequel, but has simply yet to find a premise that he believes has real potential – seeing how, like everyone else, he wants the sequel to match or improve upon the original film’s mix of rousing can-do action, engaging familial drama, and clever social commentary elements.

incredibles 2 details The Incredibles 2 is Moving Forward; Cars 3 in Development

Hopefully, the reason that Incredibles 2 is now moving forward at a faster pace is because the creative minds over at Pixar have, at last, found a way to start cracking that especially difficult nut. Then again, it is Pixar; at this stage, its track record is still strong enough to ensure that any product the studio releases should have a reasonable amount of thought and care put it into. (Yes, even with something like Cars 3.)

As for Bird’s involvement as director on Incredibles 2, that isn’t guaranteed yet, even though (as reported by Variety) Iger says Bird is currently working on the screenplay. However, given his healthy working relationship with Disney (Bird is also putting together the sci-fi adventure Tomorrowland for the studio) – combined with his obvious affection for the franchise – there’s good reason to believe that Bird could end up calling the shots on this project.


We’ll keep you posted on all upcoming Pixar movies – be they The Incredibles 2 or Cars 3 – as more information is made available.

Source: Disney/Pixar [via Variety]

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  1. Effin A Cotton, Effin A….

    I’m so excited for this!! (TI2)

  2. Incredibles 2 is long waaaaay overdue.
    Next is Brave 2.

    • Heck yah, I can’t believe it took this long for them to start working on a sequel. The way they ended it I thought they already had a sequel planned. I just really hope Brad Bird directs it, that guy is gold.

      And while I don’t care for a lot of people’s negative reaction to Brave, I really loved it, the 2nd sunrise scene was very moving and touching in my opinion, one of the most moving scenes I’ve seen from Disney/Pixar, but I don’t really see how they can have a sequel to that…

      • They set it up for the videogame, which is what I have (for the original XBOX).

    • Nope!Next is A BUGS LIFE II.I’ve been awaiting for that one since I was in pampers(yup,that how long I’ve been waiting).

    • Yea we’ll what about the gap between toy story 2 and toy story 3?

  3. It would be great to have a sequel to the Incredibles, predicated that Pixar has a good story to tell. Cars 2 was a horrible accident (film) that shouldn’t have happened.

    • yh your right they should make cars 2 lick the game cars race o rama

    • True…:-) I have a few ideas for the incredible 2 but people will think it’s stupid…

  4. This should be beyond good! I loved the first Incredibles! This sequel is far over do. They should have done this first before all the other sequels! I can hardly wait!

    • Agree completely!

  5. I wonder if Jack-Jack will be recast as a black CGI model??

    • Where’s my super suit!?

  6. Its been 10 years wait.

    • Totally agreed, this sequel is long over do.

  7. My three year old recently discovered The Incredibles so I have been watching it a lot lately. It not only holds up, it stands head and shoulders above virtually every other duper hero movie that has been made since. I really hope this one works.

  8. Finally!! I can’t wait for “The Incredibles 2″ but what about long awaiting “The Iron Giant 2″ ?? I do not care about Cars sequel.

    • so if cars 3 comes out i would like to see that but not the incredibles 2

    • Omg yes! I would love an iron giant 2, but I don’t know what it would be about. Sure, the giant gets all put back together and then what? idk, I’ll wait for Pixar to figure that out.
      I did not know about the Incredibles 2 until today ’cause I saw it on Pinterest. The Incredibles has long been one of my favorite movies ever, so I hope they get a good sequel, nothing at all like Cars 2. Cars 2 had a fine plot, but it barely had anything wahtsoever to do with the first movie. Just watched cars today and remembered how good and realistic it was compared to Cars 2. Cars 2 is fine, but it should have been called the Mater Movie or something, not a sequel to Cars.

    • wait, you do realize Iron Giant was not made by Pixar right?

  9. The Incredibles was the Fantastic Four movie that the FF movies should have been but never were.

    I wonder if that is about to happen again.

  10. FINALLY!!! I was literally just talking about this the other day. Not cars, I could care less about that. I’ll finally get a sequel to pixar’s best movie, in my opinion. I can’t wait

  11. Cars 2 was entertaining, but it lacked the Pixar spark for me. It didn’t give any sign to me that the people working behind it gave the project any real heart. There was no underlying sense of emotion or understated epicness to be had from that film, unlike the Pixar films that preceded it. It seemed too toy- marketed and didn’t bring anything new storywise with a Pixar flavor.

    Shift the focus back to Lightning McQueen and let a lesson be learned.

  12. I cannot wait for Incredibles 2… I loved watching the 1st one with my son and I am ready to see the 2nd one with him.

  13. So did pixar run out of new ideas for new stories or something? I mean all these movies are sequels. Finding Dory? WTF? Are we not suppose to focus on the present and future rather than the past? I like the idea of the incredible’s 2 because that’s just a family fun movie that can focus easily on whats going on after everything without resorting to some sappy past life story. Finding Nemo was a fantastic film and should be left at that.Cars 2 sucked. I figured that plane movie was their last downfall. Their also coming out with How to train your Dragon 2. Its nice to see they took the initiative of showing the characters grow up a bit. It had been a few years. Im just waiting for a completely new and amazing pixar film, with a great story.

    • So, basically, yes. I cannot wait to see the incredibles two. I like Jack Jack.

    • Planes was solely Disney’s and not under the Pixar brand, and How To Train Your Dragon is Dreamworks. Sorry just thought I’d mention.

      • Ah, sorry, wrote this when i was tired. Still though, I am really wanting to see this film.

    • finding dory has the possibility to be good. remember, dory has severe amnesia and with the current focus on alzheimer’s it could be a really good movie.


    • Thank you!
      We are talking about the GREATER GOOD!

  15. ’bout time. The Incredibles should have gotten a sequel WAY before another silly vehicle centric movie should have been made.

  16. Best news I’ve heard all year. Been waiting for this since I was 12.

    The only thing better than this would be a sequel to A Bug’s Life. I’ve been waiting for that one since I was 6 xD

  17. I wonder who they’ll get to voice Dash. The previous voice-actor should be around 20 by now..
    But, maybe the movie will take place further in the future, making that not a problem.

  18. So excited for Incredibles 2!!!! Not so much for Cars 3….. did they really not learn their lesson with the second one?? Also, what’s this author’s deal with extreme overuse of odd terms ex: “many a person” ….????

  19. What do you mean less then memorable shorts? The Car-toons were great!

    • I agree! My kids and I love those ‘car-toon’ shorts :)

  20. The Cars movies suck. I look forward to their not making them anymore.

  21. This is arguably Pixar’s most important sequel coming up so they can’t screw it up big (although I doubt they will) because if they do it could permanently damage their rep. If they make it better than the original though they will be the most brilliant movie makers ever. But unfortunately, Pixar doesn’t have a good history with second installments (Ex: Cars 2, Toy Story 2)

  22. I’m not a huge fan of cars never was but my two yr old is obsessed with both cars movies even the second one. I’m wondering if thy will do a boat movie…. My son would love that. Incredibles two should be good it’s been to long.

  23. My thought would be to make Dash the antagonist hero-turned-villain. That brings the familial element into play as well.

  24. They want familial drama and clever social commentary?
    How about Violet putting a selfie of herself on Facebook…in her “incredible” uniform,
    outing herself and her whole family to the world!!
    The Incredibles go viral on the web and every villains show up on their doorstep.
    There, problem solved.
    Let’s see that on the big screen now.
    You can send me my royalties through Paypal, thank you!!

  25. I waited for a long time to get The Incredibles on blu-ray I hope to see the next movie in the next year or two.

  26. “heron out” ??

  27. I cant wait for Incredibles 2, my toddler loves that movie, and he also loved cars 2, I love that they are making a 3rd one, now that he is old enough to enjoy the movie at the theater. I hope they make a brave 2, that movie was a great family film…. So.excited! I wish they would come out with a new Stitch Movie, that would bw awesome!

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