No ‘Incredible Hulk 2′ Until After ‘The Avengers 2′

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New Hulk Movie in 2015 No Incredible Hulk 2 Until After The Avengers 2

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth return to theaters next year in Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, respectively. The following spring, Chris Evans suits up for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and after that, we boldly go where no moviegoer has gone before with Guardians of the Galaxy. All of this leads to the summer of 2015 where the heroes team-up once again in The Avengers 2, leaving Mark Ruffalo and his take on The Hulk with no headlining appearance of his own.

While Bruce Banner is the only character from The Avengers with a live-action TV show in development, he’s also the only super-powered member of the team not getting another solo movie. At least not anytime soon, according to Marvel President of Production, Kevin Feige.

Since the first Iron Man launched Marvel Studios into what it is today, all of the talent signing up to join the franchise must do so with lengthy, multi-picture deals. Mark Ruffalo, taking over the role of Banner from Edward Norton, has a six-picture contract with the studio and will be back in a big way over and over again. When and in what stories then, can Hulk be implemented if The Incredible Hulk 2 isn’t in the cards, at least for Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe?

avengers wallpaper hulk 570x320 No Incredible Hulk 2 Until After The Avengers 2

In chatting with MTV, Feige pondered the possibilities of seeing Hulk return with his own movie, even in an adaptation some of his more recent and outlandish story arcs from the books.

“I don’t think there’s a lot that we couldn’t do someday, as the cinematic universe continues to grow and expand and get as big as the comic book universe. ‘Planet Hulk’ is a cool story. ‘World War Hulk’ is a cool story… I think there are pitfalls of continuity-overload, and mythology getting so dense that it almost collapses in on itself. It happens every few decades or so in the comics. Apart from that, I’d say everything is on the table.”

“Do I think Hulk can carry a movie and be as entertaining as he was in ‘Avengers’? I do believe that. I do believe he absolutely could. We certainly are not even going to attempt that until ‘Avengers 2. So there’s a lot of time to think about it.”

The Phase Two lineup for the next three years has already been set and the only film without a release date is Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man which has been teased as a possible third release for 2014, should Wright have time to shoot it after finishing The World’s End. That possibility is becoming less and less likely as Marvel Studios continues to demonstrate a hesitation towards the Ant-Man property. In chatting with Louis D’Esposito, Co-President of Marvel Studios, he made it it clear to me that the studio doesn’t want to put too much on their plate and stretch their resources thin. Translation: it’s possible that Ant-Man could be a second release alongside The Avengers 2 in 2015, the same year Marvel’s President of Consumer Products, Paul Glitter, previously said The Incredible Hulk 2 was planned for.

Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner The Avengers 570x320 No Incredible Hulk 2 Until After The Avengers 2

It comes down to risk vs. reward and The Incredible Hulk was the lowest grossing film of all of the Marvel Studios self-financed productions to date. It made nearly the same money at the box office as Ang Lee’s Hulk did years before and for Marvel execs, it makes better business sense to continue expanding the franchise, using the characters that do sell to help launch others. It’s the same reason Black Widow and Hawkeye will never get solo spinoffs of their own.

Ruffalo absolutely nailed his performance in The Avengers, becoming a easy fan-favorite. That had a lot to do with the character’s supporting role, working off of the other heroes. Feige shares this same sentiment:

“Part of what’s fun about the way we played him in ‘Avengers’ is the ensemble quality of it. I think the pathos and humor, most importantly, that Mark and Joss brought to it showcased a different element of Hulk that’s there in the comics, and was always inherent in his character. But when he was so brooding in his other two films, he didn’t get to have that wry sense of humor that Mark did such an amazing job performing.”

So the question is, where will The Hulk show up next? Fans will be quick to point out that The Avengers ended with the heroes parting ways and Banner taking a spin in Tony Stark’s Acura, leading to the belief that they could show up together in Iron Man 3. Feige says a Hulk cameo in IM3 is not happening however, so take that for what you will.

Is Banner off seeking isolation from the world during the events of Phase Two or could be be enlisted as a member or consultant of S.H.I.E.L.D. who could show up in Captain America 2? He has to make an appearance somehere in the next two years before The Avengers 2, right?

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.


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Source: MTV

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  1. When is the Hulk gonna talk more, instead of these one liners and when is he gonna do major smashing

  2. Why not send him into space for Guardians of the Galaxy than return him back to earth for Avengers 2

  3. SPOILER ALERT for Iron Man 3:

    Well Feige lied, cause he did show up at the end of Iron Man 3! Hmmm….

  4. I still think norton was a better hulk than ruffalo n deserved a sequel. I hope they change their minds and do planet hulk or something.

  5. I’ve been a fan of TIH all my life. I agree that Hulk wasn’t nearly as good or full of action as TIH, but to not make a sequel is just WRONG. I also agree that Norton was better. Come on Planet Hulk/WWH don’t do this to us true HULK IS STRONGEST THERE IS FANS.

  6. si hulk es mark ruffalo,le da un sentido humano y profundo cuando es dr,banner,casi para abrazarlo ,adoptarlo y saber a la vez que te protege

  7. mark rufallo es hulk le da mas carácter al personaje no es el monstruo verde sino un ser humano,el dr. Banner transmite paz y respeto entre tanto creído superheroe.

  8. Mn listen the HULK is my most favorite character in marvel n I would be very upset my boy didnt gt his own my to show off his stuff n I mean show off I want my boy to go ham show the world what the HULK is really made of, shiw tem the beast he really is!

  9. I think, depending on how Avengers 2 goes, We’ll probably see a sequel the Hulk after that and in “Phase 3″ of Marvels universe. I can’t see them just doing one hulk film and then that’s it. Granted the hulk has always been one of marvels…weaker characters but he’s always been able to bounce back from bad starts. Meaning sure the last two hulk films were…meah at best but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised that if they can get the current actor of the hulk to do a sequel it’ll sell well and possible give Marvel more reason to want to make it a trilogy. Also if his portrayal is as well received as it was in Avengers it’ll also help boast a second film.

  10. I want incredible hulk movie

    • At no point in your incoherent rambling, grammatically butchered post did you ever come close to making a rational point or accurate assessment of the subject matter. WTF does Bill Bixby or the feeling you imagine he would have had have to do with the Incredible Hulk? That TV show was a horrible atrocity that resembled the Hulk about as much as it resembled the Thundercats.

      Paragraphs kiddo. That is something you need to learn about. It makes posts like yours readable by breaking things up into manageable chunks. You must also place a space between ending punctuation and the first word of the next sentence. Your post is a classic ‘wall of text’.

        • I was not getting on you for having an opinion. I was getting on you because your post did not make any sense and was all but unreadable. You need to pay attention and not keep making the same mistakes or you are in for more and more people trying to teach you how to construct a sentence legibly. Putting a space between end punctuation and the first word of a new sentence is very important.

          Breaking up posts into paragraphs is also very important and I don’t understand why this is new to you? Did you go to school?

  11. Oh and also do not tell me what to do you do not even know me. FYI, I know what a paragraph is.I chose to write it that way genius. Not everything has to in perfect writing. Nor does everything have to be done your way. I put a ton of thought into what I said and rationally made a very clear point that only a real hulk fan would understand. When I wrote my thoughts I intended for a hulk fan to read them and agree with my so called ”incoherent rambling. My words are for real hulk fans only pal. Not for some self proclaimed english teacher with no degree. Only a real hulk fan could see just how cool the hulk tv series was. Also how much it resembled the hulk. Oh, and Bill Bixby was the original Banner, you know the one that the new hulk is based off of. That is why it matters how he would feel you hulk hater. Your lack of knowledge shows that you are not a real hulk fan. My grammatically butchered words are for hulk fans only and I do not care for your lamb commentary. By the way, this is a long one to. Are you able to read it without going insult crazy?

    • Again, your incoherent rant makes no sense. Did you honestly believe that I made the rules of grammar? Those rules exist for good reason. The difference between a post that is readable (agree with it or not) and unreadable is that readable ones feature correct grammar and those grammatical rules evolved for good reason. Also, don’t try the ‘No True Scotsman’ with me. Calling other Hulk fans a “hulk hater” does not make them so.

      Let me show how to post correctly using your own post (which I will copy/paste below):

      “Oh and also do not tell me what to do you do not even know me. FYI, I know what a paragraph is.I chose to write it that way genius. Not everything has to in perfect writing. Nor does everything have to be done your way. I put a ton of thought into what I said and rationally made a very clear point that only a real hulk fan would understand.

      When I wrote my thoughts I intended for a hulk fan to read them and agree with my so called ”incoherent rambling”. My words are for real hulk fans only pal. Not for some self proclaimed english teacher with no degree. Only a real hulk fan could see just how cool the hulk tv series was. Also how much it resembled the hulk. Oh, and Bill Bixby was the original Banner, you know the one that the new hulk is based off of. That is why it matters how he would feel you hulk hater.

      Your lack of knowledge shows that you are not a real hulk fan. My grammatically butchered words are for hulk fans only and I do not care for your lamb commentary. By the way, this is a long one to. Are you able to read it without going insult crazy?” -Hulk fan 1

      See how much easier that is to read (wildly irrational claims aside)? If not then you must have flunked English in junior high school and never went to high school( or read a book that was not a comic book).

      Now, as for your specific claims themselves (not that I can read them after breaking them up correctly):

      The Incredible Hulk TV show was not at like the comic book hulk and Bill Bixby was not the original (Bruce)Banner. The character Bixby played was ‘David Banner’. Bruce Banner is a nuclear physicist who has gained the power/affliction of turning into a monster when angered and this ‘Hulk’ is larger than any man who ever lived on earth and capable of tearing down suspension bridges (and worse if his anger increases). He does not look at all like Lou Ferrigno in body paint and a wig.
      While Edward Norton was a fan of the TV show, this movie was not based on such. One of the reasons the movie was good is because it was based on the comic book and not the TV show.

      • One error above: I forgot to correct your first sentence(s). It should be “Oh and also do not tell me what to do. You do not even know me.” Two separate sentences kiddo.

        • THREE errors above actually.:

          “The difference between a post that is readable (agree with it or not) and one that is unreadable is that the readable ones feature correct grammar and those grammatical rules evolved for good reason.”


          “Now, as for your specific claims themselves (now that I can read them after breaking them up into paragraphs):…”

  12. Ya went insult crazy. Yes I know it is very important to write correctly and yes I have been to school. I am not a drop out. Also I said not to tell me what to do. If you listened the first time, I told you I wrote it that way purposely. That is one of the good things about computers. When you are not doing something important you get to mess up spelling, and make mistakes. Are you an english teacher, or do you have a degree to be teaching it to me? You are a self proclaimed english teacher arent you. If you read the agreements, you are not supposed to get on me about anything really. But I am getting on you about getting on me. Now I am tired of explaining myself to you. Now why dont you stop trying to drill me and go badger someone else about there grammar and sentence structure. Oh by the way, I did not put a question mark at the end of that last sentence because it was not a question. And yes another long one.

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      Don’t like being criticized for bad grammar? Then learn to write correctly. Don’t be lazy.

  13. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you to stop calling me kiddo. Stop saying that I go on incoherent rants. You are the one who does that. One more FYI for ya, the producers of the movie specifically said that the movie was based off of the series. The lab, the gamma ray machine, the whole traveling the world trying to find a cure and helping people while doing it thing. Everything as far down as the small booth and the skull pictures in the back ground, was based off of the 1980′s series. Both Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo said that they had based their stellar performances on the series that you think is such an atrocity. Man you rub me in such a bad way. You bust in on a conversation that was not yours and try to burn me to a crisp with your bad, lamb, ignorant, inappropriate commentary. Then you get smart with me when I dont take it. You waste my time trying to teach me things I already know. You get on my case like you raised me or something. And you are about to get me kicked off this site and yourself if you dont stop with all these personal attacks. You are rude, inconsiderate,and think you are so intelligente correcting me and showing me what I said twice! Now I am tired of trying to get these things across to you. Just leave me alone okay. Now does anyone agree with what I said earlier? Preferably someone with better commentary than this guy.

    • You have posted at least three incoherent rants. Why I I too blame for YOU doing this?! I will call you “kiddo” as long as you act like a teenaged girl over this. I have NEVER done this.

      Who cares about speculation about which parts of the TV show may have inspired less-than-significant aspects of the movie?! If they make a new Batman movie that features a supporting character named “Adam East” (inspired by Adam West from the Batman TV show) the movie can still be a ‘firmly grounded in the comic books’ film.

      I did not bust in on any conversation. I criticized ONE post you made (no one else was talking with you as most tend to ignore unreadable posts rather than try to help that poster.). Then I criticized your follow ups because they were equally irrational and almost as bad grammatically.

      Why do you keep using the word “lamb” inappropriately? Are you trying to write “lame” or what? I have tried to teach you things you did NOT know. If you knew then you would not have posted what you did anymore than someone who knows how to fly a plane is going to ask “How do we start this thing?!” after he cli8mbs in the cockpit.

      What “personal attacks” have I committed here? You do realize that exposing bad grammar is not a personal attack don’t you?

      BTW, the Incredible Hulk TV show was, IIRC created by Frank Lupo and he did not care one iota about the Hulk comic book. Never even read one as far as anyone can tell. He had this formula for the shows he created or had a hand in creating:

      Main character is on the run (from bounty hunters, a news reporter, a U.S. Marshal, the military etc.) and each town he/they end up in on each episode there is someone there who is at odds with organized crime, some nefarious corporation, a cult or whatever and he/they help those people fight against whatever they are facing. This formula carried from The Incredible Hulk to the A-Team, to Werewolf to 18 Wheels of Justice and Raven (and probably about a half dozen more shows at the very least).

      No, we fans of the Hulk comics were not greatly pleased with the TV show but it was what it was and we can forget about it now.

      • Correction:

        “Why I I too blame for YOU doing this?!” should be “Why am I to blame for YOU doing this?!”.

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          Ironically YOU are the only one here who HAS tried to attack and bully anyone (that I am not susceptible to such is beside the point). You are the only one here who has attacked anyone’s character ala ‘argumentum ad hominem’. You might want to realize that before going any further with this nonsense.

          • I have not tried to attack and bully anyone here. you made me mad by trying to attack and bully me. That is the whole point I have tried to get across to you here!!! If you had listened to a word I said, wich you did not. How dare you have the nerve to say that I tried to attack anyone!!!! It is you who is trying to attack me and whoever else. I did not call you a mugger, or a rapist, I was trying to give you an example of how silly you sound calling me a bully when YOU bullied me. If you remember, that is what started this whole conversation. So, why don’t you tell me how I am being a bully?!!! My whole point to YOU is that you are bullying me. I am standing up to you! I have never bullied anybody! You cause me rage, with this dumb claim especially. I am not bullying anyone by telling you what I said to you. I don’t care what sort of twisted way you are seeing things here, but from how I and anyone else who visited this site would see it, is that YOU attacked my comment. Then I warned you to back off. Then you continued to argue with me. After this you made me mad. You called me kiddo, when I told you not to, you wrote rude and still write rude comments suggesting that I am slow, you called me a girl, and wrote offensive comments to me, all through this you continued to give me unwanted and unneeded English lessons, you insulted some of my favorite shows, you re posted my comments even though I told you not to do that also, you’ve held this ridiculous 4 day harassment session and continue to hold it, you called my writing “atrocious”, “unreadable”, “grammatically butchered”, “incoherent ranting”, you said that no one would want to read my posts, you continue to bully me with your smart remarks (wich by the way you can go put in the same inappropriate place I told you about earlier), you tried to make me feel ashamed for posting my article, you tried to tell me I did not know what I was doing, and after all this, you call ME the bully!!!! You also told me to “get the * * off here (yes I know what your rude abriviations mean). This dude, is how you personally attacked me. Yes I know I spelled some words wrong,(not that I should care what you think anyway). I also know that I wrote a run on sentence as long as the great wall of China back there to. I do not need you to continue to harass me, nor do I need you to continue this ridiculous argument of YOU calling ME a bully! This being said, why don’t you stop for real this time before you make me sound something that would really hurt someones feelings. Stop whining that I am the bully in this situation,I mean seriously. Who are you trying to fool with that banter? Its pretty obvious who the real bully is and who the innocent person who is just trying to get the bully to stop is. And I’ll give you a hint, I am not the bully! And before you start typing again, choose your words wisely because if you insult me or attack me again you will just be proving my point.

      • You are not just gonna bully me and then pretend you did not just so that you can stay on the site. You cannot just start a 3 day argument about my grammar and opinion and then end it with the old swich aroo! That is not going to work on me man! You bullied me, just tell the truth and quit trying to front! You cannot pull the wool over my eyes! Attacking you was never my intent. My intent was to show you that it is wrong to attack people, and that you cannot get away with it without me confronting or commenting to you about it! How are you gonna tell me that YOU are sick of this! You are the one that started this whole shpeel. You continued to attack me after my nice warning! Quit trying to fake like you did a good deed and tried to help me!! Even if you did not just call me dumb, your inappropriate choice of words suggested that I was. You suggesting that you tried to help me is like Loki saying he tried to help Coulson when he got him in the back with his staff! F ake as a talking wall! So why dont you run along!! I hope you learned your lesson about bullying and harassing people about comments!!!

        • Holy…F***. I can’t tell if you are serious here or or just trying to channel your defeat into a massive troll?!

          AGAIN, where did I bully you? Was there a comment in which I threatened you (i.e. like telling you to leave this section or I would beat you up or some such?)? Where was this “bullying” you are crying about?

          You may not have intended to attack me but the irony remains: you DID try to attack and bully me into leaving here which is incredibly ironic considering what you have been crying for the past few days. What “inappropriate choice of words” did I use?!

          And kiddo, just STOP trying to use analogies. You are terrible at it. The false analogy is a very common error in reasoning (a logical fallacy).

          It is up to you as I am done trying to help you (you can go be as ignorant as you want to!) but a few things to keep in mind:

          1) Not everyone criticizing something you write is trying to attack or bully you. Not every post you see is typed in anger ;).

          2) If we criticize poor grammar, sentence construction etc. it is because we WANT to be able to understand what you are trying to say. I would much rather concentrate on how wrong or right your conclusions and inferences are rather than your spelling, vocabulary etc.

          But you do what you want. I tried to help you and you took offense. So you are on your own now. I would suggest that, if you cannot understand what I am actually trying to help you with here and still want to believe I am the Devil or what have you, then just bow out of here without anymore blocks of poorly arranged words to attack my character. No need to keep trying to engage in verbal fisticuffs.

          • I am serious. You are the bully and obviously not a good one if you use words like “fisticuffs”. You are attacking me and need to stop! YOU are attacking and bullying ME!!! Not the other way around. YOU have disrespected me in every post you put on this page!!! So just quit at this ridiculousness okay. You are still talking trash to me!! So don’t take it as bullying when someone gets made at you for bullying them!! You are the one who has continued this ridiculous conversation for 4 days straight!!!!!! Not me. I mean seriously, last I checked you were bullying me! You cant pull the wool over my eyes so stop trying to! No one but yourself is bullying here. And no I will not stop using analogies! Now YOUR calling ME ignorant!!!!! YOU have no right at all to harass me or try to call me a bully after doing so! You are still bullying me, calling me names, and now you think you can play victim after harassing me for now four * * days! You don’t even have to understand my comments(not that you do anyway) to tell that you are attacking me. You can go back and read your own rude words from the start of this your intent was to bully me! Ironically you are the only one bullying people and attacking there writing! Not the other way around! So quit fronting! You attacked me! I never attacked you and quite honestly, you make me wish I had never even visited this page!!!!! One bash to me was enough! But you felt the need to continue bashing me for four days straight. Oh by the way, you called yourself a jack * * not me. You are hopeless to try to reason with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I comment on the article minding my own business, YOU feel the need to attack me! I warn you off, YOU harass me more and talk about my writing tactics! YOU anger me with that and I comment back, YOU only harass me more, I tell you in a series of posts to leave me alone, YOU take your bullying further, I extend to you a friendly invitation to friendly debate a Hulk based topic, YOU take it upon yourself to harass me more and call me lazy and * *, I apologize and tell you that it was not my intent to bully you or attack your character,YOU still bully me, then you think you can call me the bully and I am the one being ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When are you going to learn that you are not God you cannot tell me what I can and cannot do, I do not have to listen to you or follow your options! So now you have two options Mr. I am a king and can bully and disrespect anyone I want to and then fake victim after harassing them 4 days straight and call THEM the bully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One, decide to realize that YOU have been bullying me and harassing me for 4 days straight and apologize for doing so (wich would take a major attitude change) Option two, leave me alone and go bully someone else for 4 days straight and call them the bully Or three, continue this ridiculous story about ME being a bully, and giving me more * * to listen to, as you continuously try to harass me and embarrass YOURSELF(wich you are probably going to pick unless you would rather swallow your pride and admit the truth, you attacked me for 4 days and then ironically claimed me to be the bully, or mature like an adult and leave me alone). Yes I know I lied and gave you three, this was for your own sake. Now, I have a life to live so if you pick option 3, you will not be responded to. Your choice oh “great one”.

          • Also I did not attack your character. I did not say you had to focus on my vocabulary, you chose to! I told you not to try and teach me! I already know these things and my writing is not atrocious. I never threatened you either. If you want to continue thinking and posting whatever you think of me fine. I am done listening to you speak as if you actually tried to help me! The only thing you tried to do is burn me! And I am done trying to get these things across to you! If I went over board trying to show you these things I apologize alright just stop bothering me with rude comments! You harassed me and whats done is done. I never called you the devil or any of the names you have listed! All I did was try to show you that you were attacking me okay! What you said was offensive, and you should know this by now! I am done trying to show you these things so that you don’t get into conflicts like this with future viewers! Don’t want people to think your a bad guy, then don’t call people names and harass them and act like you don’t know how that’s offensive to them! And then go so far as to call them the bully! So comment as you wish! You can write a billion more rude comments to me or who ever you want to, just know that if you do so you are no longer going to be talking to me because I am no longer coming back on this page just to listen to your attacks and take * * from you! No ones going to be on the other end of your attacks!

            • “Also I did not attack your character.” – Hulk fan 1

              Now let’s look at a few of the things he said:

              “You are the bully and obviously not a good one if you use words like “fisticuffs”.” – Hulk fan 1

              Also at least six LONG posts consisting of literally nothing but calling ME a “bully” and claiming I “attacked” him, without a single shred of evidence that would infer such, despite repeated requests for one example of my “bullying” and “attacking” (also note that the moderators here obviously did not agree with Hulk fan 1′s assessment as I have not done these things.). That is quite literally a long winded personal attack on me and, ironically an actual attempt at cyber-bullying. Notice I said “attempt” kiddo. If you were successful I would not be here.

              Bullying is an attempt to coerce or force behavior, action and/or inaction through intimidation. I have NEVER done such a thing. Trying to explain to someone why grammar is far more important than they believe and WHY this is so, is NOT “bullying”.

  15. BTW, I know how to spell wich. You need to stop calling me names. I am not acting like a teenage girl you are! Second, I do not know why you call yourself “Skele Tony” when they should call you the self proclaimed English teacher! You need to stop trying to teach me stuff I already know. Your opinion will matter when pigs fly! Also why are you still commenting to me? Your not even coming on this page to read the article anymore, your here to try to “bully” me. This dumb obsession of yours is to no avail. You must be the slow one here if you cannot see how you have been writing personal attacks. Every word you have said since my first “incoherent rant” has been a personal attack! I do not want your help, nor do I need your help ya jerk! I am not afraid of bullies like yourself. My words must not be that bad if there good enough for you to keep arguing like a four year old girl! I know my English, and I do not need you to comment on it.I was not even talking to you in the first place so step off!! What did I tell you about re-posting my stuff!!!!!!!

    • Greatest irony on this site: “I know how to spell wich.” -Hulkfan1

      Second greatest irony: That he can repeatedly claim I have made literally nothing but personal attacks against him and yet he still could not name a single one.

  16. Also, you do not need to waste your time telling me about the formula for my favorite 80′s television shows. That is what made them great shows. I loved the hulk t.v show and my opinion is not going to change based on what you say! The Incredible hulk is a great television series wich the new Hulk is based off of and your not going to tell me other wise! It seems to me that you have never read any other book than a comic book. By the way, you are wrong about that statement. You can count on one hand the amount of comic books I have read. I have a library of books in my room. You obviously do not know when to back off of people do you?! You are lucky you did not do this to someone who would curse you out. I am just following the rules of this website, wich you obviously have not read! Are you happy now guy, I wrote a good comment on this article and now all everyone can see is you trying to reteach me an English lesson from the third grade. Wich by the way I still remember! I hope you get kicked off this site or reported for bullying me and whoever else you have bullied!

    • W-H-I-C-H. Not “wich”. For someone who alleges to know how to spell these simple words you sure make the same misspellings a lot.

    • Well, at least he seems to have listened to me and cleaned up some of his grammar (he’s better about putting spaces between punctuation and words). So that’s something.
      Now if he learns how to use paragraphs and to not see ‘evil’ where none exists…he will have arrived!

  17. Take a hint!

  18. I would like to know that weather the iron man 4 is going to release or not and if so then till which year it is going to be released because i m really waiting for the return of iron man and the JARVIS

  19. In he first hulk when mr blue made abomanation if u watched carfully he had some of hulks blood fall on his head and it mutated when he smiled signaling if there is ever going to be a hulk 2 then brainac would be the main villan
    Or they should do after the avengers r done the hulk becomes to much of a risk then they can start planet of the hulk if u dont know what that is then google it

    ins planet of the hulk if u know what im talking about if not google i

    • another one. *Sigh*

      A-b-o-m-i-n-a-t-i-o-n. Not “abomanation”. Also the comic book villain you are thinking of is ‘The Leader’, not “Brainiac”. Brainiac is a DC villain.

      Planet Hulk, not “Planet of the Hulk” (and I hope they never inject this newer crappy story into the movies).

  20. They won’t make the Incredible Hulk 2 becuase The Incredible Hulk is a different sequence, it’s just trying to show the other side of hulk, think of it like when they made Star Wars the clone wars, that pretty much had nothing to do with the Star Wars series, kinda like a whole new hulk series so they could show the hulk compared to people and the city. But they most likely will make the hulk 2.

  21. I believe that if they do a Incredible Hulk 2 they need to bring back Edward Norton.