Tim Blake Nelson Signed For More ‘Hulk’ Movies

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the incredible hulk 2 leader tim blake nelson Tim Blake Nelson Signed For More Hulk Movies

Everyone knows that when it comes to comic book movies, studios sign multi-picture contracts with their talent with the hope they can make sequels and retain their cast at affordable rates. To no surprise then, actor Tim Blake Nelson who played a key role in The Incredible Hulk has a deal in place that could bring him back for The Incredible Hulk 2.

The only issue then is that there may not be another Hulk solo film for quite sometime. The Incredible Hulk banked similar box office results compared to its Ang Lee-directed predecessor and earned fairly positive reviews, but it didn’t bring in the Iron Man money some hoped it could. After Ed Norton parted ways with Marvel Studios and was replaced my Mark Ruffalo for the character’s appearance in The Avengers, one would expect that there’s no need for The Incredible Hulk 2, especially since the studio’s new TV division recently announced a new live-action Hulk television series.

The Playlist had the chance to speak with Tim Blake Nelson recently where he was asked a question we already knew the answer to from 2008, but his answer talks about where he sees the potential for another Hulk movie happening and his involvement.

“I am, but it’s a question as to whether they’ll make more movies, which was the [original] intention, or whether they’ll take a fresh start with the villains, since they switched Bruce Banner to Mark Ruffalo. I certainly very much want to return as the Leader and I hope they’ll have me. The intention was that I would come back, which is why my head starts to, um, bubble, at the end. It’s just a question as to whether a) they’re going to make more Hulk movies, and b) because of Ruffalo, if they’re going to use me again.”

As moviegoers and fans will no doubt remember, Nelson’s character (Dr. Samuel Sterns) in The Incredible Hulk laid the foundation for what would likely be the next Hulk villain. Towards the end of the movie, Sterns can be seen with his head undergoing a bit of a physical transformation into the cerebral villain as his head bubbles out.

hulk movie the leader Tim Blake Nelson Signed For More Hulk Movies

The Leader has ... distinct facial features

Whether or not Disney and Marvel Studios will make a new Hulk movie in the near future is unlikely as they attempt to put effort towards introducing more characters from their vast library, especially considering Bruce Banner will have plenty of screen time with his upcoming TV series. Mark Ruffalo said it’s a possibility that there will be another Hulk movie down the road, but it’s highly dependent on the success of The Avengers.

If they do, I think fans would love to see The Leader as the primary villain. A villain of intelligence rather than muscle allows Bruce Banner/Hulk to develop more, mastering control of his emotions and offers something a little different than the usual “Hulk Smash!” If that’s the case, bring back Tim Blake Nelson.

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Source: The Playlist

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  1. I would love to see Tim Blake Nelson as The Leader. Let’s hope they can green light a sequel, but after The Avengers. I am not a fan of the idea of a tv series, mostly because I’m afraid it could mess up the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  2. I would be shocked if we see another solo Hulk film in the next 5-10 years..

  3. as great as it would be, a direct sequel to The Incredible Hulk will never happened and it was obvious from a couple weeks after it opened, tragic, seeing as how that movie was pretty good

  4. i have been waiting for so long to finally see the leader, and maybe some more abomination as well. i hope they are either in the avengers since they left him hanging there, or a hulk sequel but they need to hurry and add him in.

  5. I´d prefer a TV show. Like the Bixby show.

  6. I think Marvel continues to believe in the Hulk as a major property & recognizable character.
    So much of his presence in people’s memories is from the TV Show, though, that I think they’re
    making a smart move by bringing it back to that level.

    Truthfully, the best Hulk stories of the past 2 decades were always long-form, serialized narratives
    that would be better suited for Television than the Big Screen.

    It would be really great if they somehow worked characters like Leader into the show, while maintaining
    the dramatic interest level & tone of the Bixby show. FX have caught up a bit – but I think if they’re smart, they’ll go with an actual actor in green, or at least a combo of Animatronics w limited CG rather than an all-CG hulk. Those close-up shots in Incredible H. were pretty terrible.

    • That´s what I´m talking about. In a TV show they could show more of the “on the run” aspect, which wasn´t really in both movies…

  7. “I am not a fan of the idea of a tv series, mostly because I’m afraid it could mess up the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

    ^^ The continuity of the marvel movie universe is already a mess. It started with recasting Terrence Howard and replacing him with the stiff Don Cheadle. Then they completely dropped the ball and recast Ed Norton for Mark Ruffalo for no good reason other than either money or because Kevin Feige just didn’t like the guy personally. Now for Avengers we’ll be seeing out THIRD Bruce Banner onscreen which is ridiculous. I say go ahead with a Hulk tv show since Marvel apparently could care less about continuity or fans and it’s all about $$$.

    • They’ll always be changing actors; Marvel Studios is still small and they can’t appease all the actors in renegotiations. Also, we’re only going to be seeing our 2nd Bruce Banner on screen; Ang Lee’s doesn’t fit with the current Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

    • OH THE HORROR!! A studio wants to make MONEY!! Those dastards. How bare they :-)

  8. I’m not a fan of Marvel making a Hulk tv series just yet either. Like I said in other forums. I’d much rather see a She-Hulk tv show instead. Them concentrating on a Hulk show will take away from them being able concentrate another lesser known that could have taken The Hulk’s place on tv. A She-Hulk show could be like Law & Order/Fringe/X-Files/CSI. I wish Marvel had somebody to read these posts to see what we think. A Hulk show has been done already,concentrate on The Punisher,Moonknight,Ka-Zar & The Savage Land,Agents of Atlas,The New Warriors,She-Hulk and other lesser known characters. PLEASE.

    • Dude,I can guarantee somebody important or somebody who knows somebody important reads these things. I remember when it was announced that Marvel would be doing some tv stuff and the first thing that sprang to my mind and many others was “a Hulk tv show”. Coincidence? Maybe. But honestly a tv show is a pretty good idea. Think of the spin-off show possibilities from the inevitable guest stars. In other words,use a big character like the Hulk to test and intro to the public smaller characters. Thus bringing on more Marvel shows. Have to admit,they know what they’re doing.

      • I am all Marveled out to be honest…overload.

  9. yes bring on the leader :D

  10. I really do hope we get on another ‘Hulk’ film at some point–’The Incredible Hulk’ was quite good for what it was, and more Tim Blake Nelson is always a good thing.

  11. I have four words for you guys, “Marvel Live: Action Hour!” Why not make it like ABC and NBC Mystery Movies years ago? You rotate through a set of popular Marvel characters. Make the Hulks the anchor stories, maybe even do a couple that are two hours long. First up, do a She-Hulk origin movie special. You wouldn’t even have to do a weekly or even monthly run. Do one every 5-6 weeks. That way the effects budget and the exposure level of the characters stays sane but the production values can still be somewhat high. It would take some good planning but you could thread a character like the Hulk back into theatrical releases. The biggest problem I could see is cutting a sane deal with Ruffalo. He would be anchoring the series plus he no doubt wants to carve out a movie career. The Mystery Movie series definitely had good numbers and are still rated highly. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to see if something more couldn’t be learned and adapted from their success. I’m thinking they should do premium channel run and then rerun them on the cheaper channels near a marvel motion picture release, or something along those lines…

    • @T.O.M, I gotta that idea is incredible, you need to find a way to send that idea to Marvel ASAP. It makes more sense, they could expose more characters that way and they could EASILY find out which stories or characters are more popular without having to focus to much on one then later finding out that it wasn’t so acceptable. Man, great idea, I love it! It actually sounds awesome to “Marvel Mystery Movie series”! You need to write Marvel about that Sir!

    • That won’t work. It might be one thing if it was a team of heroes, like Guardians Of The Galaxy, or Silver Sable’s Wild Pack. In those cases you are dealing with one show with one set of characters.

      But while the fans might be fine with a “rotation” of heroes, a general audience won’t. An audience has to build, tune in from week to week. What happens when they like The Hulk series and the Marc Spector Moon Knight show but have to wait once a month to see the episode, as nobody watches The Machine Man or The Punisher shows for example. Granted, “The Hulk” could pull a “Incredible Hulk returns”/”Trial Of Inc. Hulk” and meet up with other Marvel characters like Thor or Daredevil. I’m sure that’s why there’s a ‘Hulk’ series proposal to begin with.

      But an audience that gets hooked has an investment in characters. They have to find the show.

      • What you said makes sense, but if “Marvel Mystery Movies” is done with much lesser characters it might work as it’s own show while also having other shows like Moonknight or Guardians of The Galaxy WOULD have their own regular schedules. Keep in mind that there WILL be more than one show. But yeah I do see what you mean though.

      • Really none of your objections are insurmountable. Some are more difficult than others, true, but have been dealt with before with this format and more technology is here today to help than in the past. After all they could do worse and produce none. Write the whole thing off as too niche of a programming idea today…

    • So, what you’re pitching is (more sensibly)
      “TALES to ASTONISH” as a TV Show.

      Hosted by the Incredible Hulk in a smoking jacket by the fireplace.

      You know you want to see it:
      “Hulk have many stories of Hulk’s adventures. Here is story of Hulk’s friends,
      Black guy in Blue Blanket, and Little White Rave Casualty.”

      • ROFL that really cracked me up, Hulk in smoking jacket. No, I think they should go with what they have, a flipping comic book. Overlay that with titles that explains in a short succinct way what the movie of the month is. Q the voice over, “Tonight on Marvel Action Hour: The Incredible Hulk.”…

  12. Hey, wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if someone took it and made it their own. I’d always know the score, and besides I just want the great show every month and a half. Well, that and my stock portfolio to keep going up… :)

  13. I hope a Hulk sequel will be made after The Avengers. I also hope Tim Blake Nelson reprises his role and becomes The Leader. I enjoyed The Incredible Hulk more than Ang Lee’s film & i would’t mind if Leader breaks the abomination out for a rematch or someone else as physical threat.

  14. “Whether or not Disney and Marvel Studios will make a new Hulk movie”

    Disney has to do what they did with Paramount first regarding ‘Iron Man and The Avengers’ first, don’t they? While Marvel has the rights to Hulk, doesn’t Universal still hold distribution rights?