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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode eighty three of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we review The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, discuss the Iron Man 3 trailer, Dave Bautista in Guardians of the Galaxy, a Jurassic Park 4 update, and Veronica Mars Kickstarter. Plus offer our thoughts on Supernatural.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 83 - The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

We review The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, discuss the Iron Man 3 trailer, Dave Batista in Guardians of the Galaxy, a Jurassic Park 4 update, and Veronica Mars Kickstarter. Plus offer our thoughts on Supernatural.

[0:00] News: Iron Man 3 Trailer ImpressionsDave Bautista is Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the GalaxyColin Trevorrow is Directing Jurassic Park 4; Will Shoot in 3D, and the Veronica Mars Kickstarter Movie.

[1:05:18] Rants and Raves: Supernatural

[1:23:48] Review: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (Read our full Incredible Burt Wonderstone review).

[1:42:32] Incredible Burt Wonderstone SPOILERS Conversation.

[1:56:13] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

[1:57:41] Game Rant News Brief

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week’s Review: TBD

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Oz the Great and Powerful opening):  Tyler A nailed his picks with a perfect score of 15. Congrats to Tyler A.

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Admission – 2,100
  • The Croods – 3,900+
  • Olympus Has Fallen – 3,000+

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • Spring Breakers – 600
  • On the Road – 37

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  1. Box office battle

    1 the croods
    2. Oz the great and powerful
    3 admission
    4.olympus has fallen
    5. The call
    10. 21 and over

    • I am glad I found your video today. I recommend it to everyone.. Thanks for your work!!

  2. Not surprised Jason Momoa passed up a golden opportunity for a Marvel film because of money. Watch the 2011 Game of Thrones Comic con panel on Youtube. He’s not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    • A total missed opportunity. I get not wanting to be low-balled, that’s understandable but I still think it would have been a worthwhile investment of his time overall.

  3. 1 The Croods
    2 Oz
    3 Olympus Has Fallen
    4 The Call
    5 Admission
    10-Silver Linings Playbook

    • -If I could kickstart a show itd be invader zim but getting Jhonen Vasquez…

      • Invader Zim! Amazing!

        • I know right or at least finish the planned 3rd season.

          Also a young justice kickstarter for a 3rd season or the spectacular spiderman that had major plans before getting lost in the marvel/disney exchange.

  4. 1. The Croods
    2. Oz the Great and Powerful
    3. Admission
    4. The Call
    5. Burt Wonderstone

    10. Silver Linings Playbook

  5. Iron Man 3 Trailer Impressions is that it’s awesome but I would’ve preferred not see that much but the Iron Legion is the money shot that got my friends excited for the movie, so it was something they needed to pull regular moviegoers to see it…

    My take on Dave Bautista in Guardians of the Galaxy is Drax is supposed to be kind of like the Terminator in that hes mindless in his only goal is to kill Thanos & to me Mamoa would’ve been good but Batista can be a just as good as Drax especially when you take into account that this character is going to be green & scared up but if they wanted to show the human side of what Drax use to be then that might be difficult for Batista to portray, which I agree they probably wont & shouldn’t, I assume it’ll be a throw away line they use to say Thanos killed his family but I care more about the actress who plays Gamora & who’s voicing Rocket Raccoon…

    For Ben Season 2 is where it’s at you could even start there, make it to episdoe 8 Crossroad Blues great explanations there of what direction they are heading as far as Demons go then straight through to Season Finale & you will defintely want to go to Season 3, which really is when the show hits its stride…

    Supernatural was a show I didn’t watch until I caught it on syndication on TNT a couple years ago I thought it was good. For me it really took off once Dean got his voice right, Demons & Angels story lines were more prevalent, the seasons/sequences that surrounded Sam’s addiction & Deans Crossroads contract and of course to Hell & Back made it a must watch for me and Jensen Ackles is the man he deserves to me he would’ve been a great as Hawkeye…

    • I’m sure you’re right about the “throw away” Drax line.

      As for Supernatural, I’m committed to seeing it through – at least for now. I’m sure I’ll get to season 2. Interested to see how the show operates at that point, since everyone keeps saying that’s where it really locks into place.

    • As a dude who spent a ridic amount of money on my Hawkeye costume, I’d be all for Ackles. I’m actually surprised they didn’t go that route because he’d be more available, cheaper AND a decade younger for the long stretch of the franchise.

  6. #1 The Croods
    #2 Oz the Great and Powerful
    #3 Olympus Has Fallen
    #4 The Call
    #5 Admission
    #10 21 And Over

  7. I’m pumped for Iron Man 3 now. I think the Iron Legion is for sure a tricky thing to pull off effectively but it looks awesome. I want some Godkiller armor. Now whenever Loki says I have a army now Tony would be like, so do I b**** and a Hulk! But yeah, I think Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin and Michael Shannon’s General Zod could be the best performances of the year, for blockbusters anyway. For Jurassic Park 4, I want another Spinosaurus. That thing made the third film for me despite it being completely terrible. Just get Michael Bay on the call and cross this over with Transformers and give us some Dinobots.
    Box Office Battle
    1.The Croods
    2.Oz the Great and Powerful
    3.Olympus Has Fallen
    4.The Call
    10.Safe Haven

    • Yeah, the more we talk about it, the more this Dino Riders idea sounds plausible – and awesome.

      I wonder if it was a big enough brand to actually get a film made. Though, the concept alone is guaranteed to get people in the seats, right?

  8. way to make a girl feel special! thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! :)

    • Happy Birthday!

    • All credit on Dino-Riders to me, Universal.

    • Yay! Hope you had an awesome day!

  9. 1 – The Croods
    2 – Oz
    3 – Olympus Has Fallen
    4 – Admission
    5 – Spring Breakers
    10 – Snitch

  10. Hey ben if you hated the bugs ep of supernatural then you will love when they meet chuck in season 4.

    Question, why is it the first and second seasons of supernatural appear darker, as in darker tinted/lit?

    • That’s totally true. I think better equip, experience and people maybe. The actual production quality of the show drastically increased after that. Ant will know more probably.

      • I ask because I actually liked it that way, set an atmosphere.

    • They probably did get an equipment bump somewhere in there. Much of it probably has to do with the show trying to find itself along the way. After they found the story they wanted to tell they probably backed off on the overly dark look to make it more approachable to a larger audience.

  11. 1.The Croods
    2.Oz the Great and Powerful
    3.Olympus Has Fallen
    4.The Call
    10.Safe Haven

    Damn you Sharktopus!

  12. Also, congrats Tyler A for picking the box office!

  13. 1. The Croods
    2. Oz the Great and Powerful
    3. Olympus Has Fallen
    4. Admission
    5. The Call
    10. Spring Breakers

  14. I am also really stoked about Ironman 3, but after seeing some of the set photos of The Wolverine i am really looking forward to that film, hopefully wash away the taste of the first one, the first Wolverine movie was eating day old cheese that was sitting on the kitchen table in room temp. Am also would’ve loved to seen Aronofsky approach to the character…

    • I’m hopeful the James Mangold ‘Wolverine’ will be good but, agreed, I would have been REALLY interested to see Darren Aronofsky take on the character (or any superhero for that matter).

    • I’m very hopeful. I think Fox needs Wolverine and the X-Men to be highly praised from fans and critics going forward. Moviegoers aren’t game for sub-par superhero movies anymore.

  15. Box Office Battle
    1) the Croods
    2) Oz the great and powerful
    3) Admission
    4) Olympus Has Fallen
    5) Spring Breakers
    10) Safe Haven

  16. Ben, you really don’t need to feel intimidated by the eight seasons of Supernatural that still lie ahead of you.

    Look at it this way: every time you are in the mood for some Supernatural you still have plenty of episodes left to dig into, while we already dread the approaching end of the current season with six months of “Hellatus” and episode starvation waiting for us. What I wouldn’t give to be in you position, to see all those awesome episodes again for the very first time. It’s a gift, not a burden! ;)

    Oh, and don’t even think of taking shortcuts, because any episode you’d skip would rob you of many uniquely fantastic scenes.

    p.s.: Season 3 has only 16 episodes, because of the writer’s strike back then. I still miss those 6 lost episodes to this day…

    • Wow! The WGA strike “feels” like forever ago – that show really has been on the air a long time! Haha.

      • Supernatural is my constant, brotha.

        (Supernatural started a year after Lost)

    • I actually liked the condensed season 3 and thought less eps could be a benefit to the story arc, whereas season 7 felt like filler/spam

      Also not long ago on fall break I sat down to watch every ep of supes over in a marathon sort of way, took about the entire week, but i dont recommend that unless you want to. Course it was fun.

  17. 1. Croods
    2. Oz
    3. Olympus has fallen
    4. Burt wonderstone
    5. Admission
    10. Identity thief

  18. I think the real reason Ben can’t watch Supernatural without his lady is because he’s scared ;) I’m kidding….sort of. My wife and I watch it together too. And she’d probably put a hex on me if I watched an episode without her. So I do have that fear.

    • Box office battle
      1) Oz the Great and Powerful
      2) The Croods
      3) Olympus Has Fallen
      4) Admission
      5) The Call

      10) 21 and Over

    • It’s true. I’m kind of superstitious. Fortunately, my apartment is well-lit. If I was living in my old place, I might have a harder time watching the show solo.

  19. Regarding Jurassic Park 4 I’m just gonna say this: what in Peter Jackon’s previous work suggested that he would be the right guy to be entrusted with bringing to life the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which turned out to be one of the biggest, best and most successful franchises of all time? Jurassic Park 4 is a small fish in comparison.

    • True. I really enjoyed Safety Not Guaranteed. I can only assume, as Rob mentioned, that he must have gone in with a great pitch. Frankly, they need a good idea if they’re going to bring JP back – so it may be very fortunate he’s involved.

      • I have three
        1-thrill chasing survivalists go to the island to see who can last the longest.
        2-Dinos are poached and sold on the black market, story follows newbie poacher on mission to the island that goes south.
        3-shipwrecked during storm, party takes shelter on the island not knowing what it holds.
        4-the secrets of ingen are leaked and underground labs across the globe create dinos, dinos escape-chaos ensues in city.

        I know we need to see liopleurodon and megalodon though, and more ankylosaur.

  20. I know this is completely unrelated to the podcast, but i was just watching The Amazing Spider-Man again, and just realized that when Irrfan Khan said ” Richard Parker”, in Life of Pi, the tiger was also named ” Richard Parker”….I need to get some sleep..lol

  21. Regarding Kickstarter…I think it’s an ingenious way to fund independent work. I don’t like the idea of big studio involvement. I’m pretty sure that is not why Kickstarter was created. It should be about independent filmmakers, musicians, and artists. Still, as a fan of many cancelled-too-soon shows, I’ll be excited to hear what is on the horizon.

    So if this Veronica Mars’ funding trend continues, I’ve thought long and hard about the show I’d most want to see. I’d want a big-screen movie version of the Tick. Chuck had his TV ending and the network could fund made-for-TV movies (like Jesse Stone or Perry Mason) if they wanted. Jericho has the comic book continuation, and Netflix thought about reviving it at one time. My guess is Netflix will revisit that idea after Arrested Development is released. Terra Nova is too expensive for crowdsourcing the funds. And all the other shows mentioned in the podcast…I don’t know much about.

    The Tick was a great animated and cult-favorite live-action television show. Plus, superheroes are main stream now….and comedy, if done right, can be golden. Patrick Warburton is a comedic leading man. If he doesn’t get this, then Dan Aykroyd should cast Warburton as the lead in Ghostbusters 3.


    • Too bad Ben Edlund is busy with Supernatural. ;-)

  22. 1) Oz
    2) Croods
    3) Olympus
    4) Admission
    5) The call
    10) Snitch

  23. 1. Croods
    2. Oz great and powerful
    3. Olympus has fallen
    4. The Call
    5. Admissions
    10. 21 and over

  24. Not sure how to handle spoilers in comments. If you don’t want Burt Wonderstone semi-spoiled, just skip this.

    I have to disagree about how the ending “ruined the whole point of the movie.” Think about Alan Arkin’s explanation for his trick with the dove, or how Jim Carrey is closer to a carney geek than an illusionist. What’s the first thing Burt does when he meets his best friend? He says, “A magician never reveals his secrets,” and then he immediately reveals his secrets.

    That’s how the whole movie worked. They’d show you an illusion, then immediately explain it, usually in as unromantic and disappointing a way as possible. (“This.. is my final disappearing act!”)

    Whether or not the ending was a good idea (I personally liked it), it very much fit with the rest of the film.

    • I’d even say how they did the final trick was more interesting/entertaining than the trick itself – apart from the actual idea of the trick, of course.

  25. Just watched KISS KISS BANG BANG after all the hype tying it with Shane Black on IM3, I finally got around to watch it, thanks to this podcast for another reminder…it’s an entertaining movie…But did SB write or co-wrote IM3? Just some food for thought, he’s just directing.

    • Ok, just did some research he’s actually a screen writer also..IM3 could be good then tho it’s a totally different type of movie compared to KKBB.