Amazing New ‘Inception’ Trailer & Poster [Updated]

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Inception Poster1 Amazing New Inception Trailer & Poster [Updated]

[Update: Watch the trailer here!]

For me, the first two trailers for Christopher Nolan’s Inception were beyond comprehension in terms of sheer wonderment. Finally, the third trailer has premiered in front of Iron Man 2 and it…is…glorious. The latest expands on all the mysteries and jaw-dropping visuals we’ve been aching to uncover. In addition, we’ve got a new poster, which finally includes Marion Cotillard (with a gun) along with the rest of the cast in front of an interesting surreal background.

The anticipation leading up to this third Inception trailer was near unbearable. But it was all worth it, if only for the look deeper inside the unfathomable world Christopher Nolan seems to have created. I honestly don’t know what happened for the first couple minutes of Iron Man 2. It is that breathtaking. My theater gave a rousing applause and some people even stood up to clap.

For now in order to see the third Inception trailer you’ll have to visit the film’s viral site over at Mind Crime. The good people over at first uncovered a secret: if you run into the movie theater in the digital city, your prize is a sneak peak at the new trailer.

Of course, if you don’t have the time for viral games you can now watch this embedded trailer, courtesy of Trailer Addict:

Inception Trailer #3 Description [SPOILER ALERT]

The trailer kicks off with the recurring theme of water, which has been prevalent throughout all the footage shown. There are plenty of thoughts to take away from it. We know the synopsis of the movie and we’ll get into the visuals in a moment, but there is a hell of a lot of heart.

One oft-heard criticism of Nolan’s films are the cold and calculating nature of his characters. In some ways it is true, but there has been an underlying tone of emotion in his work. This trailer proves Inception will look into the depths of Dom Cobb’s (Leo DiCaprio) heart. The line “I think I found a way home” tells a lot about the intentions of our main character. His “crimes” may be specifically geared towards reuniting with his wife, Marion Cotillard, whose relevance in the trailer seems nostalgic. I got a major Memento vibe from the slow-motion and apparently flashback scenes that were not only emotional, but completely overwhelming.

The music in the first two Inception trailers was phenomenal – simple, yet completely gripping, the music was rumored to be nothing of composer Hans Zimmer’s work. Now, we get a new sound that one can only pray is a taste of the film’s score. At one moment it is exciting and pulse-pounding, only to suddenly morph into an emotional melody.

If you got a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 vibe from the snowy mountain sequences, it was likely shared by gamers everywhere. The white camo rifle and gear clips show the scenes may be up close and personal before exploding into a powerful avalanche. One thing is certain: all hell will break loose.

inception dicaprio business Amazing New Inception Trailer & Poster [Updated]

Finally, the one moment of the trailer that gets your mind going is when DiCaprio claims “I have it under control.” Not only are the ideas in Inception teetering on the border of control, but his disheveled look suggests the film will weave an intricate pattern of struggle and triumph. Yet, nothing has suggested anybody will get what they want. The third act is still a complete mystery.

As far as the visuals are concerned, they speak for themselves. Certain moments stand out – from the cliff-side city crumbling into the ocean to a room that resembles the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey. More than once, we are graced with hovering people (clearly in the dream state) attached to machines in a seemingly gravity-free environment. We’ve seen the low-gravity hallway fight in previous trailers, but this is something else entirely. On a similar note, Joseph Gordon-Levitt floating in an elevator shaft was one of the more intriguing elements of the relentless trailer.

As Gordon-Levitt puts it at the end of the amazing two minutes and thirty seconds, we all want to see “out of control.” Inception looks to be precisely that, and all that remains is uncovering the story that intertwines the unbelievable visuals and a captivating cast.

Inception Poster

The latest Inception poster immediately draws “oohs” and “ahhs” as people twist and turn their heads to figure it out. If ever an image has captured the essence of a movie that intends to twist and bend the minds of audiences, this is it. It instantly reminded me of surrealist art, especially the painting “Relativity” by M.C. Escher.

Ken Watanabe and Cillian Murphy both carry the suitcase which will hold the Pasiv Device for accessing dreams. Plenty of guns are being handled, but finally we get a glimpse of Marion Cotillard, who has been missing from much of the promotional campaign. Better yet, she sports a gun and looks darn deadly holding it. The image makes me itch for her as a Bond girl – a role she seems destined to play.

Inception Poster Amazing New Inception Trailer & Poster [Updated]

The entire film just seems like a surrealist painting set in the real world. There have been attempts before to portray the insane worlds created by legendary surrealists, like Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams, for example. By implementing the same concept of bending realities and allowing the mind’s endless imagination to explore its own interpretation of the world, Inception has found a way to captivate its audiences without giving away much of anything at all.

Leonardo DiCaprio and a star-studded cast will be a major draw at the box office, but if the film has legs it will be because of Christopher Nolan and his penchant for creating stories that are impossible to watch only once.

What do you think of the trailer and poster? Talk about what it all means in the comments section below since your jaws are surely still dropped, rendering you unable to speak.

Inception bends into theaters and IMAX on July 16th, 2010.

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  1. Can’t wait for it, now that Iron Man 2 came out and disappointed this is the film I’m most looking forward to now for 2010.

    • i dont get why this movie is so anticipated. i mean im not saying it will be bad…but watching the trailer and reading the synopsis and everything….i just dont get whats so special about it. i like this genre of movie but i cant really get into anticipating this film. i want to…but what is so great about it?

      • … who said it was so special? Look up the word anticipation as well please, then you’ll get the answer to your question..

        • there was an article that listed most anticipated summer movies. inception was #1. i dont know why. i know what anticipation means. my question is what does this movie have to offer that audiences are so excited for. this way ill know why it is so anticipated. get it?

          • well cause it offers something new and exciting. something thrilling that we dont see very often. with great acting, effects and storyline:) and ofc a brilliant director behind the wheel! i doubt it will be anything else than good. perhaps it may look a bit confusing to some. but yeah, thats mostly why its on the most anticipating list. the trailer looks pretty cool as well:)

            • So much said for someone who hasn’t watched the movie yet.

          • For starters it has a Matrix feel to it.. it just takes place in dreams instead of a computer-generated world. The cast is rather good. Chris Nolan is the director.. and you know how many people are following his career these days. Up until now, and this new trailer, not much was known about it.. which usually generates buzz. It’s not hard to see why it’s anticipated, but I think you know that. You’re probably just asking the question to be an internet ass…

            • thanks Magnus.
              @RPD: not trying to be an ass. but im just wondering if i missed anything other than:
              1. good director
              2. good cast
              3. mysterious
              and youve added:
              4. matrix feel.

              still though, i LOVE summer movies, and for some reason i have no drive to see this movie still…maybe just because the characters dont stand out. i guess im just looking past this movie cuz im looking forward to other summer films a lot more.

              • I’m with you, Eli. While I know I will probably see this film, I have a quiet sense it’s not going to be as big of a hit as people take it to be. It’s Memento with a much bigger budget. That’s definitely not saying it’ll be bad, but I think it won’t draw as wide of an audience as Iron Man 2 will. I’ll be surprised if it cracks $200 million in the US, and maybe even worldwide.

                • An original film won’t make as much money as a comic book movie sequel? Shocking.

                • Not quite my point, Glass. It has less to do with it being original than it does the content. I’m not sure that it will garner as wide of an audience as more easily digestible stories. I could be surprised if it makes short order of $200 million and easily surpasses it, but I have a hunch it might not.

                  I see it drawing people because of the visuals, it’s done by the same director of the recent Batman films, and it has DiCaprio.

          • It is one of the most anticipated movies because:
            1. It is actually an original sci-fi thriller written by the director, which seems to be rare these days. It’s not based on a book, comic book, tv show, or video game.

            2. It is directed by one of the absolute best directors working right now, Christopher Nolan.

            3. And Christopher Nolan has a wonderful talent for creating intelligent and precisely shot films with creative narrative structures. (Following, Memento, Insomnia, The Prestige).

            It’s anticipated because it is pretty much guaranteed to be a great film with depth. Although it won’t be everyone’s cup-of-tea, which is understandable.

          • 1st and formost, the number one reason this is the most anticipated film is because of CHRISTOPHER NOLAN. Fans of Nolan’s work would tell you that not only he never made a bad film, but are usually mindblowing experiences. Take time out and watch “Memento” and “The Prestige”. If those films blew your mind, then surely “Inception” will as will.

            Also, this film is an anomaly. In a summer where we have sequels, 3D hype, remakes, and unoriginal mindless summer action-flicks, “Inception” dares to be an original intellectual science fiction film that happens to be action packed.

            Christopher Nolan is reaching the levels of directorial genius of that of Hitchcock and Kubrick, and this film if it is what it appears to be, will cement that. And I didn’t even mention the steller A+ cast that’s in it.

    • I would have to disagree. Iron Man 2 did not disappoint. At least not for me.

      This movie looks good. Another to add to my long list of want to see movies this summer.

      Again, thanks to Iron Man 2 for a GREAT start!!!

  2. So is there no hi-res version of that poster? It’s brilliant.

  3. Holy Sh*t!!!

    This is the first time ever I stopped a trailer half way through it because I am afraid it’ll give away too much. All I know is, I REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS!!! Way more than Iron Man 2.

  4. This looks absolutely beautiful, stunning visuals with amazing actors and one of the most intriguing premises I’ve ever heard of. All of that, combined with Christopher Nolan, I think this is going to end up being the movie of the year.

  5. It looks interesting, but I don’t agree with Nolan’s observations about ideas and dreaming. I always know when I’m dreaming. Probably because what’s going on is very, very weird, or because I’m talking to someone– a celebrity, my dead mom– that I can’t possibly be talking to for-real. Interesting photography, and I like DiCaprio and Murphy, but I’ll probably end up wanting to crotch-kick the script. Here’s hoping Nolan knows enough to focus on the anchoring “human moments” in the story and doesn’t go overboard with the “Look! Aren’t you AMAZED?!?” stuff. After the bombastic mess that was “The Dark Knight,” I’m thinking he’s going to err on the side of the latter.

    • You’re one of the few. My dreams always grip me until I’m on the edge of waking up. Then I realize it’s a dream and it’s entirely gone.

    • @ Blip,

      The point you make that you always aware when you are dreaming is called “lucid dreaming” which is EXACTLY Nolan talks about when speaking on this film and he had researched extensively in the realms of dreams and explicitly on lucid dreaming. The characters in this movie are quite aware that they are in a dream world.

      As for TDK, to each is own.

    • Not everyone knows they are dreaming when they are, in fact most people fall into that category. However, there are a few of us who know when we are dreaming. This movie will cater to the majority of people who have absolutley no control over their dreams.

  6. Looks like an awesome movie with a good cast.

  7. Lol kool, another guy has my name. Not that I don’t know there’s alot of people named Eli, but that hes on SR too, lol :)

  8. Been following Nolan’s work for about a decade now and let me tell you I’ve not been excited to see anything he’s done more than this. This will be the best movie of the year. The Iron Man film series will once again be drowned out from a film by Christopher Nolan.

    Cannot wait till July comes around.

    • Um, you do realize by the time Inception comes out that Iron Man 2 will have been in theaters for two months? It’ll likely have wound down by then anyway.

      And I’m not really interested in a TDK vs. IM dialogue. They’re apples and oranges.

      • I actually really agree with you on this. I liked both films, and as much as I loved Iron Man 2 (YES, I’m “tasteless”, I loved it!), I can love this just the same, perhaps more so. It’s simply got a lot of draw with me- dreams, Nolan, Ellen Page (yum!), and mystery!

        • I agree. I tend to like films that leave me with something to chew on, and Nolan is probably one of the only filmmakers out there really good for that.

          The problem Nolan films can have–as people have talked about–is the human factor not being quite so moving. Maybe DiCaprio’s interest to make his character more emotionally grounded will help, but I kind of think I’ll feel more for Tony Stark of all the summer blockbuster characters. He cuts such the tragic hero mold at times.

          • I think that’s because none of his films so far were required to be emotional. All of his characters are usually distrubed types, so it’s quite impossible to have some sort of romanticism with their feelings. Even with this film, it has a dystopic type of vibe to it. Almost in all of Nolan’s films, however, is the venture into a man’s obsession, and I feel this film as well is going to lead into that concept of emotion.

            • Obsession . . . I hadn’t taken that angle with Nolan’s films before, but that clicks. Good observation.

  9. I had a long discussion about this with Mike…i too don’t get the big deal surrounding this film. I like Nolan, I like original concept films and the SFX look amazing but I’m not gushing in my pants to watch this film. That doesn’t mean I think it will fail or be a bad film…I just don’t understand what people are getting so worked up over.

    • Why does anyone get worked up about any big film they look forward to seeing? Something clicks inside your head and you begin to wonder about how things are going to play out in the film and the anticipation builds with each successive piece of marketing. Nolan has proven he can deliver time and time again and I think he will do it again but on a deeper level this time.

    • as Michael Caine put it in The Prestige, “Obsession…is a young man’s game.” And I’m a young man

  10. people are getting worked up because they think it has a chance of becoming a really good movie by the looks of it. people arent as worked up as they were with iron man 2, but still. i think it has a very good chance of reaching 200 million worldwide, probably not the US, but i think it will be a box office hit.

    • It cost 200 million to make and probably another 150 million to market worldwide. It needs to make 500 million worldwide to show a profit in theaters. If it only makes 200 million in total it will never make it’s money back even with DVD/BluRay, television, and other revenue streams available to studios.

      • It cost $160 million to make.

        • okay it needs to make 480 million to make a profit in theaters :)

  11. Phenomenal, Genius.

  12. The buzz is increasing in the general moviegoer-verse. I think it’ll make plenty of money.

  13. Guys, remember how back in September-October not many people (that is, the general moviegoer) were aware of a little film called Avatar? Half a year later and it’s the highest grossing fil in history. Now, I’m not saying Inception will top Avatar commercially speaking, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have quite a success. Not all box-office number ones have to be based on existing properties. I’m guessing this will open to a $50 million weekend, then word of mouth will to its thing. I can see it grossing $500 million worldwide by the end of its run, but that’ll depend on how good it is. Avatar had all the visual and revolutionary technology hype, but this will need a critical acclaim hype if they’re looking for a monetary profit. Although, the visuals here also look goooooooood.

      • i see no reasoning behind thinking this won’t make half a billion dollars.

        Leonardo DiCaprio is a superstar.
        Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt both have specific groups of fans otherwise unrelated to this film.
        The trailers have done nothing but spark interest and intrigue. People don’t get intrigued by something and NOT GO.
        Mid-summer release is prime positioning.
        An intelligent and return-viewing-necessary storyline will bring the audience back to learn more.

      • Most people will see it just because it looks cool. The theatre where I saw the trailer in had the audience very intrigued and willing to learn more.

  14. Im going to watch this because Christopher Nolan has a very good portfolio so far. hehe.

  15. Ken Watanabe = Japanese Bad Ass

  16. It’s gonna be Dark Knight all over again!!! YAYY!!!
    Chris Nolan, Leo DiCaprio and Ellen Page FTW!!!

  17. Looks good, but not much we haven’t seen before..

    Would be nice if this one blew my skirt up, especially since this is only his second completely original story put to film. With the exception of The Prestige, his body of work is quite impressive.

    LOVE the music.

    Thanks for a terrific article, Mike!

  18. this movie looks great i can’t wait for this film.

  19. *the* most anticipated 2010 movie (for me, at least)

    • should’ve said “*the* most anticipated movie of 2010 (for me, at least)”

  20. any leo film is a most anticipated movie for me…

  21. I went to see Inception two days ago and I was staggered by the richness of the visuals. Nolan has weaved his magic with this film and I also was very impressed with DeCaprio, he is really growing as an actor now.

    There were a few moment in the film when I started to glaze over as the plot leaves an awfull lot to the imagination. Overall I loved the film and can´t wait for the blueray to come out !

  22. Great poster. Great movie!