Inception Cast Signed For Potential Sequels

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inception 2 sequel cast Inception Cast Signed For Potential Sequels

We didn’t know much about Christopher Nolan’s post-The Dark Knight mystery movie known as Inception early last year, other than its stellar cast and a story we knew would be a mind-bending thriller. We did expect good things though, but I don’t think anyone expected it to achieve the success it did.

Warner Bros. was very smart in giving Nolan the time and money he wanted to work on what some thought was not a bankable idea. Now Inception sits with over $820 million earned at the worldwide box office and 8 Oscar nominations. So, when are they going to make a sequel?

In Hollywood, money leads to … more money, so even though many viewers firmly believe Inception stands strongest by itself and ends where it needs to, there are others who would pay to see just love the idea of seeing all of those characters work together again on another thrilling adventure. Some of the cast members expressed interest in a sequel when working press events after Inception released to the masses, but it will all come down to Chris Nolan. We can say now however, that the cast is signed on for sequels.

Last night we talked about Tom Hardy’s upcoming role as the Batman villain Bane in Nolan’s next major project, The Dark Knight Rises, based on some tidbits Hardy dropped in his appearance on yesterday’s airing of the British talk show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man. In that same interview, they talked about the success of Inception and whether a sequel is possible. Hardy explained that, like all studio films nowadays, the cast is signed for Inception sequels.

It’s  standard studio policy to sign actors with options for franchise sequels, just to avoid that potential financial mess that agents and talent can cause knowing they were a part of a successful film and desire a much bigger chunk to return. If Christopher Nolan wanted to do a sequel, there’s no doubt the cast would get in line to return. If you earn a spot in a Nolan film, you’re in the A-leagues. At this point, he’s open to working on Inception 2, it’s just not something he’s thinking about at the moment. From an interview in December, Nolan said “It’s not something I want to say no to, but it’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought about.”

For now, we’ll look forward to the Inception video game. If you’re still confused about the movie’s conclusion, read our explanation of Inception ending.

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The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Alan Carr: Chatty Man

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  1. While a sequel may be interesting, I hope they just leave it be, no sequel. Why ruin a good thing? Some movies should be standalone ones, and Inception is one of them.

  2. Wait, hold the phone. The Dark Knight Rises isn’t Inception 2?

  3. I don’t want a sequel. The film ended perfectly, but I would definitely see one if made.

    • Agreed

      • i don’t think a sequel will happen.. after tdkr, chris will mostly go for that biopic..

    • Do it with different people, same physics – that way we never find out if Leo is still in the dream world, which IMHO is the way to leave the first film

      A direct sequel ruins the ambiguous ending of Inception (which no doubt would please a lot of simpletons).

    • Definitely agree.

  4. Why not spin-offs?
    I’m not going to lie, I am interested in seeing other teams besides Cobb’s, or even some previous adventures with the team, although stuff like that would probably work best in a comic book medium.

    • I’d be for a graphic novel, or a novel based on it, but no movies, no TV shows.

      If they were to make a new movie, it would have to be better than the previous one. At the very least, it would have to be on par with it, but not simply make the same movie, but with different characters.

      But I still rather Nolan and others just leave it be, let it remain a single movie. A graphic novel, videogame, novel, all fine by me. Nolan spent years working on that script — most likely, a sequel would be a rush job by comparison, something done solely to make money.

  5. Hmm…If they really were going to make a sequel, it would have to be incredibly epic. Nothing less than Nolan’s absolute best work would do.

  6. The one thing I fear is a sequel ruining the great debate of inception… And that is the ending. A sequel would most likely give us the answer to what happened. I don’t want it

    • IF they were to have a sequel, I’d rather it start up years later.

      I absolutely do not want to see the movie start with Cobb playing with his kids, starting right where the other one left off. Or, I don’t want to see him wake up, ready to go make pancakes and eggs for his kids, only to find that (dun! dun! dun!!!) his kids are gone!!!

    • didnt nolan already confirm the ending? i mean if you watch it the totem clearly is about to fall. and i would like a prequel the story would be better if he was still a fugitive. i mean what would be the point of conituing his work now that hes got back to his kids? no point the whole thing about the story was this last job was going to fix everything.

      • It’s all a dream. If you can’t see the obvious reasons why I don’t know what to say…

        • You don’t have to say anything, because…just many as people know the ending (and various parts througout) were reality.


          • sigh…should be WAS, not WERE…humph.

          • Cripes, sometimes, I REEEALLY hate typing…THROUGOUT should, of course, be THROUGHOUT.

    • Agreed, not to mention the main antagonist is gone, what would end up happening is retreading stuff thats already been done. If they use another team , then it might as well be a tv show version, cause the players in the original is what made the movie.

  7. For the obvious reason that Nolan wanted and enjoyed the vagueness of the ending AND the fact that the film worked so well as an independent entity, I’m betting that the sequel (if there is one) will not be a direct continuation of the original’s storyline, a la “Batman Begins” leading into/setting up “The Dark Knight”. It will, more likely, bring back the team to fix some problem caused by Fischer’s break-up of his company (a power vacuum) or a personal problem suffered by one of the members (gambling/kidnapping/death/etc.) that needs to be handled by engaging in another inception…OR maybe, the sequel might be called “Extraction” and involve a more detailed and adventurous mission of the type that most teams of this sort usually egage in.

    At least, that’s what I think might happen…

    Oh, and for those responders who, invariably, will say, “Cool, now, we’ll get to find out how the first film REALLY ended!”…ummm, NO.

    • Its a nice idea , however any fan , will want the ending of the first movie to be left the way it is. I like your ideas for possible sequels , but i still would rather it stay the way it is as a stand alone,it would be like making a sequel to Memento

  8. WHAT IF…..its a prequel? That would work perfectly, fleshing out more of there back stories and leave the some how still debated ending alone.

    • yeah a prequel will be an interesting one.. but personally, i don’t think these things will happen:)

  9. Yea a prequel called “The Extractors” or have a sequel where Cobb is retired and JGL character takes over as the leader of the group. Their are many things that can be explored in this universe. I mean there entering the mind. What if the target is having a nightmare? What would that look like. Or they have to enter two people minds at the same time and hook two people up to a machine allowing them too cross over to another person. I don’t know just rambling lmao but i would love a sequel. my fav movie

    • Interesting. A nightmare would make for a good movie. I also heard Inception was originally supposed to be a horror movie, so I could see that idea working.

    • This would be an interesting take.

  10. I’d really like to see a prequel to Inception, in which we learn how Cobb and Arthur met, and if they’d done business with Eames in the past. Also, how did Cobb learn to navigate people’;s minds anyway? Was he born with that skill or did he develop it as time went on.

    A prequel lends itself to some interesting possibilities.

  11. everyone on this site seems to worship nolan…

    • I don’t nor will I. He hasn’t earned his place yet. Trust me I could go on for hours about the idiocracy of why Nolan is “the best” and “most original”.

      • I don’t think idiocracy means what you think it means.

        • I don’t think I care. Thanks though :).

    • Who worships a director? That’s just stupid. I DO appreciate his talent and his consistent results (so far).

      Overgeneralizing impresses NO ONE…

  12. “Anyone who has earned a spot in a Nolan film is A-leauge”. Really? He had been trying to work with Decaprio and Ledger for years before they decided to work with him. Nice try but no. Working on a Nolan film doesn’t make you anything but a actor/actress.

    • Look at nolans films on rotten tomatoes. His lowest is 75%. That’s why he is regarded so highly. Also he launched Christian bales career that now he’s finally an Oscar nominee. Heath ledger finally won his in a Milan film. People who hadn’t seen bronson or rocknrolla had no idea who tom hardy is, now he’s getting top billing. You might not recognize nolans achievements but critics, Hollywood, and audiences have, and its a major nod of approval.

      • Why do people keep regarding RT as the law or something? All RT is a collection of reviews based on other people’s OPINIONS.

        • Because of the consensus. When 75% or more people who comment on a movie and like it, it holds that it is more liked and better made movie than one that has 35%. It’s not law, just a way to show that more people agree that Nolan and his movies are great than disagree. You commented that Nolan hasn’t found his place and isn’t the best. While the latter is your opinion, the former is a false statement because of his massive success both critically( ex. Rottentomatoes) and commercially( his last two movies alone have made almost 2 billion dollars).

  13. i dont think the movie was that good, sheer ambition yet, good – not really

  14. I say no to a sequel; the story ended perfectly. If they plan on doing a sequel I really hope that they do not bring in Dicaprio’s character because his story has been told and there is nothing left to say. Furthermore, a sequel ruins the controversial ending in the first. Leave it to the imagination. Noaln is a creative guy he can come up with something else.
    If we do get a sequel though just bring in some Levitt and Hardy. The rest of the characters are done with their story

  15. The movie doesn’t need a sequel. But I would be lying if I said if they made one I wouldn’t watch it.

  16. Here’s something else,last year I read how supposedly Nolan wanted the film to be a horror film that dealt with how the mind and memory played tricks on peopel (similar to Nolan’s far masterpiece Memento) and I think that it involved them going through a nightmare, I remembered that as soon as Mr. Bronson above mentioned it. I just think that would be a cool take on it and Nolan could do the film the way he intended to do. I was discussing that with some frinds a few weeks ago and we agreed that if Inception was like that then it would have been one hell of a movie.

  17. No thanks.

  18. I wouldn’t mind seeing the cast get together again for a different project, like what’s kinda sorta going on with Dark Knight Rises, but I liked the mysterious ending of Inception. I would be hard pressed to believe that you can go through a sequel without removing the ambiguity of that ending.

  19. Remember when stand-alone movies were great? Where a story was contained to a two hour format and didn’t matter what came before or what happened after because the point was not to create a franchise but to tell a story and tell it well?

    • Ah the good ole days

  20. IMHO if they do a sequel they should go the route of the James Bon series where each story is independent of the rest save for the main characters. An attempt to follow-up the story would be a bad idea.

    That said I believe a TV show, a 1 hourd rama is a much better outlet for an INCEPTION follow-up in which another person rises to the top to replace Cob (who is now out of teh game now that he’s no longer got outstanding warrants). Lots of potential here and the show wouldn’t need a massive budget. So long as they kept the CGI to a minimum with a few CGI heavy episodes at the start of a season and at the end and possibly in the middle I don’t see why it couldn’t be done for the standard TV Cop Drama budget.

  21. One word: NO. I LOVE Inception, but I do not want to see a sequel. The film ended perfectly and I don’t know how a sequel can be made to this film. That being said, I would definitely see it if it was made.

  22. I wouldn’t mind a prequel to explain how the concept of Inception was invented but as a sequel, the film ended right where it needed to be. Who cares if Cobb was in a dream or in reality. The point is that he is happy and a sequel would less be of an extension to Inception rather than a way for Warner Bros to milk the franchise. There is no way Inception can lead to sequels.

  23. Inception was already perfect. The ending…perfect. I guess this is all we can expect nowadays, sequels. Still, I may watch anyways.

  24. Not everything needs a sequel. Jeeesus.

    • hey its holywood lol

  25. It looks like it does need a sequel… to explain that the top did fall and Limbo is Pasivspace and levels is Brainspace.

    What was so great about the ending other than they completed the mission?

    • Did they complete the mission? How do you REALLY know…

  26. It was inevitable really, but I hope it doesn’t get off the ground. For me Inception was perfect as a single film – I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see a sequel.

  27. Why isn’t anyone considering the awesome possibility of a video game? Imagine, working with friends online in order to go deeper and deeper into a dream in order to extract a subjects secrets. Single player could even be a prequel or something like that.

    • Assassin’s Creed

  28. Loved Inception, Mr. Nolan should have gotten a nom….

  29. Now that the coolness factor of this film is already out there a sequel might not have the same impact. It was special like the Matrix, but look at what happened to the sequels, they just didn’t have that special “never been seen before awe” that the first one had. That may be the case with Inception as well. It may be doable if the script was absolutely amazing. The original cast would be a must, but they would need some interesting new faces as well.