Inception Cast Signed For Potential Sequels

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inception 2 sequel cast Inception Cast Signed For Potential Sequels

We didn’t know much about Christopher Nolan’s post-The Dark Knight mystery movie known as Inception early last year, other than its stellar cast and a story we knew would be a mind-bending thriller. We did expect good things though, but I don’t think anyone expected it to achieve the success it did.

Warner Bros. was very smart in giving Nolan the time and money he wanted to work on what some thought was not a bankable idea. Now Inception sits with over $820 million earned at the worldwide box office and 8 Oscar nominations. So, when are they going to make a sequel?

In Hollywood, money leads to … more money, so even though many viewers firmly believe Inception stands strongest by itself and ends where it needs to, there are others who would pay to see just love the idea of seeing all of those characters work together again on another thrilling adventure. Some of the cast members expressed interest in a sequel when working press events after Inception released to the masses, but it will all come down to Chris Nolan. We can say now however, that the cast is signed on for sequels.

Last night we talked about Tom Hardy’s upcoming role as the Batman villain Bane in Nolan’s next major project, The Dark Knight Rises, based on some tidbits Hardy dropped in his appearance on yesterday’s airing of the British talk show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man. In that same interview, they talked about the success of Inception and whether a sequel is possible. Hardy explained that, like all studio films nowadays, the cast is signed for Inception sequels.

It’s  standard studio policy to sign actors with options for franchise sequels, just to avoid that potential financial mess that agents and talent can cause knowing they were a part of a successful film and desire a much bigger chunk to return. If Christopher Nolan wanted to do a sequel, there’s no doubt the cast would get in line to return. If you earn a spot in a Nolan film, you’re in the A-leagues. At this point, he’s open to working on Inception 2, it’s just not something he’s thinking about at the moment. From an interview in December, Nolan said “It’s not something I want to say no to, but it’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought about.”

For now, we’ll look forward to the Inception video game. If you’re still confused about the movie’s conclusion, read our explanation of Inception ending.

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The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Alan Carr: Chatty Man

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  1. why make a sequel when it ended so perfectly wtf!

    • how about two pefect movie?

    • I’d like to see more movies that deal with the concept of shared dreams. I don’t care if it’s a sequel to Inception or something else.

  2. A sequel? Definitely not. A prequel? Hell yeah!!

  3. Am I the only one who thought this flick sophomoric and a blatant overuse of perceptual twist tricks?
    Very disappointing. I mean Nolan gave us The Prestige, so it’s not as though we have no evidence of his talent. Reading too much into praise by the sheeple I guess. Bad news when an artist figures out that unnecessarily byzantine plots and good production values on otherwise flimsy cinematic tricks yield you a bumper crop of lauding.

    IMO, Inception doesn’t even begin to deserve the awe it receives. A sequel, a prequel or anything of the sort is completely out of the question in my mind.

    • Canucklite…

      You are definitely one of the relatively few. Don’t worry about those of us who enjoyed the film and thought it was a fantastic experience being sheep, though…We simply perceived the film differently than you did. No better OR worse.

  4. Well the goofy thing about sequels is that when they come out, the original ones don’t cease to exist. Its okay to keep liking the original films even if the later additions are lackluster. I myself have watched Spiderman 2 more than once, even though the 3rd one was lame. A 3rd one could have been good, they just need to manage themselves properly. Make sure they don’t jump the shark. Like a lot of tv shows. The trouble starts when the creators get cocky over their success and get sloppy in one area or change something. Or get stuck forcing themselves to repeat storylines for each movie. A sequel for Inception could work, given the vast possibilities and scenarios provided by the dream machine. But the focus would have to wane from Dom. If one never gets made, sure I can live with that. But if one gets made I wouldn’t shoot down that potential either. Let it be. That’s what the ending means anyway.

  5. easy idea:

    a prequel:

    called “Extraction”

    you get the point and the idea. it’s the only idea that would work.

    • Yes, I’m sure your idea is the ONLY one that could possibly work.

  6. The HBO trailer ( ) has got me pumped to see it again…I only caught it once in theaters, so I can’t wait. Whathat a perfect choice of songs to use (“Without You” by Junip) too…the song fit so well with the way they edited the footage together. 

    Does anyone know if the rumors of HBO eventually having Inception in 3D on their new 3D channel are true? Any idea when we might see that happen?

    • Wow, that IS a good song to play over it. Trailer definitely makes me wanna watch again. :)

  7. Personally, Inception really did end in a great place, that ambiguity of whether he ever made it back from Limbo or not (I think he did) and making a sequel would make things definate, taking away the mystery of the first film, but at the same time, I’d love to see more of Inception. The cast was brilliant and Christopher Nolan is brilliant, I know he could pull it off. So, while half of me is torn knowing that Inception is perfect as it is, I’d also relish the chance just to have the cast come back together and work. I would definately watch a sequel – if there’s one.

  8. Expected it to be a bang. It was good but not as brilliant as rumored.

  9. A sequel about his children is fine too.

  10. I really loved the movie and I eagerly look forward to a sequel. The sequel might be great (think the Harry Potter movies, LOTR, or Star Wars) or it might be crummy (think The Matrix). I really hope it is great. The makers of sequels have a tough task that only a few can manage well. It has to have characters that we remember from the first movie and they have to be doing the same types of thing that we liked in the first movie, yet they can’t just do the same things as in the first movie or we’ll get bored. Because of the concepts involved in the movie “Incetpion” I think they have more flexibility in which direction they go with a sequel, but I think they have to be very smart to find a direction that the viewers will like.

  11. i personally think they should definately make a sequel! the ending leaves it open and it is going to keep annoying me because i dont know what happens! the top keeps spinning! i want to know what happens! yes it adds mystery but it would also make people curious as to what happens and they’d be likely to watch it!

  12. Everyone wants a sequel to Inception: it ended with a question on top of everybody’s head. But think of every single film with a sequel, Harry Potter, for example. In the five/six films, the originality went down because it was the SIXTH movie to come out and all their ideas were gone. The only reason it did well is because it was written in books before, but in our case with Inception, it’s not.
    It’s for the greater good, a sequel would not be nice. The viewers of the first film will get depressed and find the new film unsuspectingly bad at high chance. Inception is /unique/ because it has a great idea, the ability to extract an idea and placing one in someone’s mind. If the second film were to be as great and sell as much as the first, the director would have to have a new /unique/ idea, and it would have to connect to the first film.
    So, I say no, I don’t want a sequel. If you did, and it doesn’t come out as unique as the other, you won’t want one too, and you’d be blaming the directors for it.

    As for a prequel, that would a good idea. But as I said above, the prequel could have a chance to be a huge success, but then again, it could be a big disaster, ruining the reputation of the first.

    - Xenon.

  13. Yes, the ambiguous ending was perfect. However, a sequel could go so far as to put Cobb on the offensive. What if the first part of the movie has some party implanting an idea in *his* mind, and the later parts focusing on his colleagues trying to help find— and purge— the idea? All the while, Cobbs’ subconscious could still be infected with projections of the group that performed the neurologic heist.

    Of course, that’s just one of countless directions the Nolan’s could go in, were they to run with a sequel.

  14. How about a TV series instead?