First Review of ‘Inception’ Sings Praise for a Smart Blockbuster

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Inception movie title First Review of Inception Sings Praise for a Smart Blockbuster

Is there anyone out there out there who considers him or herself a movie geek, but isn’t eagerly anticipating the release of Christopher Nolan’s new film, Inception?  Because, frankly, I’m not convinced that you exist at this point in time.

Everyone else can take comfort in the words of Rolling Stone‘s Peter Travers, who is the first movie critic to glimpse Nolan’s mind-bending blockbuster – and yes, he thinks it is fantastic.

Travers’ full review will appear in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone – the same one that will feature the infamous interview with now-defunct General Stanley McChrystal – but we have the following excerpt to whet your appetites for now (no worries, it’s spoiler-free):

The mind-blowing movie event of the summer arrives just in time to hold back the flow of Hollywood sputum that’s been sliming the multiplex.  ‘Inception’… will be called many things, starting with James Bond Meets ‘The Matrix.’  You can feel the vibe of Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ in it, and Nolan’s own ‘Memento’ and ‘The Dark Knight.’  But ‘Inception’ glows with a blue-flame intensity all its own.  Nolan creates a dream world that he wants us to fill with our own secrets.  I can’t think of a better goal for any filmmaker.

Moviegoers that were left feeling cold or less than impressed by the first half of this summer movie season – Toy Story 3 being the big exception – will surely rejoice at Traver’s announcement that Inception does not fail to meet expectations.  But will the general public flock to see a dark, intense film that asks them to actually use their brains during a time of year when most Hollywood pics require the exact opposite?

Inception image First Review of Inception Sings Praise for a Smart Blockbuster

Travers actually touches on that matter in his review with the following note:

Of course, trusting the intelligence of an audience can cost Nolan at the box office.  We’re so used to being treated like idiots.  How to cope with a grand-scale epic, shot in six countries at a reported cost of $160 million, that turns your head around six ways from Sunday?  Dive in and drive yourself crazy, that’s how.

But what do you think?  Will the masses turn out to see Inception if it is as mind-bendingly intelligent as Travers indicates it is?  Are you too excited to see the film to think about that right now?  Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

Inception arrives in regular and IMAX theaters in the U.S. on July 16th, 2010.

Source: New York Post (via Jo Blo)

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  1. Sorry 790 I forgot you struggle at reading. I said it may not be sheep every time but if it’s not you use kool aide or milkshake either way it all means the same thing. You already mentioned the milkshake in this thread and you even extended it to talking head now. We actually love these films and think Nolan is great you don’t that’s fine my problem is that since you don’t agree with us you accuse us of basically being blind followers because we don’t blindly follow your opinion. I could care less if you like Nolan or not I just don’t like your attitude toward the people who do.

    • Daniel f,

      That’s enough already. Drop it.


      • Didn’t realize I was the only person talking on here Vic

  2. Nolan has made some great films, and most deserve quite a bit of praise, but the man isn’t perfect. I have to say 790’s got a point, the posts in favor fairly drip unconditional worship. Whatever he wants to call the special sauce is just a metaphor.

    I’m still excited to see the film. If it is a good mindbender in addition to looking visually amazing, then so much the better. Call me optimistic and willing to put money out.

  3. Ahhhh 790 :)

    No retreat no surrender Buddy!! I love how you stand by your beliefs even if it goes against the tide of the majority..I also love how some people react like you have insulted them personally by stating that Nolan is not the best thing since sliced bread.. :)

    I enjoy Nolan’s films and they seem to get more engaging with each successive film he releases and I hope the trend continues..I think Inception will be a great film but I think it will leave a lot of people wondering wtf and if it does that I don’t think it will garner repeat viewings which may lead to the film not making back it’s hefty PB and P+A budget..both are rumored to be in the 250 million dollar range which means it needs to make 600 million worldwide to make a profit.. I hope it does because expensive flops can spell the end of even good filmakers..

    Will you see this film when it is released?


    • $200 million overall budget is what I’ve heard repeatedly.

      • A lot of juice boxes either way Mike :)

  4. 😉
    GK333,, yeah sure it does look somewhat interesting. I think if it had a different lead I would see it in theaters but with most Dicaprio films, its looking like a dvd rental.

    I never said the film sucks I’ll never see it, I just don’t get all the hype behind what I’ve seen so far. Tim C, knows where I’m coming from on Nolan. 😉

    • The hype is stemming from the fact that he did a great job with TDK and it doesn’t hurt that WB has 250+ million invested in this so they have to try and generate a lot of hype to get butts in seats to see a return and that investment..I certainly don’t get the hype in general, the movie looks interesting but I don’t think there will be that moment of awe when all is revealed like in the Sixth Sense, Fight CLub or others of the genre but I do think it will be an enjoyable film..

  5. 250 budget. Sheesh. I can deffinity see it in all the ads on billboards, tv buildings etc.

    You could make 4 Cloverfields or 4 District 9’s for that kind of bank…

  6. @ 790

    I respect your opinion, so let’s not get too hostile. I’m sure I hate films you love and you hate films I love. But what kind of films do you generally salivate over? What are the kinds of movies that really get you in the fanboy mood? Curiously asking.

    As for Inception, maybe it doesn’t re-write the way we think forever, but films like Blade Runner made nothing at the box office and are widely regarded as masterpieces of cinema. If this movie is getting comparisons from (a likely paid-off) Travers to Blade Runner and The Matrix and Memento, then isn’t that just more fuel to the expectations fire that this might actually be a movie you should at least give a chance in theaters?

    Put aside all the fuss about genius this and genius that, doesn’t the visual component of the film intrigue you at all? That’s probably going to be a just as key to the film as the brainy side of it. If people don’t want to think, they can at least watch the grand scale.

  7. Well TDK made me appreciate Nolans films. Before that I had no idea who he was lol!!!

  8. Mike, on your question, I don’t think I want to delve into films I like on this thread. You can get a pretty good idea from my comment on the (5 films you could watch everyday) post. I’m fairly mainstream sci fi oriented.
    My take on “Inception” is it looks like one of those films where were going to be wondering what reality we are actually in most of the time. Not that that’s a bad thing or that I’m not into that kinda story line. My problem first off is DiCaprio. As usual he’s mis-cast for this role. If he’s supposed to be the most experienced in his field he looks too young. Zac Efron looks older then Leo. I think Leo has unknowingly contracted Benjamin Button syndrome.
    My second problem is Nolan is a great director, BUT HE’S NOT THAT GREAT that I drop everything and see his films in the theater. I had some pretty heavy problems with certain parts of TDK that just haunt me whenever I hear he’s involved in anything.
    The visual aspect looks like a gravity challenged “Grand Theft Auto Gotham” video game. I don’t know that much about the plot but what I have read so far screams dvd rental. X-O

    • Can you expand on the problems with TDK? If you don’t want to do it on here, e-mail me.

  9. Mike I’ve tried to wrap up my thoughts on TDK as briefly as possible.

    I felt the story contained some great performances. Ledger was great of course but I felt the writing didn’t keep up with his characters story arc. Toward the end of the film Jokers behavior just got more over the top without any real reason other then to piss off Batman. The bombs on board the ships dilemma just killed the entire forward thrust the film had going at that point. Commish Gordon leading the attack at the end and his undercover stuff was just thrown in to give Gary Oldman a action scene or two. It was obvious.

    The writers also managed to screw up Dent/Two-Face’s character in a way that I felt nothing for him after he let Joker walk away after disfiguring him and killing his love. That scene in the hospital (stand out worst writting in the film) ruined the movie for me.
    Also the actions of the cops driving directly into an ambush, cops allowing joker to make a phone call, cops acting like morons all the way through the film.

    Batmans laughable voice, and his insistence the global surveillance device be destroyed afterward,,, why?
    Getting a fingerprint off a fired slug,,,wth??
    Rachels death was empty I felt nothing for her character and that brings us back to square one, bad writing…

    I loved the opening bank robbery scene and the Badpod chase was cool but the film overall was like eating a tv dinner. I wasn’t satisfied.

    • Spot-on with the comment on Rachel’s death. That scene was really hollow. I think though that this is a problem with all of Nolan’s movies. They are well-planned but have no emotional depth at all. I have watched three Nolan movies (Prestige, Insomnia, The Dark Knight) but have not ever connected with a single character in these.

      • Really? Strange I’ve never had a probably conecting emotionally with Nolan’s characters. Prestiege and TDK especially. I didn’t feel anything when Rachel died, but I did when Harvey got the coin back his reaction was heart breaking. I also felt it when Bruce was sitting in the apartment talking about her.

        • I’m with you Daniel F…The Prestige had some great moments of character depth for example.

          While I have always hated that fingerprint off the slug gag, I am willing to forgive certain inadequacies as minute as that.

          Rachel’s death was, in its moment, not emotional. But the minute that followed was heart-wrenching and devastating to watch. Bruce Wayne was mortified at her death and blamed himself. The silent moment of Harvey Dent screaming after turning over the coin was my favorite of the entire film (and possibly my favorite of Chris Nolan’s career).

          I think you are a big comic fan, so I’m not going to suggest otherwise. I’ve read your posts before. But I’ve always been under the impression that Two-Face was not a man that gave thought to his actions – he derived his opinions solely from the outcome of a coin flip. That is why he let the Joker get away. It made sense to me.

          The cops are supposed to be morons. That’s what makes Batman so necessary. They never did anything without him. We’re talking about a handful of easily manipulatable people who are borderline inadequate. There is too much evil for them to control and they lose their ability to think rationally.

          • Personally, with regards to Rachel, I was expecting her to die. When they swtiched the actresses of an already poorly written character, they altered her entire personality. Katie Holmes’ Rachel was tough, driven, and no-nonsense. Maggie gylenhal’s Rachel was just kind of goofy. I think they had to kill the character off to satisfy the discrepancies between the two. So, at the time, I was definitely satisfied with her death, but probably not for the reason they wanted.

            AS far as Batman’s voice…I mean I understand how and why you could hate it. I mean, its necessary for him to change his voice. Both Batman and Bruce Wayne are public figures, and he could run into in the course of the same day the same person as both himself and Batman. If he had the same voice, a smart man, even just one with a decent memory should pick it out.

  10. Nolan isnt the best thing since Sliced Bread ,But he is the best thing since Raisin Bread!

  11. Haa’ha Raisin Bread tastes like shat Gary, your setting the bar kinda low. Lol,,, 😉

  12. Thanks Nono!

  13. Look, I know I even responded to this using TDK as terms, but this thread is about Inception, can we talk about that instead of delving into yet _ANOTHER_ TDK orgy? I’d rather read about the thread’s titular film instead of having more inbox e-bomb ravings about BB/TDK vs. IM1/2 vs… whatever.

  14. Lol Tim where were you 67 posts ago.

    I think there’s enough bandwidth here to accommodate everyones opinions.

    • Oh for sure, but it’s an Inception thread…

      Hey, I finally have it! I’m Batman, but I’m in “Being John Malkovich”, and I’m in my own head in that one scene where he’s surrounded by endless versions of himself, and he’s the only thing on the menu:

      “Batman?”; “Batman!”; “Batman, Batman?”; “Batman, Batman, Batman, Batman…”; “Batman, Batman… Batman, Batman, Batman.”; “Batman!?”

      “Bruce Wayne!”

      *mental breakdown*

      • I agree, Tim. But I can’t resist a good TDK discussion :)

  15. TDK was good,so i hope this ones at least half good. But the first time i saw DK i didnt really like it cause parts of it confused me. The second time i enjoyed it moré. Then i looked the plot on Google and i realised how genious of a movie this was. I understood it big time! I guess inceptions gonna be the same way…..

  16. I wouldn’t say way superior Santa. I think Prestiege is better than TDK but just barely not by much. I don’t think Momento is better though. If I had to rank Nolan films I’ve seen I’d say it’s

    The Prestiege
    Bateman Begins

    Here is hoping Inception beats them all.

  17. Okay….what did I miss??? (My usual intro to a lengthy and compelling thread debate/discussion in which I show up really late…).
    I honestly don’t know if I’ll go out and see this movie, but in the sense of having “created interest” only…I would put forth that the amount of replies and discussion generated by this thread,this ALL would be an indication that regardless of Mr. Nolan’s body of work or how folks view it, there seems to be massive interest in INCEPTION.

  18. Agreed Mike that silent moment was a beautiful moment In film it was brillantly done so much emotion with so little sound.

    Your accurate with the cop comment. In the comics there are like only three or four cops worth anything in the comics in the film Gordon is the only one there so far he hires the rest when he becomes in charge I imagine in the next film he will hire better cops.

    Two Face thinks about every decision and Harvey hopes for one comment while Two Face hopes for another but the coin always decides. That’s one criticsm I have he didn’t quite get Two face right. I would of liked to see a little more inner struggle and he shouldn’t of died. Those are my biggest problems. Oh and that ugly tumbler. I would love to see a real Batmibile in the 3rd

    • Oh, but the Batpod…so glorious.

      • Meh not a huge fan of the Bat pod either I mean it was ok, but not great. Honestly I would of prefered they stuck closer to the source material when putting together things like the suit , batmobile and motorcycle. I’m not a huge fan of the suit I would of preferred the comic book suit and it would of worked great if it looked like the suit in the new Batman AA game which has visible Armour. Ultimately the story for these films and the approach were great and the acting has been spot on my problem is just some of the major deviations from the source material. I still love the films because Nolan is truly great at crafting stories and making quality films.

  19. just saw the movie….conclusion: BORING.

    • Oh, reeeeally…and why are YOU so special?

  20. Yeah, sure you did.

  21. I got a free preview of this movie and it was great. When I was younger I would often wonder if the world we live in is a dream and not reality, this movie reminded me of that. The movie was fast-paced for the most part and it really held my attention. The plot was good, the CG when used was awesome, the action was wonderful, and most of the dreams looked plausible. It wasn’t just me, most people were saying the same things when they walked out.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing this movie again, and I don’t usually say that.

    • I agree. I was also able to catch a free preview last night and I will be telling all of my friends to go see this movie. This is one of the few movies that is smart enough to warrant watching more than once.

  22. We get ideas from other people all the time, thru the bible, traditions, culture, it’s implanted in us since we are young.we follow anyone…

  23. Hmm the critics love this and say its a Intelligent film. By golly me to and Im ready to try that new Mc Msg burger cause I love being played. Inception is a yawnfest. I cant help but visualize the critics getting free pens and dinner coupons from the movie makers, add a slice of ego for people who like to be in the watercooler smarty pants club and wa la! I did enjoy the scene where the cheerleaders took machineguns to the bad guys, oh wait that was when I drifted off, I was dreaming. Or was I?

    • Yeah, you were dreaming. Good thing too, because that means the rest of us could concentrate on a brilliant film without annoying distractions.