New ‘Inception’ Character Featurette, Images & TV Spots [Updated]

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Inception DiCaprio water New Inception Character Featurette, Images & TV Spots [Updated]

[Update: We have a new Inception character featurette to share!]

The promotional campaign for the upcoming mind-bender Inception has been in full force, yet Warner Bros. has managed to keep much of the film veiled in secrecy. Two new TV spots popped up during the NBA Finals last week, and both continue to enhance the anticipation of Inception.

In addition to the TV spots, we’ve got a handful of Inception images. One is the cover of Total Film Magazine’s latest issue in the UK, while the rest are random shots of the cast at various stages of the film.

The TV spots are beginning to take new form as the studio begins to recognize its main demographic. There is a rock star quality to the film that definitely aims at the 18-30 male crowd – a huge part of the success or failure of Inception.

More importantly, both TV spots present a little more footage. While it all runs at warp speed, the footage is pretty breathtaking. There is a brilliant use of speed-ramping that looks like a combination of in-camera effects and CGI enhancements. In addition, the sound design is fantastic as a French market place explodes around Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page.

Right now only low-quality copies of the TV Spots are online – we have quality standards here at Screen Rant, so we’ll give you the links for now and update with hi-res copies of both spots when they become available:




The scene is an extension of what we’ve seen briefly in the Inception trailer. The discussion between Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page now looks to be her first experience in the dream world. The clothing would suggest that as well, considering both look the same as when they are first introduced by Michael Caine. There seems to be a connection to The Matrix throughout much of this film, but especially in this scene, as DiCaprio introduces Page to the dream world.

The tenth TV spot hits the 18-30 crowd right in the gut. The pace is pumped full of adrenaline and a new scene is introduced with Joseph Gordon-Levitt churning out a few one-liners. If you look closely near the end you’ll see Ken Watanabe – who plays the supposed villain of Inception – in a chair under the spell of the dream machine.




Update: MSN UK has debuted an exclusive featurette on the characters of Inception, based on the character posters which recently debuted online. Featured in the video are DiCaprio (“The Extractor”), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“The Point Man”), Ellen Page (“The Architect”), Tom Hardy (“The Forger”), Cillian Murphy (“The Mark”) and Marion Cotillard as the enigmatic “Shade.” Noticeably absent is Ken Watanabe’s character, “The Tourist.”

I will warn you: this featurette gives more away about Inception than any of the previous promo material we’ve seen. If you want to stay in the dark about this movie, you may want to think twice before watching it. Consider yourself warned:



Inception has also found its way onto the cover of another magazine, only this time it is exclusively for the United Kingdom. Us Americans have to stick with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz from Knight and Day for the June edition of Total Film Magazine.

We addressed the interview with Cillian Murphy a month ago, but somehow this cover slipped through our fingers. The image uses the same city theme as the production logos at the start of each trailer, where cities take the form of words.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio Total Film Magazine cover New Inception Character Featurette, Images & TV Spots [Updated]

Finally, we stumbled upon some great new images from the film that haven’t been officially released. Within a thread on the forums of Nolan Fans, some fans have posted images from international fan sites. While the images have yet to make their way to the States, we’ve got a few that stood out.

There is a sample of just about every character in the film within the 20 new photos. The most interesting is our first real glimpse at Dileep Rao’s (Avatar) character, who has been absent in every trailer. Definitely take a look at the photo of the rotating camera used in the hallway fight scene for a taste of the in-camera, practical effects used to shoot Inception.

Inception is slowly establishing its core audience, which is primarily male at this point. This could be the reason for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s prominence in the more recent footage. Then again, the typical advertising response to a scarce female crowd is to present the female leads, so we may see more of Cotillard and Page in the near future.

With 10 TV spots, three trailers and a healthy number of posters, Inception has released quite a bit of promo material to the public without revealing the key elements of the film. Then again, we don’t actually know what we are looking at, so it is still a guessing game. In that regard, Warner Bros. and the rest of the team behind Inception have us right where they want us.

What do you think of the TV spots? Are you excited for the film or are you still deciding? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Inception bends into theaters and IMAX on July 16th, 2010.

Source: Nolan Fans & MSN UK

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  1. me, paying to see a DiCaprio movie. the things Christopher Nolan can achieve.

  2. This female viewer was anxious for this movie as soon as she saw the words “Directed by Christopher Nolan”. After The Dark Knight, that man is my hero. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a nice bonus tho :)

  3. I’m seeing this movie though I don’t wanna see alot of stuff bfore I do…

  4. I get too excited to think it through and decide if I want to watch it or not to be able to stay in the dark on this movie. I’m just so excited to see this movie I just watch and look at everything that is Inception related. D:

    Not a bad thing, but man, it would be nice to go into the theater without knowing anything.

  5. I saw that featurette during Last Comic Standing last night and nearly had to change my pants after. I loved the new footage but I’m hoping they don’t really show anymore, it’s been fantastic but they’ve done a great job of giving us a basic plot but not really giving that much away. That and if they do reveal anymore footage I will not be able to go without seeing it so I hope they just don’t show it.

    • Damn, sounds awesome and epic all the same. I haven’t seen the featurette and I refuse to, I’ve seen all the trailers and Tv spots but I’m not watching anything else until I’m in the theaters for the movie on Friday night the 16th.

  6. I’m pretty sure Leo is catching the shell casing as it pops out of his silencer. Now that is cool.

  7. I’m already so sick of this I could scream. Will see it if we’ve got some freebie Pop Tart movie money; otherwise, the overblown Mr. Nolan can entertain the rest of you. Must say, though, that Cillian looks very nice in those natty suits.

  8. not liking it…

    this looks like a movie that is gonna try to be very deep and thought provoking when really its just complicated and stupid. not gonna see it i think…

    • Well if that’s how you feel then I guess, but Christopher Nolan is a movie making genius, he really is. I am so lost in what this movie will entel, and agree the movie seems to be very complicated (I would say that complex is a better word to use in this context though), but it is very possible and plausible for this movie to be complex without being confusing. You stated that, “this looks like a movie that is gonna try to be very deep and thought provoking when really its just complicated and stupid” that’s a very opinionated view without really having anything concrete to base this off of, because you haven’t seen the movie yet, no one has and it hasn’t even been reviewed yet by critics.

      I respect your opinion though, but let me just say that Christopher Nolan has not made a “bad” movie yet, and he is one of the few IF not the only Hollywood director who can actually say that. All 5 of his films “Memento”, “Insomnia”, “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”, and “The Prestige” (6 films if you include his small budget Indy film “Following”) have been critically acclaimed and his movies have been progressively increasing in box office intake with each additional film. Three of his five films (“The Dark Knight”, “Memento”, and “The Prestige”) are in the top 70 of the IMDb Top 250 Movies of All Time (TDK is ranked 10th). That is just plain INSANE dude.

      All I’m trying to say is that if there is any director who could pull a movie like this off; an original, action, psychological, suspenseful thriller: Mr. Nolan would be that director. His past shows that and gives much credibility to his work and “Inception”.

      Sorry for the Novel lol

  9. Wow,everythings still confusing to me lol!!! Hope the film isn’t as much….

  10. Leo needs ethics training for his movies.

  11. In addition to the movie there is so much potential for outside the movie like was done with the LOST TV show from games to viral web stuff. I could easily see a game based on this being incredible if done right.

    My only fear is that the theater will be slam packed when i go to see it and I will be there either at the midnight screening or one of the pre-Noon shows the day it opens. I also plan to make this an iMax moment and I think if you can pony up the extra few bucks for iMAx on this one you should .