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Inception extended ending College Humor SR Pick [Video]: Inception Extended Ending

[Warning: The following article contains Inception spoilers!]

Despite some backlash from fans and critics about the film not being the masterpiece some have hailed it to be, Christopher Nolan’s Inception still continues to baffle and amaze audiences everywhere, striking that rare balance of intelligent filmmaking and commercial success.

Just one of the many things that has had movie fans fervently discussing Inception is the ambiguous ending. If repeated viewings didn’t help and our own Kofi Outlaw’s Inception explanation post didn’t help, then you might have turned to making fun of the film’s teetering ending to soothe your annoyance/confusion.

However, if you haven’t thought of making light of the ending then don’t worry, as the guys at College Humor have you covered. They’ve created an absolutely hilarious video that extends the ending of Inception and makes fun of the fact that we don’t really know if the spinning top really did fall or just keep on spinning.

You can watch the College Humor video below:

I think College Humor has nailed it on the head. That exasperation sound of the crowd I’m sure is exactly what happened in theaters worldwide (it certainly did in the screening I was in). I’m betting more than a few people wished there was more footage to come after the cut-to-black ending, which would give a definitive answer – was Cobb dreaming or not?

Leaving things open to interpretation has always been a characteristic of Nolan’s work, but I don’t think it’s ever been as open as it was with Inception. However, that was one of the things I loved about the movie – the fact that not everything was laid out on a plate for you (although some say there was too much exposition thrown in). It’s a movie that makes you think and theorize and discuss long after the credits have rolled.

However, I can see where some people have been frustrated with and confused by the ending. One interpretation is that the whole thing was a dream, which understandably makes some people mad because it could mean that nothing in the story really mattered.

Inception production still 13 SR Pick [Video]: Inception Extended Ending

I personally believe that the spinning top just kept on spinning, however that only signifies (to me at least) that Cobb’s dream was him meeting up with his children again, and that he was stuck in “limbo” after drowning (thus never waking up) in the van/second level of the multi-layered dream of the whole movie.

Does that make sense? 😛

Leave your thoughts on College Humor‘s funny extension of the Inception ending below.

Source: College Humor

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  1. OMFG!!!!!!! THAT WAS HISTERICAL!!!!!!

  2. hahahahahaha

    great guys

  3. thats funny

  4. lol nice

  5. I really don’t understand the appeal of college humor. I think I’ve seen maybe two videos from them tops that were actually funny. Their A team spoof is the only one I can actually remember. The entire thing was unfunny, but the thing at the end where the guy randomly blurts out Dark Knight sucks was dumb. If you don’t like TDK fine. If you make fun of TDK fine, but in this that one little comment at the end was pointless and stupid it’s almost like they just wanted to point out at the end that they didn’t like it for no reason at all. Still while that part was annoying the entire video was just dumb. The audience kept moaning and I was moaning with them but for different reasons I kept thinking “Is it going to be funny yet?” nope ohhhhh aww.

    Maybe they should work on some more A team sketches. These guys wouldn’t know witt if it bit them in the ass.

  6. The ending was obvious – it was beginning to topple and once it begins it will eventually give way to gravity – thus it was reality.

    Where’s the ambiguity?

    • Yup.After watching the movie for a second time,it’s pretty obvious that Cobb is NOT dreaming.I think that this movie is a case in where people want to draw more out of it than what is really there.

      The ending “is” a little ambiguous,but in the end,after you really dissect the movie as a whole,it’s obvious that the top falls.This movie isn’t as cryptic as people want it to be.

      Truth be told,the true genius of this movie is the “inception” that’s implemented on the audience.

    • then why were his children wearing the same clothes as they were when he initially left them. hmmm

  7. OK, i was just talking with my wife about this spinning on or spinning stop after the credits rolled out… both of as are huge fans of this latest Nolan movie so in the in depth analyzation i just remembered that when Cobb is dremaing his memories with his wife and when Ariadne enters to see his (Cobbs) secret and they pull off Cobb enters in the toilt and spins the pendulum but Siato enters in there and cobb just grabs it and it fells on the floor but we didnt see it stop naturally by it self… maybe cobb is still dreaming from that point… so everything, entering in plane is just a dream…and so on…

  8. yea iv watched it 3 times already and every time i see the ending it begins to tfall it just cuts off before it happens leaving you guessing but im almost 100% positive it was reality

  9. Cobb was in reality, but the big point of the ending was that it didn’t matter to him any more.

    And I thought this video was pretty funny. 😀


  10. “One interpretation is that the whole thing was a dream, which understandably makes some people mad because it could mean that nothing in the story really mattered..”

    I gotta disagree, not that the whole film was or wasn’t a dream
    but that if it was a dream then nothing mattered. Sometimes when we as human will not deal with issues we need to our subconcious will help us with doing so in our dreams. If it was all a dream, and I’m not saying it was or wasn’t, then we can still connect with the character whose struggle was dealing with the lost of a loved one so that you won’t have to continue dealing with the abscence of the rest of your loved ones (in other words his kids). If it were a dream then you could say the children were the motivation Cobb neded to deal with and get past his wifes death and that the Inception JOB or plot was the mechanism by whcih to move thru those goals.

    Just a thought.

    BTW – The video was hilarious.

  11. Is it me, or is there maybe more of a reason about the very, very first scene’s placing at the start of the film and the significance it must hold?

  12. I’ve only seen the movie once, but it was pretty obvious that the top was going to topple. Nothing can wobble like that and not eventually topple. But as stated before, I don’t think it would have mattered to Dom if it toppled or not. He finally got to see his kids’ faces, and that was enough for him. Now, the other theory, that the entire movie was just a dream, because from the get go, Dom was dreaming and that nothing on the plane ever really happened, that’s just b*******. I mean, it would be stupid if that were the case, right?

    BTW, the clip was hilarious…

  13. the movie is so overrated, i mean you didn’t have to be super smart/focused to understand everything, it wasn’t ‘cryptic’ or anything, just well put and that’s why i gave it a 3.5/5 The concept of invading peoples dreams was good but the execution wasn’t 100% great, it could have done without all the explosions etc towards the end.

  14. I like the movie, it was really good but I don’t think is the best of this year, definitely not. I agree with jwalka 3.5/5 it`s my score to the movie too. Best movies of the year: Marmaduke and MacGruber definitely…….just kidding (obviously) . Best movie of the year so far(in my opinion): Kick-Ass!!


  16. Look very carefuly, the girl has a white shirt with a pink dress at the end.
    In the beginning of the movie have a pink dress only.