Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: July 18, 2010

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This week:

Inception boggles the mind at number one while Nic Cage and Jerry Bruckheimer’s Apprentice has no magic; Sandra Vergara joins Fright Night; Christopher McQuarrie has only One Shot; Sam Raimi’s Oz The Great And Powerful has a start date; Warner Bros. start World War X; two TV stars play Moneyball and lots more.

Box Office

Anyone who didn’t think that Inception wouldn’t open at number one this weekend was very silly indeed. It wasn’t that the film wouldn’t open big, the question was “how big?” -  $62 million is the answer. The Christopher Nolan directed film has won itself awesome reviews and strong word-of-mout, meaning that the film should have very impressive legs – if the average Joe isn’t put off by the complex plot. However, the marketing of “James Bond meets The Matrix” would imply that audiences will come.

The Leonardo DiCaprio film shouldn’t have a problem though, as Nolan has been hyped as the second coming of Kubrick for quite some time now. Factor in that the director is working on a new Batman film for Warners and is helping godfather in a new Superman reboot, then it looks like Nolan will be able to continue to make big budget personal films for at least the next decade. The tagline should have said: “No Sequel, No Comic Books, No 3D.”

Leonardo DiCaprio Inception The Extractor Poster Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: July 18, 2010

Last week’s champion Despicable Me had to settle for the runner-up position this week. Don’t feel too bad for the 3D animated film though, it grossed another $32 million, upping its total to $118 million. Audiences just love animated features!

It really does appear that Jerry Bruckheimer has lost his magic. The Sorcerers’s Apprentice should finish the weekend with a disappointing $18 million. The Nicolas Cage film hasn’t been tracking well for weeks, but the debut isn’t good for this pricy pic. This disappointment, following the weak grosses for Prince of Persia indicate that Bruckheimer’s post Pirates of The Caribbean career cruising should be coming to an end. Come on Jerry – where’s the man who brought up Top Gun, The Rock and Beverly Hills Cop?

Twilight Saga: Eclipse should manage a smidgen over $13 million this weekend. With $265 million in the kitty (coffin?) so far it would seem this isn’t going to out gross the last instalment, New Moon. It won’t hit $300 million domestic, but I’m sure that Summit aren’t too concerned with half a billion banked worldwide.

Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups somehow brought it enough moviegoers for another $12 million. The comedy has now grossed $129 million, despite horrendous reviews.

Toy Story 3 brought in another $11 million. With $363 million in the bank so far, and a billion potential DVD units to sell, it looks like this franchise is still money. News is that Tim Allen is signed to a fourth. There’s no surprise there – is there?

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender grossed just over $7 million, giving the potential franchise starter a $114 million total. Will we see a sequel? Does anyone care?

Predators took a huge tumble from last week’s debut. The Robert Rodriguez produced film’s total now stands at $40 million after bringing an estimated $7 million this weekend.

Knight & Day upped it’s cume to $69 million after bringing in another $3.5 million. Will the Tom Cruise/ Cameron Diaz action comedy hit $80 million?

The Karate Kid’s total now stands at $169 million. The sequel is in development. That’s all that needs to be said about that.

Movie News

1. Modern Family star Sandra Vergara has joined the cast of Fright Night. The actress will play the girlfriend of Dr Who star David Tennant’s Magician.

Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin round out the cast of Craig Gillespie’s horror remake.

Source: Heat Vision

2. It has taken a decade, but Usual Suspects writer Christopher McQuarrie will direct again. Following on from 2000’s Way of the Gun, McQuarrie will helm One Shot. McQuarrie’s name was making headlines not long ago when he was given the duty to pen the script for Wolverine 2.

According to Heat Vision:

“The project is based on a series of novels written by Lee Child that center on Jack Reacher, a military police officer-turned-drifter. One Shot, the ninth book in the series, tells the story of a military sniper accused of murder who seeks Reacher’s help.”

What was that word you just whispered? Franchise?

Source: Heat Vision

3. Warner Brothers has picked up Colin Trevorrow’s World War X script for Silver Pictures.

silver pictures Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: July 18, 2010

According to Variety:

“The Story’s centered on a man recruited by a team of government agents to stop a terrorist from the future who is using time travel to reshape history.”

Source Variety

4. According to Production Weekly, Sam Raimi’s Oz The Great And Powerful is scheduled to begin principle photography in June 2011.

That means it’ll probably be released in 2012.

That’s two years!


Source: Production Weekly

5. Parks and Recreation actor Chris Pratt and Cold Case star Kathryn Morris have joined the cast of Brad Pitt’s Moneyball.

“Pratt will play Scottice Hatteberg, whose career as a catcher for the Boston Red Sox ended after he ruptured a nerve in his elbow and could no longer throw a ball post-surgery. He was recruited by the Oakland A’s the following year to play first base, and he helped lead the team to the playoffs in 2002 and 2003 with strong batting as a designated hitter.

Morris will play the second wife of Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane (Pitt). She loves baseball as much as her husband, so she understands and shares his passion for the game.”

Robin Wright, Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Stephen Bishop also star in the Bennett Miller-directed film.

Source: THR

6. Despicable Me has made over $100 million at the box office and that number is only going to grow.

despicable me review Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: July 18, 2010

In Hollywood that means only one thing – a sequel. So it’s no surprise that there’s one now in development.

Source: Deadline


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That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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  1. hmm blu-ray only edition for the grindhouse huh…damn that sucks, as for sam raimi, wth is he doing ANYTHING else besides another Ash movie?? its what the fans really have been wanting from him for years now. im seriously considering not seeing anymore of his new films till he gives us another Ash adventure.

  2. Anthony, Bluray isn’t taking off the way the studios had hoped. Therefore your going to see more effort forcing consumers into the dying BR market…

    Personally if your on the “economic” fence investing in Bluray I would definitely hold off as the technology will phase out in about 5 years. In that time Dvds will still be the norm so there’s no need to go BR.

    As far as Tv shows go, FOX’s Raising Hope looks hilarious.

    It would be great if Screen Rant started posting trailers for Tv shows,,, I havents seen any in a while.

    • its not that i cant afford one, i can, but you see 790, i have a lot of dvds, i just cant..well, i refuse to convert all my dvds into blu-ray.my buddy has a blu-ray player i do love the picture quality.

      • I have ,err, had a BluRay player, the PS3 but it died on me, the second one to do so. The BluRay picture is incredibly awesome but the ticket price of a player is excessive especially with as long as it has been around and that it now does not have HD-DVD to compete with.

        What is going to nail the coffin on BluRay is what should have replaced DVD’s years ago, pure digital media that can go on a USB Memory stick, Flash Card or any PC ready/compatable memory card of any type that is big enough to store a 4- 12 GB file (size varies depending on resolution, move length as well as extras).

        The only reason this hasn’t happened is that the studios don’t want people to have a way to lets them buy a movie just once. With a disc be it BluRay or regular, it impossible to keep it playable forevr with most folks getting only a few years out of a disc before it scratches or in some other way becomes unusable. This limited shelf life & use of Discs is the only reason the movie studios bought into moving to DVD from VCR tapes.

        They don;t want a purely digital format because that means buying once and never again unless you fail to copy or backup your movie file in whcih case you will have to re-purchase.

  3. Here’s a shock I agree with 790 well on part of his post not the blu Ray part.

    It would indeed be nice to get more TV stuff or maybe another spinoff site for TV I don’t think it’s a shot in the dark to assume pretty much everyone on the site watches TV. Personally while I love movies I like TV more I enjoy having a story that I love and being able to watch it and see the characters fully evolve.

    • i watch little tv these day, tis too cluttered with crap reality “shows” scripted ones at that lol.

  4. I too would like to see Raimi do another Evil Dead film and NOT a remake of Evil Dead. Without Bruce Campbell, it wouldn’t be right. But I think he’s working on My Name IS Bruce part 2 at the moment. I could be wrong. I had the chance to ask Bruce at the opening show of Man With the Screaming Brain about an Evil Dead 4 or a remake and he told me personaly that “It’s their F****** movie and we’ll remake it if we want.” So he didn’t give me a yes but not a no! So here’s hopping it is a sequel instead of a remake. In the mean time SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE A EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL MOVIE!!! There I feel better now.

    • last time i saw bruce at comic-con he looked dead tired and drained lol

    • I would even settle for Evil Dead: The Musical as a movie. That was great fun.

      But I would really like to ass an older more grizzled Ash kick some Deadite @ss.

  5. on a good note to the movie happenings this week, i do like anton yelchin, so seeing him in fright night might sway me into seeing that train wreck

  6. Anthony there always has been and always will be crappy TV shows. There are still plenty of good shows on the air right now. I would suggest House, rescue me , psych , Bones, always sunny, Supernatural , The Office, entourage. Oh I just started White Collar and Burn Notice also good shows.

    Also not great but very entertaining shows like Leverage or NCIS the original not the crap LA one.

    As far as Blu Ray goes you don’t need to trade in your DVD collection at all alot of the newer Blu Ray players come with DVD ability or just get a PS3. My personal stance is I never buy a serious no action drama or comedy for BR only action flicks and I never buy a blu Ray of a film that came out before 2000 seems pointless. I have a PS3 which is among the best BR players and it also plays nearly any media type imaginable. I only own about six BR but I’ll be getting a bunch more soon. If inalready own it on DVD Im not gonna buy it on BR.

    • damn daniel, i knew i liked you for a reason lol, you put up great points about blu-rays. as for tv stuff, i watch all the shows u mention. psych is another great show, supernatural, sons of anarchy.warehouse 13, eureka, haven, merlin, hmm maybe i watch more thna i think…but compared to all the shows that are out there and on, my list is small lol. oh..a guilty please tv show i watch is man vs. food…i love to cook, and i get great ideas from that show, plus that guy can eat man.

      • “plus that guy can eat man”

        You mean he is a cannibal?


  7. I have alot of dvds but im growing my Blu ray collection……but i wont outgrow my dvd collection unless they drop theyre prices…..i like the blu ray High Resolution and everything its just soooo darn expensive……i only get the really good movies on blu ray though….

  8. Sounds like you watch alot of TV Anthony. More than enough to be interested in a TVrant lol.

    Still not a fan of saying TV sucks now. I mean think back to 10 or 15 years ago and try to think of all the trully great shows with great writing. Now count all the great shows you watch right now. The truth is 15 years ago TV kind of sucked even 20 years. Sure there are alot of reality shows but my thought seems to be that writing and concepts have gotten better. 16 years ago to many shows were just Copys of each other and alot were pretty cheesy.

    • yeah i agree, i watch more than i thought lol.but considering all the shows that are out, it could be worse haha.

  9. Anthony I should have put up a (^),
    I wasn’t implying you couldn’t afford a BR player I was just speaking to the casual reader at that point. My slip up,,, ;-)
    Daniel, BR is a fad and if people want to invest in that technology (HD Tv system, BR player, Home Entertainment stereo setup) that’s fine but BR will never be as compatible as the Dvd in the long run. Sure you can play Dvds in a BR player but BR discs will ALWAYS have to be played in a BR player, not the same as Dvds that can be played in various other devices. (Portable Dvd players, Computers, Laptops, X-Boxs, Dvd-R players, the list goes on)
    BluRay’s only hope of survival is to join Dvds on an even consumer price scale, that includes the player as well as the discs.

    But that will never happen.

    I personally can’t wait until BR’s dive head long into a profit driven oblivion, and they (Sony) will… Time flys,,,
    The next Dvd storage technology will blow Blurays out of the water, so keep wasting your money BR fans,,, haha,!

    • That’s exactly what they said about the VHS tape. And the CD. And then the DVD. BD tech is a lot more widespread than you give credit for, much more than a fad. And trending cheaper too, you’d be amazed how low you can go for a moderate BD/HD entertainment setup now. Even if DVD and BD continue in parallel, there is an increasing market for the moderate to high end A/V quality. BD already has gained traction in the PC market, and with a heavyweights like Sony and others behind it it’s tough to bet against it ever being “driven into profit oblivion.”

      Next DVD storage tech? as in HD-DVD…?
      Frankly, both DVD and BD are more likely to succumb to streaming digital content, but I see that as a longer term outcome.

      • oh i know 790, i actually came close to getting one last month, but the guy at best buy pissed me off, soo no sale for him lol.

        • i thought BR disks could hold twice the data that dvd’s could, why do i see double disk blu-ray sets?

  10. BA, your correct about streaming, however the Dvd and Cd are the favorite physical consumer mediums and will be after Bluray fades into the electronic market background.
    Ricky18 will have some cool Bluray discs he can show his kids some day. Like I have shown my nieces cassettes and Lps… They are both niche products at this point. Same will become of the Bluray disc.

    The biggest factor in the Bluray disc’s downfall is the economic time frame…

  11. Evil Dead… I dont see this ever being done. If it is it will be the last thing he ever does as the fan base will chew him apart for not doing it “right”.

    • Aknot, dont killl my dreams lol

  12. But at the same time, the “blue” laser is far more efficient than the old red one. Remember when you first saw a CD player 30 plus years ago? It will quite sometime before the next wave of digital media enters thew market place.
    On a lighter note, seems the general public has a distain for bad acting as well. See the BO gross for Cage’s latest debacle, and Uncle Jerry seems to be following the same pattern. Just phone in the performance and you get a horrible first week of grosses despite opening 2 days early.

    • i think mini-disk died slow, so maybe blu-ray is folling its path, who knows

  13. Yeah Anthony you can get twice as much data on a BR. Notice that studios have been using that extra memory to release 2 pack versions of older films that were never shot in HD.

    The same extra data space has already been surpassed by Microsoft years ago. And also the red vs blue laser has really nothing to do with efficiency. It has more to do with the processor then the laser beam.
    Btw the BR takes longer to load then a regular dvd.

    • hmmm…telling me this doesnt really sway me in hurrying over to get one now lol..i’ll ride it out a little while longer. short of a release of an exclusive BR directors cut of fast times at ridemont high i wont be in too much of a hurry i think

  14. Anthony
    Wat did that best buy guy do to get u upset?!? LMFAO!!!!! Yep thats happened alot to me at best buy to….they follow u around……and yeah,i dont know y some BR have 2 discs…..waist of disc if they could do that on one y dont they?!?
    I havent baught a blu ray in over 2 months!!! Im waiting for them to lower their prices…..Atleast $10 for decent ones…..

    • ricky18, man, the guy was just terrible..kept pushing for the sale, finally when i told him i just wasnt sure he got irate and stormed off. muttering all these names which for reasons here i cannot repeat..

  15. Thing is Anthony “Fast Times” wasn’t filmed in HD so your plasma tv will add more clarity then a BR copy would.

    BR releases of non HD films are nothing short of adding a unique color filtration to the films appearance.

    Its all smoke and mirrors.

    • yeah, i was just saying that if heckerling got off her butt and released that, it would just be my luck that it would be a blu-ray only thing, which would force me to make the trasition lol

  16. and i saw predators again this weekend…and stil my favorite line from that one is “your ass is awesome”

  17. Wow that’s some creative writing Anthony… O boy?
    Funny there isn’t any film/tv series that would get me into the Bluray scam… ;-)

    • lol, what can i say ive been DREAAAMMMMING of a directors cut of fast times ever since i saw it on tv with those extra scenes in it

  18. BlueCollar, crazy as it sounds, a lot of people don’t have computers or even know what a memory stick is,,,

    The digital world is still an infant in terms of its streaming capabilities. Most telco companies don’t even have fiber in rural areas and won’t for years.
    1/4 of Americans are still watching movies on VHS,,,
    Streaming won’t be the norm until the web is totally overhauled and locked down. You’ll need a license to surf and purchase products.
    Streaming videos will come with a hefty fine if your caught sharing or lending your copy.
    They will also place a lifespan on your download.

    You might want to rethink your dreams of a streaming utopia.

    • @790

      I think you may have mixed up my comment with another because I didn’t mention streaming media, in fact I’m against streaming content. I don’t think as few people are aware of these newer media optiuons then you think when you look at the wider picture. Sure, among the 50+ generation like the baby boomers there’s a much higher rate of computer and digital illiteracy but starting with the 40 something’s and especially the 30 & under crowd I’m sure more know what a memory card (be it memory stick or compact flash or USB drive or even just the iPod) is and how to use it.

      DVD will not go away but just as VHS and reel to reel film before it, you will find less and less available in the format and you’ll find it more expensive to get hardware to play the tapes.

      As for the life of a DVD, sure you can get many years out of one but that’s with great care of the disc and that is not the norm for most users. I worked the media format business for over a decade selling everything from DVDs & CD’s to laser discs and I can tell you that if the Movie Studios believed people would get that much life out of a DVD they would have taken much longer to be embraced and they’d have been a lot more expensive.

      The reason its so difficult getting movies in a digital format that does NOT require DRM (Digital Rights Management) is because once you have a movie in that form you need never buy another copy and you don’t need to perform great care and maintenance on it to make it last that long. This i because digital to digital transfer (be it copying or backing up) is perfect so long as the equipment your using isn’t crap.

      Streaming though will get the push because it’s the way the studios can in one hand say we support digital media and in the other hand restrict your options on its use far more then they ever could have with VHS tape or DVD.

  19. I’ve seen Blu Ray players for as low as 99$ hardly expensive.

    Also the day digital media takes over is the day I place a single bullet in my gun and pull the trigger. Digital media means you do not truly own anything. Anything that isn’t physical property isn’t worth buying to me. If I can’t have a nice DvD collection with nice cases to display and show off than I have no need to ever buy another movie. I know it will happen someday but I’d prefer to be dead before that. I’d rather spend my money for a nice case to add to my collection.

    Wait I can turn on my computer open a folder and display all my nice lil files. Ugh better hope nothing happens to my hard drive after one year or I won’t even have a file.

    I have DVDs that I’ve had for 7 years and still work perfectly. I don’t have a hard drive flash drive or a file that I’ve had for longer than two.

    • a lot of ,y dvd’s are over 10 years old, and they still play fine, no skips at all

      • @Daniel,

        Yes you can find BluRay players under $100 but you also can find DVD plaeyrs for $9 but just like the under $99 BluRay players they are incredibly bad and may not even last thru 1 showing of a movie. And I want even get into all the updates and problems you run into with poorly constructed BluRay players.

        The lease expensnive piece of hardware ir more often then not the worst piece and not even worth buying.

  20. Yeah Anthony Dvds and especially older Cds are very durable and will actually outlive us if we keep them out of the sun, don’t scratch them too much and lastly don’t get a bad disc that begins to have aluminum corruption.
    I’ve seen it in maybe twice in my collection.

    What happens is there’s a defect in the pressing or they used cheap materials that week at the dvd/cd factory. The aluminum starts to decay from within the plastic. There’s nothing you can do if it gets too far into the tracks.
    VHS tapes on the other hand only last for approx 100 plays. After that your going to have tape fatigue and breakage issues.
    Btw,,, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet Anthony, but your a welcome new voice here at Screen Rant. :-)

    • thank you 790! i think i have things to say here, and hope i dont rattle too many cages lol. i still have an older VCR and some VHS tapes around here somewhere…the packrat that i am, just cant seem to part with stuff lol

  21. Anthony you know the VHS market is huge in the Puerto Rico area and parts of North Dakota.

    In those areas you could live off selling your VHS tapes.

    • i do like the way you think sir!!

  22. I drink alotta beer and listen to DEVO,,,,


    I guess that’s a heads up,,,,lol
    RUSH is another one of my favs!

  23. Sorry about that rant BlueCollar I think I typed that during happy hour,,,

    Good points I agree with many of them.

    Have you heard of the storage capabilities of the cutting edge holographic dvds they have come up with? They’re talking about enough space to hold over 50 movies on one dvd type disc. ;-O

  24. My main point blue was that the price keeps getting lower as time goes by. It was the same with DVD players when they came out there was a time when you couldn’t find them under a hundred but as they slowly took over and became more popular they go cheaper.

  25. Are you kidding me? The star of Modern Family is Sofia Vergara, and not Sandra Vergara. Sandra is her sister! And that is not even a real picture of her sister Sandra, that is a different Sandra Vergara. I happen to know who she is, she is some kind of known girl in Peru but not the sister of Sofia Vergara. And Sofia Vergara is not joining the cast of Fright Night, her siter is! OMG This is all wrong.

  26. Are you kidding me? The star of Modern Family is Sofia Vergara, and not Sandra Vergara. Sandra is her sister! And that is not even a real picture of her sister Sandra, that is a different Sandra Vergara. I happen to know who she is, she is some kind of known girl in Peru but not the sister of Sofia Vergara. And Sofia Vergara is not joining the cast of Fright Night, her siter is! OMG This is all wrong. And you know what, that is not even her sister, Sandra is her cousin and was adopted by Sofias parents.