03) Please Donate

Taking their punishments to the theater, Murr is forced to stand up on stage and ask an audience to donate to his charity. Unfortunately, Murr has no idea what is charity if for. Good thing his friends are there to supply him with prepared presentation.

2) Say Cheese

Introducing the world to world to “Freshzatski photography”, Joe gets a workout going as he “shiatskis” around trying to get the perfect photograph. Couple that with Q’s affinity for mothers and the return of Sal’s infamous photo, and you have a classic Impractical Jokers challenge.


1) Worst Cashiers Ever

Perfectly representing how ridiculously hilarious the show can be, “Worst Cashiers Ever” shows the Impractical Jokers at the top of their game, in front of, and behind, the camera. The introduction of “nosing” and “mustache” are just some of the quotable gems that are contained in this challenge.

If you still haven’t had your fill of Impractical Jokers, make sure to check back at Screen Rant tomorrow, as we talk to Joe and Murr about the making of Impractical Jokers, challenges that never made it air, Joe’s stint as a celebrity personal baby shopper, the future of the series, and much, much more.

Impractical Jokers season 1 finale airs Thursday @10pm on TruTV

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