06) Text Interperator

When you’re forced to sit in a waiting room with a stranger and show them every text you receive from your friends behind-the-scenes, all bets are off. While Q and Joe may get off easy compared to the others, Sal and Q get to deal with explaining a “hook-up” with someone’s brother and videotaping your uncle in the shower.

05) Butterfly Crime Scene

It may not be the worst punishment on Impractical Jokers, but there’s nothing better than watching a terrified Sal having to make up a song to sing at a Minor League Baseball game. If you thought David Caruso was the go-to guy for CSI information, perhaps you haven’t heard Mr. Vulcano’s opus to fallen lepidopterans.

04) Flatliners

“Don’t confuse the inferior vena cava with the pulmonary valves, or someone could DIE! What did I just tell you?” Need I say more?

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