09) Bullhorn Artists

If standing in the middle of a crowded park with a bullhorn isn’t terrifying enough, relinquishing control over what exactly comes out of that bullhorn to yours friends makes it even more so. After Sal makes Joe break in the middle of a bit, he goes for a double-knockout as Murr steps up to let everyone in the park know what they can do.

08) Buy My Book

Buy My Book brings the Impractical Jokers face to face (and alone) with the unsuspecting public. Trying to sell their autobiographies, Sal, Q, Joe and Murr present their “life stories” to strangers and make them want to buy their book. The only problem is that they don’t know what’s on the slides. RIP Black Jackie!

“Buy My Book” – Part 2

07) Shoe Sukas

It may not have been the challenge that introduced the world to LARRY, but “Shoe Sukas” certainly made LARRY the go-to name to yell when in the need of anything. Not only that, but the long rumored shoe store rule of “what happens in a shoe store, stays in a shoe store” is confirmed. LARRY!

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