‘Immortals’ Trailer #2 Promises A Beautiful Greek Epic

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Henry Cavill as Theseus in the Immortals trailer Immortals Trailer #2 Promises A Beautiful Greek Epic

When the original trailer for Tarsem Singh’s Greek epic, Immortals, was released, the footage on display immediately invited comparisons to Zack Snyder’s stylish 300 adaptation.

The second Immortals trailer also paints the film in the same light as titles like 300 and Clash of the Titans – quite literally – as Mickey Rourke’s King Hyperion actually unleashes “the Titans” in this preview. However, Singh looks to deliver a more visually-dazzling and unique spin on the swords-and-sandals genre with his film.

Immortals stars Henry Cavill (the new Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel) as Theseus, a warrior destined to stop Rourke’s bloodthirsty warlord and prevent him from overthrowing the Gods of Olympus – by using the legendary Bow of Epirus, a mystical weapon that would allow King Hyperion to become the indomitable ruler of the world.

Much like before, the latest Immortals trailer has a whole lot of material (Theseus prepping his troops for battle with a rousing speech, almost balletic slo-mo combat sequences, the metallic golden tint of the cinematography) that directly recalls 300. So how will moviegoers be able to distinguish Singh’s film from Snyder’s Greek epic?

Watch the new Immortals trailer (via RyanSeacrest.com) below and find out:

Whereas Snyder aimed to faithfully recreate the look and design of Frank Miller’s original 300 graphic novel, Singh appears to have infused Immortals with more of his own creative visual style – resulting in this trailer featuring almost painterly imagery of armored soldiers clashing or flying through the air in battle. Most of the clearly-designed-for-3D shots actually seem to avoid being too gimmicky as well, opting to draw viewers into the scenery – as opposed to, say, just having arrows or spears fly out directly at the camera. Lastly, the production design of Immortals also has its own flavor, resulting in some creative costume design for the various characters in the film.

Although Cavill is portraying the same character archetype in Immortals as Sam Worthington did in the Clash of the Titans remake, the former seems more convincing as an everyman who rises to the occasion and is destined to battle fantastical creatures. It doesn’t look as though Theseus will get to belt cheesy yet undeniably memorable inspirational speeches or dialogue a la the lines of King Leonadis’ from 300, but that works well with the more traditionally dramatic atmosphere that Immortals seems to be aiming for. Cavill just has to hope that he isn’t upstaged by Rourke, whose gruff but subtle villain could be a scene-stealer.

immortals Mikey Rourke Immortals Trailer #2 Promises A Beautiful Greek Epic

Depending on how well Immortals goes over with general audiences, it could impact people’s interest in seeing Cavill’s take on Superman – as well as Singh’s upcoming retelling of Snow White, which is scheduled to hit theaters in spring 2012. Best to wait and see, though.

Immortals will arrive in U.S. theaters on November 11th, 2011.

Source: RyanSeacrest.com

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  1. So looking forward to this.

  2. As am I…the trailer looks great.

  3. This movie looks really interesting visually

  4. Clash of titans 2 take some notes.

    I love Tarsem Singh’s style. I expect no less from his cinemtography. Can’t wait for this and Snow White. Has no one seen The Fall?

    • “The fall” is one of my favourite films ever. It is absolutely stunning visually, and emotionally exhausting.

  5. I don’t know what it is exactly about the trailers that are so off-putting, but this doesn’t look appealing at all. Maybe it’s the overuse of CGI backgrounds or the lack of continuity of Greek mythology mashed in there.

    Those are obvious. But there is just something that’s not sitting right about this movie that makes me think it’s going to be really, really awful.

    I’ve seen The Fall (and enjoyed that) as well as The Cell. So, I am familiar with his style.

    I think I know what it is!

    … I think I am burnt out out on CGI movies.

    Jeesh… I am getting old.

    • /hands Nautius a juice box and sits him down to watch TCM :)

    • Dude that’s how I feel (at least after the first trailer). I’m at work right now, so I’m not gonna be able to watch this trailer until later.

      But after seeing the first one, I don’t know how anyone is excited for this movie. It looks extremely mediocre or worse. From casting, to dialogue, to the imitation of 300′s visual style.

      I’m hoping this trailer will change my mind when I watch it, but so far I feel like this movie looks anything but promising (and I’ve always been one to give movies the benefit of the doubt at the trailers).

  6. All I know is Theseus’ claim to fame was his defeat of the Minotaur and that is no where to be found in this movie. If they are just going to randomly dream up some epic myth they should just make up a name rather than try to attach it to one of the well known Heros.

    So other than them “using” the name Theseus, this will bear absolutely no resemblance to anything from Greek/Athenian myth?

    • If I recall correctly, Thesius went on to become a king and quite a jerk. Kidnapped women throughout his life and was eventually thrown from a cliff.

    • Looks like maybe a “Minotaur” at the 1:37 mark. Love Singh’s visuals; here’s to hoping this is good. Also, “Khaless” I believe they set it up as the Gods can’t directly interfere with human affairs therefore mortal champion Theseus.

      • good catch, I missed that! Kind of sad still that they would add in his crowning achievement as a mere footnote to the “larger” story.

        • A crowning achievement marred by his father topping himself on seeing Theseus’s ship returning to Athens with a black sail, mongoose – he’d forgotten to change it to a white sail to signal ahead that he was still alive. As Nautius so succinctly put it, he could be quite a jerk! Those Greeks loved a tragedy. :-D

  7. I love me some Greek mythology (I’m still waiting for that epic Hercules movie :-) ) but I’m not understanding something here; the Greek gods were suppose to be these extremely powerful beings who could turn you into a tulip by blinking their eye. What do they need with a mortal? Is Hyberion the son of one of these gods or something?

    • In the myths Hyperion was actually one of the Titans himself, overthrown by the likes of Zeus and Poseidon. Theseus was the son of the King of Athens, or Poseidon, depending on which telling of his tale you’re going with (his mother allegedly slept with both on the same night, the little minx…). Interfering in and affecting mortal goings-on like celestial puppeteers is exactly the kind of shenanigans the Greek gods are known for, and that’s what was totally absent from the Brad Pitt Troy film. Having said that, Theseus wasn’t supposed to have taken part in the War of the Titans, so this is another somewhat “loose” interpretation at best…

  8. Was it shot or converted to 3D? It looks like it might be worth watching in 3D

  9. are these the same immortals from 300

    • Nah, the 300 Immortals are just Xerxes’ famous Persian soldiers. These are the Immortals of Greek mythology (or at least based on them).

  10. Rated R I hope!

  11. The cinemtography looks to be fun, but this movie almost screams “God of War” video games a little too much to me…

    But I’ll probably see this someday.

  12. some of these look like characteters from clash of the titans

  13. I had no interest in this until seeing the trailer in 3D, first movie trailer that ever made me want to see the movie because of how the effect was used

  14. Looks like garbage.

  15. Now WB/DC need to get those guys to do a Wonder Woman movie!!!

  16. I don’t know what it is about a lot of these young actors today they just don’t seem to have ‘it’.

  17. The latest trailer has finally convinced me, should be good!

  18. I’ve seen a couple things in 3D recently and been kinda dissapointed, this one looks like it should be a perfect fit.