Long Lost Image of Nicolas Cage as Superman?

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Back in the halcyon days of 1997, Tim Burton had a dream: To bring Superman to the big screen. The film, entitled Superman Lives, was supposed to star Nicolas Cage as the legendary Man of Steel. Obviously, the movie never panned out, though the rudiments of the project would eventually become 2006′s Superman Returns. For a detailed explanation of why the film never made it past pre-production (aside from the producer’s ludicrous “toy first, plot second” approach to filmmaking) check out the Wikipedia entry on the movie.

In the 10+ years since Superman Lives fizzled out of existence, fanboys across the world have always wondered, “What would Nick Cage have been like as Superman?” Now, we may have a clue. Recently, the obscure Japanese fansite, TimBurton.jp, posted a video featuring some alleged concept art for Superman Lives. Toward the end of the 55 second clip, you get to see a still image of Nicolas Cage in full Superman gear for what appears to be a costume test. We’ve reposted the image for you below. Enjoy.

nicolascagesuperman Long Lost Image of Nicolas Cage as Superman?

When I first saw the picture, I immediately thought it was fake. Well, that’s not entirely true. The first thing I thought was, “Oh my God!” and then I laughed for a little while and then I decided it was fake. Honestly, it looks like someone superimposed a picture of Nicolas Cage on a 16-hour bender over top of a Superman action figure. There’s something too plastic-y about the image for me to believe it’s real. The fact that it comes from an obscure foreign website doesn’t boost its credibility much either.

What do you think? Is the photo a fake? If not, how crazy does Nicolas Cage look?

Source: TimBurton.jp

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  1. I don’t know why, but I keep staring at that photo. There’s something about it that not only draws me in, but creeps me out. I wouldn’t be surprised if an entire Japanese horror franchise was built around that picture.

    If so, at least we’ll know who could play creepy Supercage. That’s right, Jeff Goldblum.

  2. Hmmm, now I wonder what being probably on a 16 hour bender with Nicholas Cage would be like? Probably like watching The Wicker Man in 3D on loop while drunk for 16 hours…

  3. What it could be, and most likely is, is a costume test photo they used for production meetings. My guess is they had just some guy pose in a mock up cheap plastic costume which they made, then they (the filmmakers) actually superimposed a shot of Nic Cage on the body just to give everyone an idea of what he would look like in costume. So yes, it’s most likely fake, but only in the sense that the production itself faked it for their own purposes. Either way it looks like crap.

  4. I think I may have trouble sleeping tonite – that is HORRIFIC.

  5. It’s fake. And ghastly!

  6. This doesn’t look even slightly real. More fake than the moon landings! ;)

  7. He looks very stoned!.

  8. I think it is fake, yea..

    But Anyway- by the looks of it, that movie would have been
    the Batman&robin of superman movies! – surpassing S4 Quest for peace..

  9. Supeyman meets The House Of Wax.

  10. Come on guys, that’s totally real! Anyone can see that painstaking effort was taken to ensure that Mr. Cage was the perfect choice for Kal-El.

    (crickets chirping)

    Anyone want to buy some swamp land in Florida? :-)

    Horrible looking and thank goodness it didn’t happen.

  11. If it’s real, then I understand how that photo 86′d the entire film in 1997/8! I remember reading that the costume test was one of the biggest reasons WB got cold feet.

    Heck, Johnny Depp was supposed to be in the Hulk movie at that time, too, with Jonathan Hensleigh writing and I think directing. Two big superhero movies killed in 1997/8.


  12. I am sick to my stomach……..

  13. I don’t know, a part of me wants to see that movie. Pure car crash cinema.

  14. Totally fake. Even the shoulders look like hard plastic. I like Nicolas Cage, but if he were to end up in Superman, he would have killed the franchise worse than Superman Returns.

  15. Painfully obvious fake.
    Photoshop 101 failing exam.

    Nic Cage’s head is much smaller
    in proportion to his body.
    Not worth analyzing.

    Probably pasted together
    by a Tim Burton hater.

  16. and you know, i am a nic cage fan….but, please..
    never show me that picture again!

  17. Aren’t you a little old to be trick or treating ?

    Man that’s hilarious. I’ve seen clothing models pull off a more convincing Superman.

    He looks like “Steve Perry of Journey” at a gay costume party.

    Just do the Ghost Rider sequel you big moron,,, :-D

  18. HAHAHAHAHA Superman at club 54




    Some things are NEVER meant to be seen.

    ~Oh the shame.

  20. who cares if its fake nic cage is madd blazed in that photo ha.

  21. Exec: I know. Let’s make Nic Cage a superhero!
    Tim Burton: I made a movie about a man with scissors for hands, and I still think that’s a bad idea.
    Exec: You’ll see, one day you’ll all see!

    2008, Nic Cage in God-awful Texas accent: I feel like my skull’s on fire!
    Exec:(Puts palm on face, begins to sob)

  22. The photo may be fake, but I can assure you the project was real. In 1997 (or 98?) I interviewed for a job with Marvel in NYC working on graphics for it, and they had a life-sized grey clay bust of Cage as superman sitting on the desk in front of me(for designers to draw from). For years I thought I was crazy remembering it, until I saw a lost trailer of Cage in full gear. Personally, I just don’t see cage in the role, but it would have been a sweet job for me!

  23. I mean DC not marvel…

  24. All he needs is a gotee and a motorcycle and he’ll be ready to rock and roll. umm, in a mock superman movie.

  25. the flesh colour of his colar/chest area is completely different to his face, plus there is a join below his neck where the action figures head is screwed on lol, there is a curtain behind him and what looks like a plant, which suggests this is an action figure sitting on someones bedroom window.

  26. hey where is all the lost footage of all the screen tests there is money in this my god imagin george clooneys tv shows yeah lets get it all out there hollywood and their phoney baloney images the public knows what is going on so much propaganda and bs it makes people tired of same old same old…..

  27. Nicolas Cage as superman..Perish the thought!!…Please do not even consider this in the future..UUUHHH!!

  28. I have a fan magazine from back then that says Superman’s costume was going to be black and silver and that Lex Luthor was also going to be from Krypton. Superman was not going to fly but was going to be able to leap very far like the original superman concept. I wish it would have been made.