Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘I’m Still Here’ Trailer Debuts

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Joaquin Phoenix Joaquin Phoenixs Im Still Here Trailer Debuts

Remember a couple years back when Joaquin Phoenix stopped cutting his hair, stopped shaving his face, retired from acting, and began his career as a hip-hop artist? How about that one time he went on David Letterman and made a fool of himself in front of millions of people?

If memory serves, Phoenix acted all kinds of crazy and word on the street was that he was “going insane” as part of a hoax-documentary directed by his brother-in-law, Casey Affleck, in the style of Borat or Bruno.

A plethora of bad jokes were made about facial hair and white rappers: “Haha, maybe Joaquin’s auditioning for the part of Hagrid in Harry Potter! Maybe he joined the Taliban! Maybe he’s the uni-bomber part deux!” Et cetera, et cetera. Eventually, everybody everywhere forgot about the whole ordeal and Phoenix reappeared, un-retired, looking somewhat like a normal human being again.

Fast-forward a year-and-a-half and the documentary—or mockumentary?—is finally being released. Based on what little can be derived from the brief trailer, the premise of I’m Still Here looks to be one hundred percent stupid: Once mega-famous actor Joaquin Phoenix can’t deal with the fact that he’s getting old and falling off the mainstream map – hence the title, I’m Still Here.

You can now check out the trailer for yourself:

My primary problem with this film? I never considered Joaquin Phoenix to be mega-famous. Not after Gladiator, not after Signs, not after Ladder 49, not even after Walk the Line. (Now, River Phoenix, on the other hand—that guy was famous!) Secondly, when I’m Still Here was in the process of filming, Joaquin was, at most, only slightly less famous than he was at his peak, which, as previously stated, was mere moderate fame.

The question remains—was this whole thing just a massive practical joke at the expense of the general viewing public, and me in particular? Or is this a deadly serious documentary about one man’s descent into madness as a result of not getting an Oscar for either Gladiator or Walk the Line?

joaquinphoenixad Joaquin Phoenixs Im Still Here Trailer Debuts

Conventional wisdom seems to indicate that the former is the case. I can just picture Joaquin and Casey Affleck sitting around in their super-expensive chaise lounges, in their super-expensive mansions, sipping super-expensive margaritas whilst cackling their asses off about how funny and clever and tricky they were in all of this. Frankly, I’d be more inclined to give this movie the benefit of the doubt if it didn’t feel like they actually believed they’d pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes. Then again, who can argue with classic, philosophical lines like, “I’m a mountaintop water-drop*”? Not I, that’s for sure.

(*See trailer for clarification.)

I’m Still Here will…be here in limited release on September 10th.

Source: Magnolia Pictures

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  1. Even if this is a massive practical joke, it’s really just not that interesting. It would be much more so if anyone gave a crap about Joaquin at any point in his career! Thanks for posting this!

    • lol…yeah what she said^^

  2. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about Joaquin Phoneix that IS interesting, but NOT interesting enough to pay to watch this, so I’m out.

  3. I wish this smug little dunce would just stay in retirement. And avoid growing a beard. It looks itchy.

  4. He could be Zach Galafanakis’s stunt double.

    • lol

  5. this is the greatest publicity stunt ever. it’s so simple. we saw it coming the whole time!! sometimes the most genius thing is the simplest

  6. He was great in Walk the Line. Cash’s family loved the movie too.

    Dunno why but I’ve always sympathized with Joaquim Phoenix over the tragedy of his brother.

  7. Is the voice in the trailer Gary Busey? It sounds like his brand of weirdness

  8. Does anyone care? I actually want to know. He was sort of a decent actor, but no where near big enough that we cared when he announced his “retirement”. Personally, I was mildly amused at the idea of him becoming a rapper (instead of being shocked by the news). Now this… does anyone care?

  9. I have a feeling it’s a little bit of both. Both stunt and insanity. For what it’s worth, I’ve always loved his work and I wish he would come back and do the kind of movies, which bring out his personal best.

    Best of luck…

  10. I pass on him and this.

  11. Bootleg prescreen copies available on youtube (if you are fast).
    This is just a cut and pasted recreation of key scenes from “The Doors” and “Being John Malcovich” (and not necessarily the better parts). Total crap, starring and directed by two total idiots (casey affleck, director?).
    Don’t waste your money….

  12. Are you seriously calling Casey Affleck an idiot? He’s seriously very talented and smart why on earth would you think he’s an idiot?

  13. This whole thing was/is dumb. Go away, Phoenix.

  14. Why in the world do you think that Casey Affleck is “talented and smart”?

    • Robert Ford.

  15. This has a bit of Andy Kaufman flavor into it. Not everyone gets it.

  16. Have you ever seen any of his movies Casey Affleck is a very talented actor Assination of Jesse James and Gone Baby Gone stand out especially. Gone Baby Gone was an amazing film.

  17. more people in hollywood should do stuff like this and less movie fans should be so annoyingly square about it lol

    • Tony the Tiger

      Did you just call us square? Are we in an episode of Happy Days?

  18. Hes Like anyone else a Human Being telling a story, Now ….Its YOUR choice if YOU….want to hear it….and of course pay for it. Goodluck on the film, Documentory, Story ect…Joaquin !

  19. Is he sincere? Perhaps the problem is nobody’s cared to consider an answer somewhere in the middle: that Phoenix could have reason to be both serious and ironic, real and unreal, simultaneously.

    Despite reports that he has the musical chops to pull it off (remember his performance as Johnny Cash), surely his star studded career and Hollywood history would hinder his hip-hop success no matter his skillset. Might, then, Jaoquin be looking for a way to call rap’s longtime emphasis on ‘being real’ into question while trying to do just that.

    • I guess it wasn’t in the middle, huh?