Poster of Joaquin Phoenix in ‘I’m Still Here’

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Im Still Here Poster of Joaquin Phoenix in I’m Still Here

Casey Affleck makes his directorial debut with a documentary I’m still Here. The film sets itself up as an intimate portrait of actor Joaquin Phoenix’s attempt to transition from a career as an Oscar nominated actor to one as a rapper.

Magnolia films roles out its marketing campaign for the film with the release of the poster art today.

The Poster is simple and clean, but the design along with the title indicates much of what we can expect from this film. This is a staged photo that appears to capture an organic moment. Joaquin Phoenix appears against a portrait backdrop looking like a cross between his Johnny Cash “character” – and a mountain man. In other words, every overtaxed country singer that ever was.

The title of the film appears to be blowing out of frame in the same direction as his unruly hair. This is a man that seems to be reconciling himself with his own love/hate relationship with fame, and perhaps a tendency toward self destruction.

Check out the poster for I’m Still Here below:

Im Still Here Poster Poster of Joaquin Phoenix in I’m Still Here

The appetite for a look at celebrity life is voracious. The life of a celebrity is so unique, so foreign, from what most of us experience that a voyeuristic impulse is nearly impossible to resist. That’s why countless celebrity documentaries and bios, both large and small, have been created. From the seminal Robert Evan’s controlled documentary on Robert Evans The Kid Stays In The Picture, to the highly exploitative Overnight about the (according to the film) downward spiral of Boondock Saints director Troy Duffy.

Casey Affleck has demonstrated powerful acting chops and interesting career choices with films such as Gone Baby Gone, The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford, and the film in which he and Phoenix first appeared together - To Die For.

In spite of the bizarre premise, and as an admirer of both Phoenix and Affleck’s work, I am still looking forward to I’m Still Here. With any documentary, the question of abusing the subject’s trust is always an issue. Yet as creators who have shared a relationship (brothers-in-law/best friends) my guess is that we will get a sanctioned look at “the price of fame” with regards to individual expression.

The title could be a play on two different themes. First, a man who feels his fame is fading in the face of an outlandishly ill-advised career move – and a man determined to assert his self-determination in the face of a very public image. Second, a claim by Phoenix that, despite what anyone thinks he is or wants him to be, “I’m Still Here.” Nothing completely novel, but potentially fascinating nonetheless.

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  1. I’m Still Convinced this is a postmodernist Spinal Tap. Nice poster though.

    Roth, by “organic” did you mean “dragged through a hedge backwards and photographed by Annie Liebovitz”? :-)

    • Hahaha – no I meant that even though it is clearly staged – my guess is that it probably does represent a legitimate state of mind for him. :)



      • I like your name. Could fit in the Green Hornet’s rogue gallery

        • Or The Spirit, alongside Sand Saref!

          • but the Green Hornet vs the Roth Cornet sounds better!

  2. Leave me alone,,,,,,,,,,

    Pay attention to me,,,,,,,,

    What’s it gonna be?

    • hahahha

  3. I thought this movie was not really a documentary but a role played by Phoenix as a joke created by Affleck? This can’t be serious.

    • yup, it’s a documentary on that. a mockumentary, as they call it..

  4. I’m very intrigued by this. I think Phoenix is a talented actor and I wouldn’t put it past him or Affleck to have this be intentionally off the wall because quite frankly they are both off the wall actors haha

  5. If Phoenix is faking this then this whole thing is the absolute most genius publicity stunt I’ve ever seen. Why you ask? It’s so simple. A celeb who retires to do something outlandish only to make a huge comeback. absolutely genius!!!!! I actually hope this is a giant scam. I will love these two guys so much if this is a scam. Completely genius. outlandish and probably unnecessary but great

    • Why do people ALWAYS say he this is “brilliant”?? This is nothing but a borat wannabe copy cat. Everyone KNEW he was faking, everyone KNEW it was a hoax, and no one cares about Joaquin Phoneix. So there is absolutely nothing “brilliant” about this. Just another unoriginal copy cat trying to fool people and get some cheap laughs…..and failing miserably.

      • I’m sorry but brush up on your history of these kind of stunts before you post on them. “Nothing but a borat wannabe copy cat” ?? This kind of thing was invented by Andy Kaufman two decades before Sacha Baron Cohen became popular.

        The reason people call it “brilliant” is because it requires a public figure to act completely out of character for extremely long extended amounts of time both on and off the screen. Borat is only an on-screen character which is why there is no real comparison here. It is still yet to be seen whether or not this is one of those situations. However if it is, it is a credit to Phoenix’s craft to be able to pull off playing a character both on screen and off screen relentlessly for this amount of time.

  6. I wouldn’t reward bs “I’m a star,love me” publicity stunts with adoration…

    This guys more of a whack job then his brother was.
    Far as I’m concerned, he’s going to have to earn his way back by making some great characters come to life in real films.

    Not by staying on the same bs road of bs deception,,,

    And Ben Affleck is right up there with Tom Cruise in my book. Guys a walking turd with a smirk on his brown face,,,
    Can’t stand that thing!

    • i love your tell it like it is attitude lol. yeah juaquin, or Lief, as i still call him sometimes is a nutcase

    • I agree, Ben Affleck gets progressively more punchable with every film he makes – Casey’s alright though. His Robert Ford is one of the best performances I’ve seen in recent years.

  7. im not the biggest affleck fan either really

  8. The only film I could stand the Ben in was Dogma and even then he could have been played by that Mac guy who was in DieHard4.

    • to think, he started his career on PBS lol

  9. Joaquin got his big break after his famous brother overdosed on heroin.

    After “Gladiator’ he became a star.

    He’s a good actor I just didn’t appreciate his public breakdown.

    At this point he’s become a parody of himself, a Courtney Love if you will,,,

    • courtney would beat his !@#

  10. I bet he could get a restraining order on her pretty quick.

    • if i was a cop, i’d just let them both in a room, both handcuffed…one set of keys:)

  11. Joaquin is an idiot and Im not even remotely interested in seeing this 60 minute hoax. Hes a dumbass to think he fooled anyone, and his attention seeking act just made me see how desperate he is for people to look at him. He pretends he “hates fame” so much yet did everything he could to get media attention.

    The movie sounds boring and predictable. His hoax wasn’t funny so I won’t be seeing this garbage. AND it’s only 60 minutes long. No way am I paying money to sit through their retarded mini movie

  12. Couldn’t agree more gem. Attention seeking,pathetic,desperate liar.Don’t waste your hard earned money seeing this piece of garbage.You are a joke,Phoenix.I can’t stand this worm Casey either.

  13. Jeeze…I just figure the guy picked up the “Andy Kaufman Guide to suck-cess” and started at chapter one. Maybe he’ll wrestle Courney on pay per view…whatever…
    Remember “Ceasar”…you lit the exploding cigar on your own career in an industry where thousands of TRUE actors work “off jobs” and go through endless auditions just to get a taste of what you were so generously given and never truly earned…
    Play games with someone else’s interest you talentless air waster!

    (Sorry to get a little gruff here…but these kind of hijinx bring out my judgemental side…)

    Still love all of YOU guys though…well…kinda…I dunno anymore.
    How about that Courney Love?

  14. Do you know what Courtney and JPig have in common?They both are famous because of someone else.

  15. I really wish he wasn’t still here

    • LMAO right on jimmy. This “hoax” is so pathetic. Can we even call it a hoax when everyone knew he was acting?

      What REALLY irks me is he thinks people actually give a damn about him enough to see a mocumentary about nothing but HIM. He isn’t johnny depp, he isn’t brad and angelina jolie. He is a c list actor who half the country doesn’t even know. So it’s hilarious to me that he thinks people are going to blow their money to see a film about his nobody ass. Joaquin isn’t a big enough star to pull an audience in to watch this garbage. PASS.

  16. I am glad Joaquin Phoenix is back now with four movies to his credit. Paul Thomas Anderson’s untitled film, Steven Shainsberg’s “Big Shoe,”, James Franco’s “As I Lay Dying” James Gray’s”Low Life”
    He took a tremendous gamble with many people figuring his acting career was over but he’s rising like a phoenix. This time in regular movies playing characters that are other than “himself”