‘Machete’ Movie Trailer Touches on Politics

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machete movie trailer Machete Movie Trailer Touches on Politics

Based on one of the infamous spoof trailers attached to the Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez Grindhouse double feature, Machete brings to life the over-the-top action star played by Danny Trejo.

Ain’t It Cool News was paid a visit by Trejo and Rodriguez yesterday who brought with them a Machete trailer which they dubbed as the “illegal” trailer. Rodriguez reportedly convinced Fox to let him make this trailer in response to the political mess surrounding the immingration bill the state of Arizona is attempting to implement.

Funny enough, Machete was shot a year ago, before this Arizona mess and hits on some of these specific issues. I don’t want to talk politics, so we’ll focus on the wild entertainment that can be found in the following trailer. Check our why everyone loves Danny Trejo – This trailer contains inappropriate language and can be considered a red band trailer:


Trejo is generally a bad-ass and this is an incredible role for him to show that off. With Machete becoming a full feature film out of just a trailer and his role in the upcoming Predators, Rodriguez has helped Trejo become an action star in 2010.

20th Century Fox won the bidding war for the rights to Machete and will release the film in theaters this Fall. The star-studded Machete cast, as you can see from the trailer, includes Robert De Niro , Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan, Cheech Marin, Jeff Fahey and Jessica Alba.

What do you think of the trailer?

Machete hits theaters September 3, 2010.

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Source: AICN

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    • FRANCE… not Spain. Please try to understand what you are actually celebrating!

  1. that looks soooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait for this one !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Perfect I wake up to my family saying Feliz Cinco de Mayo and I get to work and see this trailer being posted. An epic start to a great day. Feliz Cinco de Mayo everyone!!

  3. This looks F’in AWESOME!!!

    • Maybe Trejo gets to chop off Seagal’s ponytail :)

      • Now THAT would be AWESOME!

  4. It’s Whiplash!

  5. Well, I *was* excited about this film. Now it just looks like crap. And yeah, why don’t you go ahead and tick off 70% of your potential fanbase with the bs political message while you’re at it.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo. [To everyone!]

    [Editors note: we moderate this guy's bigot comments. We don't allow bigotry on Screen Rant. Go elsewhere for that.]

    • First of all, your comment was uncalled for and I amended it. You’re now wishing everybody a happy Cinco De Mayo.

      Second, I think your label of the “potential fanbase” might be a bit off. Even IF the Latino community were the only ones to see this film, that’d be more than enough for it to make money and be a success. And they very well might turn out for a film about a Latino hero, produced by one of the biggest Latino directors/writers/producers out there.

      Go to another site if you want to spread intolerance.

  6. If this movie doesn’t put Grindhouse back on track an raking in the dough, nothing will. It looks totally über! One thing that delighted me was to see Don J back on the screen. Ever since Hell Ride, I been thinking that he would be great in these movies and I guess they have read my thoughts. Personally, I saw him as an pissed off old jarhead but a hic cop will do, lol.
    All in all, I’m pleased with the mix of brutes n’ babes and dirt n’ grit.

  7. Man its too bad I have to wait till it comes out in the fall, I wanna see this thing sooner then that!! Funny s#@$!! Damn I know this is going to be some funny stuff!!!!!! It’s officially ingrained in my brain till the fall thats for sure!!! “THEY JUST F!#@ WITH THE WRONG MEXICAN!!!”” LMAO

  8. That looks INSANE. And Robert DeNiro? Wow. :)

    I hope they didn’t spend a lot on it because it’s not going to make much when it opens.

    I’ll restrain myself from commenting on the politics of the film, even though Trejo didn’t (of course no one will say anything crazy about the implication of his lead in…).


  9. LOL! this movie looks hysterical. How does Rodriguez always land mega-star casts? seems like he always gets a whos-who of actors (usually to play bit roles, no less) in his movies. DEFINITELY gonna see this–I’ve been a fan of Danny Trejo since Desperado and Dusk till Dawn. =)

    • that would be racism if the white man done what the mexican does in the movie

  10. LOL

    Guys it’s an exploitation spoof. Please keep in mind what that means/implies.

    It’s not some heavy-handed political drama. I think we can all refrain from going there.

    • You are correct. My point is what the reaction would have been if the sides were reversed. Imagine an intro like that for say, Red Dawn and how people would go insane.

  11. Wow, I originally wasn’t sure about whether I’d see this film, but now I know I must. I truly loved the homage to B-movies in Grindhouse, and this looks like it’ll be more of the same. That, and the wild cast you’d NEVER imagine all in one film are more than enough reasons to see it.

  12. ROFL COPTER!!!!

  13. This is officially one of my new most anticipated movies for the remainder of the year!

  14. I’m there… :)

  15. I’m surprised Fox actually let them do this. I was pretty shocked by the Arizona comment at the beginning, but it had me LOL’ing. The rest of the trailer looked mediocre at best, so I’m not too interested in seeing this when it comes out.

  16. If anyone gets a chance to rent, “Delta Farce” the blue collar Iraq comedy film, there’s a pretty good interview with Danny Trejo.

    He talks about his start in the biz. The interview lasts about 7min. He’s also one of the main characters in the film.

  17. This will definitely be entertaining. Look at the cast ensemble, straight up old school,with a classic tale 4 modern times. I’ll definitely check it out,even more so cause it ain’t ’3D’. Just old fashioned action played out 4 an hour & a half that will most likely be memorable to those who can trully appreciate that kind of movie. The next one coming is ‘Hobo with a shotgun’ starring Rutger hauer,another classic actor. Now they need 2 do ‘Beastmaster’ some justice for not just the veteran afficionados but for the younger movie going audience as well.

  18. Perfect!

  19. I was excited about this movie till I saw the trailer. Why cant people understand WHY Arizona passed this law. Illegal’s mean money out of legal’s pockets, period. Get legal, pay your taxes, and quit bitching because you cant get a free ride. PLENTY of people from all nationalities get legal every day. Why can’t Mexicans do it? And yes, if anyone is wondering, I live in Phoenix. I know EXACTLY what the impact of having illegal’s in my state means. Its a problem that has gotten way to big and finally Arizona is doing something about it. The only reason our government is hating on this is because Obama needs votes. He wants to get everyone who is illegal now legal in one fell swoop. Obama needs the votes. Our country is SO SADDDDD!!!!!

  20. MC D-Lyte needs to get his facts straight. The Battle of Puebla was fought against FRANCE and although it was an impressive defeat by the Mexicans they still got their asses handed to them for the next five years.

    • What made the battle so historic was the David and Goliath dimensions of the parties involved. A world power defeated by a third world army. Sounds familiar.

  21. Did everyone forget that we’re all illegals? Our forefathers came here and took this country from the people who were already here because God told them it was cool. Overly simplified, but that’s it in a nutshell. Karma’s a bit@#.

  22. There’s nothing racist about checking those coming over the border during the ongoing war on terror.

    Just trying to insure the safety of our nation, if somebody thinks that racist they are either stupid or using that as a means to get attention. Or both.

    • Some people need a reason to b****. The ACLU, NAACP, Liberals, they all need a reason to b****……and, honestly, I agree, they are simply stupid.

  23. this movie is out right rasist to white people as it paints them in the roles of the villan. I am not an American but i call’em like i see’em this movie is going to start a race war that the latin community in the usa will not recover from , check out alex jones’s take on this up coming film . this movie show that sterotypes are still around

    • I for one will NOT see this movie. EVER.

  24. Final thoughts on this subject,,,,

    I have a feeling Obama a.k.a. Barry Serento wants some violence. Iron Monger, Janet Napolitano said we need to pass an (Emergency Immigration Bill) to stop all the violence. This is just what they want to do so they can get another 20 million votes to stay in power.
    Interesting to note: FOX, who is ‘Machete’s’ distributor, blasted the film in a May 6 articled entitled, “Violent movie declares war on Arizona for immigration law.” Later, the article was pulled and deep-sixed. Clearly, Rupert Murdoch & co. are playing both sides on this one as usual.
    Divide & Conquer is an age old tactic, employed with skill by the British Empire’s “Great Game” strategists. They frequently pitted one tribe or nation against another to maintain control over their colonies and to expand their conquest into other territories.

    same thing going on here folks.

  25. Can’t wait for this, a good, old fashion action movie! I dont understand why some people understand this is just a movie and not about the current politics. It may be based on a similar issue, but as the article says, Machete was filmed before all this stuff was going on.