Idris Elba Talks ‘Thor 2′, ‘The Avengers’, and James Bond Rumors

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Immediately following his win at the 2012 Golden Globes ceremony, ubiquitous fan-favorite Idris Elba was hit up by journalists wanting to know more about his upcoming film schedule, which could possibly include both Marvel’s Thor 2 and The Avengers, as well as the James Bond franchise somewhere down the road (if rumor mongering is anything to go by).

Elba is currently back in Toronto, where he’s working on filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s anticipated sci-fi/giant monster movie, Pacific Rim. However, before he departed the Globes event, the English actor dropped a few tidbits about which upcoming movies he will for certain show up in – as well as which ones remain possibilities.

MTV asked Elba about whether or not he’ll be reprising his well-liked turn as the Guardian of Worlds, Heimdall, in either (or both) this summer’s The Avengers and the upcoming Thor sequel. Elba revealed that he has not yet met with newly-minted Thor 2 helmer Alan Taylor, but that he’s a lock to return for that comic book flick; Avengers, on the other hand, is a project he’s “unsure” about right now.

That leaves Elba in the same boat as his Thor co-star, Jaimie Alexander, who also refused to rule out the appearance of her onscreen Asgardian counterpart, the warrior gal Sif, in writer/director Joss Whedon’s superhero teamup flick. Obviously, at this point, their theoretical parts in the film would amount to nothing more than a glorified cameo, but there remains the chance that both characters (as well as Asgard itself) could appear briefly during The Avengers – or, rather, in an after-credits scene, in keeping with Marvel Studio’s tradition.

idris elba heimdall thor Idris Elba Talks Thor 2, The Avengers, and James Bond Rumors

Idris Elba as Heimdall in ‘Thor’

In addition to his aforementioned comments, Elba also spoke briefly with journalists at the Golden Globes about his possibly becoming Daniel Craig’s successor to the 007 throne. Here’s what he had to say:

“There was a huge rumor that once Daniel Craig finishes playing Bond that they were looking for someone different and my name was in that mix. And I answered a bunch of questions and the bottom line is of course, I’d be honoured to play the part if it comes my way.”

Elba previously made it clear that he’s simply interested in portraying a new cinematic incarnation of James Bond, rather than playing “a black version” of the iconic secret agent. Craig is reportedly being considered to portray 007 for five more films, following the release of Skyfall later this year, but that deal is far from set in stone; not to mention, there’s been no word as to whether or not Craig actually wants to continue wearing the Bond suit for that long.

In other words: don’t count out Elba or any other rumored candidates (like Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender) as contenders to eventually take on the title of Mr. Bond just yet.


The Avengers will be released in 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.

Thor 2 is slated for a U.S. theatrical release on November 15th, 2013.

Source: MTV, NBC (via Youtube)

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  1. I’d prefer anybody over Daniel Craig as a new Bond character. Why not Idris, why not even a woman? “Jean Bond” or something, but please no Craig anymore!

    • whats wrong with Craig?

      • He ruined Bond for me. James Bond movies were just a streak of awesome until Casino Royale. Its the old discussion. Sure its a good movie but not in the traditional Bond-feeling. Quantum was weak in all aspects and even there, Craig coudlnt give me or any of my filmfirends the Bond-feeling.

        Back to topic, a black Bond could work out well, if there is a lot of thought put into it. It would probably scare of a lot of people to see the Bond tradition broke by a black persion.
        Other than that, I’m looking forward to Thor 2 (with or without him), The Avengers and even Skyfall ;)

        • craig is the coolest bond in our era,and the other bonds were all terrific too for their time. but,believe me the gimmicks and all bondstuff will return in skyfall!

          • Daniel Craig is James Bond. Read the books, watch The Thomas Crown Affair and Bullit, he is our generation’s Steve McQueen (although he’s probably smarter) and he’s doing Bond the way he’s portrayed in the books. And Mr. Murdok is right, all the gimmicks and what-have-you will be returning in Skyfall. Bond is in good hands.

            • Didn’t The Thomas Crown Affair star Pierce Brosnan who also played James Bond? I know, I know, you’re talking about the original TCA.

        • I hate to say this but the idea of a black bond is ridiculous. He was created by Ian Flemming as a white male. Bond films and especially Bond books, stay away from topics like race. Who are we to change someone else’s creation?

          • Well… the Bond books don’t exactly shy away from race (Live And Let Die, anyone?), in fact they’re pretty dated when it comes to that and that’s probably the polite way to say it.

            On the other hand, a black Bond… it just doen’t feel right. If Bond was American it would make more sense. Am I a terrible person for feeling that way?

            • So your saying Black American is somehow more believable than Black British… what are you trying to say…

            • An american bond would make me puke

    • Mark my words: the absolute best choice for the next bond is Naveen Andrews!

      • the guy who played Sayid on Lost?!!.. lol…are you serious?!!…please tell me you’re joking.. lol

  2. Idris Elba was great as Heimdell in Thor, he did a amazing job.

    Great news that he is returning for Thor 2, I hope he makes a apperance in The Avengers since Thor is on Asgard before being send back to Earth to save it from Loki with the help of The Avengers.

    I don’t know if Idris Elba will make a great James Bond, no offsive it’s nothing to got to do with his colour.

    I think Michael Fassbender will make a great James Bond if Daniel Craig ever doesn’t not to play the role anymore.

    Henry Cavill as Bond? Cavill was great in Immortals and he has to prove he can make a great Superman first before bond.

  3. Elba may be a good actor, he might be a hot ticket right now in H’wood’s mindset. I don’t see a cameo for him (or Alexander) in Avengers. (It would hype up Iron Man 3, if anything) but I’d love to see him back for Thor 2 –and it does look that’s pretty much the case—

    But James Bond is another ballgame. It’s not even in the same stadium. Until Daniel Craig says ‘that’s it’ I don’t consider anyone for Bond. Now, if Elba were just in a Bond movie–? I’d dig that as would anyone. But it’s in poor form to ask for film roles when other actors already have them.

    • Agreed. I think it’s in poor taste for other actors to be talking about how they’d like to play Bond when Daniel Craig is clearly at the beginning of his run on the character (Fassbender!!!), it just seems disrespectful. Not to mention I’d like the discussion to officially end for Henry Caville to play the role, Superman and James Bond can’t be played by the same guy…!

  4. Who cares about the Avengers or Bond…it’s Luther I want; more episodes of Luther.

    • Right there with you 100%. I could continue watching Luther for years to come. The man’s an amazing actor.

    • Agreed…

  5. I do not think that the world is ready for a Black James Bond, if the film failed people would see it as a Token film, the one time a black man could play bond. not that i am against it, i mean colour is not really a big deal for me, although i have always watched the Bond films and imagined that they different spies using the one name.
    that way i can always imagine that they are one day going to meet, would be cool, anyway, A Black Bond at this moment in time would not work, though i must admit Craig is not the best Bond, they need to return to the world that Bond fans love, the gadgets and women not the Bourne wanna be bond.

  6. i like him, he suits Heimdall perfectly

  7. I dont think there are many black actors who could play james bond with out it obviously being “black james bond” but Mr. Elba is one of the few that could. Denzel would be another one

  8. @djv If not now, then when? I think the time is perfect for a black James Bond. It totally fits with the evolution of enlightened minds – and who better than Mr. Elba? We know what to expect from the Anglo JB’s. A man of color might lend a little spice.

  9. Hmm think he would do pretty good as bond

  10. The world isn’t ready for a black James Bond? We’ve elected a black president ( in real life) but a fictional character is going too far? It’s just a movie.

      • wth, ppl like me? I want him as bond.. Maybe you should read what I wrote once more

  11. i saw in t.v a movie with elba and beyonce,i´ve zapped another movie of course,but you´ve seen it in this 5 minutes,romantic is not his type of movie,thank god. they´ve shaved his head,and all that beauty-male-stuff,you know. but as heimdall,brilliant and he will be the next denzel washington,great actor,too,of course!

  12. Too bad Elba wasn’t given a larger part like Falcon in CA 2 or something…

  13. I love this actor.
    Even before the rise of celebrity he has in recent days, I always found him very good. From “The Wire” to “Luther” he can play completely different styles of roles and has a screen presence that really gives life to his characters.

    People may be a little skeptical about him but given its current performance and the movies that will soon emerge (Prometheus, Pacific Rim) it will gain popularity and the question about his take over of Bond will be easy for the average viewer to consider.

    Personally I think it would make an excellent Bond, perhaps less classy and refined than its predecessors but has other qualities that Michael Fassbender, or any others actors have not.
    And having a black Bond does not bother me at any point.

    In any case, if you do not know him well enough I strongly advise you to watch “The Wire” and “Luther”. “The Wire” because it is closer to Bond, a very handsome intelligent boy and “Luther” because in this show he shows all his abilities and his talent as an actor.

  14. Loved him in Thor and hope to see more of him in future Marvel movies. I think having him as Bond would be a great thing. My only concern is that I’ve never seen Idris without facial hair. Bond doesn’t have a goatee. That would be weird.

    • did he have facial hair on his small but hilarious stint on “the office (us)”?

  15. give the man a chance ! after him, its going to be henry cavill as next james bond .. !=))

  16. Elba was impressive as Heimdall and I think he would be equally impressive as Bond

  17. I’d rather see them go with the best possible choice for Bond (whoever that might be) when the time arrives, rather than making Bond black simply for the sake of being progressive.

    • Why is a black Bond considered “Progressive”? Shouldn’t the role go to the most qualified? As a fictional character, can’t Bond be portrayed in any number of ways? Considering the amount of actors who have played the part, would it really be so hard to accept if one was black?

      • That’s what I’m saying. I just think it would be unfortunate if they cast a black actor simply for the sake of mixing things up racially. Elba may well be the best candidate when the time comes for Craig to step down, but I like you, I want to see the best man for the job. Right now, I’m on team Fassbender personally.

        How about Daniel Dae Kim as an Asian Bond? :)

  18. jcv wants a bond that goes thru a tough mission bombs goin off never get dirtty or hurt and in the end
    bond has no cut, scratch. His suit looks newer then when bought it.
     thts the type of bond he wants. Pretty much a chessy bond flick

  19. I really like Idris Elba. He would have made a great Alex Cross! I just wanna watch anything he is in really and I wish someone would build a franchise around this guy he will be a mega star!

  20. Idris Elba is one of my favorite up and coming actors, he adds a seriousnss and an elegance to just about everything he does. I dont think ive seen him in anything i didnt like. With that said i dont think i would want to see him as James Bond, I’d rather someone come up with an entirely new character in that genre that he could portray. I mean with all do respect casting a black man to play James Bond would be like casting a white man to play Shaft, it just wouldnt feel right.

    • I have to agree.
      Elba was awesome as Heimdal… I look forward to seeing him in Thor 2 (and possibly the Avengers). In fact, he was awesome in every movie I’ve ever seen him in.

      However, this might sound terrible, but I don’t want Elba to play James Bond – it’s just… Bond has been portrayed a certain way for a very long time and IMHO, I don’t think that one should just change a character for the sake of “mixing things up”.
      Like you said: It’s like getting a white actor to play the titular role in a Shaft remake… it doesn’t work, because Shaft is Shaft, and IMO, Bond is Bond.
      Sorry, but I’m hoping Fassbender gets the contract for 007. But hopefully, they’ll still get Elba to do another spy movie – I know he’d be awesome in the next Mission Impossible sequel or hopefully, like you mentioned, come up with an entirely new character in that genre that he could portray.

  21. MUUUUMBLEEEEESSSS!! They should make another RockNRolla movie, he as Mumbles was AWESOME.

  22. Some characters idenities are based off their race — Shaft, Boondock Saints and Tonto to name a few. To change their race would change their whole character. Shaft represents an entire black culture during a specific era (sorta why Samuel L Jackson’s remake didnt do so well). Boondock Saints are Irish Catholics and Tonto represents Native Americans (sadly highlightin the more negative ones).

    Bond on the other hand is centered off of his nationality. Bond is a most importantly a “British SuperSpy”. I think Elba would be great but he may be too old by the time the franchise is looking to replace Craig.

    • While I don’t fully agree with it, you do have a good point (Bond being more about the nationality than the race)
      I’d still prefer Fassbender though, he’s in the right age group to portray Bond by the time Craig “retires”, and IMO, he’s just prefect to portray 007.

      I have nothing against Elba (he’s one of the best actors out there today) – I just can’t picture him as James Bond though…
      Hopefully, like ‘batsupe’ and ‘Brynn’ said, they could create a new spy-character more personally suited for Elba (a darker, edgier character) — and have him star in a completely new franchise that he could make his own.

  23. They could always make a “bond like” movie with Elba…..I would watch it!

  24. A black guy wouldn’t work for James Bond, that’s not racist it’s fact. If they made James Bond a women or a kid it wouldn’t work for the same reasons because he isn’t black or a women or a kid.

    • Most people seem to disagree with your ‘fact’

  25. I agree it shouldn’t be about colour however, idris elbar should portray a different 00 agent. Why not show him as an agent, whom made the rank of an 00 replacing a dead agent, he can set a standard. Just like Greg Morisson and Bill cosby of Mission Impossible and I Spy, 007 is the ultimate spy however show other 00. Make his character 009 although smooth with the ladies, a very cold deadly assassin who always gets his target.

    Good luck Idirs

    • freeforall,

      I don’t have an issue with Idris as Bond myself – I just think it just smacks of gimmickry and attention-getting for the sake of itself from the studio.


  26. my apologies for the spelling guys

      • freeeforall,

        I’ve already stated it wouldn’t bother me. Just PLEASE make Bond have a British accent and be suave. :)


      • Thank you! And the whole “if we let a black guy play bond why cant we have a white shaft” thing really shows how your just saying stuff. That character has to do with a race and a cultural movement. Lol its honestly sad. Bond is about attitude,charisma,charm of an english super spy

        • Who cares about his race…bonds race isnt a major part of his character…as long as the actor has the chops…then so be it…it would be a welcomed change. Whats the worst that could happen

        • bonds race isnt a major part of his character…as long as the actor has the chops…then so be it…it would be a welcomed change. Whats the worst that could happen