Idris Elba Talks ‘Luke Cage,’ ‘James Bond’ & ‘Jurassic World’ Rumors

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Idris Elba Talks Luke Cage Idris Elba Talks Luke Cage, James Bond & Jurassic World Rumors

It’s been a big year of rumors for Idris Elba. The Thor: The Dark World star’s name has been circling the upcoming fourth installment of Jurassic Park for several months now, and at the Golden Globes in January, he acknowledged that he would be “honored” to take over for Daniel Craig as James Bond – if the opportunity ever arose.

Now, in a recent interview, Elba has addressed the rumors about Jurassic WorldJames Bond, and his interest in taking on the role of Luke Cage, the Marvel superhero also known as Power Man.

While speaking with The Huffington Post, Elba was quick to deny his involvement with Jurassic World:

“No, it’s just a rumor.”

He also expressed complete bafflement at the news that a Jurassic Park 4 was even in the works. So cross that one off the list of possibilities.

On the topic of Luke Cage, Elba said:

“There was talk about Luke Cage at one time – I thought Luke Cage was a pretty interesting character. They were going to do it, but I don’t know what happened…”

Upon being reminded that the character will be appearing in his own Netflix show, Elba said, “That’s right, yeah, and nothing more. Regardless of whether or not Marvel might want him to be involved, it seems clear that he’s not involved at the moment.

This isn’t the first time Elba has expressed interest in playing Luke Cage — in 2010, he said he had his eye on the character (as well as that of Blade, who was actually born in England), and mentioned it again at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con.

Luther Series 3 Idris Elba Ruth Wilson1 Idris Elba Talks Luke Cage, James Bond & Jurassic World Rumors

Idris Elba in ‘Luther’

Between The Wire and Luther, Elba is more than familiar with the TV landscape and his fans would surely be thrilled to see him back on the small screen as Cage. That said, it seems unlikely at this point (given his rising star status) that Netflix would be able to afford him. After all, why play TV superhero when he could, say, eventually take on the role of Green Lantern John Stewart on the big screen?

The slew of casting shutdowns from Elba is fairly disappointing (I’m sure I’m not the only one who wanted to see him kick dinosaur ass in Jurassic World), though it makes sense given his busy schedule. His films Second Coming, No Good Deed, and The Gunman are all due out within the next year, giving fans plenty of opportunities to see him in action.

As for James Bond? Elba knows he’ll need a lot of support to land that role:

“I say it all the time, but if [James Bond] was to ever happen and if I was ever to get offered that role, that would be the will of a nation. That would be like, ‘Wow, human beings are really powerful. They really made that happen, because Barbara Broccoli certainly didn’t’… it would be the will of a nation because everyone has been saying that to me.”

Daniel Craig is signed on for at least two more James Bond films, so it would be a while before Elba had the chance to take the role. Would he even want to do it some six years down the line?

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you bummed that he’s not going to be in Jurassic World? Do you want to see him play Luke Cage or James Bond? Let us know in the comments.


Idris Elba’s next movie, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, hits U.S. theaters November 29th, 2013. Stay tuned for more news regarding Jurassic WorldJames Bond, and Luke Cage as it becomes available.

Source: The Huffington Post

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  1. This guy as Spawn.
    I´ll keep saying this…

    • yes spawn! bring it back!!

  2. I’d be willing to give up on my dream of Elba as ether Black Manta or Jon Stewart for him to be Luke Cage.

    • Can he be every black comic book character? Especially as Black Manta!

      He would be great in all of those roles.

      Luke Cage
      James Bond
      Black Manta
      John Stewart
      Whatever the JP role is I’m sure he’d be fantastic there as well.

      • I think he would do VERY well in a future Godzilla movie.

  3. He really would be great as Luke Cage. Yes, better than as Green Lantern imo. I really do think if he went for Luke Cage on Netflix that series could be like one of the best shows…like ever lol. And then transfer him into the movies…wow that would be great.

  4. He would be a kick ass Martian man hunter

    • Oh yeah that would be aces.

  5. He could play Steel in Man of Steel 3.

  6. mr terrific or john stewart for me. feel as if the guy is better than just to play some strong man brawler type. luke cage does nothing for me.

    • I agree!

  7. I think that it would be so awesome if Idris Elba (one of my favorite actors)took on Luke Cage. I just can’t get my head around him playing TWO different characters in the same universe. (Heimdall in Thor) That aside, I would endorse his involvement.

  8. black panther?

    • He could play Panther’s dad T’Chaka, but I think he’s a bit old for T’Challa. Panther’s origin story needs a young T’Challa who suddenly has to take the throne, he doesn’t get to say NO like Thor to Odin, he has a duty to Wakanda.

      Black Panther for phase 3!!!!

  9. To solve the black James Bong this is simple. Have him do a spin off film where he is 009 and part of the division as 007.

  10. He’s too old for most of these roles. Marvel/Dc would like to lockdown somebody younger who can make them money for a long time. But more important, Screen Rant where is your Sabotage set pictures?

    • u wrong about DC u have forgot that Batman is been played by Ben Affleck who is 41. he is the same age as Idris Elba. so Elba can play Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter

      • He would be a great MM. Too bad they are probably not going to use MM in the movie version of the JL.

      • Batman is deliberately an older, wearier version in MoS2.

  11. but one character only he has to do.(no bother that he is already in a marvel role) or a marvel role o a great gl movie.

  12. John Stewart.

  13. 1. James Bond is not a code name, so it would make no sense for James Bond to suddenly be black especially considering in both the books and movies James Bond is of scottish and swiss ancestry.

    2. Elba is already playing Heimdall so it would also make no sense for him to play a second character in the MCU unless Heimdall was recast.

    • When does Hollywood make sense?

      • Bond is Pinewood not Hollywood

    • It’s also a movie.

  14. “Power Man”. Sounds like the creative department had a day off when they came up with that name at Marvel. :D

  15. Pick a genre or a franchise and, likely, you’ll find a character that Idris Elba could play.

  16. Idris Elba as James Bond? No. I’d rather see a 42-year-old Michael Fassbender as Bond 6 years from now. Hell, maybe once Daniel Radcliffe matures he could surprisingly be more fit for the role.
    Luke Cage? No, I picture an intimidating, bald black guy who is absolutely stacked in the role like Dwayne Johnson or Terry Crews. There’s nothing intimidating about Elba and he’d look weird bald.

  17. I wonder if the studio will interview any actors of another ethnicity?

    Elba would be great in the role should it happen.

  18. Although I’d really like to see what he would do with John Stewart, Martian Manhunter would be my first choice. I mean Martian is really a “Heimdall” character with solo film potential…

    • I like Karl Urban for Martian Manhunter.

    • I’m tired of Hollywood casting black people for the alien, the masked villain and the monster roles. Sick and tired of it.

  19. Michael Jai White would be a sick Luke Cage!

    He’s been Spawn and Black Dynamite. Luke Cage is right up his alley.

    • He’s also been Bronze Tiger (at least for one episode so far).

  20. I think Terry Crews would be a better Luke Cage. Idris Elba seems more of a Black Panther, John Stewart, Black Manta, or Martian Manhunter.

  21. he’s a great actor, but not the only black actor out there

  22. would love to see him as GL but as mentioned above he may be a bit too old. then again, maybe not…

  23. A rumor.

    How do these things manifest anyway?

    I’m starting to feel like I’m back in high school.

    This is a rumor and that’s a rumor. What the hell

  24. I would love to see him as Black Panther. Considering his age and the fact that he’s already Heimdall means it probably won’t happen. But if he had the role, instead of making another origin film, Marvel could make it so T’Challa is already established as the great leader of Wakanda. Could be pretty awesome in my opinion.

  25. I just love the double standard.

    If WB announced Harry Lennix was going to play (insert DC character name here) most would be up in arms saying how dumb it is.

    Like this is.

    I think Idris Elba is a great actor. But he is not the ONLY actor. My plea to Marvel: just leave him in the role you already cast him in.

  26. I like Henry Cavill just fine. But they should have made Elba the new Superman. He has a much wider range as an actor and has the necessary charisma for Supes that Cavill lacks. Just sayin’.

    • Are you high? Just askin?

  27. Superman shouldn’t be black. Period. I’d be fine with a black Johny Storm, Spiderman, etc. Even Batman wouldn’t make me freak out. But Superman’s looks are part of what defines him. I mean superheros like ones I listed above reilly on other aspects. Everyone knows Spiderman’s mask and humor, those are his mainstream qualities. Superman doesn’t wear a mask and has trademark facial features and hair. Shouldn’t mess with it just like Vin Diesel or the Rock shouldn’t be the Black Panther because they wouldn’t be part of an African royal family.

  28. Marvel Studios is pretty adamant about not casting the same actor for 2 characters in their film universe. For example they’re using Vin Diesel for 2 characters only because one of them is a voice/motion capture role, which means he himself won’t be on screen. Still wondering what that 2nd character will be…

    Oh, and because there’s ALWAYS someone who STILL doesn’t understand this point… The Fantastic Four movies weren’t Marvel Studios productions, so no…Chris Evans didn’t play 2 characters in the marvel universe, he played 1, captain america.

    Elba won’t be cast as Luke Cage or T’Challa because he’s already Heimdall.