George Lucas Interview: C-3PO and Darth Vader

In this interview from the Lucasfilm archives, Star Wars creator George Lucas discusses the voice acting provided by Anthony Daniels and James Earl Jones for C-3PO and Darth Vader, respectively. Originally, Lucas wanted a different style voice for C-3PO, but could not find a better performance than Daniels’, who also played the physical role. For the voice of Darth Vader, Lucas felt he needed a “top class actor” to pull it off, which led him to Jones.

Designer Star Wars Watches

These designer watches are simply stunning and a must-have for the grown-up Star Wars fan. Each watch features a genuine leather strap, stainless steel construction, Japanese movement, and tiny details that fill our fanboy/girl hearts with joy. One such detail that proves these watches were designed by people as in love with Star Wars as us? The 5 on the face of the Luke Skywalker watch is red. (Red. Five. OMG.) The dial on the Darth Vader watch features the symbol of the Empire. Both watches are hefty and extremely well-crafted, so they’ll be sure to last as long as your love of Star Wars.

$199.99 at ThinkGeek.

Ohio State Marching Band “Michael Jackson Tribute” – Halftime vs. Iowa: 10-19-13

TBDBITL performs a Michael Jackson tribute at halftime of the Iowa game.

Get A Real Job

Tips for Surviving, Monsters!

At this point, everybody knows the basic horror movie survival rules. But what about the monsters’ survival?

Jimmy Kimmel’s Remake of Carrie

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