‘I, Frankenstein’ Trailer Features Aaron Eckhart as a Monster & Miranda Otto as a Gargoyle

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This year’s supernatural detective comic book adaptation R.I.P.D. might have bombed at the box office, but perhaps Stuart Beattie’s I, Frankenstein, a modern update of Mary Shelley’s classic novel based on the comic books by Kevin Grevioux, will stand a better chance. Starring Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight) in the lead role, I, Frankenstein was originally set for a September release but has since been pushed back to January – rarely a good month for movie releases.

Those who attended Comic-Con this year may have already seen the trailer for I, Frankenstein, but it’s now available for the rest of the public. The best way to put it is that it definitely looks like what you might have expected from a Frankenstein movie from the producers of Underworld, but it doesn’t necessarily add up to what people might have hoped for.

One of the issues, which we’ve pointed out before, is that Eckhart just doesn’t look very monstrous at all. He has a little bit of designer scarring on his face that actually seems to disappear entirely in certain lights, and when he walks into the club the biggest reaction he gets is a few raised eyebrows. This creates quite a bit of dissonance when he talks about himself as though he’s Hellboy and the Elephant Man rolled into one. Even the CGI gargoyles have sexy human forms to turn into when they’re not flapping about.

Aaron Eckhart is I Frankenstein I, Frankenstein Trailer Features Aaron Eckhart as a Monster & Miranda Otto as a Gargoyle

The dialogue is kind of cringeworthy, from the Fisher-Price version of the original story’s message (“You’re only a monster if you behave like one“) to lines so clichéd that they really need to be retired from movies for at least a couple of decades (“I looked into your eyes and saw darkness,” “You cannot save the human race,” “This ends tonight” etc.) There’s also a line that seems to have been ripped off from the crazy witch lady in Pumpkinhead – points for any horror fan who spots it.

There are some elements in I, Frankenstein‘s favor, though. Eckhart does at least look like he’s putting some effort into the role, and the cast also includes Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto and Jai Courtney, as well as Grevioux himself. The action also looks decent in places, such as when Adam leaps through the air to punch a gargoyle in the face, so if nothing else it could make for a good popcorn flick.


I, Frankenstein will be released on January 24th, 2014.

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  1. Two-Face has mad abs. Mabs?

  2. It looks way over the top, and in Hollywood that ALWAYS means a complete lack of story and characterbuilding; the movie will flop. I can tell already!

    • This will draw in the Underworld crowd. I don’t think it will be good, but I doubt it will flop.

    • Exactly my thoughts, how in the hell do they expect this CGI-fest drivel to perform at the box office? I feel like Hollywood has very little respect for audiences anymore and are way behind the curve on the average audience viewer’s intelligence level. These kinds of movies are to Hollywood as Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are to the music world. It’s utterly pathetic, and talentless (minus a few in the cast, including Nighy and Eckhart). Plus they completely ruined the idea of Frankenstein, that novel is incredible for a reason. It’s one thing to put a twist in, but they’ve changed the canon entirely for their overblown purposes. F Hollywood!

  3. I’d watch it.

  4. “God will surely damn you.”/”He already did.” isn’t word-for-word from Pumpkinhead, but close enough.

    If the trailer’s anything to go by, this’ll be yet another relentless ADD-CGI lobotomy that will end up pleasing no one in particular, and could even make Priest look good.

    • It is a pretty cool line, but it’s better when Lance Henriksen is involved.

      • Lance Henriksen makes anything better!

        • Even JELL-O? :)

          • Jell-O shots: he “fell with the South” and had to sleep it off in a Winnebago. ;-)

    • Was that not Gerard Butlers voice??

      • It sounded like it but he’s not listed on IMDB. Probably Kevin Grevioux.

    • Surprised Aaron Eckhart could command this size budget. He’s not exactly a box office smash.

  5. For some reason I was under the impression this would be a bit more grounded. Might skip it in the theatre and rent it. Looks entertaining though.

    • thats the impression I got too.

  6. By all the Gods this looks awful! I can’t believe the cast for this ‘film’

  7. Looks ok, will wait for reviews before i decide to see it or not. Right now with this trailer im leaning for not.

  8. Why do people call the monster Frankenstein? That’s not his name, it’s the name of the man who created him.

    • If I remember correctly he calls himself Frank Stein in the comic books, but in this movie he’s supposedly called Adam. It’s all a bit confusing.

      • “Frank N Stein”…a hotdog and a beer?!

      • Yeah, his name is Adam because the Mary Shelley book was all about Paradise Lost. That’s the name he gives himself in the book. I hope it’s just the other characters saying that and he refers to himself correctly. It just bugs me when the classics aren’t appreciated for the influence they have.

        • …and don’t forget the significant influence of the Greek myth of Prometheus from which Shelley’s novel gets its subtitle.

    • Agreed! i saw the title and that the movie would be about the scientist not the monster. to my surprise when i watch the trailer to find another underworld movie instead.

      • I only heard about this film a couple days ago. So I had hope it would be cool until I saw this. Even before they reference it’s from the creators of Underworld that’s exactly what you’re already thinking except it’s a much more difficult to understand version where a totally un-monstrous Frankenstein’s Monster is fighting GARGOYLES??? Pass.

  9. dude who directed this film directed Punisher: War Zone.

    • I thought that was directed by a woman named Lexi Alexander? I remember they made a big to do about her being one of the few female action directors.

    • Dude had nothing to do with that film in any facet.

  10. Looks cheesy,just like the last Underworld movie.

  11. Looks about like the equivilent of Van Helsing (Jackman). Not sure whether I will watch this on Netflix or give it a pass. Still debating…

    • I liked Van Helsing. Saw it at the cinema and was surprised that some people hated it.

  12. How is this at all related to “Mary Shelley’s classic novel”

    • It supposed to be assuming that the monster survived all this time. I’m assuming Bill Nighy will be playing Dr. Frankenstein. Adam gets dragged into a war between the gargoyle clan and the demons. They both want to use Adam as a way to immortality so they can win their war. It’s not really related to the novel but takes place in the same universe many years later.

    • It’s not, its based off a comic.

      • Based off a comic which is based off Shelley’s novel. That’s how it relates, in a nutshell.

  13. What is going on here I thought this was going to be a period piece? Not that I’d taken that much interest in it but in certainly wasn’t expecting a Underworld meets Van Helsing with a bit of Legion and Constatine mash up!

    Craziness, may give it a look on Netflix one day

    • This is actually based on a comic, not the Mary Shelley book. The comic was by Kevin Grevioux, that’s why it has such a strong Underworld feel to it.

      • Damn. Surprised that actor wrote it. He really should get the graphic novel published soon, though.

        • Yummy, been out for a while now. He actually has several different books going, he owns his own comic publishing line.

          • Uumm not yummy. Bloody hell auto correct is evil.

            • haha I was SO confused by that xD

  14. Whichever movie “Jai Courtney” is in…always bombs! He is a sureshot fail machine for a hollywood movie…was looking forward to this movie, but no more after seeing his name in credits.

  15. I don’t know how I lived without Netflix in the past. Seriously, a genius idea,; I get to pass on movies like this in theaters and maybe one night after a few beers I might watch it.

  16. Hm. Didn’t know beer goggles worked with movies two. May have to get me a case and re-watch some old clunkers.

  17. Well at least he looks better than that overweight monster in Van Helsing.

  18. So Legion and Underworld had a baby.

    • LOL… I thought the same thing

  19. Lets cut to the chase, there will be I, Frankenstein / Underworld crossover film. It will happen (It should. Leaps and bounds better from the looks of this trailer). Bill Nighy has a twin brother to explain him appearing in both movies. Boom.

  20. WTF did i just see …pg 13 garbage :S

  21. Yvonne Strahovski is enough to get me in the theater. Aaron Eckhart and Billy Nighy don’t hurt either, though.

    • Yvonne Strahovski is a bonafide hottie.
      She’s over 5′ 9″ too, an altitude I like.

      • Nothing to disagree about there. :)

  22. Looks interesting. I liked the Underworld Films, so I’ll probably like this too.

  23. I am somewhat disappointed by the trailer.
    I’ll be checking this out regardless no doubt.

  24. Looks like a mix of Legion and Underworld, nothing wrong with B movies, Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters was fun last January. Plus maybe Eckhart can pull off a unique Frankenstein, give him credit for being ambitious.

  25. Underwhelming. Very CGI heavy. This looks to be a bonified rental.

  26. After watching, I think I’d rather see a “Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.” movie instead based on that now-cancelled comic book.

    • Or “I, Vampire”. That was fantastic. Shame that one got cancelled too, that was a highlight of The New 52.

  27. Looks OK to me

  28. That really does look truly awful, I cant believe they are making this in to such a cheese fest? terrible cliched dialogue mixed with CGI they looks no better than Van Helsing?

  29. what i dont get is why frankenstein? why besmirch a classic instead of just having some generic vampire or something? This looks like has absolutely nothing to do with frankenstein or his monster (other huge mistake right off the bat, a movie called “i frankenstein” should be about the doctor not the monster) UGH this trailer is the perfect example of everything ihate about modern hollywood