‘I Am Number Four’ Trailer #3: Super-Powered Aliens On The Run

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I Am Number Four Extended Trailerjpg I Am Number Four Trailer #3: Super Powered Aliens On The Run

For better or for worse, the previously-released previews and promotional material for next February’s big screen treatment of the hit sci-fi novel I Am Number Four have thus far sold the movie as essentially being Twilight with aliens instead of supernatural creatures.

A third theatrical trailer has been released for producer Michael Bay/director D.J. Caruso’s alien teens with superpowers pic – one that’s all the more interesting because it focuses more on the main character’s other worldly heritage and attempts to control his deadly abilities.

Here’s the official synopsis for I Am Number Four:

Extraordinary teen John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) is a fugitive on the run from ruthless enemies sent to destroy him. Changing his identity, moving from town to town with his guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant), John is always the new kid with no ties to his past. In the small Ohio town he now calls home, John encounters unexpected, life-changing events—his first love (Dianna Agron), powerful new abilities and a connection to the others who share his incredible destiny.

The second theatrical preview and behind-the-scenes featurette for I Am Number Four focused more on the budding romance between the inhuman Smith and human gal Agron. Their relationship does look different than that of Bella/Edward, but not so much that the Twilight comparisons are that much of a stretch, truth be told.

Now we have a trailer that offers more information about Smith’s experiences before he arrived in Ohio and how, like the young mutants in X-Men: First Class, the young alien must deal with the pangs of being a socially-isolated youth – and that there are beings that want him dead simply because of the abilities he possesses.

Watch the I Am Number Four trailer (via Apple) below:

Most of the action and F/X-heavy footage released from I Am Number Four so far looks decent, if not extraordinary. Pettyfer doesn’t appear to be the most expressive of actors, though his role in the sci-fi thriller might not require him to do much more than act like a frustrated, moody high schooler – and provide some eye candy for those uninterested in explosions or aliens that can shoot laser beams from their hands.

The mythology of the aliens in I Am Number Four is intriguing, especially the bit about how they must be killed in sequential order. We’re also a bit curious about the evil creatures (a.k.a. Mogadorians) that are hunting Number Four and his kind – even if, from a distance, they kind of look like Nero from Star Trek crossed with Lord Voldemort.

I Am Number Four I Am Number Four Trailer #3: Super Powered Aliens On The Run

Dreamworks is clearly hoping that I Am Number Four will be the first installment in a new book-turned-successful film franchise. The pic will largely have the playing field to itself when it hits regular and IMAX theaters in the U.S. on February 18th, 2011, so it could do solid business at the box office.

How does I Am Number Four look to you?

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  1. That’s the worst leg cramp I’ve ever seen… way to spoil the mood.

    As for the movie it will be a rental for me.

  2. i mean this looks cool, but im not sure i’ll see it in the cinema, unless some of my friends do. but i definitely want to see it :)

  3. That picture isn’t of a Mogadorian. Its Alex Pettyfer in make-up for his role in “Beastly”, the Beauty & the Beast comptemporary update.

    • @ Nick

      Sorry about that – now we’ve got a proper Alex Pettyfer photo from I Am Number Four instead.

  4. Is it just me, or does this trailer make the “I Am Number Four” feel very similar to the “Twilight” franchise?

  5. This is actually one of my more anticipated movies of 2011. I love Michael Bay (even though I understand that his movies are more mindless pieces of entertainment than artful, thought-provoking films of greatness), I love D. J. Caruso as a director (he tends to have a sharp, visceral and edgy way and knows how to tell a story unlike Michael Bay), and I love the cast. Still, I must ask where are the Twilight comparisons coming from?!

    This looks NOTHING like Twilight! It looks kind of new and interesting, almost like if you crossed a high school movie with something like Superman. I mean, for a movie that only cost around $50 million, it looks pretty incredible visually! Twilight’s a stupid romance that only skated by with the fantasies of teenage girls. This looks like it has an actual story with possibly great characters and it’s about like ALIENS with SUPERPOWERS which is closer to the truth of aliens than what Twilight claims to be with vampires and werewolves!

  6. That weird fish-guy killed it for me.

    • no it didnt, you had no interest from the start. i say that because you saw a little clip, not even everything of it. just cut scenes and theres probably more to it. so saying it killed your whole interest in the movie is stupid. no offense though

      • No offense but your post reads like it’s from a stupid troll. Bad elements in a trailer are perfectly capable of killing interest in a movie. If trailer weren’t capable of affecting people’s desire to see a movie … they wouldn’t make trailers. Duh. No offense.

        • yeah of course it is, i completely agree. when i see a bad trailer i lose interest. but we’re not talking about a bad trailer are we? we are talking about a character in a single scene. not even a whole scene for that matter. so thats what i said for that matter. if he had any interest in the movie, that would not have killed his entire interest. and thats fine, that he doesnt have any interest! so all of our posts are pointless really haha

  7. Alex Pettyfer’s face looks incredibly old in these trailers and pictures. I have no idea how old he really is, but his face looks late-30s. Hollywood 40 year olds like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck look younger than Pettyfer. Trying to pass him off as a high-schooler is laugh-out-loud funny and bizarre. It looks so weird.

    • LOL Bella, he’s all of 20 – he does look older, but late-30s is a little harsh!

      • I suspect Pettyfer has been lying to his Hollywood agents about his age. Anybody seen a birth certificate? LOL. If that dude isn’t at least 35, I’ll eat my hat! Watch the trailer again. Look at his face in those pictures up there. That dude should be playing Glee girl’s dad and pretending to go to high school. Hahaha.

        • “and NOT pretending to go to high school.”

          oops! LOL. The power of a missing “not”. Note to self: Less laughing and more proofreading!

          Students: “It’s the new Math Teacher!”

          mysterious narrator: “No. No. He’s a new transfer student.”

          Students: ” … ?”
          “Must be an undercover cop! Narc! Narc!”

          mysterious narrator: “No. That’s ’21 Jump Street’. Entirely different movie. You’re confused.”

          Students: “You just sent us a 35-yr-old transfer student! Of course we’re confused!”

          • His secret is smoking like a chimney behind the science block. He can’t get enough of that sweet Earth tobacco, though it plays havoc with the skin, and who needs a lighter when you’re carrying your own personal Zippo-hands? Looks like some kind of high-tech nicotine patch implanted in his leg there…

        • hey Bella, I have to agree with you.
          the guy, wile nice eye-candy, looks considerably older than he should for a supposed “teenager” in high school.

          Although, I’d probably be a tiny bit more generous than you and guestimate his age at late 20′s.

          This is one thing that annoys me about American television shows that depict teens: the use of considerably older-looking actors to play high school students. I understand that the US school system finishes high school a few years later than, let’s say Canada’s school system (at least Quebec’s) – for example, I was out of high school at 17 and into college. But I can honestly say that I never saw ANYONE who looked like these Abercrombie & Fitch models in my school. My last year of high school, the most beard anyone in my class had was a bit of peach fuzz. Not a good solid beard like this guy has on his IMDB photo.

          That being said, I think this looks like an advertisement for a WB teen show replacement to fill Smallville’s timeslot when it goes off the air. It just has that “we titillate teenaged girls” look to it.

    • I know what you mean about Matt Damon though. As much as I liked his performance in The Good Shepherd, I had a hard time believing he was the father of a grown-up son. Even Angelina Jolie looked more convincing with the passing years (or maybe just more haggard…).

  8. looks good

  9. can’t miss a Teresa Palmer movie <3

  10. Ooh, Starman.

  11. La edad de los aliens es diferente a la de los humanos, relacion de edad y cuerpo físico, la comparación con crepúsculo es de forma amorosa, en las 2 hay poderes, o no? el vampiro buscando ser normal en una sociedad normal, el alien trata de ser normal en una vida de humanos normales, se dan las igualdades, pero también diferencias, es como las personas capten y sientan los personajes y que les gusta de ellos. La serie podría tener éxito y si hacen la película con una buena trama y buenas actuaciones, tendrá poder de atracción en las personas que la vean.

  12. looks good. i am there.

  13. Fantastic. It’s top of my list for 2010 (doesn’t hurt that it’s first).

    I’m glad they are at least hinting in these trailers that he’s to “find the others. You’ll be stronger.” I’ve thought that the girl sliding on the floor flinging a blade like Elektra, must be #5 (or greater).

    I think we know the major dilemmas of the movie. First, discovering his powers, then discovering where he’s from, and that he’s being hunted. Next major dilemma–like any superhero dilemma–can I put my loved ones at risk? In this movie it seems like there’s an option to leave (leave town or leave the planet?) and he decides not to. “This is my home, I’m not leaving.” (Famous last words.)

    • She’s number six- other trailers

  14. BOOO! Twilight BooollShiiiOOT !

  15. I think this movie looks perrty good and that alex pettyfer is smoking hot….and whatever movie hes in…IM GONNA WATCH IT!! lol seriously…

  16. when is it coming????

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