‘I Am Number Four’ Trailer #2

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I Am Number Four Trailer 2 I Am Number Four Trailer #2

What do you get when Michael Bay produces a movie about teenage humanoid extraterrestrials who hide out on Earth, romance actual humans, and must learn to control their superpowers so as to defend themselves against Romulan-like creatures? Kudos to those that answered I Am Number Four.

A second theatrical preview for the film – which was co-produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by D.J. Caruso (Disturbia, Eagle Eye) – has made its way online. DreamWorks Pictures hopes this will be the first entry in a new hit franchise and will release I Am Number Four in IMAX theaters early next year.

Alex Pettyfer is the new Robert Pattinson in I Am Number Four and plays an alien on the run with his grizzled mentor, Henri (Timothy Olyphant). The pair seek refuge on Earth as Number Four – who dubs himself John Smith – and his kind resemble ordinary humans, but possess unique qualities like telekinesis and the ability to shoot lasers from their hands. Things get trickier when John falls in love with a small town girl (Dianna Agron) and a band of ruthless aliens with murder on their mind catch up to him.

The similarities between I Am Number Four and Twilight are just too strong to ignore; the “girl falls in love with a mysterious guy-who’s-not-human” romance, moody atmosphere, and coming of age storyline are virtually the same. Even the F/X in the I Am Number Four look to be on a par with that of the blockbuster teen/vampire romance franchise – cheesy, but overall satisfactory.

Judging by the footage in this new trailer, what sets I Am Number Four apart from the adventures of Bella, Edward, and Jacob is aliens with glowing hands (along with evil ones that look like Eric Bana’s Nero from Star Trek) and a load of vibrantly-colored explosions.

Watch the second I Am Number Four trailer (courtesy of Yahoo! Movies) below:

The premise behind I Am Number Four (that each of the numbered aliens must be killed in sequential order) is intriguing and the first trailer contained a nice mix of sci-fi elements and comic book tropes that made it look more like X-Men, less like (sorry to beat the dead horse, but…) Twilight.

After watching this second trailer and the alien love story featurette, I Am Number Four looks more like it’ll be another forgettable teen romance/drama pic that tries to mix things up by heaping on more mindless, but unimpressive action and not much else.

I Am Number Four arrives in regular and IMAX theaters in the U.S. on February 18th, 2011.

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  1. So… What happens if they’re killed out of order?

    • Oh, the usual. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling, dogs and cats living together -mass hysteria, of course. 😎

      • Nice. 😀

      • @Sandy,

        That made me chuckle out loud, thanks.

    • they can’t be killed out of order. there was a charm put on all the kids before they were sent to earth.

  2. Hahahahaha! Sooo cynical!! But, of course! It’s called marketing!

  3. It looks pretty interesting. Even though it feels like a movie I have seen over a hundred times, there may be some sort of twist to this premise. I will have to wait and see another trailer.

    I would put this in the ‘interesting but I don’t know’ category.

  4. all i know is it’ll probably be entertaining and fun to watch. doubt it will be very good but still, i’ll watch it.

  5. I just like to add my two cents here to the person who wrote the article, where the hell do you get off??!! Seriously this is NOTHING LIKE TWILIGHT, IT’S WAYYYYY BETTER THAN THAT PIECE OF CRAP!!! The only similarity is teenage girl falls in love with a supernatural being but either than that NOTHING!! Have any of you even read the book, if you’d read it you’d know there’s not one similarity to that piece of garbage franchise and for the record Edward Cullen has got absolutely nothing on John Smith characterwise!!! And btw Twilight did not create the whole teenaged-angst-supernatural-romance theme, BUFFY OR DRACULA anyone?? This francise is action above the romance unlike Twilight which is about two pathetic teenagers trying to be together for all eternity like in a 50s sitcom!!

    • @ ForsakenMoon19

      1) You’re free to disagree all you like, but please – don’t be rude.

      2) I did not say anything about the original “I Am Number Four” book, nor did I claim that “Twilight” was the first entry in the teen-supernatural-romance genre. All I said was that the trailers for the “I Am Number Four” movie make it LOOK like a sci-fi variation of “Twilight” the movie.

      • So far Sandy, I don’t see the resemblance.

      • J/K

      • @Sandy,

        To be fair ForsakenMoon19 wasn’t really being rude, a little misguided maybe, but not rude.

    • I need to re-read/ watch Dracula because I must have blocked out all the teenaged-angst-supernatural-romance themes/ undertones..

  6. Wow, calm down For. It’s a review of the trailer, not the book or movie. It’s an opinion piece and, given Hollywood’s propensity to capitalize on a past box office success, I’d say it’s only natural to be somewhat skeptical about the direction this film appears to be taking. Screenrant is pretty good about admitting if they were off about a particular property, but you can’t really be wrong about an opinion.
    I’m thinking this picture seems to be shot in a trendy, brooding teenager point of view and those, with a few acceptions, rarely stand the test of time.

  7. Look about as harmless as The Sourcerers Apprentice. I’ll likely give it a go.

  8. You should actually read the book, i fell in love with it, and this 2nd trailer just makes my heart flutter w/joy. THis is actually gonna be a great movie, you’ve got 2 mnths to read the book go and get it

    • the trailer makes it look like its gonna be nothing like the book at all. I hope the movie doesnt ruin the book.

  9. Sorry if you thought I was being rude I’m just soooooooooo sick of everything being compared to twilight, might as well say that Harry Potter is copying twilight too:/ But what Jabrilli said, go read the book and I promise you won’t find anything romotely Bella & Edward in it!! The charaters are all compelling, you may not think the premise is that origional but the minute you pick up the book its hard to put it down. I understand what you’re saying about the trailer but really looks are decieving they’re trying to blend the action and the romance so it appeals to both male and female viewers once it hits theatres. They’re not about to show everything as you understand:/

    • Well, that’s encouraging. Here’s hoping the movie “I Am Number Four” turns out well then.

      As for comparing things to “Twilight”… well, there have been a number of new shows and movies (ex. the Teen Wolf TV show, Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried) that warrant the comparison.

      Part of the problem is that a lot of books/movies/shows, regardless of what they’re ACTUALLY like, are just being marketed directly at the “Twilight” crowd and with good reason – just look at how successful those books/movies have been.

      • Also – I’m a big “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” TV show fan, so I don’t hate anything with teens/supernatural creatures just on principle. 😉

  10. Looks like they made a movie for all the guys who got dragged to the theater by their significant others to see twilight. It does look like Twilight though IMO.

  11. Haven’t seen any of the Twilight films, and despite being into alien movies probably wouldn’t see this one on first glance because it does seem like it’s aimed more toward the teen audience. However, being a Timothy Olyphant fan I will most likely give it a go solely because he’s in it and I enjoy his work.

    • yeah its a shame that Sharlto Copley had to drop the roll of henri due to conficts with the A-team marketing so instead Timothy Olyphant go it. And hopefully with D.J. Caruso behing the film it should be a good book to film.

  12. why would you say it is aimed at a teen audience why because the leads are good looking and young

    star trek had the same thing

    • where on earth did you get emo’s from? your comment is completely pointless

  13. Emo’s from space….I GOT IT! EMO’s ON A FORUM!
    its a joke bud, chill =)

  14. I enjoyed this article a lot. A fun read, even more fun reading the comments. Thanks Sandy.

  15. Another thing I’d like to add is everyone is forgetting this director brought us hits like Disturbia and Eagle Eye!!! Whatever you thought of thoes films he did a fantastic job with the direction in thoes movies and stuck really close to the character development instead of just the action. Plus lets not forget thoes movies did awesome in the boxoffice so putting D.J Caruso at the head of this project was a very wise choice!! Not to mention the cast of new faces and upcomers along with some well known veterans and with the aid of both Steven Speildberg and Michael Bay is sure this film to succeed whether people want it to or not. And this isn’t just me being too optimistic (cuz I obviously know however I AM NUMBER FOUR does in theatres can go either way), this is what’s going to grab audiences’ attentiion (and hopefully get them interested in the books, yes there’s gonna be more than 1 book). So for thoes of you judging the picture by a few scenes in a collaberation of clips I hope you realize how misleading this trailer is cuz I can tell you right now that what your seeing isn’t even close to what the entire story is about!! If you’re curious I suggest again pick up the book and find out for yourself!! This is absolutely NOTHING LIKE TWILIGHT!!!

    • Disturbia was enjoyable, but Eagle Eye was kind of terrible. DJ Caruso has a lot to make up for for that.

  16. Well I don’t know what movie you were watching cuz I found both EAGLE EYE & DISTURBIA awesome and very entertaining to watch!! Regardless of what you think of that movie, it still did its job in the box office!!

  17. It makes me think of Jumper and no, that’s not a good thing.

  18. I was looking forward to seeing this movie,but this second trailer killed it form. This movie will be nothing like the book just from the few scenes this second trailer shows. he doesnt lift police cars, he doesnt talk to the Mogadorians at all. He is no where near as BA as this movie makes it out to be he gets his butt kicked in the book. there is no waterfall jumping. The book doesnt even tell you where the first two died just the third. Way to go hollywood just make it as you go eh?

  19. Will there be #2 or what good story but no 2 come on Bay you can do it

  20. Hey dear,

    what’s name of the next part “I am number four” movie??

  21. I wish they make a second one

  22. I really liked I Am Number Four,so get with producers and directors like it can’t be done or improved.