‘I Am Legend 2′ with Will Smith is Officially Moving Forward

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i am legend 2 will smith I Am Legend 2 with Will Smith is Officially Moving Forward

There have been rumblings about an impending second installment in the I Am Legend (would-be) franchise being made, ever since the original 2007 film grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide in theaters. Warner Bros. has finally struck a deal to do just that, with Oscar-winner Akiva Goldsman – who co-wrote and produced the original Legend adaptation – now onboard to collaborate on the project (in some form).

Here’s where things get a bit tricky. The second I Am Legend flick is (as Deadline puts it) “not being called a prequel,” and is being fashioned so as to allow Will Smith to reprise his role as scientist Robert Neville (if the A-lister so chooses).

Quick history lesson: some three years ago, Smith reportedly conceived an idea for an I Am Legend prequel, the setup for which would have seen the Robert Neville character team up with pockets of survivors in the aftermath of an apocalyptic man-made virus – resulting in him “interacting, bonding, and ultimately failing to save them,” thus setting the stage for the events of I Am Legend.

However, that idea was scrapped in favor of a more direct sequel. The script for I Am Legend 2 was to be written by then-unknown D.B. Weiss (now, known as the co-creator of HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series) and would have somehow allowed for Smith to reprise his role as Mr. Neville, despite his (spoiler?) having been seemingly blown up by a grenade during the climax of the first film.

Jump to the present and Warner Bros. has instead recruited up-and-comer Arash Amel (The Expatriate) to pen the initial draft for the new I Am Legend movie. There’s no word yet on whether or not the project is still being fashioned as a sequel – though, it could be in a state of flux similar to the studio’s 300 spin-off, a film which was long assumed to be a prequel/midquel, but has recently been labeled a sequel instead.

i am legend sequel will smith I Am Legend 2 with Will Smith is Officially Moving Forward

Smith is expected to return for the second 'I Am Legend' installment

Assuming the second installment of I Am Legend is not simply a prequel-in-disguise, there are two ways for a Smith-starring sequel to make sense (sort of):

  1. Robert Neville is featured heavily in flashbacks, in a manner similar to how I Am Legend chronicles the chaotic quarantine of Manhattan (via its protagonist’s memories).
  2. Amel’s screenplay accepts I Am Legend‘s alternate ending (which partly restores the thematic value of Richard Matheson’s source material, while also allowing Robert Neville to live) as being “canon” – and ignores the much-decried climax to the film adaptation’s theatrical cut.

Obviously, the easier (and, frankly, more interesting) route would be to develop a prequel along the lines of what Smith originally had in mind, rather than attempting to awkwardly navigate around the conclusion to the theatrically-released version of I Am Legend. For the time being, though, it seems that the former may NOT be what Warner Bros. has in mind. Make of that what you will.


We will keep you posted on the status of the new I Am Legend installment (be it prequel or sequel) as the story develops.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I would be a way better story line if they started off with the alternet ending and moved forward from there. Showing him and Anna and the boy go to the surviver camp together and fighting a virus war trying to save everyone left. The last movie was good but they could do way better. I can’t wait to see the second installment of I am Legend.

  2. I would be a way better story line if they started off with the alternet ending and moved forward from there. Showing him and Anna and the boy go to the surviver camp together and fighting a virus war trying to save everyone left. The last movie was good but they could do way better. I can’t wait to see the second installment of I am Legend.

  3. They could almost make it mesh by showing him blown back by the encompassing explosion into some kind of a “locker” or large strong box/storage unit type thing. He then can emerge battered up a bit & recoup before following on with the story.

  4. f*** Will Smith. This isn’t the story of one guy. Make another group of survivors face the consequences of the KV.

    • did you see his acting it wouldnt be the same without him

      • Put Will Smith in the right roles and he becomes a blockbuster!

    • Step away from the keyboard Luv, you are typing icredebly dumb things

    • will smith is what makes the movie! They cant make another I Am Legend without the guy that made the whole thing happen in the first place… It would be sh*t.

  5. Easy,start with the theatrical ending showing that blowing himself up is just a thought and than changes his mind and does like the alternate ending than you go from there with I am legend 2.

    • This made me laugh way too hard. Hope you’re not serious

    • that would annoy alot of people

  6. The whole reason Robert blew himself up instead of taking shelter in the safe was because of his acceptance of faith with the reoccurrence of the butterfly. Perhaps that may offer a transition to a sequel that is much less of an ultimatum.

  7. Perhaps the solution of the problem is quite obvious he dashed the bullet by jumping and hidding in time under something and suffer minor injuries. People fall out of building and fall on a pile of garbage and suffer minor injury. Why not with a I am Legend sequel. Most viewer don’t want Will die. Perhaps I’m a little Cookie, but how about a Spoof?

  8. I would love both a pre-quel and sequel with Will Smith, I prefer when a movie based on a book sticks to its source material so i would gladly take the alt ending over the theatrical one, granted they would definatly have to point it out at the begining of a sequel to make it obvious to those that watched it and didn’t see the alt ending or some how making him survive a grenade blast (unlikely but still a possibility)

  9. i think a sequel would be better than a prequel because what would happen in the prequel him being in a lab and the last 20 minutes of seeing some vampires/monsters/mutants. in the sequel he could find his wife and son and the cure them and from there they could travel with Anna and the boy at the end he could find a way to cure everybody or they could all find underground shelter.

    • personally i think your idea would be a waste of time because his wife died in a helicopter crash unless you could find a cure for death? then you have already created a corrupt story line

  10. I think the alternate ending was completely out of sync with the rest of the film, there is no way that the infected would hold off like that as even though they show signs of increased intelligence, they show no signs of their former selves. ultimately meaning why would the infected see themselves as in need of a cure. As it is all they know,

    A prequel would definitely be interesting to see, for one will smith can return without the need of some cheesy unrealistic film tactic to bring him back. show the events of the three years prior theres a lot of room here for an epic story.. Plus SAM the dog could return which would be an ultimate plus.

    • that would be great i really hope they do that (a prequel) not a sequel

  11. I believe if they want a plausible but still witty way to go around that theatrical ending is go back to where he was holding the grenade and see him get blown up. Then all of a sudden show him thinking about it before he pulls the grenade pin, then he would rethink his decision to toss the grenade and hop in the safe, then see the lady and boy making it to the survivor colony. Simple and the reason it would be effective is the 2nd movie incorporates parts you didn’t actually see in the 1st one and most people’s reaction to that would be like ” oh yeah, I see how that can work”.

    • rue

  12. love this movie

  13. The sequel could feature a clone (Neville reborn !!) based on the blood sample which was given by Neville to the lady who then hands it over to the scientists at the survivor camp.

    • all technology is gone except for robert nevilles lab and due to the explosion now it is gone and your idea is significantly unrealistic and a waste of time

    • The blood was from the zombie not him. Your story line is impossible.

  14. Am I the only one that was a fan of the book and was disappointed with the movie? I mean as a standalone the movie was alright but it shouldn’t have been named after the book since its nothing like it at all; really, the name of the book and the name of the character are the only things they kept the same.
    He’s not a “Legend” for curing the infection in the book, he’s a legend to the diseased people, he’s the boogie man (to them) that hunts them in their sleep.

    I wish they would just start again and make the story from the book.

  15. Loved the first movie. With the popularity of “Walking Dead” it would be a good time for a sequel.

    I’m thinking Neville survives/dies becomes a zombie, maybe with an arm blown off. Saved by a cure discovered from his efforts. Maybe get’s a mechanical arm, think iRobot, and then has to fight some zombies that can’t be saved. Yeah, probably cheesy, go with the prequel.

  16. This is my favorite movie of all times.
    I think the prequel idea is the best of all. First off using the alternate ending would be HORRIBLE, (1) not everyone has seen it, (2) as much as the movie differs from the book, that goes way off course. Smith had the best idea, to fill in the 3yrs of time between outbreak and the Movie.
    First off, the trauma of him dealing with his personal loss, survival, and attempt to cure the infection. If they made a sequel that would defeat the purpose of him being a Legend. to many plot holes with a lot of suggestions i saw. I’d rather them not make it if they are going to make a plot holed piece of crap.

  17. I have a great idea for how to keep Will smith’s character Robert Neville alive…the grenane he had was infact just a FLASH grenade..which wouldnt kill him….but WOULD kill the dark seekers with the BRIGHT FLASH…any1 think this a good idea for having him kept alive?

    • That would work except that we saw the grenade and it wasn’t a flash grenade….so they can’t really change it.

    • That would work except that we saw the grenade and it wasn’t a flash grenade, so they can’t really change it.

    • i agree with shifter, changing the grenade (when we clearly saw it) would defeat the whole purpose of him becoming a legend when he died therefore a sequel could not be made besides the shrapnel from a flashbang would kill him either way and way to go copying blade trinity with the whole bright flash definitely not original

    • That would not kill the dark-seekers. They are killed by ultraviolet light, not just bright flashes.

  18. yeah..or we can see him looking at the grenade…the hand grenade..and then the ending we saw with him blowing himself up was just him thinking, in his mind ect…but then flashes back onto him about to blow himself up and grabs a flash grenade instead from..erm..a draw or something.

  19. He has the hand grenade in his hand for a good few seconds, all the time to turn the latter part into him thinking..him trying to be the hero or just because he missed his family, as he looked at their photo before doing what he did…But he rethinks his idea and grabs the flash grenade from the draw instead. Maybe im grasping at straws..but..i think a sequal could be amazing IF Will returns…a prequal…well it wouldnt end well for starters.

  20. If they do make a second film I hope they use real actors as the infected instead of all the cgi. It really spoled it for me

    • First and foremost you could not use real actors because the on scene where will goes head to head with the mutant could you get an actors mouth to fit around will smiths shoulder? I THINK NOT

  21. If they make a sequel, they should do it without flashbacks of what happened to Robert before I Am Legend, since that would make it impossible or just boring to make the prequel, since you already know what happened before I Am Legend. Also, they should make the sequel first, and THEN the prequel, so that Robert’s dog, Sam, is there at the very end. I cried so much when Sam died. Tribute to Sam and Robert.

  22. What day sale part #2?

  23. For heaven’s sake, WB, would you take Smith’s idea and run with it, please?! It seems good, it seems like what should be done, and you just want to ignore it? Stupid.

  24. They should have him start the 2nd movie as him dreaming when he has the grenade and when it explodes, he wakes up. Then start the movie in the alternate ending when he decides to live and move on from there.

    • Yea he fell asleep while holding the grenade while zombies are almost getting through to him..and then he wakes up….BOOM. Not a good idea.

  25. will smith should be in it i would pay double at the movies to see a new i am legened


    • JT ;Maybe You shouldn’t just watch it … when it comes out …. that should put your exasperation to an end ….

  27. I hope that it comes out soon …. though I liked the initial climax better, it would be interesting to see how the writers account for the survival of Robert in the second installment ….

  28. i like this movie so much…please make another one .will smith is best actor in this movie.we are waiting for i’am legend 2 …

  29. This movie is called I am Legend for a reason. He listens to Bob Marley. Here is Bob Marley’s album he was listening to in the movie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend_(Bob_Marley_%26_The_Wailers_album)