‘I Am Legend 2′ with Will Smith is Officially Moving Forward

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i am legend 2 will smith I Am Legend 2 with Will Smith is Officially Moving Forward

There have been rumblings about an impending second installment in the I Am Legend (would-be) franchise being made, ever since the original 2007 film grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide in theaters. Warner Bros. has finally struck a deal to do just that, with Oscar-winner Akiva Goldsman – who co-wrote and produced the original Legend adaptation – now onboard to collaborate on the project (in some form).

Here’s where things get a bit tricky. The second I Am Legend flick is (as Deadline puts it) “not being called a prequel,” and is being fashioned so as to allow Will Smith to reprise his role as scientist Robert Neville (if the A-lister so chooses).

Quick history lesson: some three years ago, Smith reportedly conceived an idea for an I Am Legend prequel, the setup for which would have seen the Robert Neville character team up with pockets of survivors in the aftermath of an apocalyptic man-made virus – resulting in him “interacting, bonding, and ultimately failing to save them,” thus setting the stage for the events of I Am Legend.

However, that idea was scrapped in favor of a more direct sequel. The script for I Am Legend 2 was to be written by then-unknown D.B. Weiss (now, known as the co-creator of HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series) and would have somehow allowed for Smith to reprise his role as Mr. Neville, despite his (spoiler?) having been seemingly blown up by a grenade during the climax of the first film.

Jump to the present and Warner Bros. has instead recruited up-and-comer Arash Amel (The Expatriate) to pen the initial draft for the new I Am Legend movie. There’s no word yet on whether or not the project is still being fashioned as a sequel – though, it could be in a state of flux similar to the studio’s 300 spin-off, a film which was long assumed to be a prequel/midquel, but has recently been labeled a sequel instead.

i am legend sequel will smith I Am Legend 2 with Will Smith is Officially Moving Forward

Smith is expected to return for the second 'I Am Legend' installment

Assuming the second installment of I Am Legend is not simply a prequel-in-disguise, there are two ways for a Smith-starring sequel to make sense (sort of):

  1. Robert Neville is featured heavily in flashbacks, in a manner similar to how I Am Legend chronicles the chaotic quarantine of Manhattan (via its protagonist’s memories).
  2. Amel’s screenplay accepts I Am Legend‘s alternate ending (which partly restores the thematic value of Richard Matheson’s source material, while also allowing Robert Neville to live) as being “canon” – and ignores the much-decried climax to the film adaptation’s theatrical cut.

Obviously, the easier (and, frankly, more interesting) route would be to develop a prequel along the lines of what Smith originally had in mind, rather than attempting to awkwardly navigate around the conclusion to the theatrically-released version of I Am Legend. For the time being, though, it seems that the former may NOT be what Warner Bros. has in mind. Make of that what you will.

We will keep you posted on the status of the new I Am Legend installment (be it prequel or sequel) as the story develops.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Sadly there is a critical flaw to the existing story line of I am Legend. One critical fact they overlooked.

    There are now dark seekers that were made as a by product of a cure for cancer. At the point of the movie’s start there are 2 “survivors”. One man, one dog. Apparently dark seekers eat only other people – we never see them pursue anything else and they go to extreme lengths to get at them.

    So my contention is – how could there be so many dark seekers if there were no longer any people to feed on. Why haven’t they starved off? Even Robert Neville and his dog could never feed the hoards of dark seekers after them.

    They should have introduced other food sources and had people as the delicacy that was now exceedingly rare. More plausible.

    • Did you not see the deer that ran into the building and was eaten…they eat other thing besides people when they go out at night

    • The answer to your question about the alternate food source is in the movie. The scene where the dog was hiding under the desk and Robert Neville turned around to see the darkseeker eating – the deer. (?) There were plenty of them running through the streets in daylight.

    • Did u not see the animals at the beginning? Lions,deer,etc!

    • they did >.> they showed te dark seekers eating deers and if you watch the alternative ending the dark seekers try to find robert because he has the leaders mate

    • I guess you haven’t paid attention to the details of the movie.

  2. I think what they should do is keep the first one the same and even though he blew everyone up what if he really didn’t die he did get bit before he got blown and he could live but then you wouldn’t know how to start the second one

    • He was immune. Getting bit wouldn’t have hurt him.

      • could it combine affects and save him, maybe giving him the ability to heal?

  3. If you watched the movie you would remember the scene were Dr. Neville runs into the dark building after his dog Sam, who was chasing a deer. Dr. Neville found that deer, which was dead and what looked to be partially devoured.
    I think the only explanation is that the Darkseekers hot to it. So there is in fact another food source available. That food source? Animals.

    Now I have a prime explanation as to why they may have been eating animals. Desperation. And I have an example. I was watching a documentary on Chimps and what I saw amazed me. At one point when food sources were low one of the Chimps caught a catfish and ate it. which is strange because people had believed chimps to be vegetarians. But here it was, eating a catfish. so I guess what I’m truly to say is that desperation can make anyone or anything do drastic things to survive.

    • It’s plausible that he could have survived the grenade. People have dived onto grenades and survived. Also there were a lot of seekers in that room at the end so presuming the grenade blew up between the seekers and will smith was shielded by they’re bodies he may have survived. That’s how I’d go about it.
      The first scene could be a rerun of the last scene showing how the grenade dropped in between them which shielded him before detonation.

      • I think they should not let Dr. Neville survive, spoils the ending of the first movie. A prequel has a more theatrical sense to it than letting the protagonist survive a grenade explosion.

  4. hi Can you guys make another movie I am legend 2 I liked the first movie so if you with create another movie like I am legend I will buy it.If I Do not have any money I will sell my house so make it as quake as you can.

  5. Hi all, I’m desperate for a sequel and thought long and hard about how they could do it so here’s my thoughts. Nevellie survives because the seekers protect him. If you read the book the seekers are just like humans but nocturnal, also in the film they set a trap which would suggest there smart. The trap was set by the big seeker with the dogs because he lost his girl friend to Neville at the bank. In the book Neville goes on trial so they could try that, the seekers have a kind of Society and it goes from there, what do you think?

  6. i think he could have survived… if they bring him back with irobot style limbs that sounds bad ass.

    • No. Robot limbs… Really? And who would have given him these limbs seeing as everyone is now either dead or a seeker…? Nah I’d go with the scenario that he was shielded by the seekers in the blast and only suffered minor injuries and the cure he’d made in the first one is missing something and not working in the way he’d designed it to work. Therefor they have to find his lab in the city and recover what research they can and in the process they stumble across him.

  7. Idk he could have created them himself being he’s a doctor and all. I agree it’s better he could have been shielded and survived but, a man can fantasize since this is a fictional story to begin with.

    • Cool man you can fantasize. Its fictional but you don’t want it going crazy. It’s got to be as realistic a scenario as it can be. Yeah he’s a doctor but more than likely a micro biologist. Making limbs out of bits and pieces would be hard work for someone with no limbs in the first place. He’d have trouble surviving looking for food and drink. He wouldn’t have time, the rescources or enough mobility to manage it.

  8. nice movie

  9. movie very nice

  10. as a person with some experience in a few things, a grenade blast is survivable….

    here’s my scenario … Ok, if you all recall the final conflict scene… Dr Neville was in a small enclosed space down in his lab which was sealed by protective glass. while on the other side a dark seeker was body ramming the glass. what we did see was dr. Neville bait them by running towards the glass with a grenade in his hand. but what if at the very last moment the dark seeker’s body ramming caused the door to become ajar… Then at the very last moment when they ran towards the glass Dr Neville throws the grenade to the other side? that’s a very possible scenario … what do you guys think?

    • I just recently watched the end of this movie and watched it in slow motion, he clearly still had the GRENADE in his HAND and it blew up RIGHT AS HE CRASHED INTO the dark seeker. The explosion took out the whole basement… slim chance.

      • It’d make for a vivid re-entry to the franchise; a slow pan over the burning bodies moments after the grenade; a still living Will Smith strewn between the corpses laying in shattered glass and blood wounded terribly, burnt as well, albeit close enough to life that he realizes he failed to make his sacrifice and is forced to survive once again.
        Its all hollywood; it’d make an edgy trailer, the camera rolls by scattered limbs and torsos, until It reaches a summatively dark region of a carnage-y zoom in…an eye opens-cut to black.

  11. I’d probably rather something more simple if its really going to get the boxoffice sequel treatment, instead of some elaborate work around to make a plot work. The first was great; It had a Cast Away thing working for it. They could go so far to re-use his “death” scene for an intro, only in hollywood slow motion detail where he does something super cool with the grenade that was originally just a less than ambiguous explosion in the first movie.

  12. I believe they should use the ending as they did in the last movie of twighlight. He could have killed himself with the grenade and all but then make it to where he really didn’t. He could have been thinking that’s what he was gonna do and really drew the blood out the infected he was testing and gone into the little safe department with the girl and her son. I believe that would be the easiest way to start part 2 of I am legend and then it could become a prequel.

  13. I think the movie should come in another name, for like The M Legend.

    The M Legend is cool name right?.

  14. There was an alternate ending. He is alive.

  15. I think it would be best for it to be a prequel, showing the city at the time of the outbreak, no movie about a disease could be any more catchy than an idea like that.

  16. My best thought for creating a “sequel” would be to have the ending of I Am Legend become a nightmare he has in number two. He had quite a lot of varying memories in the first movie, just seems right.

  17. I liked the way u changed the ending because I like will smith acting . In this movie if he was not in the next movie I don’t think it would sell as good as the first one that’s what I think . Just
    keep the same people in the last one and more if u want .