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enterprise first thumb Hungry For More Star Trek Details? Here You Go!

Intrepid and dedicated Screen Rant regular reader “790″ took it upon himself to visit Creation Entertainment’s 16th Annual GRAND SLAM: THE SCI-FI SUMMIT in Burbank, CA over the weekend and reported back with the latest from the Paramount panel on J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Trek reboot movie.

The host at the panel was my friend Anthony, from While screenwriter Roberto Orci was in attendance, co-scripter Alex Kurtzman was not able to attend. I’ve distilled the report down to a few bullet points for you. Some of it is info that is already out there, but there are a few new details that were revealed.

Here are the highlights:

- The budget on the film is far below $200MM.

- The film will be rated PG-13.

- The release date was pushed back to summer ’09 because Paramount really wants it to be a summer blockbuster.

- The intent was to re-invent the Star Trek franchise, and that is why they went all the way back to start at the beginning.

- The script was written with Leonard Nimoy in mind. Nimoy read the script and liked it. It seems he’s so pivotal to the story that they would have had a big problem if he hadn’t liked it.

- Yes, the USS Enterprise will be assembled in space, although parts of it will be assembled on Earth.

- Orci revealed that originally Steven Spielberg read the script and talked to J.J. Abrams about directing it during a set visit to the Transformers set. Abrams mentioned it to his wife, who also helped talk him into the final decision to take on the potentially scary project.

- Nimoy was there and said that Star Trek 11 is a gigantic movie. It’s the biggest film he’s ever worked on and that it will be worth waiting for. He also said that Paramount is losing money on this investment now because they really have a lot of faith in the film as a summer blockbuster.

- He also went on to say that he didn’t like the death of Kirk in Star Trek: Generations. He resented it. He then went on to say that it would have been damaging to the story to put Shatner in the film.

I find it VERY interesting to see Nimoy’s comments regarding how including Shatner in the film would have been detrimental to the story. That makes it sound to me like all the talk by the producers and writers of trying to find a way to write “old Kirk” into the storyline may indeed have been B.S. all along, and put out there just to appease the fans.

On the other hand, it seems like the very thing that may have kept Shatner out of the movie was indeed his death in Generations. That makes his death in the movie doubly terrible: First, it was an ignoble death for the character, alone on a desert planet and now, second, it ended up keeping Shatner from appearing in what may be the seminal re-birth of the Trek franchise.

So now you’ve got the latest scoop on the Star Trek movie. It’s nice to get an update after it’s been so quiet lately and I want to give a huge thank you to Screen Rant’s own serial commenter: “790.” icon smile Hungry For More Star Trek Details? Here You Go!

Star Trek is scheduled to open on May 8, 2009.

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  1. Or, Shatner’s in it and they’ve taken pains to keep a lid on it?

  2. Naw Shatners no where near this and as a matter of fact his name was not brought up when Bob Orci mentioned the actors that had visited the set. Nimoy had kind words for Tom Cruise who stopped by to meet Leonard.

  3. if they’re keepin a lid on it, then you would not know about it. hence the word lid? not easy to do, but “cloverfield” ring a bell?

    i’m not sayin i think it’s true, or even that i care (i actually don’t). but it’s possible.

  4. Thanks adain Vic I had a great time. If anyone has any questions about the show I would be happy to answer them. If I don’t get back right away I will soon.


  5. Oops!
    Thanks again. Vic
    Boy its been a long day.

  6. Well Jimmy The C, Mr Nimoy said that the way the story is written they (the writers) couldn’t find a way to fit him in without making it a cameo. And by Nimoys own words “that would have been a disaster”.
    Nimoy went on to praise Bill Shatner every chance he could durring the questions.

    Its beginning to sound like the script was well written long before they started casting and wernt going to alter it. Shatner or not.

  7. As a Star Trek fan, I will see this but every time I catch a Star Trek film on HBO I can’t help but think its too early to reboot this franchise. It just doesn’t seem that old or to put it clearer, it doesn’t seem broken. Bond needed to get away from the gadgets, Hulk from Ang Lee, Batman from Joel S., but there is nothing wrong with the original movies to warrant a reboot.

  8. Typhon, I don’t disagree with you. The additional fact that rebooting the franchise is guaranteed to chase away at least a portion of the old fans, among them some members of my family, says that this has the possibility of doing more harm than good.

    The fact that they hired the “Transformers” writers to write “Star Trek” all but guarantees that I won’t see it. After they butchered my favorite franchise, I don’t want to take the chance of watching them butcher my second favorite.

    All in all, from where I live, this movie is not shaping up to be a good thing.

  9. I think this was the wrong direction for Star Trek as a franchise, I feel if they wanted to do a new film and reinvigorate it, they should have set it ahead of TNG and DS9 and came up with a new ship and new characters. I think this is the death knell for Star Trek, the movie will make its money but I don’t see anything happening past that.

  10. I will judge it when I see it.

  11. I’m pumped. Orci gets Trek. Nimoy loves the script. Spielberg was impressed.

    What more does one need?

    I’m an old fan – grew up with the original series when it first aired. The news coming out about this movie is very, very exciting!

    To quote Kirk at then end of TWOK – ‘I feel young!’

  12. Some of you keep saying that this is “the wrong direction” for Star Trek to take, but none of you say “WHY?” – just that you won’t go see it…

    I have grown up with and loved MOST incarnations of Trek and will continue to enjoy them, and I look forward to seeing another “take” on Gene’s wonderful universe.

    I the movie is awesome, then it’s awesome! Even if it’s different.

  13. I was angry when I first heard the news a year ago but I got over it.
    I don’t think anyone at Paramount knows how to make a film anymore unless its a remake, reinvention or a reboot anyway.
    + I’m going for 4 reasons.
    1 The new Enterprise
    2 Nimoy
    3 Quinto.
    And 4 if it does suck I need to be there to see the suckage.

  14. Man, I need to get out to Cali more often, sounds like you and “790″ had a blast vic.

    Like you guys, I doubt Shatner will nake an apperance. Everyone knows it will be awful if he does.

    Also, it was a smart move holding off til’ summer, the fall is just a bad time for movies.

  15. Kids, with regard to the nearly constant barrage of reasons we get from the studio stating why Shatner can’t be in the film, I have one thing to say:

    Methinks thou protests too much.

    Just throwing it out there, kids…

  16. Well thanks Stan,
    I don’t expect Bill (as Nimoy calls him) to be in any future Star Trek projects.
    I’ll tell you where he blew it besides (Generations) was during Star Trek Enterprise season 4, Bill had a chance to be in the Mirror Mirror two parter. I heard from a source at the time that Shatner was offered a chance to play the Mirror Kirk from TOS.
    Next thing Bill dosnt like the script , he wants a million dollars yadda yadda. Cya Bill.
    He’s systematically burned the transporter between himself and trek.

    I think after this next film Spock is going to have more fans than kirk.

  17. One cool quick story from Grand Slam 2008, I met Gary Lockwood, from 2001 and Star Trek the Original Series episode “Where no man has gone before”.
    I asked him ” in Star Trek were those silver contacts you had to wear?” He said “yeah and they were awefull back then, now a days they would just do all that with effects”.
    (If you get a chance gang check that episode out. Those contacts look PAINFULL).
    He was a very nice guy and was talking to everyone that came by about Star Trek and 2001.

  18. Your one lucky guy 790,
    I would have LOVED to have met him!

  19. 790, we need to get together sometime this summer so I can have some awesome experiences. i need some stories to tell.

  20. Yeah that sucks, you gotta drive a little. I gotta go across the country to get there, haha. Yeah, it is a sh*thole. I have been there. Never been to burbank though.

  21. Kirk’s death in ST:Generations was perfect. Pay attention, cadets. After Jimmy T was distracted and fell off the mountain in Yosemite, he told Spock and McCoy that, even as he was falling, he knew he wasn’t going to die. After all, he was with his dearest friends. He said he had always known that when he died he would die alone. I don’t know how much more “alone” you can get than on an uninhabited alien planet you’ve never visited fighting a bad guy you have never met alongside somebody from about 80 years in your future that you’ve known for about half an hour. I think that falls within the definition of “alone”. Don’t you? I love Shatner and I love Kirk, but I have to agree that he’s probably not in the new picture because it just wouldn’t make sense. It would be too much of a stretch to “work it in”. By the way, I know what the hot rod in the new movie is all about. I spent a day as an extra on the set and witnessed it’s importance to the story firsthand… but my lips are sealed. Confidentiality Agreements and all that. – Captain Crash {=0)

  22. Thanks Gary.

    He told us (group of fans) a story about how when he heard about casting for 2001 he skipped football practice to go to the call. (He apparently went to UCLA and played football for them.). He said “that just wasn’t allowed back then. So I was really taking a big risk by skipping practice”.

    Great guy still in great shape!

  23. Thanks Stan! I’ve got a six pack waiting for ya!

    Yeah the whole experience is a trip at these Science Fiction Conventions.
    You see people that are really passionatly into the sci-fi characters. One guy showed up in full blown (Star Trek, Deep Space Nine) Bajoran make-up and uniform. He was camera ready (as they say). That same guy asked a few good question. Btw.

    I’ll tell ya Nimoy was totally relaxed. Like he has done these a million times and I couldn’t believe how relaxed Zac Quinto was. He was also very articulent.
    It was like he was a seasoned pro at answering fan questions.
    A lot of the questions were about Heroes.
    One guy even asked if Sylar would ever use his powers for good and Zac said “that’s good I’ll bring that up to Tim Kring” and he seemed serious.

    One major bummer is that next year the Grand Slam Summit is going to be held at the Los Angeles Aiport Marriott. That sucks for me seeing how I live only a few miles from the burbank location. And Burbank is way more green and suburban. LAX is a sh*thole area. :-(

  24. Jeez (Again)…

    Shatner can…

    Read the intro as usual. (“These are the…”)

    ‘Wake up’ (somehow) in the Desert after death. (Q could have a hand in it.)

    Future-Time could unconver a ‘video-time capsual’ that could have been sent anytime… BACK in time to tell the ‘New Kirk and Crew’ some of the challenges/mistakes/problems they may face in the future.

    The ‘Memories, Voice and Images’ of Kirk, Spoke and McCoy could also be ‘in the computer, (again from a future time discovered) for advice and comment for any situation. (Hell, it works for Jor-El on Smallville when that Superwiner can’t figure it out for himself…)

    Get with it Paramount! IF you REALLY wanted the origionals back in some way… you could write it in. Any Star Trek fan could!!!

    Won’t even waste a Repulsor on this one… -Stark

  25. one reason Quinto and Nimoyy were so relaxed could be their faith in the project.
    they believe box office or not ,
    Its a solid story .
    I hope they are right.

  26. Its not the drive Stan its more the location.

    The Burbank Marriott is a real cool location. Its surrounded by Yahoo.coms west coast headquarters (a real cool looking complex of buildings).
    Its across the street from Bob Hope Airport.
    They just remodeled that area and it has some cool resturants etc.

    The new Marriott LAX is right in line with the landing zone. (Planes landing every minute). There’s no cool enviroment its all fast food resturants, strip clubs and hotels.

    The Burbank Marriott is WAY better! I hope they change their minds.

  27. Rock on Cap Crash!

  28. Kirk could easily be involved in a future Star Trek film despite his apparant death in Generations. In that same film, Picard enounters Guinan in the Nexus and she says that a part of her will always be there. Therefore, the same should be true for Kirk. He…or some part of him…should still be in the Nexus (presumably forever).

  29. In this weeks Boston Legal Shatner entered the first scene without pants, and in previous episodes he has worn dresses and made out with a life size doll, so I’m not sure “dignity” is a huge issue at this point. I’m sure his ego would love the boost from the rapturous screams fans would give to see his face, however briefly, on the big screen again as James T. Kirk.

    Everyone involved would have to know that it would be a crowd-pleasing moment, especially if there was a way for him to share that moment with Nimoy.