Lionsgate Splits ‘The Hunger Games’ Trilogy Into Four Movies

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The Hunger Games movie cast District 9 tributes Lionsgate Splits The Hunger Games Trilogy Into Four Movies

Given the amount of backlash over the choice of up-and-comer Jennifer Lawrence (X:Men First Class) as The Hunger Games‘ lead Katniss Everdeen, not to mention the seemingly never-ending casting updates, it’s no surprise to hear that Lionsgate is expecting big things from the upcoming film franchise.

Even less surprising, but equally transparent, is the studio’s choice to stretch Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games book trilogy into a film quadrilogy (four movies) – taking a marketing cue from similar young adult books-turned-megamoney film franchises, Harry Potter and Twilight.

Deadline New York broke the news earlier today with a subtle mention that the narrative would span four films instead of the book series’ three-part format:

“Lionsgate executives told Wall Street analysts this morning to expect big things from The Hunger Games, a series of four action films that the studio will release from the trilogy written by Suzanne Collins.”

While the extra film release isn’t exactly a ground breaking idea, it was the first semi-official report that we’d heard regarding the possibility of a fourth Hunger Games film – and it wasn’t long before industry insiders started phoning Lionsgate for confirmation.

The Hob, a Hunger Games news site managed to snag official word, reporting that Lionsgate was directly confirming the four film structure – but wouldn’t discuss where the movies would be split:

We can confirm we have a deal that encompasses four (4) movies for THE HUNGER GAMES.

We cannot confirm any details beyond the below [the previous response listed above] at this time.

How the films will be split-up is certainly an intriguing question. The first book, The Hunger Games, is mostly self-contained. As a result, it’ll probably be a matter of  whether or not Lionsgate wants to go the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as well as Twilight: Breaking Dawn route (splitting one installment into two parts) or go about a more complicated restructuring of the story by segmenting the final two books into three parts – splitting somewhere toward the end of book two (Catching Fire) and middle of book three (Mockingjay) with the final film encompassing the remaining events of the final trilogy book.

Considering both Catching Fire and Mockingjay enjoy much richer, more involved, narratives, there are plenty of places where the story could be split – by simply ratcheting-up an action set-piece to act as a film climax. However, given the epic battle (think Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2) featured at the end of Mockingjay – it’s likely that Lionsgate won’t get too creative in segmenting the film storyline and rely on an action-heavy finale.

First image of Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games Lionsgate Splits The Hunger Games Trilogy Into Four Movies

One major film adaptation selling points is the added “Now a Major Motion Picture” book prints that the studio can help push – which works a lot better if each film is set-against a particular installment. It’s definitely possible we’ll see a more complicated splitting of the books (or at the very least, working certain story beats in earlier or later, depending) – though, from a marketing standpoint, expect the studio to stick pretty close to the source material structure.

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Production is currently underway on The Hunger Games in North Carolina. The film is slated for theatrical release on March 23rd, 2012.

Source: Deadline New York, The Hob

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    • i love the hunger games i don’t care if i have to spent like 7 pounds 4 times just to see the end of it i love it toooo much 2 care i would even love a part in it. i’m gonna go to drama school sooon coz i got told about studio 25 by my drama teacher any way i just love it

  2. Hey, I’d just like to say that I’m really excited for the movie!

  3. Is anyone else fed up of this cynical cash-cowing from the movie companies? Harry Potter started it… 7 books, 8 films. Now it’s 3 books 4 films… How the hell did Peter Jackson manage to do LoTR in only 3 films when there were only 3 books? Obviously he slipped on his “artistic interpretation”.
    Or maybe he was more interested in an artistic vision than a cynical milking of money from the fans.

    • @TREV……Yes LOTR is three books in three movies but Peter Jackson was able to make each movie 3 hrs or if you watch the extended edition, closer to 4. With these other series they might not have had the opportunity to create a movie that long so splitting it in two was the most logical explanation. And FYI Peter Jackson is making The Hobbit, which is just one book, into two movies just like everyone else.

      The Hunger Games is an amazing trilogy and sure I like the fact that it will be 4 movies but I have no idea how they are going to extend it that far. Honestly I don’t know if there is enough substance to create 4 movies.

      • They are probably going to cut it off after Peeta gets back.

        • that is exactly what i thought

    • In defense of Harry Potter, I have read the books several times. So much happens in the final book there is no way to close all storylines in one movie. It was the best idea to make it into two movies. Now I have only read Hunger Games just starting on Catching Fire today. If it’s like HP, they may need a forth movie to wrap everything up. Just my oppinion

    • I totally agree. I loved the LoTR trilogy, and not only watched the movies, but the read the books as well, and I think the movies stayed pretty true to the books. I’m also a big Harry Potter Fan and I can understand them splitting the final movie into two parts because the final book was pretty long and I know fans, myself as well, would’ve been upset if some parts of the book were left out (which they still managed to do so anyways). That being said, Mockingly really is not that long and I, for one, am extremely tired of seeing them split books into two parts when there is really no need for it, Breaking Dawn and this movie included. I’m sure they’ll be doing the same for the Divergent series as well.

  4. (SPOILER ALERT) I think that they are going to split the movies on the third book. Part I Uniting of the Districts, Part II, Siege of the Capital. I actually am looking forward to seeing the underground fortress in the book onscreen.

  5. I watched the movie on opening day and it was really good. If you are reading this i highly recomended you go see it right now.

    read the series 6 times GREAT!


  8. I’m a huge fan of the hunger games and me and my friends fight about it all the time like how peeta and katniss get togetherr and how I hate gale cuz he ditches katniss but everyone loves him cuz he’s hot ewwww but I think tht splitting the movie into 4 iisnt such a good idea 3 is betta and i m wondering if they have room for extras tht would be tots awesom and also LET’S GO TEAM PEETALENISS which is nerd for peeta gale and katniss even though I’m a peetniss fan and a regular petta lover but will they please not make it anything overe pg 13 cuz my friend herd it was going to be rated R for one of the movies anyways I’m in love with the hunger games and I’ve read the books and seen the movie 3 times LOVE THEM

  9. I loved the books and was like a teenager waiting for the first movie. I would like to see a prequel to the first book. It would be interesting to see how the countries separated into “13″ districts. And how the games started. And why we have no tributes that speak french(Canada) and spanish (Mexico). I would like to see a book first. It could happen. Maybe that is in the works, I hope.

    • i would love to see this happen, such a great idea, as i would be interested in seeing that.

  10. I’m a huge fan and I adore the hunger games,so when I found out that the was not going to be a forth hunger game, I was quite upset.My whole life revolves around the hunger games ,so I don’t how I will live with out it ,however ,the idea prequel to the first book sounds interesting,if they ever make it.
    And ,by the way the ‘play by fire game’( I think that is what’s its called) doesn’t respond?Do I need the last adobe or something?

    May the odds ,ever be in your favour

    Katri Ivory, District 12

    • i think you mean and may the odds be ever in your favor not, may the odds ever be in your favor

  11. Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely useful information specially the last part :) I care for such information much. I was seeking this certain info for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  12. I love the hunger games but I GUESS SOME PEOPLE DONT CARE IF THEY SPOIL THE BOOK FOR OTHER PEOPLE! Like ME I am in the second book sooooo…. KEEP THE BOOK TO YOURSELVES!

  13. i hope suzanne collins writes another book but people are saying she is not going to which disappoints me!! Please tell me if she is or not like if she is dont do anything if she is not!!

    • She has written 3

  14. I can’t wait for the rest of the movies and I don’t care if they r in different parts I just want to see them

    Hunger Games Rule

  15. I love the hunger games!! . I wish suzanne collins had written more than just three books i think she could of added a lot more about the capitol and also about district 13 survival. well thats just my opinion. even so i think she could still write another one about her dealing with telling her kids about what she went through and i know that won’t be enough for a book but she could put how all the districts are beginning again and maybe add more futuristic things and also i know they say president snow died but its more just emphasized not really proven and i think she could bring him back as some type of revenge against katniss and now her and peeta have to protect their kids. ohh i know, better yet she could do as if her son or daughter meet him and and he’s slowly trying to get close to katniss. then reveals himself and tells katniss and peeta both that he is still wishing the death of who reduced him to what he is know, better yet he could take one of the kids hostage, and maybe if the old arenas are not still destroyed he leads them their having something or hiding something that could kill katniss and peeta and of course i would still like them to all survive but maybe just their kids can see how scary katnissis and peetas life was and how they feared to see one another die in front of them. i still love the books though and I’m loveing the idea of 4 movies. its more to look forward to.

    • i know most of the things i written don’t make sense with what happens in the books but its just an idea DONT HATE ME. :( I truly LOVE the HUNGER GAMES and trilogy.

    • I am the same as you, i really want a fourth book to come out! i think your ideas are great!

  16. i heard that Suzanne Collins is writing a fourth book, talking about what really happened to Prim and Snow, can someone please either confirm or deny this for me? please, i love the books and films so much!

  17. Are the characters going to be the same in the trilogy or are they going to have different characters and if the characters are going to be the same are they going to have the same actors and actress who played in the first one play in the next ones?

  18. wow it so nice movie I like this…..

  19. H

  20. i like all science fiction, but really donald sutherland should have pressed a fry button in the last five seconds as the lovers held hands.

  21. I’m sorry but I thought they left very important parts out of the movie like who really gave her the pin! I’m not going to spoil it for anyone but I hope they add some to the last book it really needs more! All and movie was a little disappointing I did like it but it needed more parts that lead into things for the next movie just my opinion!

  22. I don’t think there’s a need to expand the 3rd book in to two films ‘coz seriously, I think its Catching Fire which should be divided in to two since there’s the VT and the QQ as well which I think deserves to be played on screen respectively (w/o cut), w/c, I think, is crucial esp. for the so called development of Katniss’ character and I don’t think there is so much to look after for the Mockingjay to the point of splitting it up, though it holds the resolution of the characters fate and that of Panem but the idea just don’t make sense its more like they’re just catching up to the Twilight trend. Still, I’m hoping for the success of the two installments whether there’s an expansion or not.

  23. Fixing to watch the movie right now. No clue how many times I’ve watched it. Lol! Read the books twice so far. The prequel idea sounds awesome. And a fourth book after isn’t a bad idea, either. Love these books and movies!

  24. Actually, Harry Potter series is not the first to split the last book into two parts. The movie companies have been this splitting for years. Except harry potter was more popular when it was split and made the trend more popular. For Collins not wanting to write more Hunger Games books is a very smart move. You have to think in her shoes. You write a trilogy book to 4-5 years and you’re in relief you’re done with the story. Then many emails begging and nagging for you to continue the characters and the world. Understanding your fans love your story and you wish as an author will be willing to continue. Yet, you’re tried of the world you have created. Don’t believe me, try writing a trilogy or a book series. You may love the characters and world you created, but you want to write something different and continue on with your writing and creating more stories. Same situation to a painter. You’re done with painting, happy and ready to paint something different. A filmmaker finishes a movie and is ready to work on the next project. Finish with an English Paper and you’re ready to write another one (especially the essay ones). Tired of writing college essays or in high school? Well this his how a writer feels. You can disagree all you want, but once you’re in an author’s shoes, you might understand them.

  25. I would love to read about how panam started and what happened to start the first rebellion. Learning how everything started would be very interesting.

  26. I absolutely love the hungers games triliogy. I dont how i feel about how Mockingjay ends but i am so excited to see the upcoming films.

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  28. Make A new trilogy about how 49th winner of hunger games met katniss and talk about how he escaped from 2nd quarter quill or somethingthe point is make a new story that not in the book like how president snow’s dad treat them.If this would happen it will be awesome!!!