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The Hunger Games movie Logo Hunger Games Movie Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Hunger Games Review, this is the place where you can discuss The Hunger Games spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate The Hunger Games for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!


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  1. first of all the movie had to be rated PG13 so obviously the fight scenes needed to be rushed (which I thought they were great) and not so brutal second of all the book is around 380 pages how can you put all that information in a 2 1/2 long movie? They had to cut out a few scenes (like Madge and the Avox girl)…now the relationship with Peeta (at least for me) bored me in the book they were nothing but kissing and hugging for like 3 chapters I’m actually glad they reduce that.
    Being a diehard fan of the books, I really liked the movie it was fun and thrilling and well adapted I thought the director really captured the heart and soul of the book and for all those who are complaing about the changes not every movie that it adapted for such a beloved book will be exactly as the book it will have a lot of changes (Harry Potter anyone?)and some fans will pleased with them and some will not but as I say, stop caring so much and just enjoy the show

    • I saw the movie and well it was all around terrible.It was way to rushed they tried to put in to much i mean rue was in about 5 scenes and only spoke in two and she was the most important supporting character.I mean i would rather they warped the story and cut out half the book to make the most important parts meaningful and just make a half decent movie. The movie just doesn’t make sense to people who haven’t read the books unless they were friggin taking notes. They didn’t even say panem used to be in north america, it didn’t explain the significance of the riots,it doesn’t say how the sponsors have to pay to send in equipment, it doesn’t even clearly explain what the purpose of these “kids” killing each other was. Alot of people i talked to just thought the kids were tryin to win money or food.

      • I’m sorry to those of you who liked the movie but if you have to read the book to get the movie it means the adaptation was a complete failure.

        • I’m sorry to those of you who thought the film was a failure to anyone who read the books, but well, you’re just wrong. SOME people may agree with you, but just as many people loved it and thought they translated the novel to movie form VERY well. Please, do not assume you know all.

          • Also, as various people have pointed out, non-readers of the series got the points of the story quite easily.

      • I haven’t read the books and I understood everything you said the film ‘didnt cover’ as it DID cover them. The kids killing each other is to help cul the young so that another rebellion isn’t as possible and to keep them subservient.

        • Im sorry im just angry, your right it did cover that but only briefly im just so incredibly dissapointed. But you can’t argue the movie’s important parts where rushed and they tried to put in to much.Im just saying to someone outside who hasn’t read the books the way they do it makes the plot seem spastic.

          • i agree that the movie was a real disappointment. it is called “the hunger games” and nobody ever got hungry!
            in the book it seemed she was always talking about food, which seemed appropriate because it was her entire life – hunting, killing, cooking, eating to stay alive, every day. and then in the movie, almost no mention at all. she never got thirsty, found water right away, etc. i didn’t have any feeling of survival skills at all, and that was the real advantage she had.

            i do not mind the small changes, like omiting madge and the avox girl. what i had hoped was that the movie would do what the book could not, as it was being told from katniss’ perspective. i wanted the movie to show all the tributes in the arena and what they were doing, show haymitch getting sponcers, see his reactions to the kisses, loading up the little parachutes, etc. instead they showed a bunch of gamekeepers control room stuff that seemed like a waste of time.

            and my last complaint – i felt no chemistry between katniss and neither gale nor peeta. peeta claimed he loved her, but it never seemed true. and katniss’ actions seemed neither sincere or contrived. felt like 2 kids playing house.

            • actually, Katniss wasn’t sincere neither contrive. For here it WAS playing house, to get the sponsor to like them.

              • no, for peeta it was supposed to be real. and in the book you definitely get the impression that not all of it is fake, that she does care for him and that he is entirely devoted to her. not in the movie. they seem like complete strangers throughout. no chemistry at all.

                • i didn’t say anything about peeta dear.

                  in the book it is clearly stated that Katniss initial reason was to gain sponsor. Since it was written as a first person view, we get that very clearly. that’s why she reacted to the letter haymitch sent along with sponsor’s gifts, be more like a lover, and you will get more stuffs, something like that. Of course in the running, she did care for him, but not as much as falling in love, cos for her, survival is the main key at that point. Even in her mind, peeta was just acting also. only at the end his true intention was clear, and he was disappointed that she was only pretending.

                  funny how i thought the movie forgot to mention the play role Katniss was having, but also lack the chemistry to be seen as real.

      • I have to agree with you. I think the movie sucked. Just because a movie is rated PG-13 doesnt mean it has to suck so badly. I want my money back!!!!!!

  2. So i went to see the premiere last thursday night(Friday Morning) and i thought it was great. Sure parts of the book were cut out but there are time restraints. Otherwise it may as well had to be a split movie. Most scenes were portrayed perfectly. Some could have been better. But overall it was well put together. People just need to understand its not about HOW the emotional scenes were shown. Its about what the story was about in the first place, the capitol having total control of people’s lives. It was all wrapped together in the last scenes when Cato gave his final speech. That there was nothing to live for. That killing was all he knew. He had nothing else to live for so he new it was time to go. Some people dont understand this and only focus on the movie being point on with the book. I loved the book and loved the movie and i cant to go see it again honestly to hear that speech one more time.

    • Does everyone forget Peeta LOST HIS LEG…..I guess for time restraints they left that part out….Epic Fail all the way around….

      • I doubt it was for time restraints. I think they did it because it’s not a detail that’s essential to the plot, and therefore wouldn’t be worth the effects needed in the next films. To be honest, when reading the books, I repeatedly forgot that his leg was missing until the author mentioned it again (and she only mentioned it superfluously). It simply doesn’t come up for any reason of importance. It’s just a detail, like his hair being blonde.

        • i think it was essential to the plot because of katniss’ reaction to seeing him hurt/sick and then not being allowed to see him for days. in the book we are sure that she cares deeply for him by her reaction, but in the movie it’s all cut out. boooooo.

        • actually it is essential. I expect them to make movie 2 and 3, right? well, for Peeta in book 2 & 3, the desperation, the feeling of being useless, came from not having his leg, how he would be a burden to katniss. Unless the movie doesn’t have the intention to explore on that, and that will make movie 2 & 3 just another hollywood-nize empty action movie..


    Unrelated to discussion of Hunger Games movie specifically but I also juss wanna say that structurally, it would make more sense to split Catching Fire into 2 parts as opposed to Mockingjay (which I’ve read is what Ross plans to do w. the film). Catching Fire has two very distinct parts to it (Pre-Quarter Quell and Quarter Quell), whereas Mockingjay follows a pretty single thread. I know it’s precedent to split the last movie up in these series book adaptations, but I just don’t see it working as well w. this series. Anybody else/thoughts/feelings on this?

    • I completely agree! When I first saw that the series would be four movies not three I immediately knew they would break up the third one. Although, I think it should be the second. The first half of the second book seemed to drag on a bit for me, but that is where they really should be developing The Capitol’s oppression and luxury. You know? At least that’s my opinion.

    • I agree that Catching Fire would be the better one to split, there is so much in that book that it will be extremely difficult putting in a two hour movie. I also think this movie should of been made into two movies, I am wondering how they will have to change the next two books to follow the changes in the first. I was very disappointed that they had Katniss buy the mockingjay pin for Prim and then Prim give it back to her. The storyline in the next book explains that the pin actually belonged to Madge’s Aunt, who was Haymitch’s love.

  4. Couldn’t watch 90% of it as it had that shaky hand held filming which threw my balance out and I spent the entire time trying not to throw up. Shame because it SOUNDED good when I had my eyes clothes !! No where as good as the hype.

    • I KNOW!! i hated that dumbass camera movement! I honestly dont know what they where trying to accomplish with it… as for the movie, i dont think they did a good job cutting peeta and Katniss’ romance because all of the books talk about how they felt in the arena and them cutting those scenes out just makes me wonder how they are going to deal with it in the 3rd book :/

      • ok so obviously you two dont understand what a rating means..if the camera wasnt so shakey you would have seen every part of the kill witch would have most likly made the movie R-rated.The movie was amzing and there was only 4 scences in the movie that were like that the rest of the movie was amzing.

        P.S : i highly recommend seeing the movie in AVX its new at the cineplex near my house and i barly even noticed the shaking because the picture is soooo clear.

        • Okay kid I know you’re too much of a girl and hate seeing bloody scenes but seriously the shaky cameras ruined the movie. You couldn’t see sh*t of what was going on.

          This movie would have been a WHOLE LOT BETTER if it didn’t have SHAKY CAMERA WORK. Even if it were to be rated R, it would’ve received spectacular reviews as opposed to this pg-13 version of the first part of the Hunger Games.

          Shaky camera work ruined this movie for me. Seriously like let the audience SEE what’s going on instead of wasting our time seeing the whole screen shake with such poor camera work.

          • let’s get something straight…………not wanting to see bloody scenes in a movie has NOTHING to do with being a “girl”. whatever that means. I am a female and LOVE to see brutal scenes with blood and gore. cut the stereotypes out dude. they make you sound like you are still in the 50′s thinking women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

    • Totally agree! In the beginning I couldn’t help but just watch how shaky the camera was and how they chose weird and not great angles to film from. I also thought that they could have cut many scenes from the beginning like shortening the reapings and making some parts faster paced. Although I still love the fact that it stayed true with the book and had very few flaws which I thought do not really matter. [ Although I think that Katniss listening for the electricity before crossing the fence instead of going straight through like in the movie is pretty important for when it is electrified in the future. ]

    • I had trouble watching it too. It makes me motion sick and it really spoiled the movie for me.

  5. Closed :-/ *****

  6. Could someone please tell me how violent and gory it is I’m almost 13 and my mom won’t let me go because she hates the idea of it but I’m trying to convince her anyway

    • Quite a few deaths end up off screen Sydnee. If your parents allow you to watch the SYFY channel, say one of the Saturday movie specials they put together it’s not much more violent or gory than that. Gary Ross and the production I feel really held the line in these regards. I won’t lie to you Rue’s death has blood and the consequences from that action set piece, while brief, will leave a small impression. You’ll see some blades come down on victims but not the actual strikes. But say like in ‘Pan’s Labyrinth,’ which was rated R where one character gets the front of his face graphically bashed in and then brutally shot, that kind of Violence ISN’T IN THIS MOVIE. There are open wounds and consequences seen after the fact, vacant dead looking facial shots for example but here again they’re toned down. A lot of this could’ve easily been played way up, graphically enhanced through practical effects or CGI but aren’t. I think the bottom line is because of the very subject matter, kids fighting to the death you can trust that they made the movie well within the PG-13 rating. I confidently believe it definitely DIDN’T push the boundary of the rating!

      • thanks! I hope with this I can convince her

      • i think the descriptions in the book were more goory than the images in the theater. if parents let their child read this then they can handle the movie, no doubt.

    • It is very violent. Kids killing kids, not good!

      • Yes kids are killing kids, but that’s the whole point. I’m not sure if you read the book or not, but in the book it’s very clear that the totalitarian government uses these games to keep the districts in control. Using kids instead of adults just puts more meaning towards it. These are actually quite political, and have a lot more than just the face value. The fact that kids are killing kids is the whole essence. Horrifying and terrible as it is, the meaning would be lost without it.

    • I thought it was pretty violent and if I had a 12 year old I wouldn’t let them go either.
      I think it is a very disturbing concept, the adults basically leave the kids hanging out to dry, and kids killing kids. I think it’s a very mature theme.

      • How can it be any worse than the other garbage they see in video games? Call of duty where they shoot down airplanes and blow up boats. although just a video game a 12 year old will NOT be freaked out by this movie. There isnt enough gore or blood. Get a grip.

      • Jan, good grief. People like you are completely missing the deeper themes permeating throughout the crappy movie and sub-par book trilogy. At what point do you allow young adults and children to mature?
        The first thing you completely don’t understand is that the violence isn’t just a bunch of killing each other for sh*ts and giggles, they are doing it to survive. Plus, not all of them want to kill and try to avoid having to do so, ie Rue.
        The second thing you are completely missing is the purpose of these games is to keep the masses at bay by using fear to encourage everyone to follow the rules and not speak out against injustice.
        The third thing you, and too many other folks missed, is the internal struggle of these children as they survive and make decisions, especially Katniss. In terms of the movie, it really was not that freaking violent: you see one kid get his necked snapped, you barely see Marvel get hit with the arrow, Katniss pushes Peeta against a wall, you briefly see Rue get the spear in her gut, am I missing anything? The “gorriest” part is the initial battle at the comencement of the games as the camera pans the cornicopia and you see a couple of dead bodies, even then it was tasteful enough for a young person to digest.
        Jeeze, give kids some credit, they can think for themselves.

    • its no where near as bloody as the book would have led it to be. the only blood you see is when peeta cleans his leg wound and at the end when cato attacks on top the cornicopia.

  7. I’m 43 and was introduced to the books by my teenage daughter -The books are fantastic..!! The movie is an epic disaster – I can’t speak to Twilight because my daughter has never read or watched anything regarding that series…

    As to the rebellion you mentioned – This story isnt about teenage rebellion – Read the books – They are fanrastic..!!

    The movie however is an epic disaster….!!!

    The first 30 minutes are blurry, rushed, choppy and annoying..!! The adapters missed the mark on the details, the true drama found in the story, the characters, the relationships and the Ending…!! I realize time is an issue when you make a movie – Which may explain why Katniss found water 30 seconds into the games (ridiculous based upon the book) but the wrong color cat, the mockingjay pin, Rue and her death, the dogs, the cave, the cannon shots, the berries at the end, theyre transformation and interviews after the games….the movie pulled a short cut on so much that all we have is “the jist of the story” and for that, why make the movie..!!?

    • I also began reading the series after my son read the first book and it appeared that everyone around me had one of the books in their hand on the train into work.

      I was disappointed in the portrayal of the relationships in the movie. I know there is time constraints in movies but some relationships warrant extra time e.g. Katniss with Peeta, Rue, Cinna were so disappointing. The main idea of the movie was relayed well but I didn’t love this movie and I wanted to love this movie like I love the books. Some of the casting was spot on e.g. Woody Harrelson as Haymitch and Donald Sutherland as President Snow. I also felt that the characters needed to look more emaciated, they looked very healthy and no difference could be made between the careers and the other participants.

      Anyway, not bad I hope the others are better.

    • I agree. I didn’t hate it but they really did leave quite a lot out of it that really translate to who the characters are in the other two books. The thing that bothered me most is that they didn’t try to show the emotional toll that the games had on Katniss and Peta. They were a wreck at the end.

      They really missed out on the Mutts not having the other tributes eyes and what type of effect that had on Katniss. I could go on and on but I’ll just get upset..

      • My wife told me the same thing but really, if a huge mutant dog was trying to kill you would you be focusing on the eyes? I’d be too worried about being eaten alive!

    • I keep hearing posts that time is an issue, but not too long ago die hard Lord of the Rings fans got alot of detail since Peter Jackson allowed TIME for it! Of course adaptation by definition isn’t perfect and is open to some interpretation, but I really hoped time would have been allowed for the story, not the story constrained by time. 3 hours would’ve been reasonable to me, but what do y’all think?

      • Lord of the rings was a longer movie and did a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better job of bringing the book to film. Hunger games did an AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL job. I wont be going to see number 2. I’ll save my money.

    • i really agree. one of the parts of the book that really struck me was the number of times a name went in because they were starving, but that never got explained, and i never got any sort of idea that they were hungry, in “the hunger games”!

    • Completely agree. For a 2.2 hr movie, there really wasn’t any substance. I’m not a purist, but I do enjoy well made movies and unfortunately this missed the mark. The movie doesn’t allow the viewer to really appreciate Katniss for who she is. All the people saying it was great do not provide a convincing argument to think otherwise. Plus, they really missed the mark on portraying Katniss’s relationship with Haymitch. There was no angst whatsoever, which is present and obvious throughout the whole trilogy, which to me takes away characteristics from Katniss’s character. The movie would have you think the two of them have some sort of father/daughter relationship, fail.

  8. OK, I had never heard of HG games before SR reported on it, and if I repeat anything that has already been said, I apologize.

    I thought the movie was OK; not great but pretty good. I still do not understand why the elite had to look like citizens of Oz or something. Maybe the author was trying to convey that people of privilege are clowns. And many of you who have read the book have said that the death of Rue was not emotional; well, I thought it was emotional and felt that Katniss wanted to protect her as if it were her younger sister. I could feel her pain when she screamed after putting the flowers on her.

    I expected more action from the movie, after reading what so many said before I saw it. I still don’t fully understand why adults couldn’t be chosen instead of children; maybe I missed something in the movie.

    Was the district that Rue came from full of blacks? I found it strange that the 2 chosen from Rue’s district were both black.

    Overall I wasn’t bored but I thought the movie could have been better. Many have compared this to Twilight, which I think is not fair. For me, Twilight was garbage but this was entertaining.

    • The citizens of The Capitol were very privileged and had enough money/resources to do whatever they want. This is set in the distant future, and supposedly that is the type of fashion of that time. Even in the book Katniss didn’t really understand the appeal of it. The Capitol citizens don’t work or do anything for a living. They get pampered and try to out do one another by dyeing their skin and hair, adding fake cat whiskers, extreme clothing fashions, and hairstyles, etc.

      Rue was an extremely important character to Katniss, and the emotional level in the book cannot really be replicated properly, in my opinion. In the book, she did not scream, she sang.

      The point of the children being chosen and not adults was purely for The Capitol to maintain control of the districts. Making adults play in the games would not be as emotional, or as thorough in making their point. It’s a totalitarian government, and the power has to stay in their hands by some means. It’s a form of punishment from when the districts had rebelled before.

      In the book, it never expressly said that the people from district 11 were black. Although, they were the agricultural district and worked outside all day. It really only said that their skin was darker from being in the sun all day every day. I don’t think it was meant to be anything racial it was just a “fact.” As far as I am aware anyway.

      Hopefully, that clears things up for you! I would suggest you read the trilogy, but, of course, that’s up to you. It is definitely worth reading, though.

      • Thanks for the response. It’s a shame they didn’t flesh out Rue’s character that much; she seemed a very like-able character. I also liked Woody Harrelson’s character. Hopefully they will put more money into the sequels.

        I may read the novels, just like I started reading A Princess of Mars after watching John Carter.

      • What I understand from the book is that most of the characters in the book were “people of color” so why were so many characters white in the movie?

    • Yep. Not comparable to twilight. I also believe that there is no way of making teams like Team Gale and Team Peeta since their character does not remain the same throughout the book.

  9. The book did a better job at keeping the readers heart pumping. it was violent and thrilling. The Hunger Games was perfectly made for a movie. The movie was great but they play it a little too safe. Other PG-13 films have had more violence they should of played the film a little more riskier as the books did. Children are reading this book and visualizing a bloody graphic film why could they not keep up with our imagination? Besides the lack action in the arena the film was still great. If the violence was a tad more thrilling this film would of been 5 stars definitely! anybody else agree?

  10. I don’t understand most of these comments. I found the shaky camera movements accurate as a representation of the horror and desperation of it all, and Katniss’ conflicting emotions. While the relationships with Rue and Peeta were a little underdone, i believe it was enough to represent the feelings. And come on people. It’s a CAT. Who cares exactly what color it is. I loved the movie, found the changes acceptable (some even adding to the movie) and think that you viewers who expected it to be exactly like the book need to broaden your minds and accept an ADAPTATION. I found it beautiful, strong, and heartbreaking.

  11. Alright. Those of you hating on us who are fans of the book but not the movie need to chill. The movie sucked. I know this bc I saw it and read the books. Not only that, your group has not provided a good enough reason as to why the movie was so great. Just bc they followed the book and some detail doesn’t mean craps. They did not so a good job from the special effects to the camera work to character development. The argument that they payed attention to details which makes it a good movie is not legit. In fact, it is a lazy delusional argument. Why can’t u accept that the movie was not that good and we got duped?

    • “Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.”

      Don’t make it personal. They are entitled to their opinion. Some of the younger audience likely read the book on more of an event-driven plot level. The movie adapts what happens in the books to the screen fairly well overall. It nails the what, when, and where of the plot, and I think some people, even people who read the book at a certain level, were satisfied with that.

      There are others of us who read the books differently and were more engaged in the characters than the events. Those of us were disappointed that the movie failed to incorporate the who and why.

    • PREACH!! The movie SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Why couldn’t they include quotes such as “She has no idea. The effect she can have” or “Come to finish me off sweetheart”. It literally would have added just a few seconds but make a huge difference as those quotes are considered somewhat iconic.

    • YES.

    • EXACTLY!! that’s exactly what was going on in my head as well!

    • The quote “she has no idea the affect she can have” is in the film. The president says it.

      • Well, it’s a bit different if the president said it or of Peeta did. In the book, even at life and death situations, we were able to see Peeta’s personality and humour with those quotes and that’s why we love him so much. The movie deprived him of all his best lines.

    • totally agree. i thought they cut out all the lines that really made me believe that peeta was head over heels for her. in the movie i had no sense that they even really liked each other.

  13. Well they did cut out the seen where katniss puts her hole arm into glimmers chest and gets the arrows from her back and the part where katniss finds peeta and he says”doent step on me sweetheart”

    • OMG! I was so looking forward to that too! That was such a bummer when it wasn’t shown =[

  14. A question about Haymitch. Why does have have that angered look when he sees Cato during training and then the family with the kid that got a sword for a present?

    Is it hatred towards the more wealthy districts? Can anyone explain the past?

  15. I just wish they could have strengthened the bond between Katniss and Rue since it was strong in the book. In the movie I was just like meh she died that stinks while in the book I cried my eyes out.

  16. Wow.
    The movie was amazing, a wonderful adaption of the books (which i have read)
    I loved the scene where Haymitch sent Katniss a note saying
    “you call that a kiss”!!!….hilarious!!!
    Jennifer was destined to be Katniss.
    Yes they missed things out..but you can’t fit a whole novel into 2 1/2 hrs of movie.
    The film presented the essence of the book. and for that I was thankful.
    It was a true adaption.

    • I agree, and may have missed from other people in other posts, but why did they have to stop at 2.5 hours?

  17. Ok, so I just watched the movie today with my mom after reading the books. My mom, however, did not read them and was confused throughout most of the movie. I ended up having to explain to her about katniss’s dad, peeta

  18. Sorry… Accidentally pressed the ‘post’ button…
    Anyway, I had to explain to her all about katnis’s dad, peeta with the bread, what mockingjays were, and a whole bunch of other stuff they left out. I feel this movie missed a bunch of details and it left me disappointed. Also, did they completely forget that peeta lost his leg?! Are they just going to leave that part out of the whole series?!

  19. Crap. I wished I would have listened harder to my 14 year old son when he extolled the wonder of this story (teacher read it to the grade 8 class). He, now 15, went to see it last night with his father, loved it. So I took my almost 12 year old son, on his brother’s recommendation, and his 13 year old sister and her friend to see it tonight. I will have to do some desensitising in the morning. The storyline is completely VILE. I learned a valuable lesson about passive attention as I join them in their teen years. WOW. Never again. I am not a movie buff at all, follow nothing in the media, but I will keep a better eye from hereon in.

  20. I was so disappointed by this film. I am obsessed with all three books and had been looking forward to the film ever since it was announced. I went to see it last night with my sister (who has read them) and my boyfriend (who hasn’t). Me and my sister felt that while some added extras were beneficial to the story (like seeing the game makers and the rebellion starting in 11), it was difficult to understand why they would cut so much important stuff out of the film to add in stuff that never actually happened?! My boyfriend struggled to understand a lot of the finer details and had no idea of the significance of the mockingjay or even the existence of important characters like madge and her father. The whole bit with the Avox girl was cut, so was the interview prep, the healing of katniss’ ear and peeta’s leg! The prep team, the importance of her friendship with cinna, the sleeping potion…. Need I go on? The film lacked the book’s constant tension and at some points was seriously anticlimactic. Plus I really didn’t like the characterisation of snow but that’s just a personal point as I imagined him totally different and much younger :p overall I was just seriously underwhelmed and gutted that they hadn’t made a better job of such a fantastic book.

  21. I agree with others who have said the movie was a complete failure. It was so disappointing for those of us who read the book. The movie was very shallow, didn’t cover the important parts and meanings behind the scenes, and the fight scenes were bubblegum adaptations from the book. I was really looking forward to the movie, and was sorely disappointed.

  22. Well I have one question for those that disliked the movie adaptation. Did you see and like ‘The Running Man’? That Arnold action heavy vehicle has a very similar story, from a certain point of view. I won’t spoil ‘The Running Man’ for those who haven’t seen it but it was action heavy with a very small arena in comparison to this film and it was more graphically violent. I liked ‘The Hunger Games’ much better than the R rated ‘Running Man.’ For one thing a certain real life ex-game show host was very annoying and the story leading up to his fate was totally unsatisfying. This movie on the other hand didn’t have that annoying tone set in the Arnold vehicle.

    One should realize too that three books are being translated into four movies. I’m counting on the second movie to show more arena details, what a nightmare it really was and a lot of the things that were left out of the first movie. It could come through Katniss and Peta’s reflections on the games as they come back to District 12 and a different life for them and their families. One of the things that the movie didn’t mention much about is the rewards for winning, for the home district as well as the contestants. I also think this movie was rushed through production and perhaps it could’ve used some more effort put into it, but it does have a lot going for it. For example, we know more about President Snow’s attitude than we knew at the end of the first book. That role will definitely get meatier as the series progresses. Another thought comes to mind is that they made an honest effort to Not obsolete the books! If you didn’t read the books then saw the movie, their’s enough there to peak your interest for the books. By putting faces and sketching cursory personalities to them in the movie you can take that, turn to the books and it will make them live even better. I’m very tempted to reread the first book now just to see how much the movie effects that experience. I’m hoping that they take their time and write films 2 and 3 together about the second book then split them into two movies. I agree with others here that the second book is the best place to stretch the whole thing over into two movies. I really wouldn’t be surprised if some things you only get in book three won’t carry into movie three which some would think belonged in movie four…


    oops well I see that I should’ve broke that run on paragraph and that last sentence should’ve read; I really wouldn’t be surprised if some things you only get in book three will carry into movie three which some would think belonged in movie four…

    Sorry, it’s a little early where I live…

  24. Personally, I thought that the film was very good, however it missed out quite a lot of good stuff from the book. For example, no sleep syrup, no avox girl, no artificial leg and no Haymitch falling off a stage! obviously, they have to cut some stuff out, but I think it should have been truer to the novel. Some of the shaky-cam stuff made me feel a bit seasick as well…
    However, it was really well acted and definitely very exciting and entertaining in its own right.

  25. lack of character progression in the film and the different ending starting from the last fight seen on was just bad and felt rushed

  26. The movie was a successful adaptation of the book’s cliff notes. Seriously though, I think Collins wrote cliff notes of the book and that was her first draft of the script.

    There was little to no emotion in the movie at all. I felt no connection to any character other than Katniss (and that’s because she was the focus for 95% of the movie). I think they should have kept it a first person account from Katniss’s POV and just did a narration of her thoughts. That way they could tackle most of the thoughts and emotional struggle she feels throughout the entire games.

    Everything from jump was rushed. They were checking boxes for those that read the book, but put no substance behind anything. I don’t care that the cat was a different color, I don’t even mind that Madge wasn’t in the movie(can’t remember the significance she has in later books). But the relationship with Rue was terrible. Literally like “I’m in a tree, I changed your leaves twice (which they never explained why she put leaves on her), I whistle, then I’m dead”. Rue in the movies right there.

    I found it very cartoonish the way they portrayed Peeta’s “strength”. That guy was what? 155lbs soaking wet? When he threw that weighted ball I actually laughed.

    I agree with what everyone has said about Haymitch. He was a very shallow character in the movie (along with the other 90% of the cast). Maybe he will get more time to explore the darker sides in the sequel.

    I fear for the Quarter Quell. After the rushing of this games, I don’t think the Quarter Quell will be any better. They will do another cliff note style of film making with all those new characters. Here’s hoping Peeta takes a qrong step off the train and loses his leg in a freak hover train accident. That’ll put stuff back on track……ZING!

    TL;DR Movie was cliff notes of book, No emotion, Train accident

    • I find your review offensive… to CliffsNotes. CliffsNotes summarizes not just what happens in the plot, but also the characters, their motivations, and their relationships. This movie gave us the what, when, and some of the how, but it gave us none of the who and why.

      The screenplay writers (all of them) need a writing class from Matt Parker and Trey Stone: http://downanddirtydv.com/2011/09/12/matt-parker-and-trey-stone-guest-lecture-a-class-at-nyu/

      The movie gives us a series of events between which all you can say is “and then.” We are missing the therefore, because, and but. The book had all that, the movie had almost none of it.

  27. This was an abysmal failure. An attempt at a female empowering, love story gone awry in a saga that requires 23 of 24 people to be killed. Can we get some real movies in Hollywood. Why do male characters all have to look like they are on a steroid program?


  28. great adaptation. inherently cannot cover everything (i.e. okay by me to cut Madge), but agree could have conveyed more moments so that the audience could get more attached to Rue and understand more of the characters’ inner motivations clearly. Maybe they are waiting for movie 2 to expound although so much to cover in Catching Fire and Mockingjay as well. Overall, was great. Don’t agree with all the the “time constraint” concerns/comments. It could have been longer. They are allowed to make their movies as long as they like no? (i.e. LOTR?)

  29. what happened to katniss losing her left ear hearing