The Hunger Games: 10 Differences Between the Movie & the Book

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Hunger Games Book vs. Film DifferencesThe Hunger Games has arrived in theaters. Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, the movie is an adaptation of the first in a trilogy of books written by Suzanne Collins.In adapting the book into a motion picture, it was inevitable that changes would be made: characters would be removed, dialogue would be edited out and certain scenes would be deleted. Fortunately, Collins - who has publicly praised the film - wrote the screenplay alongside director Gary Ross and writer Billy Ray (State of Play). With that in mind, The Hunger Games film captures much of the main story - but there are still numerous differences between the book and the movie, and we've come up with a list of 10 big differences between the two.If we're missing any major differences, please let us know in the comments section, and as always, "may the odds be ever in your favor."WARNING - THIS LIST CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS ABOUT THE FILM.

More Gale Hawthorne

In the book, Gale Hawthorne is Katniss Everdeen's best friend in District 12, the coal mining district on the outskirts of the country. The two hunt together and divide up the game that they catch. Although there's no overt romance in the relationship, Katniss continually evaluates her feelings for him. But when she is sent to compete in the games - where she faces off against 23 intense competitors - Gale is left behind. While Katniss thinks about him during the games, the story never shows him after the games begin.In the film, however, the first-person narrative is changed to a third-person narrative so viewers will see what Gale (Liam Hemsworth) is doing as his friend competes in the games. We watch as he desperately longs for Katniss and notices that she's developing an onscreen relationship with fellow tribute, Peeta Mellark....

Deaths Happen Faster

As the story progresses, many youngsters inevitably die in the Hunger Games. In the book, some of these deaths are prolonged, showing the perseverance some of these characters have in their final moments. For instance, in an early scene, Katniss makes camp near a young woman who starts a campfire. After the young woman is discovered, she is attacked and nearly killed by some of her fellow tributes. But when they discover that she's alive after the attack, Peeta is sent to finish the job. In the conclusion of the book, Cato - facing off against a group of mutant mutts - survives for several hours before Katniss puts him out of his misery.In the movie, however, these deaths are done quickly. It's possible that the deaths are abbreviated in order for the film to earn its PG-13 rating. But regardless, the film finds the bonfire girl dying quickly after she's attacked and Cato only suffering a few moments before Katniss ends his life.

No visit from Peeta's Father

Before she is sent to the Capitol to fight in the games, Katniss is visited by several of her loved ones. Gale, her mother and her younger sister come say good-bye to her. But, surprisingly, Peeta's father comes to visit as well and offers Katniss cookies. Although the local baker doesn't know Katniss well, he has always been kind to both her and her younger sibling, and this visit helps establish the connection between Peeta's family and Katniss. Later on - in a spout of possible paranoia - Katniss throws away the cookies.The film doesn't include these scenes at all. Most readers might not care about this exclusion but it stood out to me because these short sequences show a connection between Peeta's family and Katniss. Although the two don't know each other well, Peeta's father supported both Katniss and her younger sister by buying fresh meat and food from them. Plus, Peeta's parents have spoken to Peeta about Katniss - as Peeta notes in the story - even though Peeta and Katniss were never close.

The Connection with Rue

Rue is the youngest person in the hunger games. As a tribute from District 11, she is forced to compete with older teenagers that are much stronger than her. During the training sessions,  she developes an appreciation for Katniss and the two form an unlikely alliance in the games themselves.Katniss is particularly interested in protecting Rue because the young competitor reminds her of her younger sister. When Katniss' sister Primrose was chosen to compete, Katniss stood up to take her place, but no one volunteered to take Rue's place - so Katniss feels a certain solidarity with her. In the movie, the connection between Rue and Katniss' sister is largely glossed over. The two still form an alliance, of course, but Katniss' empathy for her is never fully discussed in the film.

The End of the Game Maker

Because the book is told in first-person and the movie is a third-person narrative, readers didn't get to meet some of the characters featured more prominently in the movie. For instance, the game maker - who plays a very limited role in the book - gets a lot of screen time. Wes Bentley (American Beauty) plays Seneca Crane as an overconfident genius who takes pleasure in setting up the games themselves.His game, however, falls apart in both the book and the movie, leading to a conclusion that has two tributes emerging from the battlefield, not one. Very little is made of this in the (first) book, but in the film, the game maker faces a great punishment for his failures. It isn't until the sequel book, Catching Fire, that the fate of the game maker is revealed - but in the movie, he is left in a room with only poison berries to eat. In the same way that he set death traps for others to fall into, he himself is sent into his own trap and forced to die for his failures.

The Dog Mutants

The Hunger Games movie Mutant dogsIn what was presumably an effort to keep the film within the PG-13 rating range, a lot of The Hunger Games' horror (gruesome deaths, etc) either occurs off-screen or in a whirlwind of blurry camera work. However, one of the biggest differences between film and book is the finale - which featured mutated versions of deceased tributes "reborn" as monstrous and blood-thirsty dog-like animals.In the book, Katniss recognizes that the Capitol has spliced parts of the former tributes into mutant beasts; however, in the film version, the "dogs" are presented as nothing more than over-sized (and vicious) wild beasts chosen by Seneca Crane to galvanize the remaining contestants into a final altercation. No mention is made of where the creatures come from, or what exactly they are, leaving non-fans out of the loop in regards to one of the most horrific aspects of The Hunger Games.This gene-splicing mutant makeover also becomes important in the sequel books, so it'll be interesting to see how the sequel films handle it...

More Backstage Focus

In the book, we read as Katniss fights her way through the Hunger Games. We watch as she volunteers for the games themselves and as she prepares for them, with the help of  Haymitch and her stylist Cinna (Lenny Kravitz). Once she is in the games, however, the focus is on her survival.But in the movie, many of the backstage machinations are revealed. Viewers watch as the producers of the game invent ways to keep the tributes close to each other. In this regard, President Snow (Donald Sutherland) plays a much bigger role in the film, where he appears in several scenes discussing the games with Seneca. The film shows in some detail how much work is involved backstage in getting the games to play out in an entertaining and engaging fashion.

Thresh's Death

If there is a villian in the actual games, it is Cato. The cocky muscular tribute is an unrelenting killer willing to snap the neck of an ally if a plan falls apart. Towards the end of the film, the stage is set for a showdown between him and the Katniss/Peeta alliance. As the numbers in the game narrow, a District 11 tribute named Thresh saves Katniss' life when he realizes how much she did to protect Rue throughout the games.After he saves Katniss, though, Thresh is ultimately murdered. In the book, the assumption is that Cato has killed him. But in the movie, the suggestion is that Thresh has died at the hands of a group of dogs that the game makers have called into battle to help kill some of the remaining tributes. This difference - which may seem small-- is actually quite important because Cato's murder of Thresh in the book helped set the stage for a more intense final showdown between the surviving tributes.

No Avox Girl

One of the most important differences between the book and the movie is the absence of a minor character, who has an important backstory with Katniss. My friend Kate Hicks, in discussing the film with me, actually had to point out this subtle but important difference. In the book, as Katniss is preparing for the games, she meets several individuals from the Capitol who serve her meals and drinks. One of those girls is an "Avox" (a mutilated servant) that Katniss remembers from earlier.Katniss remembers the girl as someone who was trying to escape from the Capitol, but who was subsequently captured by the government. Labeled a traitor, her tongue was eventually removed. In the book, we learn the back story of this girl and how Katniss regrets not trying to save her when she had the chance. But in the movie, this relationship is never fully realized and Katniss' connection to this girl is never revealed.

The Revolution Begins

Hands down, the biggest change between the book and the movie is the reaction to Rue's death. In the book, Katniss only know that she receives a token of District 11's appreciation for her kindness in the form of a gift dropped into the arena. In the movie, the complete reaction of District 11 is brought into greater focus.After watching their young tribute die at the hands of a vicious killer, the people of District 11 begin to revolt against the Capitol officers who watch over them. They fight against the government that has taken one of their own and sent her into a battlefield to die for their viewing pleasure. In the books (and the movies) this fight against the Capitol is explored in greater depth during the sequels, where Rue becomes something of an iconic figure.

Of course, there are many other differences between "The Hunger Games" book and the film. Although it didn't make my top 10 list, another difference between the film and the book concerns the mockingjay pin that Katniss wears throughout the games. In the book, a minor character from District 12 (the mayor's daughter) gives Katniss the pin, but in the movie, Katniss acquires it through different means. This may be significant going forward, but this minor change didn't seem important in and of itself.However as the list shows, there are some major changes between the book and the film. Many readers will likely be pleased by this adaptation because it follows the story rather closely, but others might be disappointed that the filmmakers made these and other changes to a story that they have so much affection for.Follow me on Twitter @johnhanlon.
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  1. One of the things that I was dissapointed in was them taking out her interactions with the stylists. It helped to establish that the people of the Capitol weren’t necessarily evil, just detached from the people of the districts and raised to be self absorbed. One of my favorite things about the book was that it wasn’t completely black and white. I think that that point was lost in the movie.

    • I agree, they didn’t do a good job at illustrating the disconnect between Capitol people and district people. They were all human beings from very different circumstances and those differences in circumstances weren’t portrayed very well at all. The movie only illustrated that the Capitol people looked funny and cheered for the games. The lack of focus on this point also didn’t explain how a group of people could come to watch and enjoy children killing each other. It’s just not plausible without a good back story.

      There is a lot they could have done to better show the detachment between people of the Capitol and people in the districts. For example, in the districts it was mandatory to watch the games and certain televised messages, and district people didn’t watch TV voluntarily. Whereas in the Capitol, the people did watch TV for enjoyment. The movie could have shown this difference and how influenced the Capitol people are by propaganda of the games. It would have shown how a group of people could come to enjoy watching children kill each other, and actually feel like to them the games were showing mercy (Rather than retaliating against the districts and killing all of their children they are only killing a few each year and allowing them to have a victor!)

      Another major disconnect between the districts and the capitol was food. I think they could have done a better job at showing how most people in district 12 were starving, and how people in the capitol are wasteful of food. They didn’t even do a good job at telling the story of how Peeta saved Katniss’ life. To someone who hasn’t read the books, I don’t think they would have any idea how close to starvation Katnis and her sister were. Infact, they made Peeta look like the d-bag in the movie when he apologized for not walking the bread out to her. The movie also doesn’t explain how the poor were at a major disadvantage with the games because in order to provide food for their family they needed to enter their names into the reaping multiple times in exchange for grain.

      Another miss to me was how everything was spelled out in an obvious way and didn’t allow the viewer to discover things as Katnis did, which would have better built her character as cunning and manipulative. They didn’t show her close to death from dehydration in the arena figuring out that when she made the right moves she was awarded gifts from sponsors. It was literally written for the audience to see on a note from Haymitch … To me there was a lot that was missed. Not just specifics, but major points that made the book relevant, believable, and the characters defined. Oh well, maybe with a new director the next two films will be better. It can be done! The Lord of the Rings books and movies were amazing and imaginative. Really hope they can get it right with the next two.

      • Two huge differences that were changed/left out:
        1. How Katniss acquired the mocking-jay pin.
        2. At the end of the book, Peeta finds out that Katniss was pretending to be in love and she in turn discovers his feelings were genuine. This is HUGE in the next part of the book since it starts with Katniss and Peeta not talking.

        • Rachel,

          I definitely agree, two huge differences were the mocking jay pin and the relationship between Katniss and Peeta after the games. The movie definitely brushed over the fact that Katniss was pretending and Peeta was not. The dynamic of their relationship will play out a major way in the next two movies. I hope the writers can do a good job of explaining this.

  2. The difference that, for me, stood out; was how Katniss acquires the mockingjay pin. I would have preferred that in the movie they kept her and Madge’s relationship present; In the other books it becomes especially important and gives the reader/viewer a clearer image of the relationships (or lack there of) Katniss held before the games.

  3. I really liked it but you kinda need more information about the differances on how she got the pin because you get the back story of the pin in catching fire.

  4. i think that if you read the book the movies is great because you already now the parts that arnt filled in but if you did not read the book all it looks like is and action show and you might be confused.

    • I watched the movie before reading them a week later and I thought the film was decent. Lawrence played a great role as Katniss and it flowed greatly. Originally, I didn’t really expect much to go see the film and thought it would just be an action fantasy flick, like you said Ethan, but was really amazed how compelling the story was. I probably wouldn’t have read the books after seeing it but after reading the book it made me appreciate how both compliment each other and the movie was better seeing it again after reading the series.

  5. The biggest change for me was the pin

  6. One thing he missed out was the way she got the mockingjay pin in the first place!! The film did not have hardly anything for the first part of the book which showed her life in district 12, so therefore they missed out the character of the mayor and subsequently his daughter madge who actually gave her the pin, also the mayors wife who turns out to have had a twin sister who was with hamitch when he went into the hunger games who he fell in love with but could not save.
    There are so many other things the film didnt contain but these are just a few, I am a true fan of the hunger games I have read all the books and i was looking forward to the film sooooo much but it really disapointed me because of the lack of attention to tiny details in the book and it seemed to speed up important bits!! woooww THE HUNGER GAMES FILM IS SO RUBBISH READ THE BOOK INSTEAD ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  7. There was another big difference between the book and the movie. In the book Madge came in the room and gave her the pin. But in the movie Katniss buys the pin from the black market and gives it to her sister. When Prim was saying her goodbyes to Katniss, she gives it back to her and tell Katniss that it will protect her.

  8. To me the biggest difference and most disappointing, is leaving out ALL of the little details that shows the development of Katniss and Peeta’s relationship.

    On the train, the movie leaves out how they bond over having to carry a drunken, vomit covered, Haymitch back to his compartment & Peeta volunteering to stay and clean him up.

    Leaving out the Red headed Girl Avox part of the story line. By recognizing her, and mentioning she knew her, Katniss put herslf in a vulnerable postion. But Peeta jumped to her aide again by insisting the Avox resembled a girl from home, even though she didn’t. And then, Katniss and Peeta going to the roof TOGETHER, so Katniss could explain how she really knew the girl. How it was cold on the roof and Peeta offered his jacket for Katniss to stay warm.

    During training, how Haymitch insists they stay together, and we begin to see them grow closer. The movie barely ever shows them together when they are in the training center. In the movie, when they finally do enter the arena, they still look much like strangers. Not two people how have bonded and grown closer due to their common fate.

    In the arena, Katniss yells out for Peeta, having to cover her mouth, when she finds out there is now a chance they can both survive. An act we later find out to make her endearing to the public. In the movie, she simply whispers his name. It doesn’t illustrate the connection she now feels toward Peeta.

    Then, when Katniss finds Peeta and they have to escape to the cave as he is gravely injured, the movie omits Katniss cleaning Peeta in the stream. And Peeta joking how shy Katniss seems and how he should have let her clean Haymitch back on the train.

    They omit her devastation when Haymitch sends sleeping syrup until she realizes its her chances to drug Peeta so she can go for the medicine, that is needed to save Peeta, at the cornucopia. Once Peeta starts to feel better, they share a real kiss one where Katniss says she begins to feel something stirring inside and even longs for another kiss. And the feast of lamb stew they get to share for being more open with each other and more physically expressive of their growing feelings. At least on Katniss’s part. The movie doesn’t really go into enough detail to show just how long Peeta has loved and longed for Katniss.

    There were so many omissions like the ones that I have mentioned. It is hard to believe that people who did not read the book could really appreciate the story being told or really understand it. The friend I saw the movie with had not read the book, and at the end of the movie when I asked if they liked it simply said, “I don’t know, it was kind of confusing.”

    As for me, the movie was okay, but I was very disappointed. There was so much of the story that I couldn’t wait to see played out on the screen, that was totally omitted from the movie. I would have gladly sat in the theater longer, if it meant seeing some of the details we have all mentioned. Like others, I hope they do better with the next two movies!

  9. I think the biggest change was Madge. After all, she is the one who gave Katniss the badge. In the movie, Katniss buys the badge from the Hobs. But Madge giving the badge to Katniss is VERY important because it is related to when Haymitch was in The Hunger Games and the badge belonged to Maysilee Donner, Madge’s auntie. It ruins the whole thing because Haymitch and Maysilee had a connection. And that’s why the badge became important to Katniss, knowing it belonged to a former tribute but it is not in the movie and i am really upset by that.

    • the pin is a sign of rebellieon from when kattniss took out the berries. it explains that in catching fire then she becomes a rebell to the capitol that hates her but the pin is good luck because another tribute almost won with it on.

  10. Ugh, I just watched the film and I was HIGHLY disappointed. I’ve read all three books and I was soo excited to see it play out on screen, but the whole movie just fell flat. People died off too quickly, Madge didn’t even exist (which by the way left me in disbelief seeing as she was the one who gave Katniss the mockingjay pin which becomes central to the entire trilogy), Rue and Katniss’ bond wasn’t explained fully, and Katniss’ and Peeta’s whole relationship frustrated me. If I hadn’t read the books, I would not at all be convinced of their brewing romance. Ugh!! It’s so sad because their relationship development is so sweet, funny, and intense in the book…the movie left out all of the little things…and that sucks.I especially was looking forward to their cave scene together!! Ugh!! and where did Katniss’ sleeping bag go that she was supposed to have in her ORANGE backpack that she got from the cornucopia?!

    I know a lot of blood and gore was omitted in order to satisfy the PG-13 rating, but I say to make it RATED R and do the book justice!!! I DO NOT MIND SITTING IN THE THEATERS FOR 3 1/2 HOURS, AS LONG AS YOU GET THE BOOK RIGHT!!

    The one thing I was impressed with in the movie was their illustration of the camouflaging Peeta uses. I almost didn’t see him!

    Finally, there are still two books left. PLEASE!!, if you have any appreciation for Suzanne Collins’ brilliant imagination, please make a 3 1/2 hour-rated R great rendition of the last two books—ESPECIALLY book 2….In my opinion, it was the best.

    • I won’t comment on your other points, since I and others have already given our perceptions on these same things multiple times. I WILL, however, point out that the remaining films will NOT be 3 1/2 hours (or even a full three hours) long, and they DEFINITELY will not be rated R, because most of their intended audience would not be able to see the films in theaters!

      That is just common sense.

      • Yeah, you’re right. But you can still dream right? Haha

      • Yeah, you’re right. But you can still dream, right? Haha

    • well guess what I don’t care ime glad they rated it pg 13 the book was WAY more grousome the way I like it.

      • NOW WHO’S WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Oh! and also another thing that bothered me was that with the movie, you couldn’t really understand the full extent to which the capitol needed to maintain power over these districts and therefore viewers can’t really understand why President Snow hates Katniss soo much. For instance, and this is a really small part, but the capitol censors EVERYTHING in the games before they broadcast it. For instance, in the book, they don’t broadcast Katniss adorning Rue’s dead body with flowers and singing to her because it actually humanizes Rue and sheds light on the capitol’s despicable and inhumane nature by having the games in the first pace. In the movie, they show the scene on national tv and it provokes and uprising in district 11 after all the citizen blow a 3-fingered kiss at Katniss’ image (which in fact actually happens in book 2 when her and peeta are on a victors tour…)

    Katniss is supposed to a portray a threatening and defiant force against the Capitol in this trilogy. However, in order to do this, the movie makers have to do a much better job in showing the constant struggle between Katniss’ defiance and the Capitol’s censorship.

    • I think the Rue death scene and the riot scene in District 11 that came along after it was one of my favorite parts of the film, and I actually liked the way they did that more than the book’s version of just dropping a basket to her (granted, i did see the film before reading the trilogy a week later). The riot scene after the salute gave viewers who didn’t read the book a visual sense of built up frustration and tension the people of the districts had over the Capitol and seeing one of their own, who’s a sweet person and an “angel” get killed for no reason in the games. When Katniss gave the salute to District 11, and the District was so angered in her death that they didn’t want her death to be in vain, all of the bottled up tension sprang forth like a volcano eruption and added some foreshadowing to the next scenes.

      Since Collins helped write the screenplay and produced the film, she probably wanted to add another perspective in the Hunger Games story and having the riot scene earlier than in Catching Fire as well as the other scenes with Haymitch, Seneca Crane, and President Snow would give the audience (readers and non readers) something different to ponder on. What was interesting was the scenes after the riot such as the discussion between Crane and Haymitch talking about the showing of “young love” can diffuse the riot of District 11 from the rest of the Districts. Also Asha, the President Snow and Crane in the garden showed how Snow was concerned about the state of the games about how hope must be contained in the games, which he was worried about how much of a leash to allow Katniss and Peeta’s “underdog” love story in the games to not become a symbol of defiance to Panem as opposed to just winning to stay alive.


  12. peeta was alot differnt in th e book then in the movie and the movie was not the same

  13. I agree that Peeta was differently portrait in the movie and in the books. I guess that in the movie he is more of a shy guy, that doesn’t say much, i don’t know how to explain; while in the book he is the good guy, who always has the right words and is there no matter what. I’m not sure if you know what i mean.

    Also a difference i noticed is the focus on Katniss’ prep team. I already read the three books, the first one a long time ago, so i’m not sure, but i think that right in that first book they give more emphasis to that, while in the movie they only appear for a few minutes and almost don’t talk… and in the third book they get more importance so i’m not sure how they’re gonna build that, but it is possible to grow that in the second movie from what they’ve got.

    I also notices the pin scene, but i don’t feel it’s that big of a deal. In the other books madge doesn’t appear to have that important role, so i understand why theyommited this character. Yes, it was kind of “uncomfortable”, but i think they came up with a fairely good alternative.

    I mean, I totally see why the movie can’t be exactly the same. To be totally faithful to the book, it would have to last an entire day, so understand why the deaths are faster and some scenes and characters are cut. It’s a very complex book so it’s kind of hard to translate that into a movie.
    Oh, and I also “agree” with the change in Rue’s scene, as if the start of the uprising in district 11 didn’t show up in the move, viewers could get confused in the next movies, if they didn’t read the books…

  14. For me the best part of the book is the little details in katniss and peeta relationship that make us love them(all were cut from the movie)!! What about the ending…how are they gonna make the beggining of the next movie if they left out when he finds out she was faking all the time! i hate the movie ending..

  15. Although the movie is great… It has some MAJOR differences that could effect the movies of the next two books… Eg. The mocking jay pin, relationships between the characters etc…
    Though I don’t think it will make a difference of how amazing the series are!:)
    And may the odds be EVER in your favor :)

  16. the movie has some MAJOR differences that could effect the movies of the next two books… Eg. The mocking jay pin, relationships between the characters etc…
    Though I don’t think it will make a difference of how amazing the series are!:)
    And may the odds be EVER in your favor :)

  17. I agree with all the comments. Also, the actors who played peta and haymitch really annoyed me. They are not how I imagined them to look while reading the trilogy. The film was a big disappointment to the book.

  18. The 11th difference you gave is one of the most important. It is important to know where the pin came from because it shows how far back the rebels go. The main reason she is fighting is prim but the bigger picture is what katniss stands for, the mocking jay. And i think the woule silent conversation with haymich in the book is completely disreguarded with the litteral passing of notes. And in turn puts the relationship between peeta and katniss on a fast forward which ruins the plot of the series in its entireity. They make it seem like gale actually has a chance with her. He doesnt. And they also ruin the appearance of the relationship between katniss and her mother. Her mother has been deeply depressed since the death of the father, her husband and almost forgets she has children to take care of. Forcing katniss to be so protective and then volunteering for prim. I am hoping they cut it up and redo it like a tv series. Or have made an extended version for the dvd.

  19. The 11th difference you gave is one of the most important. It is important to know where the pin came from because it shows how far back the rebels go. The main reason she is fighting is prim but the bigger picture is what katniss stands for, the mocking jay. And i think the woule silent conversation with haymich in the book is completely disreguarded with the litteral passing of notes. And in turn puts the relationship between peeta and katniss on a fast forward which ruins the plot of the series in its entireity. They make it seem like gale actually has a chance with her. He doesnt.

  20. And they also ruin the appearance of the relationship between katniss and her mother. Her mother has been deeply depressed since the death of the father, her husband and almost forgets she has children to take care of. Forcing katniss to be so protective and then volunteering for prim. I am hoping they cut it up and redo it like a tv series. Or have made an extended version for the dvd.

    • I’m not sure how you missed the establishment of the relationship between Katniss,Prim, and their mother. The facial expressions alone showed this relationship beautifully, but the dialogue solidified it.

      I found it quite clear and effectively conveyed.

    • Well during the goodbye Katniss tells her mom that she can’t check out again like she did when dad died. Also after the tracker jacker attack Katniss has that dream that shows how she felt about her mother. Katniss is yelling at her mother to do something.

  21. ok they had to make the movie a little different then the book not only because of the pg13 rating but because books go into great detail where as movies only last about 2 hrs or so they kind of have to change things on screan so that it stays fresh and interesting but also movies the story along and the audience won’t get bored

  22. They changed how Katniss got to get the pack of medicine for Peeta at the feast. In the book Haymitch sent her sleep syrup that she mixed with berries to knock Peeta out (which I LOVED) but in the movie she just quietly left the cave when he was sleeping. More importantly, the movie left out the tourniquet that Katniss put on Peetas leg and how that resulted in his artifical leg. Also, they didn’t show the argument between Katniss and Peeta on the train back to D12 when peeta finds out the Haymitch was “coaching” Katniss through all the romance. I feel like these details are going to mess up part of the second movie because that argument made them not interact much once they got homa and the other districts picked up on it (unintentionally aiding the reballion) and Peeta’s artifical leg caused some difficulty in events from the second book. As much as I hate to admit it, I was very disappointed in the movie and all of the changes. I understand that you can’t include everything from a book in a movie because it would make it 9 hours long, but I really feel like they took out some very important parts that have already made me have doubts about the sequel becuase of the true significance of the details. But, I guess I’ll have to wait and see

  23. In the book peetas peg doesn’t fully heal and at the end he has to go into immediate surgery and get it amputated!!!!

  24. One change that I don’t see is when Peeta tells how his mother thought Katniss might win. In the movie, Peeta just recounts it, he says something like, “My mother said District 12 might finally have a winner..she meant you.” In the book Peeta says something more like: “My mother said District 12 might finally have a winner. That girl, she’s a survivor.” It really hit home how people view Katniss…the line coming from the mother of another tribute was powerful (not to mention the character of Peeta’s mother, and, thus, the character of Peeta). Of all the differences, this one was the hardest for me to accept. When I watch the movie, I say it in my head.

    • geoff…

      I’m not sure how you missed the very specific scene in the film (I believe they’re on the train heading to the Capitol…or at the meal in the Capitol) when Peeta tells the District 12 team EXACTLY what you described. He tells Katniss that his mother is finally hopeful about the District’s chances for a victory…but it’s not because of Peeta; it’s because of Katniss. This is VERY clear in the film. Everyone, for a few seconds, is dead silent, contemplating the truth of that and what it means.

      You might need to watch the film again if you missed such significant moments in your initial viewing…

      • I just realized you weren’t even talking about the line…you were talking about the DELIVERY of the line–the word choice! That’s just petty. The line in the film was just as dramatic (mainly because of the listener’s reactions and Peeta’s own expression when he’s telling them).

        Seriously, you’re being as silly as those people who were raving about the cat being a different color!

  25. They definitely left out all of the futuristic healing – what about Katniss’s scars and her ear? There is no mention of her going deaf and having the Capitol healing it. Or Peeta’s leg, either. I think the scene with her pounding on the OR door while he was having surgery, thinking she would lose him would have been amzing to watch. I was disappointed that they left this out.

    I agree with the rest of you who say that Peeta and Katniss’s relationship was missing something without many of the scenes and details that the book included along the way. I actually just started reading the books AFTER watching the Hunger Games movie, because I felt so confused after seeing the movie. The book has helped me to understand what happened in the movie so much better.

  26. Another difference was the fact that Peeta’s leg was so bad that it was removed. Im glad that was not included because I wish it never happened in the books honestly. But I really enjoyed the movie AND THE BOOKS!!!

  27. For me the biggest difference is how the portrayed Peeta and Katniss. Not just their relationship, but their individual characters. In the book Peeta is funny and clever. He always knew what to say, to the point that Katniss could use that as an excuse to believe he was “playing the role” rather than truly admitting his feelings for her. He made jokes and was more light-hearted in the book. In the film he just seemed like he was a lost puppy who just really liked Katniss, in an immature way rather than the deep love that is developed in the book. Leaving out all the details of his father being in love with her mother, and Katniss’s father being a wonderful singer, etc. made the film’s reason for liking her so shallow. Instead of being this strong man who was fighting to protect her in a calculated way, he was portrayed as this scared boy who was just dependent on her for everything. And with Katniss, in the book she has so many layers, whereas in the film they portray her as too strong and always in control. Instead of being quiet and awkward in front of the crowds and letting Peeta do the talking, she seems steady and in control (in the last interview with Cesar). For me, it made it seem like two different characters than the Katniss and Peeta I loved in the novel. That was the biggest disappointment. I don’t doubt that the actors who portrayed them can do an excellent job, but I think the direction they took the characters just missed the mark.

  28. No one mentions the avox girl? everyone seems to be stuck on the mocking jay pin and katniss and peta’s/gale’s relationship. to me the real disappointing fact was the backstory of the avox girl. this shows just how the capitol treats those that speak against them, to rip out a little girls tongue, and then subject her to slaving over those that had done it to her! that was a cruelty that the film did not capture.

  29. The movie sucks hands down – the only thing they got right was Cinnas gold lined eyes.

    There is just too much to pick through – the 10 points made on this site are only a dent in all the misses of the movie.

    It’s sad really, because if the movie producers had followed the movie to the tee they could very well have had one of the greatest movies of all time.

    Hunger Games Movie – FAIL
    Hunger Games Book – Huge WIN.