‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay': Philip Seymour Hoffman Had One Unfinished Scene

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hunger games mockingjay philip seymour hoffman Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Philip Seymour Hoffman Had One Unfinished Scene

The world is still reeling from Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman being found dead in his Manhattan apartment over the past weekend, with the outpour of sympathy and praise by fans in admiration of the actor’s impressive career still flowing at a steady rate. Unfortunately, the reality of Hollywood is that this business stops for no one, and thus we have to ask the question: How will Hoffman’s death affect the upcoming blockbusters The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 & 2?

After issuing a public response to Hoffman’s death, Lionsgate revealed that the actor had already finished reprising as Plutarch Heavensbee – a character introduced in Hunger Games: Catching Fire – for Mockingjay: Part 1, but still had a week of filming to complete for Part 2. Today, we have additional information on exactly what Hoffman had left to complete on the Hunger Games two-part finale.

THR has been informed that Hoffman had “one major, emotional scene” left to shoot for Mockingjay – Part 2, but that the necessary measures will indeed be taken accordingly to reconceive the sequence in a manner that both makes sense and is respectful of the actor. The Lionsgate executive who spoke on the matter did not reveal what the scene in question entailed – saying “Why would I want to give people something to look for two years from now?” – but assured that Hoffman’s death shouldn’t impact the film’s release date (currently, Fall 2015).

“We’re all extraordinarily sad. But as it relates to production, it’s going to have no impact. Obviously, we’re going to have a couple of work-around issues but the movie will be creatively whole. His performances in both [remaining] movies will be up to the best of his craft. We feel it will be a good tribute to him.”

Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence is also calling the shots on Mockingjay: Part 1 & 2, so he’l be overseeing the task of working around Hoffman’s death during post-production on the two films. According to THR‘s source, the plans for handling that issue are pretty straightforward, with miscellaneous editing tricks and digital tools to be used so as to avoid any obvious visual continuity errors; as they put it, “You can do digital things, you can have conversations where you’re not focusing on him but the people he’s talking to.”

hunger games mockingjay part 2 philip seymour hoffman 570x294 Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Philip Seymour Hoffman Had One Unfinished Scene

Following his introduction in Catching Fire, Plutarch become a more important player in the ongoing tale of Hunger Games protagonist Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) during the third book, but there’s a decent possibility that the Mockingjay adapted scripts by Danny Strong (The Butler) play up his significance even more.

Obviously, Hoffman isn’t so much a central part of this franchise as Paul Walker with Fast & Furious – hence his death delayed Fast & Furious 7 by a year – but regardless, his scenes in the Mockingjay films will now carry a heavier emotional weightiness than they would have before. Our hope is simply that the team behind these movies are able to work out what needs to be done in post-production, since it’ll be uncomfortable enough during Hoffman’s scenes as is (without the addition of awkward editing choices).


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 opens in theaters on November 21st, 2014, followed by Part 2 a year later on November 20th, 2015.

Source: THR

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  1. I’m sure they will do the right thing by him. Such a talented actor. Drugs have destroyed the lives of many in my family. Best way to quit is to never start.

  2. thats really lucky of them. they can probably cgi him in

    • It really is… he made a big emotional dent in Catching Fire, it would be a shame to miss out on him in the last two.

  3. I was hoping they wouldn’t have to recast Plutarch at all, as Hoffman did an amazing job playing him in Catching Fire. I hope they can work around whatever his final unfinished scenes were, it’s a shame that he couldn’t finish the movie completely though. Still, I’m glad we’ll still be seeing a little more of Hoffman after his passing.

  4. Well, they could always do what they did in The Crow if push comes to shove. The scenes where he puts on the makeup and punches the mirror and also when he stands on the rooftop in silhouette were performed by body doubles after Brandon Lee had died so it’s not entirely impossible to work around.

  5. The thing is, selfishness finds a way in life some how, apart from firect suicide, drugs is one of the MOST selfish things to do. I respected this guy as an actor, but seems he couldn’t cope with his issues or discuss them with his parents and children, but to throw away a great career, is really selfish. Kids, anyone would love an acting job, so stop drugs because your taking opportunities for youngsters that will be succesfull. Bad drugs, bad. Stay away from them.

    • I dunno man, I’ve never been addicted to drugs but I know how hard it is to be able to talk about issues. I went through a few months last spring where I’d be sitting alone with the TV and even though I have family living close by, I still found it easier to just sit there and drink every night to numb what I was feeling.

      It’s not the way and I wouldn’t encourage others to do it but it annoyed me earlier when a TV show mentioned Hoffman’s death and the women on the panel (Britain’s version of The View) insinuated that he was weak and selfish for daring to bottle up his feelings and acting like it’s easy to talk about problems.

      I’ve known people who had a terrible experience and then avoided getting into that situation again in case things screwed up like they had before and that’s just as unhealthy as drug addiction or alcoholism but we need to breed a culture that allows people to talk about issues and lets them know that it’s ok to come forward and not be embarrassed to admit when you’re feeling weak and vulnerable.

    • What are you talking about.. yes the first time you take drugs may be for a selfish reason, but drug addicts are mentally ill. Its an illness… just like bipolar disorder…. you realize its something you cant control… people who cant control it are not happy with how their life is going losing family, homes, and freedom and their lifes…
      I guess you are one of many who will pass a homeless man or woman in the streets and not give them some spare change or cash cause they are selfish and will use it to do drugs or drink

    • Don’t call him selfish. Once taken drugs it takes control. I don’t know what drug he took, but saying he was the one that took his life is a lie. Drugs took his life without him being in control. Everybody is saying that he should of stopped or talked about it. But the thing is, you can’t just stop. It takes a lot of time and that’s why I think during the time filming The Hunger Games he forgot about trying to stop taking drugs and that one time he did, it took his life. So as I’m saying it’s not selfish of him, it wouldn’t even be selfish if he took his own life because he may have a different background then you thought and he couldn’t take it any longer.

  6. ” …is respectful of the actor.”

    I think you meant to say Respectful of the character. Screw that actor that willingly bails on you. I know I’ll catch heat for this but Mockingjay owes PSH nothing. NOTHING. And I say this as a PSH fan who was stunned and saddened by his death. But they don’t owe PSH anything. He owes them.

    I don’t care how they film/edit/CGI/voice-over that remaining scene at all as long as they do it with the character and the integrity of the story itself kept intact.

    • He didn’t “willingly bail” though, did he?

      I don’t think he looked at himself in the mirror and said “you know what? Screw that movie, tonight, I’m going to overdose”.

    • This is pretty harsh but I honestly can’t disagree here. I love Hoffman, but his death was his own doing. This is why a death like Paul Walker’s is seen as so much more tragic, because his death was an accident. Hoffman went down a bad path and sadly the movie has to pay a bit for it.

      • Walker’s death was no more of an accident than PSH’s was. If Walker hadn’t been speeding, he wouldn’t have died. If PHS hadn’t been taking drugs, he wouldn’t have died.

        • Walker wasn’t even behind the wheel…. That said, shame either way.

          • Silly children and their belief in the impossible free will. We don’t choose our DNA, our sex, our color, our time and place of birth. Nor do we choose what information starts our mental processes in life. Your belief that any of us do more than watch the film playing before our eyes is as silly as your need to denigrate a great actor.

          • Silly children and their belief in the impossible free will. We don’t choose our DNA, our gender, our colour, our time and place of birth. Nor do we choose what information starts our mental processes in life. Your belief that any of us do more than watch the film playing before our eyes is as silly as your need to denigrate a great actor.

        • The power steering pump went out and that is why it crashed. So it was an accident. Doing drugs is not…

          • Overdosing IS an accident. No one goes “yeah, I can only do two shots… but tonight I’m taking three”.

            • Once you decide to do heroin for the first time, you are pretty much saying f*** the world. It is a death wish so overdosing is more like getting the loaded chamber when playing Russian Roulette.

  7. Yet another reason we need to stop splitting the last movie into two movies. I felt the same way about the last two potter films and deathly hallows was by far a superior book to mockingjay. I want more potter but I don’t need to spend three hours watching him hide out in the woods or three hours of katniss kicking it in district thirteen making a couple propaganda shorts. Can’t speak for twilight never saw it. I’ll go ahead and climb down off my soapbox now.
    Ive been a huge fan of PSH for years. I had seen him in a bunch of movies growing up, I was ten in 1996 when twister came out (just that little bit of The Shinning before the twister ripped through the dive in freaked me out enough to not see that movie till six or seven years later), but I never really paid to much attention to him until 2002 when Love Lisa and Punch Drunk Love came out then I was hooked. I looked him up in a movie guide book, that’s right you used to have to look things up by books (say it with me “book”), and started trying to get my hands on whatever movies of his there was. To save you from doing the evil known as math I was sixteen and I had not been allowed, either by my parents or the jerk that sells you pieces of paper behind glass, to see some pretty great movies, so in one weekend I saw for the first time Boogie nights, magnolia, The BIG Lebowski, State and Main, The Talented Mr. Ripely, and Almost famous. If you’re going to spend a weekend watching movies thats not a bad batch. I’ve always kept one eye on PSH for he has continually contributed great performances to whatever project he was involved with no matter how large or small his part may have been.
    To hear more tales about a man I’ve only ever seen on sceen and how he has influenced my life pick up my new biography Hoffman and Me coming out never in paperback.
    One more thing. If you find that you need a PSH fix I recommend Love Lisa. Love Lisa is a tremendously sad story with some humor and PSH really knocks it out of the park, weither he is huffing gas fumes or enjoying remote controlled airplanes you just want to weep for the guy.

    • To correct myself the movie is Love Liza not Lisa

    • I’m guessing a big part of Mockingjay Part 1 will be the attempt to rescue Peeta, which we didn’t get to see in the book because it was from Katniss’ perspective and she wasn’t there. I’m sure they’ll have plenty of material with the additional perspectives to make it worth while.

  8. I really thankful that his scenes will be making it into the films, he’s a sadly lost talent. Hollywood would do well to have more like him. Def. had amazing range and subtlety.

  9. “it’ll be uncomfortable enough during Hoffman’s scenes as is”

    I wouldn’t say it would be uncomfortable. Were people uncomfortable watching Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight? Or John Cazale in The Deer Hunter?

    It’s certainly a tragedy, but trying to put forth the idea that it’s going to be awkward is unnecessary.

  10. Why is it people in the entrainment business and I’m including professional sports in this, why is it they can’t control themselves? If I had the opportunity to do what some of these people do I wouldn’t waste my life on drugs and alcohol. Oh the pressure of being famous give me a break.

    • You have to be famous before you can understand the pressures of being famous.

  11. That’s what happens when you whore out you movie by turning it into 2 parts

  12. I’m sorry , I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but “NO” the world is not still reeling from his death The only ones reeling are the American media outlets keeping this in the news. Just tell me American Media….why is his life any more importnant than the thousands of junkies who die every year. I would so like to know…News flash…..it’s not,

  13. They’ll gonna use the same technology like did with Jeff Bridges in the TRON: LEGACY movie.

    Remember that scene with C.L.U ?

  14. I just found out! (Some The Hunger Games fan I am!)(shame on me!) WTHeck?
    Mr. Philip Seymour Hoffman, you will be missed…by me (belated as it is), by other Hunger Games fans, by fans of all your work! (RESPECT!)
    …even with wangle-fan-dang-gle-ing of movie magic makers…wow, I never would have thought he had a problem…

    I detest doing this in the same comment; but, here I go again…climbing on my soapbox…

    I do wish for your family’s sake that you hadn’t decided to jump on the “I’m not leaving you squat” fan wagon…a person should heartily, and whole-heartedly take care of their loved ones upon their demise…after all, you are no longer around to help them in times of emergency. Hoping that this is a trend that will have an end! I’m just saying, that it’s fantastic to look after others when you are loaded; but, you should also look after your own…J

  15. They should just call Tom Cruise and put a mask on him..

    • PHS was a unique actor with his own style, there is no chance that anyone could play the role like he did and the end result wouldn’t be as good or believable if they tried.

      • It’s a joke. In mission impossible to be cruise wears a psh mask.

  16. I didn’t even know he died. I’m am very sad as he was a great actor. I know what seen they must have still needed to shoot b4 he died and I am not sure how they are going to pull it off but I’ll leave that up to the movie magic makers.

  17. Rest in peace Hoffman you will be missed.

  18. I wish Hoffman could have played The Penguin in the new DC Justice League Universe…

  19. yea thats totally right.”never start using drugs!” im lucky that im not in the contact of druggies.and im lucky that im not in U S A the country you call world power.Blondes and whites could live easily if blacks did not come to U S and spread drug disease everywhere. #JustSayingTheTruth

  20. WOW!! Reading most of these comments make me sick. What if he was your dad, brother, son etc actor, director or not. Would you still be making comments like these on here. If you have never done drugs (yes which is a illnesses if addicted ) or have had a family member, friend or so on addicted to any kind of drug, then don’t comment about something you don’t know. Also when someone has a tramadic life altering even that happenes in their life it isn’t always easy to talk about it. More so for those who are always in the spot light. It comments like some of these, or the people who wrote these comment that make it even harder for people to open up and take about their problems. Its the fear that people fear the most. So they cope the best way they can. Is their coping methods right? NO!! But who are we to judge!

    I would like to say to his family, I am SORRY for you loss!! Phillip Hoffman was a great actor and director. I am honored that I was able to grow up and see how good he was on and behind the screen of all of his movies. He’ll be missed by millions.