‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′ Viral Teaser: Hail President Snow

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Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever.” That was the motto inscribed on a recent set of viral posters for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, and it’s certainly a lot catchier than the movie’s title. The battle between the Capitol and the rebel Districts will come to a head (well, half a head) this fall – and while we’re still waiting for an official trailer, Lionsgate is already stepping up the viral marketing.

The latest piece of propaganda to be aired on Capitol TV is an address from President Coriolanus Snow, the ruthless and manipulative ruler of Panem, who is played by Donald Sutherland. Accompanied by two-time Hunger Games survivor Peeta Mellark, Snow explains (from what looks like a literal ivory tower) why the citizens of Panem are lucky to have their dystopian society, and why they should put all this rebellion nonsense to rest.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 will be the second entry in the series from director Francis Lawrence, and the screenplay adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ was penned by Danny Strong (The Butler) and Peter Craig (The Town). After putting an end to the gladiatorial Hunger Games in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Katniss will find herself struggling to keep her loved ones safe as Panem descends into a civil war, in which she is a figurehead of the revolution.

Peeta and President Snow in The Hunger Games Hunger Games: Mockingjay   Part 1 Viral Teaser: Hail President Snow

Those who haven’t read the books may be curious as to why Peeta - Katniss’ close friend and one corner of the Hunger Games love triangle – suddenly appears to be siding with the scheming President Snow. This is one of the things that makes the teaser so effective, since the only way to find out is to watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 when it’s out in theaters later this year. Unless you just read the books, of course.

Did this message from Capitol TV convince you to vote for President Snow in the next election? No? It doesn’t really matter, because Panem isn’t a democracy. Please wait patiently while we send in the Peacekeepers to publicly flog you and burn down your house.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 opens in U.S. theaters on November 21st, 2014, followed by Part 2 a year later on November 20th, 2015.

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  1. Creepily effective,but I’ve seen scarier commercials from the Republican party in the last election.

    • Preeeeeach!

    • Keep your libtard political commentary to yourself.

      • Look, a member of the RepubliKlan party is here.

        • How witty! Did dear leader teach you that?

          • Did your dear leader teach you that lame comeback?

      • Are you actually telling Evan not to exercise his First Amendment rights?

        • Shocking that someone on the internet is this obtuse.


          • Someone’s sensitive…

        • Errr, isn’t First Amendment intended to prevent state mandated censorship and religion? Not exactly the same as telling someone to shut up on a public comment thread :P

          • It includes the freedom of speech, and I was somewhat joking.

      • Don’t get butt hurt because everyone but you and the entire party aren’t aware how stupid, irrelevant, outdated and useless conservative values are, get over it and get with your times, more than 50% of what those leaders and pundits, right wind media tells you, are outright lies, thats why you say libtard, because you are incapable due to not having needed knowledge to make a valid, critical statement of input, your info is bs to begin with, buy more evidence-less crap there tin foil hat.

        • You should never insult a person’s tin foil hat. We can’t help it if your mind is left wide upon to the government.

    • Seen worse from the democrats, neither party is innocent. Each can lead to disaster. Open hearts and Open minds will prevail, alas that is not so today. the future appears no more better then a 70′s end of world flick starring Charlton Heston, 1984, or even A brave new world. So in his immortal words…”You really did it, you maniacs, you blew it up, awww damn you, god, damn you all to hell”

    • Like throwing granny over the cliff? Oh, wait, that was the Democrats. I think the current condition of our country and economy is scarier.

  2. Are you people seriously talking politics on a movie blog?

    • Hey Kara (I like that name), I was being a little tongue and cheek, but politics and movies have always been welded together. If you’re not aware of this, you’re not paying attention. Do you think “Planet of the Apes” was about monkey’s taking over the world in a million years. No, it was about racism. And the current remake is about animal rights/abuse and the dignity of all life, animal or human. There is subtext in every movie. The subtext of the Hunger Games is just as political.

      • ^Well said Evan

  3. so lame

  4. I understand what your saying, but I think people come here to enjoy the trailers and for news about movies that they have been waiting patiently for. Not for the conversation of politics. Not everyone has the same views about politics either, which is why politics is such a touchy subject and never seems to end well. I also understand a lot of movies depict politics, but I chose to ignore it. Sorry :P

    • Could not agree more, thank you. Back to the teaser – it was a great way to set up the upcoming movie. Can’t wait to see it!

      • I am not going to lie…seeing Peeta standing next to Snow gave me the chills. If the Mocking Jay movies are anything like Catching Fire, they are going to great!

    • One guy made a perfectly applicable, valid and clever quip,
      and an ass sore conservative started crying, big surprise.

      • Excuse me, sir. But are you calling me an ‘ass sore conservative’ because I never said one word about what my political opinion was…I said this was not the place for it. If you were not referring to me, then you can ignore this comment.

  5. I just can’t treat those Hunger movies seriously. The whole setting is so poorly constructed that it pulls you out of any sense of involvement with the characters or story. And this trailer actually serves to showcase that pretty well.

    Eh, at least they have Jennifer Lawrence lips going for them…

  6. breaking dawn part 1 lol… the teaser got me hungry..

  7. This is speaking about The One World Order that’s coming

    • Omg, you too, take off your damn tin foil hat, you haven’t studied ww2 or peoples experiences in it to even have an idea what “new world order” even means, please make an informed statement next time, paranoid, take your freedom for granted and piss on it peasant.

  8. So much ignorance in this country. Only one of these statements is true:

    “Seen worse from the democrats, neither party is innocent.”

    Saying you’ve seen worse from the Democratic party is a joke. The Republicans as a rule only use scare tactics and hate propaganda. Neither party cares whether you live or die, but one might help you to live a little longer and it’s not the Republicons.

    Yes, cons.

  9. Attention please:

    Everyone above is a political retard. Thank you.

    This does look pretty great though!

  10. Peeta just standing there, without saying a word, that was creepy.