‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ Officially Split into 2 Movies

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mockingjay movies release date Hunger Games: Mockingjay Officially Split into 2 Movies

Reports indicating that Lionsgate wants to split the final Hunger Games novel, Mockingjay, into two movies leaked out nearly a year ago.

Per usual, we’re just now getting studio confirmation that the Hunger Games movie franchise will follow in the footsteps of the Harry Potter and Twilight series (in that regard).

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 will hit theaters on November 21st, 2014, nearly a year to the date after the second installment, Catching Fire, is released – and, about a year before Mockingjay Part 2 swoops into theaters on November 20th, 2015.

Production on Catching Fire begins this September, with series newcomers Jena Malone and Philip Seymour Hoffman joining the Hunger Games cast of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harelson, Lenny Kravitz, Stanley Tucci, and Donald Sutherland. Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) will be holding the directorial reins, and is going to shoot a portion of the Hunger Games sequel in IMAX.

the hunger games jennifer lawrence Hunger Games: Mockingjay Officially Split into 2 Movies

Most people seem to agree that the final Harry Potter book, Deathly Hallows, benefitted from not being chopped down to fit a single 2-3 hour movie. However, the general feeling is that the last Twilight novel, Breaking Dawn, could’ve easily been encapsulated in a single film – and have turned out better for it (we’re talking from an artistic perspective, not a financial one, obviously).

Without spoiling anything: Mockingjay meets the two somewhere in the middle, as its narrative is heftier than that of Breaking Dawn, but not so dense as Deathly Hallows. Suzanne Collins’ climactic Hunger Games novel lends itself to a visual medium, being the most action-heavy chapter in the trilogy. Whether or not that justifies stretching the material to cover two films – that’s up for debate.

Let us know your own thoughts about The Hunger Games: Mockingjay being split into two movies (good/bad news?) in the comments section.

Source: Lionsgate

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  1. Gotta string this teenie cashcow out eh?

  2. I believe it has a good bisection point in the book to split it into 2 movies. I feel as if Suzanne Collins rushed the book and think that if it is split up into 2 movies it will be more gratifying. The movies can allow for more depth that the book did not.


    • Remove the “J” and replace it with another “G” in the title and you have my critique on this “property”.

  4. Ugh…Harry Potter definitely needed to be split up…Although there are those who disagree, Breaking Dawn did too- you just can’t get a nearly 800 book into 2 hours satisfactorily. But Mockingjay? The book that most of the Hunger Games I know all agree was their least favorite book? Not sure how that’s gonna fly. It’s unnecessary, and seems like it will just drag out the parts that people didn’t like. Oh well, I’m sure the producers don’t care what I have to say! haha :)

    • Mockingjay is the least favorite in the series? Funny, I have not heard that from anyone I know that have read the series. Most would agree that Catching Fire is the worst of the three. Not saying it is bad in any way shape or form. But Mockingjay was a great ending that really pushed the action and consequences up. Don’t know how it can be the least favorite in the series.

      • You must not know too many people. LOTS of people agree that Mockingjay was the worst in the series. It has the lowest rating too. And at the end when you said you don’t know how it can be the least favorite in the series…that is YOUR opinion, and believe me, there are many ways.

      • Salty, everyone I know, I repeat, EVERYONE I know that has read the books agrees Mockingjay is their least favorite. I too agree its the worst book in the series.

      • Forever alone salty. Almost everybody I know dislikes the last book.

      • I rushed through the first two books. Loved them. This was a little over a year ago. 7 chapters into Mockingjay and I still haven’t finished. I don’t even want too. It didn’t feel the same as the first two. That’s the problem with books that have one setting play such a vital role to the plot. Once you take the characters out of it, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

        • I loved the first two as well. My wife is a fast reader and she wanted to read them when I did. I told her she couldn’t start the 1st until I was reading the 3rd. She still finished 1 and 2 before I was even half way through the 3rd. Mostly because I just wasn’t into it and had to keep rereading whenever my mind wandered. It just didn’t have the same feel. What killed it for me was the whinyness of Katniss in the third book. Since the movie is more 3rd person, I may have enjoyed it more that way. However, there just isn’t enough meat on the bones of any of these books to be split in two.

      • Mockingjay was the worst one in the series! Catching Fire was the best!! You sir are a fool!

        • Well said, mister.

  5. Meant to say “Hunger Games Fans” in that last post :D

  6. I’m still wondering if the studio has actually read how Mockingjay ends.

  7. money grabbing greedy mofo’s!

    • I was about to comment the very same words!

  8. This final chapter in Hunger Games needs one movie. No need for 2 except for the money factor.

  9. Perhaps the plan for two movies is to realize that the last book is awful and leave you up in the air at the end of the first half with some crazy twist that changes things and go in a totally new direction for the second half? I mean that could be the ONLY reason to make two movies right?

    • i agree not to mention some people didnt read the book so now the series is in movies they dont haved to read the books and will be suprised by the ending like you said

  10. This is going to suck. I always found one story to be more than enough.

  11. Most of you must not have read the epilogue the Suzanne Collins wrote at the end of Mockingjay. It describes Katniss and Peeta’s future together in District 12 and about them growing older together and having children. Perhaps they will be making 2 movies to better develop the story line and expand on the epilogue…

    • ***SPOILERS***

      Except, to further expand this would be boring and a mistake. Nothing interesting happens other than them getting married and having kids.

  12. The 3rd book drags majorly in the middle. MAJORLY!!! The 2nd was un-put-down-able Mckingjay I had to force myself to read two or 3 pages every day on the toilet just to finish it already! In Mockingjay’s defense the first 1/3rd and ending are great

  13. I”m not going to be watching either, the 3rd book was terrible!

  14. Loved all three books including Mockingjay, read entire series in 4 days. Can’t wait for the films.

  15. I really don’t understand the need to make this into 2 movies and i definately don’t understand why they are going to be released a year apart. The book only has 448 pages! I enjoyed the whole trilogy but i have to admit that Mockingjay was the book i liked the least and i don’t believe the story is complex enough to warrant being split. I’m a little annoyed by this decision as it is just a ploy to make more money.

  16. I hope it does better than the book because the book wasn’t all that good.

    • It takes at least a year to make and finish the production of a movie.
      And honestly people, Mockingjay is really good. I think so at least. It was my favorite.

  17. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking Mockingjay was the worst. It was also the most boring one. I don’t think splitting it into two films is a good move.

  18. I agree with the split. Everything adapted from books always get chopped up into nothing. The Hunger Games proves to be much more gratifying not only for teens, but adults as well.

  19. It’s true, most people find Mockingjay the worst of the three. However it’s my favorite of the three, but I think this franchise is overrated anyway. Didn’t enjoy the books much.

    And Mockingjay definitely doesn’t need to be two movies. It’s a short novel.

  20. I myself think Catching Fire was the worst book, not to say that it’s bad. I agree with the split as long as they can pull it off and not have Katniss under drugs the whole time to drag it out. I think a nice place for it to split would be when they evacuate to the bunker and Primrose, Katniss’ sister, just gets through the big metal doors. It would probably draw people in to see the second part if they haven’t read the book, which a lot of people havent. Mockingjay was my favourite book, although it does drag a bit. In my opinion, the ending of Catching Fire was just so rushed.

  21. I agree with the split as long as they can pull it off and not have Katniss under drugs the whole time to drag it out. I think a nice place for it to split would be when they evacuate to the bunker and Prim just gets through the big metal doors. It would probably draw people in to see the second part if they haven’t read the book, which a lot of people havent. Mockingjay was my favourite book, although it does drag a bit. In my opinion, the ending of Catching Fire was just so rushed.

  22. Idk what most of you guys r talking about but Catching Fire is the better of the sequel books. The ending was amazing. Im a sucker for emotion but we all know the beginning of Mockingjay is extra dry so the two movie idea is the worst

  23. I liked all of the books, and the movie as well. While I liked Mockingjay, it was very slow, in my opinion, and making it into 2 movies will just make it worse. I think if they want to split any movie into 2, they should split Catching Fire into 2 movies.

  24. Love the series. I agree not to make 2 movies from Mockingjay-unless they end Catching Fire-just as Katniss blows up the arena-and adds the rest to Mockingjay 1.

  25. definitely not a big enough book to split into two movies. it’s being done purely to get more money out of consumers.

  26. will you all just stop hating on mockingjay! jesus…it wasnt bad…i think the hunger games whole trilogy is just completly amazing and every single book had something that you just couldnt put down…

  27. I loved Catching Fire. There was so much detail and different things happening that won’t be in the movie. That one should be split in two movies. Mockingjay was good for me, however I don’t think it should be two movies. Just because it’s action packed doesn’t mean it has a lot to work with. Most action scenes in movies are shaky and blurry anyway.
    I did love the epilogue, and even though nothing serious happens afterwords, it would still be nice to see Peeta and Katniss’ lives expanded further for the sake of the only romantic aspect of the book series.

  28. I am really surprised that people disliked Mockingjay. In my opinion, it was the best book. It answered alot of questions about the world
    of panem which i am sure many wanted to get answered. And the part where Katniss very slowly realized that she did in fact loved Peeta – brilliant! I mean , the hunger games trilogy is not your typical love story. There is so much more to it to be shown. For me Mockingjay finally showed all the interpersonal relationships that gets forgotten when they are just in the arena. And catching fire? Well, yes it was exciting, but really it was just the first book all over again, without Katniss being badass in the woods. I mean we KNEW they would not kill Peeta, so we KNEW that both of them were going to walk out alive. While in Mockingjay, peeta could’ve died.

  29. This is really silly! The first half of the book was repetitive and boring! Part 2 will be really good, no doubt, but Part 1 will be more boring than Breaking Dawn Part 1!!!

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