‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Final Trailer: Deadly New Arena Revealed

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be one of many blockbuster genre properties occupying the fall 2013 calendar, and like its predecessor, the marketing campaign for the movie has been a slow and methodical crescendo. Whether the marketing campaign for Catching Fire has been as effective as its predecessor… that’s another debate entirely.

Now however, we come to the point in cycle where it’s time for Lionsgate to show more of the cards in hand – i.e., leaving behind the dystopian revolution subplot, or the highlighting of new characters, and really getting down to the meat of what fans and general audiences want to see: the new vision of the deadly Hunger Games arena. And they got… fog and monkeys.

For those who don’t know (and couldn’t tell from the rapid montage of footage in that final trailer), the story of Catching Fire involves the Capitol – led by despot President Snow (Donald Sutherland) – cracking down on the poor districts of Panem, which have emboldened to revolution by the victorious stand of Katniss and Peeta in the 74th Hunger Games. In “honor” of the games’ 75th anniversary, President Snow institutes a “Quarter Quell,” in which Hunger Games survivors are thrown back into the ring to face-off against one another, seasoned killer vs. seasoned killer.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Trailer 4 Hunger Games: Catching Fire Final Trailer: Deadly New Arena Revealed

As seen in the trailer, the new games arena is more of a tropical setting – as opposed to the woodland forest seen in the first film; there’s also  a new director involved, as Francis Lawrence (Constantine) takes over the helm from Hunger Games director Gary Ross. But honestly, this particular trailer doesn’t really reveal whether or not some of the chief criticisms fans had with the first film got worked out under Lawrence’s supervision. The action still looks budgeted, and the CGI monkeys alone are bound to invite comparisons to Indiana Jones 4 – never a good thing.

In short: while not at all bad, this new trailer still isn’t great, and Catching Fire doesn’t look like anything clearly better or more improved than The Hunger Games. It’ll probably appease die-hard fans and will turn a fair profit – so if that’s the only standard to judge by…

With the two-part adaptation of Mockingjay already rolling along and adding cast members by the day, it’s clear that Lionsgate is going to push this Hunger Games franchise to the very end (and probably beyond); one only hopes that the ride is actually worthwhile. 


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be in theaters on November 22, 2013.

Source: Lionsgate

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  1. I don’t know why, but Catching Fire looks very depressing.

    • All the Hunger Games books are depressing. Which is one of the reasons why I couldn’t get into it as much as other book series.

  2. Dat Ass. ;P

  3. I find it funny that you think the action looks budgeted. It already looks better than the first film, visual wise. But seriously, the arena looks amazing and a lot more alive than what Gary Ross did with the first film. It’s nice to see there is no obnoxious shaky cam and the special effects look amazing.. the tidal wave, the monkeys, the jabberjays (the birds) and the jungle itself. And you seriously are comparing the monkeys to Indy 4? The only reason why that was made a joke of was because of its total irrelevance to the story. The monkeys in this film are actually pivotal to the story and since they got the effects team that did Rise of the Planet of the Apes then.. well.. they should be done quite well.

    Catching Fire is also apparently almost sold out across the U.S. so I think word of mouth plus Jennifer Lawrence plus book fans plus new converts will ultimately make this film as successful as the first or better.

    But hey, I could be completely wrong and this may just crash and burn.

  4. I keep forgetting this movie is coming out, but I’ll be there to see it within the first week.

  5. I’m most definitely NOT the target demographic for these films, and yet I thoroughly enjoyed the first one. I will definitely be seeing it in the cinema rather than just waiting for the DVD release.

    I also think this trailer makes the film look FAR better than the first one. I’m not sure I understand where the complaints are coming from.

    And the fact that the “whistle theme” is the theme from the 1968 “Romeo and Juliet” STILL gets on my nerves… even if I loved the movie.

  6. Why does the action look low-budget to you? The 75th HG arena and all of its horrors worried me when I read the book since it seemed impossible to translate to film, but it looks like the filmmakers did an incredible job.

    The only part that looks strange is the Cornucopia, but that required a lot of cutting, copying, and pasting since that type of geography doesn’t occur naturally.

  7. I thought only the power of will was stronger then fear.

    • I think it’s hope, actually.

      • *Didn’t get the Green Lantern reference*

        • hahaha, I definitely did not

    • Only if you subscribe to the idea that will power exists.

  8. Sad times where movies like these are successful and make money !
    But somehow People seem to enjoy them !

    • Why shouldn’t we enjoy these types of films, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • It is not about you shouldn’t enjoy this Movie !
        I am glad you guys do !
        It’s just sad that certain other good movies bomb at the box office !

        I watched the first one,and it wasn’t really for my taste !
        Anyway,it’s more about this makes money,and other cool movies don’t !
        It’s sad if compared!

    • How dare we enjoy movies that delve into humanity, the human condition, and tremendously deep emotion, as opposed to tons of explosions in the likes of Transformers, how dare the human race evolve, and appreciate a movie that isn’t shallow!

      No offense, you either haven’t seen the film, or read the book, or you’re clueless.

      • Dear Joe,

        it’s not about that,don’t get me wrong !
        Not a fan of Transformation and Bay as well !
        I can appreciate a lot of different genres of Movies just not really the Twilight Series and these direction of Movies !
        Maybe I am too old and I feel I have seen it before or just a matter of taste !

        And no offense taken,you are right,I haven’t read the book !
        But the Movie for me wasn’t it ! Did not like the art direction and direction in general !

        Cheers and hope this sequel turns out right !

        • I’m sorry, I suspect we’re more or less the same age or thereabouts. in other words, NOT the target demographic for these films…

          BUT, I can assure you that Hunger Games is of a substantially higher degree of quality to that crap called “Twilight” (or as we call it in my family: “Toilet”).

          I found the story profound and moving, which surprised no one more than me. And upon subsequent viewings (yes, I bought the Bluray and have watched it multiple times since) have found MUCH more still to enjoy in the first film. It has a lot to say and I’m very much looking forward to the next films.

          Please don’t lump this in with garbage like Twilight. It’s highly offensive as well as incredibly inaccurate.

          • I will give it a rewatch,thanks for your view !
            Will be more careful next time before i say something and put Twilight..or Toilet in the same sentence :)


  9. The writer of this article seems to be uninformed/heavily biased against the series.

    The final trailer showed what it needed to show, for readers they get to see the fog, the monkeys, and the jabberjays.

    Just little tidbits that happened in the story, this could be seen as a sign that the new director tried his hardest not to leave out key story aspects from the book.

    • He isnt biased he is stating his opinion. With action sequences in uron man 3, pacific rim, man of steel and star trek the cgi feels extremely lackluster and dated. Nothing about those mobkeys look impressive did you see life of pi? Its not biased to say the cgi once again is weak. Especially with how much money the first one made

      • I did not care for life of pi. If I decipher your comment correctly. You claim life of pi’s work of CGi was amazing and yet it was the CGI and camera work that turned me off from seeing it.

        • You did decifer correctly and im sorry it turned you pff. The visuals om the tiger alone was am incredible cgi feat. It moved exactly as a tiger should

  10. I think the visuals looks pretty good from what they showed.
    Still wont see it though, love Jennifer Lawrence but just not a fan of this series at all.

  11. Hm….Well Kofi I typically agree and enjoy your articles, but this one seems to be laden with bias and some ignorance of the book. The CGI monkeys that you “cleverly” compared to Indy 4, which no one really remembers or cares about anyway, are very vicious and terrible in the book. Same thing with the fog. The director is clearly trying to capture the true horrors that the 75th Quarter Quell arena; had you have read the book, you might’ve known that.
    And the action does’t look budgeted. RIPD was budgeted and tacky. Percy Jackson was (unfortunately because I loved those books) budgeted. Catching Fire’s action looks raw and brutal, just as it is in the book. YOu must remember that these movies and books aren’t necessarily about action, but struggle, love, loyalty, humanity, hope, and revolution. Although Suzanne Collins has some admittedly awesome action sequences, they are, nor will they ever be, the defining marker of her franchise. The themes and characters explored within them, however, are.

  12. This November

    Jennifer Lawrence is

    in a wetsuit