‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Ending & Spoilers Discussion

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Jennifer Lawerence and Josh Hutcherson in The Hunger Games Catching Fire Hunger Games: Catching Fire Ending & Spoilers Discussion

People are already chatting about the events and cliffhanger ending of Catching Fire over in our Catching Fire Review post – but this is the place where you can discuss The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in full detail without worrying about SPOILING the movie for others.

If you’ve seen Catching Fire, feel free to rate the movie for yourself in the poll below and discuss the 75th Quarter Quell tournament, the cliffhanger ending and any other SPOILERS in the comments with other fans.

Want to know more about the next film in the series? Check out our coverage of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

If you have NOT yet seen Catching Fire then DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. There will be MAJOR SPOILERS from here on out.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is now in theaters. It is 146 minutes long, and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some frightening images, thematic elements, a suggestive situation and language.

The Screen Rant editors will also be discussing the film – check out the latest episode(s) of our Screen Rant Underground Podcast.

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  1. I didn’t read the books and I was completely lost and agitated after watching catching fire. Honestly Idgaf that the movie wasn’t exactly like the book and thank god for that cause it was damn near 3 hours long as it is. I just wish the ending wasn’t so damned confusing. I’m thinking about reading the books before watching the next one. As someone who hasn’t read the books, I must say I thought the first was better.

    • Theres actually a fourth one next year too….

    • I’m like you. This one left me confused. The first (Hunger Games) I loved and was really waiting for the second movie – but was a little disappointed, not at the actual movie – only that I couldn’t really understand it well

  2. so is there a 3rd movie coming?

    • > so is there a 3rd movie coming?

      Of course, it’s currently filming in Atlanta.

    • Yes, Mocking Jay

  3. Emma,
    Katniss was saved by the people who are revolting against the Capitol and President Snow. Gale tokd her at the end that Peeta was at the Capitol.

  4. well, you gotta figure that if there was dissent in the districts thered be dissent in the capital. thats how it always works….there are those who choose not to know or to ignore it or just accept it and go along with it and even participate actively in it (it being corruption and oppression)…..but there are always those who will say eff you president snow :) i was wondering when the capital 5th column would start showing themselves. very good build up to the 3rd installment which is going to be all out insurrection :D

  5. OMG! This movie was beautiful,I haven’t read the books yet but i did read the comments on here and i must say i agree that catching fire is better then the first one. Not only that i agree that watching the movie first before reading the books is better because if you read the books first you will spoil it for yourself. Watch the movie first, that way if anything is left out you can get it all from the book.Also don’t down the movie it was better then the twilight trilogy! I say excellent job keep them coming! Now if only they would make movies to go with LA Banks and JR Ward’s vampire books. Twilight got nothing on those Books. Those writers make twilight look elementary!

  6. I really really enjoyed this movie, I felt like there was so much more romance and emotion in this film! I like how Katniss has feelings for both Peeta and Gale! I LOVED the ending so much! I think that the movie should of gone on a little bit longer, like in the arena. But other than that this movie is a 10/10 for me!

    The only question I have though is, why did Johanna hit Katniss, take out her tracker and then run away? Is it because they didn’t want snow to know where she was, like was it part of the plan? Or did she just not like her? Why didn’t they tell Katniss about this plan, just to make the movie more interesting? Also, why did Finnick come after Katniss and Johanna? Wasn’t he suppose to be at the tree at all times? Or, again, was this all part of the plan? Then when Katniss goes back to the tree, why was Beete lying there..looking dead? And where was Peeta?

    the ending has just really really confused me…hopefully it will all make sense in the 3rd movie but if anyone can help me for the time being, please be my guest and reply. Thank you :)

    • @Hannah
      Johanna hit Katniss because she was one of the tributes in on the plot to get Katniss out safely….and since the hostile tributes were closing in (the bald guy and fang woman–don’t remember their names) Johanna had to make it look like she killed Katniss so they wouldn’t bother with her, but instead chase after her (Johanna), which they appeared to have done. In reality Johanna only knocked her down and removed her tracking device from her arm so that president snow and the Capital couldn’t track her any longer once she was removed…remember Katniss shot and zapped the roof of the arena with her wired arrow, destroying Snow’s ability to monitor things, so he couldn’t see this happen and he (according to what we know as viewers) is still unaware of the plot against him.

  7. Anyone who complains this isn’t like the book, or “as detailed” as the book must either be quite young or be somewhat clueless to the reality of novel vs motion picture. So tired of reading that complaint. This isn’t an issue of how exact to the book was it, it’s an issue of how satisfying the movie itself was to the story line. The movie hit the night notes, but HAD TO leave out some backing melody that the books have, simply because books and movies will always be two different animals.

  8. I love all the hunger games but I really hope they keep making them! The only thing I had a problem with was the way they made the second one it was sort of confusing at the ending and the way it ended sucked. I wish you would of made it longer and kept it going. Instrested in seeing the next one! (:

  9. I’m only new to the hunger games iv only watched the films the last 2 nights, I watched catching fire and was dieing to know if there was gonna be another one (still not sure yet :/ if anyone could tell me) but I keep reading the same thing that catching fire was much better then the first I know I’m only new to the whole hunger games but I really think that the first one was much better in my opinion.

  10. Grrrrr!!!now come on plz don’t rain on my parade!!!twighlight was the greatest love story I’ve seen in my entire 35 years of watching movies much more often than not!!!!ive never seen anything that could make me want to be madly unlove more than that!!!!truely blows my mind every time&the quality of the picture&special effects are shockingly beautiful but I cannot say for a second that the two movies of this trilogy so far are anything less than wonderful!!!But I personally think the 1st was the best as it gave you as many answers as it did questions,but at the same time I cannot complain about lack of desire to see more&many more the merrier!!Although the fact they leave the ending w/so many questions you have to appreciate that seeing it gives so much more suspense&isnt just simple&plain..but my complaints are 1st the fact that they leave you lost as to if she’s inlove w/peeta or gale or both???Also although the ending leaves you w/questions&an obvious..(I think)realization that they’re will be more to come(which is mostly good)…the fact you have to sit&wonder&wait for what an entire year to continue on is definitely far too long!!!!Also idk for sure but I heard that the final one(or ones?)is also split into two parts..so what do we wait for two yrs yet to see the final outcome?!?Plzz tell me I heard wrong about that!!!But all in all I can’t get enough!!!!Oh wait up I forgot I did not entirely understand(what I have a feeling is probably obvious)but when they say she is the mockingjay..what that means entirely in the plainest English possible..!As there were many parts that give you an idea..but still must make your own conclusion!!!Also it’s terribly sad to know what happend to Phillip Seymour Hoffman&concluding that he must not be in the next one!!Or maybe he was?Not positive about dates it was filmed?It will either leave you sad because he’s replaced or sad because you’d assume it’s his last time filming!!But either way you will think of him&that horrible tragedy that he’s gone forever&at such a young age!!&what a loss of getting to enjoy such a gifted actor!!I cannot picture a better person for the character!And far too often actors are replaced in sequels etc.,it has to be the most letdown about sequels!!!I caught on to the idea he was a good guy from the start:) As I mentioned somewhat my occupation as a movie watcher it’s become almost 2nd nature:)!!I think most people who have questions about the ending are likely in the same boat as me..thinking they know what certain things mean but yet still want to be sure so you can know you’re thoughts are reality!!Otherwise waiting for the next one is almost unbearable!!Also it’s very sad that the person you think cares about Peeta the most(Woody Harrelson)actually didn’t care as much as you are given the impression he does!!Also..yes I’m rambling..sorry about that!lol!But the big bummer is deciding who you think she should be w/!As in the 1st one I wanted her to be w/Gale&the 2nd one well you are in a toss up because Peeta just keeps becoming a greater guy&you kinda want her to be w/him…?!Idk that’s my feeling atleast!I can’t decide really!!But it’s devastating to imagine either guy being dead!!Somehow I hope they both live atleast!!!!I may just have to breakdown&read the books cuz I don’t think I can wait for a year yet…or maybe longer depending if the next one is final or split into two!!:(God I hope not!!Thats way too long!!!!So is this comment-lol!!So imma try n do something useful!!lol!

    • @Heather Ok you have questions, I have answers. SPOILER ALERT The Mockingjay in the plainest English means that Katniss is basically the cause of the rebellion, so instead of saying The Terrorist or opposing threat they kindly call her the mockingjay. She is the face of a new world order. Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) loves Peeta. The plan was for Johanna, Finick, Beetee, Wiress, Katniss and Peeta to escape. Wiress died. Peeta was captured by President Snow and the Capitol. Katniss, Gale, and the others settle into District 13 which is thought to be demolished but is actually a humongous underground homeless shelter of some sort. Peeta will be tortured by tracker jackers which will trick his mind into hating Katniss and wanting to kill her. Katniss started the Rebellion or war when she shot the arrow into the force field. As the war progresses, Katniss, Haymitch, and everybody on the good team eventually get Peeta back which is unbeknownst to katniss. She discovers Peeta and tries to hug him and he in turn tries to strangle her. He gets better although he still has flashbacks of hating katniss, and they all make a plan to move in on the capitol to kill President Snow. Thats all I am willing to reveal about the next two movies so I hope this helps so you wont have to read those awesome books. Oh and by the way Phillip Seymour Hoffman will be genetically imaged by computer software(CGI) for the following movies Mockingjay Part 1 and Mockingjay Part 2. Two will come out next year in 2015. So its like he is there. You wont be able to tell the difference. And also BTW…She will be with Peeta inevitably. They have kids eventually……

      • Johanna was captured by the capitol too. Forgot that part.

    • Also @Heather…Seriously how could you be a die hard twilight fan… The only good ones were the first and last ones and that was because number one Twilight was just coming to our eyes as this new vampire love story with dreamy Rob Patt in it who nobody knew if they didnt watch Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, and number two Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 because everyone realized the Twilight saga was FINALLY over and because of Renesmee and that epic battle scene.which was EPIC. I loved that particular movie. The other ones ehh…especially the second movie. Uggh. Or maybe perhaps if they got someone else to play Bella’s character I would have liked the movies better a smidge. Kirsten Stewart was an abomination. Even before the cheating scandal. Ha vamp tramp. Freaking TeamJacob or TeamEdward. If the main character wants to LITERALLY BECOME A VAMPIRE, then why is this even a debate? Sorry I had to say something about Twilight. Your on The Hunger Games discussion talking about how much you love Twilight. But I dont dislike you for it. Im just stating an opinion. I cant dislike because you love twilight and the hunger games. Most Twi hard fans HATE the hunger games. Me? Im hoping the next movie will make even more money in the box office than catching fire. Sorry for ranting.

  11. Just finished watching Catching Fire. It was so. good. I was surprised at how well they stuck to the books; as I was watching, I realised that I’d seen that scene already… in my head as I read! So that was really awesome on the director’s behalf. I really encourage new fans to read the books first, because even though they give you the spoilers for the movie, it makes the movie even more exciting because you get to watch how the actors play it out! You also find yourself looking forward to those major scenes when you know what to expect. Josh Hutcherson has certainly grown up since the last film, and Jennifer Lawrence seems to have finally realised that there is depth to the character of Katniss; they both really brought their best for this film. Can’t wait to see Mockingjay Part 1 :)

  12. I honestly dont like the ending part. It didn’t make any sense to me. I don’t have a clue what went on. I do like the whole movie though, besides the ending. It was very different from the first movie. Katniss eyes made you realize that there is going to be another Hunger Game movie. I can’t wait to tune into that one.