‘Hunger Games’ Projected to Beat ‘Breaking Dawn’ on Opening Weekend

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 Hunger Games Projected to Beat Breaking Dawn on Opening Weekend

There is a fake war brewing between fans of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga and fans of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy, and the fate of entire worlds, universes, random chat threads across the Internet hang in the balance. The fake war in question will be waged by Oscar-nominated director Gary Ross’ big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games, and Oscar-winning director Bill Condon’s two-part finale to the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn.

We now have early reconnoissance reports stating that Hunger Games has gained some tactical financial ground, as early projections are that the film will break…er, Breaking Dawn – Part 1‘s opening weekend numbers.

THR reports the so-called “shocker” that Hunger Games is currently tracking to have a bigger late March opening than Breaking Dawn – Part 1‘s $138.1 million debut back in November 2011. The Hunger Games started racking up opening weekend projections a few weeks back, when we reported that the film had sold more advanced tickets than Twilight Saga: Eclipse; since that time, the profit predictions have only gone upward – a rarity in the film business.

If predictions hold true, Hunger Games would blow the original Twilight‘s $69 million opening weekend out of the water, and could come close to, or even best, New Moon‘s $142 million debut. Of course, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn – Part 1 were all sequel films, while The Hunger Games is an untested film property – making these lofty predictions even more surprising. We here at Screen Rant were even skeptical about whether the Hunger Games marketing campaign had done enough to attract the wider audience who weren’t already fans of the books. Apparently that skepticism was misplaced.

 Hunger Games Projected to Beat Breaking Dawn on Opening Weekend

Of course, this fake war between Twilight and Hunger Games is just what the term would imply: it’s fake. Lionsgate owns the rights to The Hunger Games movie(s) and Summit Entertainment owns the rights to the Twilight movies – and earlier this year, Lionsgate and Summit merged into one studio, ostensibly brining both HG and TS under one roof. All the money on these big franchises now flows the same way.

More to the point: these movies based on popular Young Adult novels tend to appeal to the same crowds – those who like stories about teens thrown into fantastical situations / love triangles with sensitive, brooding men. Both have strong(ish) female protagonists, familiar genre tropes, etc…

…Bottom line: their similarities are stronger than their differences, and both will be cash-cows for Summit/Lionsgate.

The Hunger Games will be in theaters on March 23, 2012. Might want to buy your opening day ticket now.

The Twilight Saga will get a chance to strike back against its non-competitor, when Breaking Dawn – Part 2 hits theaters on November 16, 2012.

Source: THR

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  1. really hope this does well because I want to see them finish the trilogy.

  2. Similarities stronger than differences?? Clearly whoever wrote this article has never read the Hunger Games. I am disgusted that Hunger Games is even mentioned in the same sentence as Twilight. HG is light years ahead of twilight. It has an actual story, characters that aren’t as flat as my grandmother’s chest, and wasn’t just written to make teen girls swoon. Hunger Games will not be the next Twilight; it be it’s own, amazing series in a completely different category.

    • Hate to break it to you, but they’re young teen series written by female authors, have female protagonists, and it has primarily teen casts.

      • I find it disturbing that you reference your grandmothers chest. Really unsettling

      • “Hate to break it to you, but they’re young teen series written by female authors, have female protagonists, and it has primarily teen casts.”
        Ignorant much? Sure, the first book does have a large teenage cast. But that’s it. The next two books have way more adult characters than teenagers (hardly any teens, really). Wow, a teen series written by a female author. You’re right. They’re shockingly similar. Katniss is absolutely nothing like Bella. Also, there really isn’t a love triangle (romance takes a big backseat to the main plot, anyway). It’s really apples and oranges. I fail to see how a story about a girl who lives in a totalitarian government dystopian society, and a story about a girl falling in love with a sparkling vampire who has to protect her from whatever the hell happens in that series, are in anyway alike. Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to know that because you have clearly never read the books. This article is a major fail.

        • I agree with what shogo said besides that there isn’t a love triangle. The 2nd and 3rd book and the conclusion fo the 1st book has to do with relationships

          • Eh, you’re right. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part. >_> I didn’t care too much for the romance because Peeta has an unrealistic male personality and Gale is annoying and bitter through-out the whole series. At least I thought so.

        • lol at “there’s no love triangle.”

      • Hate to break it to you but you sound like a dumbass.

      • If that is your only connection between the two, then there are multiple young adult series written by women, with the protagonist being a girl, and having primarily a teenage cast. (hence young adult)

    • I am 17 years old, in highschool, and planning on majoring in english. I hate to break it to you, but HG is not that phenominal of a series. Yes, it is entertaining, but the series veered so far from its roots in the second book that I have not even read the third one. This would be all fine and dandy, if the author was not so predictable. I guessed all of the major “Plot twists” and the final outcome of the novel, without even reading it. While it is a fun read (at least the first one is), it is by no means a classic. It will fall by the wayside and be forgotten withen 15 years.

      • “I am 17 years old, in highschool, and planning on majoring in english”
        Is that suppose to make your opinion more credible? “I hate to break it to you, but HG is not that phenominal of a series.” Believe me, we are all so devastated to know that Lolzicopter (a soon-to-be English major, mind you)thinks it is not a “phenominal series”. So you say it’s “by no means a classic”. So what? It doesn’t have to be a classic for it to be good. I thought it was a good read no matter gender or age. I wasn’t expecting a classic when I read it (no one was).
        “if the author was not so predictable” “be forgotten withen 15 years.”
        You’re really uptight for someone with clairvoyant abilities. If you don’t like the book, don’t like it. Spare the rest of us the “oh-so-godly-opinion” from a “soon-to-be-English major”. You misspelled “Within” by the way. Incredible considering this thing has spell check. >_>

        • Chill man. I was trying to offer my opinion in a mature manner, in a way that was easier to read and understand, but if that is not allowed, by all means, I will try and explaine myself to a stranger over the internet.
          1. “I am 17 years old, in highschool, and planning on majoring in english” What I was trying to convay was that I am not some random HG hater, who has no reading experiance outside Harry Potter and Twilight. I have more english experience than most people my age, due to the courses I take and my own personal reading. I am offering a critical analysis of the story, and admittably it is harsh, but you forget that I have to put up with fangirls in school every day, so I have grown to dislike the series more everyday.
          2. Thank you for your personal analysis of me! It was very informative.
          3. I did not know it had spell check.
          4. I must repeat: I WAS TRYING TO SHARE MY OPINION. A character assasination on your part was unneeded and immature. Seriously man, you don’t have to be an asshole because someone has a different opinion. I realise I was condensenting in my view of the series, but I did not personally attack anyone.

          • *condescending

            • Fair enough lol

          • Lolzicopter, sorry if I came off as being harsh. I realize you are sharing your opinion, but I was simply making a point. Obviously not everyone is going to have the same opinion, but, like it or not, the series is popular. If it doesn’t reach your standards of a classic or a well-written book, that’s fine. But there’s no need for, “Hate to break it to you…” as if your insight on the book is going to be mind-blowing for those of us who like it and sway our opinion.I understand the whole “fangirl” thing…If it were Twilight. I’m sure there are some out there for THG *facepalm*, but there are plenty of male fans, as well as older fans (like my School’s football coach, for instance). Fortunately, I haven’t had to deal with any fangirls in person. Also, “admittedly” not “amittably”, “experience”, not “experiance”, “assassination” and so on and so forth. >_< Just so you know ;)

          • Actually you came off kind of snarky. No harshness intended but you threw a title out there which doesn’t have much credibility. Question: have you even read the Hunger Games series? It was not predictable in the least. Twilight certainly was predictable.

            • My comment was for lolzicopter.

      • And what is your favorite young adult book? Twilight?

        • Oh I forgot to ask, where are you going to college?

    • you are exactly right!


    • So true

  3. I think The Hunger Games will beat Breaking Dawn in the opening, but the biggest oppening in the entire year will go to The Dark Knight Rises(since it sold out half a year in advance then Breaking Dawn and the Hunger Games )

    • I think you’re forgetting about the Avengers.

      • The avengers won’t have the pull the dark knight rises does. If it had that big of a pull it would already be selling tickets

        • I think you’ll find that they are selling tickets for The Avengers.

        • Err, The Avengers is selling tickets… a LOT of tickets.

          • Do you know if there are still tickets available for dark knight rises midnight showing? Or are they already sold out?

          • and for the avengers?

    • You r so wrong taillight is way better . Duhhh

    • You are so wrong twillight is way better . Duhhh

  4. Will people quit it with the Twilight comparison ! the only slight link is the love triangle , was STAR WARS similar to Twilight ( Luke , Leia , Han ) ? I loved The Hunger games trilogy and i am in my late 20 s , this is why The Hunger games could make a killing ( pun intended )at the Box office it has something for everyone teens and adults alike male or female ! ” I am betting on ” ( Cinna ) The Hunger Games = )

    • I dont think that counts as a pun.

  5. The Hunger Games looks awful, the book is terribly written and cliched, so in those respects, it deserves to be in the same category as Twilight!

    • Stil better than sparkling vampires and werewolves that aren’r werewolves.

    • If you hate it whyd you take the time to comment on a thread about it? Troll.

      • It’s not trolling to comment on something you have an opinion about.

        The article is about a fake media war between fans of both series by the studio, and as I value both franchises in the same equal and detestable fashion, I feel there is nothing to stop me from comments on article to which I have an appropriate opinion.

  6. I will be seeing this movie, i invested too much time into the books not to. But i will not be seeing it opening weekend, way too busy. Eventually though. (and matinee showing for cheap too)

    • Great book series. Haven’t seen the movie yet though and am aching to see it. Thankfully today was payday! Helllllooo Hunger Games!

  7. I hope so because contrary of the popular belief of poor judgement teams (A.K.A Marketing teams.) There are males out there who wants to see this movie.

    Hell other then being based on a novel and having a female lead that is were the comparisons need to stop. The story looks great( even though there are some who claim its a battle royale rip off) the acting looks great. There is no stupid jock taking his shirt of every 5 minutes for no reason.

  8. Hmph. Well the story is completely different. Completely. The Hunger Games keeps you reading while the previous doesnt. I love The Hunger Games plot so much.

  9. When was the Hunger Games written? I was shown a Japanese film not too long ago called Battle Royal (I think) basically the same plot. Either way, it’s worth a look if your into Japanese cinema.

    • Yes, a lot of people have been comparing the two (along with The running man, dangerous game, the lottery, etc.) THG is probably most similar to BR, but ultimately still different. Battle Royale is a fantastic book (the movie is okay, too) and does share some similarities with the hunger games. But nothing major, really. Both books end up going in two different directions and have a completely different tone, and feel to them (as well as a different message). If you liked BR you’ll definitely like THG. BR was written way before THG, and was inspired by the running man, another good book. None of them are really original, but are all great in their own way. BR is much more suspenseful and violent (although THG gets violent in the later books) mostly because it is written in 3rd person while THG is written from the main character’s point of view. I personally love both THG and BR. You should definitely check both of the books out! Btw, THG was written around 2007 I believe.

    • Yeah, you’re not wrong, The Hunger Games is basically Battle Royale crossed with The Running Man. But not as interesting as either.

  10. Its basically a teen-friendly version of “The Running Man”( book not movie, so hold your ahnuld comments). It also has elements that are derived from Shirley Jackson’s ” The Lottery” mixed with ” The Most Dangerous Game”( again book not movie). As far as its similarities to “Twilight” they are in a genre together with similar demographics, so all of you hard-core fans get off your high horse, no one is saying they are the same, just have shared qualities. We get it, you didn’t like Twilight, sheesh.

    • How are they in the same genre ? One is a romance the other is science fiction they are in seperate genres .

      • Both are considered speculative fiction by most readers and booksellers, although preteen/tween girls will, of course, quite often focus on the romance elements of the “Twilight” series.

        I don’t know if the “Hunger Games” trilogy will ever achieve CLASSIC status, but it doesn’t have to keep entertaining generations of readers, which I believe it certainly can. The first book is the best of the three, true, but all three were well-written, consistent, and interesting. The overall premise has been done many times before (yes, better, in some cases), but this series DOES present a contemporary view of the tried-and-true “dystopian future” trope very effectively. I enjoyed reading the books and am definitely looking forward to seeing the story played out on film…

        • Great comment , i wish there were more people with your clear thinking around here !

        • I agree i am a Hunger games fan , i am not fighting for it to be viewed as a classic , i am just fighting for it to be viewed on its own merits good and bad .

  11. Dude calm down. It’s the just the Hunger Games. Not like it’s Twilight or anything.

  12. Twilight and The Hunger Games share almost no common links. The biggest difference is, The Hunger Games was a really good story, while not necessarily the best written (as in, the base story and characters great and 3 dimensional, but I didn’t like the author’s style). Twilight, however, failed to engage me on every level. I wasn’t going to read the Hunger Games because people kept comparing it to Twilight. Someone lent me the trilogy and said it was nothing like Twilight. I’m glad I listened. If you haven’t read The Hunger Games, then you don’t have an actual opinion.

  13. Hunger Games is no Twilight but being a fan of the latter does not mean I won’t go see Hunger Games. I’m hoping it does well so we can have another series to look forward too. Especially since Batman will be ending this year and Harry Potter finished last year. :( Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and has the right to share it. Just because you agree or disagree with someone doesn’t mean you have to get hostile. You can’t change someones mind if their not willing and you’ll just be wasting your breath trying to. Yeah people hate Twilight, so what? I love both series and don’t give a damn about what people say. You hate it cool that’s your opinion, but don’t try to change my mind and I won’t try to change yours. It’s that simple. People are going to hate the Hunger Games but just because they do doesn’t mean you have to. Let the haters hate, the box office numbers will speak for themselves.

  14. Lord of the Rings, Battle Royale, The Dark Knight, Inception, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, The Matrix, etc. >>>>>> Crap >>>>> Percy Jackson >>>> The Hunger Games >>>> Twilight

    The movie industry sucks now. I doubt this movie will be as successful as LotR, TDK, and HP.

  15. Lord of the Rings, Battle Royale, The Dark Knight, Inception, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, The Matrix, etc. >>>>>> Feces >>>>> Percy Jackson >>>> The Hunger Games >>>> Twilight

    The movie industry sucks now. I doubt this movie will be as successful as LotR, TDK, and HP.

  16. Lord of the Rings, Battle Royale, The Dark Knight, Inception, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, The Matrix, etc. >>> Feces >> Percy Jackson >> The Hunger Games >> Twilight

    The movie industry sucks now. I doubt this movie will be as successful as LotR, TDK, and HP.

  17. LMAO yeah right. That s*** won’t break $100 million

    • Actually, it likely will. The books are EXTREMELY popular.

  18. So did the opening day of Hunger Games make more money?

  19. I can’t believe I am wasting my time here but guys, you need to SERIOUSLY CHILL with all this crap about the Hunger Games and Twilight. My opinion is that Twilight is crappy. My opinion about the Hunger Games is that I wasted $30 on movie tickets just for me and my family to leave because of us fighting and another $30 because the power went out in the movie theater. So basically, Hunger Games and Twilight are 2 different movies. If you guys ever read the book, it says on the back Stephanie Meyer said that she loved it. So what? She likes those books and it’s her opinion. But MY opinion about everyone that commented here is that I think none of you even read the book or barely watched the movie. You guys just came here because you all want to talk s*** to everyone here. We all have ABSOLUTELY NO LIVES!! We are commenting on this page that we all think is wrote by dumb asses.

    • U rule

  20. I’m a fan of both but most is hunger games the rock I mean there’s romantics in both but hunger games are beter

  21. I perfor the taillight cause it is more interesting I am a fan of twilight

    • So wrong duh it’s twillight

    • i like the hunger games more i’ve watched the film and just finished
      the first book . Today I just got catching fire (the 2nd book in the series)and guys stop fighting over which series is better i mean it says on the front of catching fire that Stephenie Meyer think the Hunger Games
      are good and i’m suzanne collins thinks the same about twilight.

  22. I think taillight

  23. you cant even compare twilight to hunger games! Hunger games is amazing and way better than that stupid twilight crap!!! oh and for the people who think twilight is better cause its more intresting well your wrong cause if you read the hunger games books they are amazing and the movies that come out will also be amazing! so just wait cause twilight got like three movies from people to like it well Hunger games has only one movie out so far and is already more popular than Twilight so just wait!!!!!!

  24. Hungr games
    Rules go katniss u rule thg is always gonna b better the hunger games is so amazing it changed my life omg face it ppl the hunger games is waaaaay better than inappropriate stupid unhealthy twilight GO HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!katniss is amazing omg omg omg I love Thg

  25. The hunger games THE HUNGER GAMES KATNISS RULES I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ suck on that twilight!