The Hulk’s Return Is Only A Matter Of Time

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iron man 2 edward norton bruce banner The Hulks Return Is Only A Matter Of Time

Now it’s just a scheduling issue? At least he continued to talk about his interest in the Marvel Studios film universe being created:

“The thing about their universe that’s fun is that it all cross-pollinates… Even when I was working on the ‘Incredible Hulk’ script, I tried to plug in the whole super-soldier serum thing from Captain America.”

“There are limitless permutations”

This is just one of the many reasons, fans are falling in love with the film franchise and the prospects for its future – a future that is still unclear for Ed Norton from what he says.

What’s interesting about the last quote, again on the idea of him flip-flopping, is that he was kinda of down on the idea of the interconnected universe last year when he said the following:

“The minds of Marvel are sometimes opaque,”

“I won’t say [they're] obtuse, but I don’t have any idea what they want to do.”

“They’ve got this notion of collecting the Marvel characters”

“Who knows where they’ll go?”

See what I mean?

So, in conclusion, there’s still nothing official and there won’t be for some time likely. But we do have what seems to be hints at it from Norton’s words but as you can tell, that could be taken with a grain of salt.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I believe Ed Norton will be a part of The Avengers and that we’ll see him appear in some form in at least one of the solo films before it. I think it’s a must from what we’ve seen and what they’re planning and I look forward to hearing it made official some day.

What do you think on the latest Hulk info?

When we get more updates and hopefully some official reports, Screen Rant will certainly be on it to let you know!

Iron Man 2 opens May 7, 2010 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Source: MTV Splashpage

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  1. Sounds like he’s interested and that’s better then nothing at this point.

  2. Norton must be getting sick of being asked these questions over and over again.

    If nothing is confirmed, it’s hardly gonna have changed in one day.

  3. A lot CAN change in one day. But i don’t think it applies to this case. I do hope Norton gets with the groove and pops up a few times, when it fits the story, before The Avengers.

  4. @Jose

    Apparently Howard wanted too much to return in IM:2. Would you rather have no War Machine in that case? The Hulk can still be in The Avengers with or without Norton in the Banner role, he’s an actor not a necessity.

  5. I hope for more Hulk movies. But I’m not sure we need all these over the top boss-fights at the end. The series from the 70′s usually managed to avoid it pretty well.

  6. Just confirm things already instead of dragging things. Even if they don’t know who will play Banner we still want to know that Hulk will be in Avengers and have it’s own sequel.

  7. The Hulk issue?

    Again… gray hulk.

    If only the script read as so,

    “Tony Stark flicked the switch and the crimson beam hit banner. He pulsed with the beam and collapsed. They released the weakened scientist as Stark charged him with a jolt of electricity. Just enough to trigger the transformation.

    Banner changed but to a smaller gray version. The new hulk looked up at Stark, “Got a smoke?”

  8. It’s all good news. At least there are implications that things will be moving forward to some degree. We need more cameos in IM2, Thor, and Cap to tie the whole thing in. Good stuff, Rob Keyes.

  9. Hey guys,
    Man,it’s so obvious…
    If you’ve read everything that has been said (officially by Kevin Feigh and his crew at Marvel Studios) and read a little “between the lines”, it’s all spelled out…
    “Captain America” will be a WW2 film (hopefully establishing his origin and conflict with the Red Skull, ending with him frozen in the ice.
    “Thor” will outline his history, backstory (for the general audience that does not know him), conflicts with Loki and his eventual banishment to Earth.
    “Iron Man 2″ will further detail the life of Tony Stark and his setting up as the eventual leader of The Avengers.
    These are very broad strokes but see where this is going? It’s all dovetailing nicely into the Avengers. Expect the film to be an almost literal translation of Avengers 4 with Cap being thawed and the hunt for the Hulk. Of course Hulk will redeem himself in the end which will end in the poor lonely Banner wrap up with the heroes looking on. Perfect.
    Of course Tim Roth has also hinted that he may also be in the Avengers film which would lend itself to to nice little Joker card in the deck. Perhaps as the REAL antagonist in the Avengers film? Hulk mistaken idenity?? Its PERFECT Marvel…
    So don’t worry-it’s all gonna be great. Marvel COMICS suck but the movie studio is firing on all cylinders and whatever happens I have complete faith it’s gonna be a lot of fun! Let’s all buckle up and go along for the ride!!

  10. Ink

    rdj said “were forming a team”.

  11. I just want Mr. Norton involved in one way or or another.

  12. is it just me or did the last hulk movie look a little worse than the first one special effects wise.

  13. There is a rumor that Donald Blake will make a cameo in IM2 apparrently he will save Stark’s life by surgically replacing Stark’s chest cavity that is infected making stark deathly ill. Another rumor is that Hawkeye will also appear in IM2 at the end Jason Statham is rumored to be Hawkeye. I hope that Henry Pym cameos in the “Thor” movie though that would also help ground Thor into reality more and make an intro buzz for Hank Pym,hopefully they get Leonardo DiCaprio to play as Hank Pym.

  14. @jose #2
    I did like the CGI Hulk from the first movie more, but the 2nd movie was far superior to me.

  15. Hey guys I ran across something late last night on YouTube that might be of interests. I did a search there of course looking for hulk stuff, came across allot of things related as well as things about Iron Man, Avengers, Thor, etc. etc.

    Any way while there I came across an interview that actor Tim Roth, “Emil Blonsky/The Abomonation” did and the interview can be found under, “The Hulk Abomonation Speaks” it was done with, if memory serves, “Movie News Reel” in 2008, just a little after “The Incrediable Hulk” was released!

    Roth was talking shop about the movie, the character he played @ an autograph signing @ an LA based comic book store called “Golden Apple”, he said how much he enjoyed playing the character and how that when he was a child one of the first comic books he ever got was the Hulk. Then just after the interview concluded and they came back to the studio to talk a little more to the guy that did the interview in question with Roth both reporters made the statement as to how good Ed Norton was as “Bruce Banner” and how that Roth had signed on, at the time, for three more Hulk movies!

    Again all this can be found on YouTube under “The Hulk Abomonation Speaks”. So weather Norton is to be a part of it or not, weather they do a cross over of sorts, with The Avengers or Iron Man 2, or I have even seen stuff mentioned about Bruce Banner and the Hulk paying a visit to Spider Man in Spider Man 4?! Marvel and the powers that be, at least at the time any way, had an idea for three more Hulk related movies, and the proof can be found on YouTube.

    Also just as an aside here I ran across, almost by accident, an interview that Samuel L. Jackson did back in late January of this year when his latest movie, anamaie, “Afro Samuri” came out. During that particular interview in which the question was asked about his brief cameo in “Iron Man” as “Nick Furry”, weather or not he liked doing that, etc. etc.? Both Jackson, at the time, Marvel and the powers that be were going through some neogation problems, Jackson said it had allot to do with the economy, and how he may or may not be around as Nick Furry in either Iron Man 2 or The Avengers?! Take that for what its worth that interview can be found on YouTube under, “Samuel L. Jackson speaks about playing comic book hero”.

    Hope that helps ya sports fans, stay up, stay loose and keep the faith for our comic book heroes, God speed and happy trails……

  16. David

    I don’t know what he was on when he said that about signing a four picture deal but they would never do that – especially when they said they had difficulty dealing with Norton. No chance for that to happen.

  17. Hi M-Cat thanks for posting a response to my quip if I may I think your confusing the subject a bit here. I said the interviewers for the movie news thing, on YouTube under “The Hulk Abmonation Speaks”, said, at the time, Roth had signed on to do three more Hulk movies. They said nothing @ all of Ed Norton being back for any, although for my money it would be nice if he did come back as Bruce Banner even if I am biased I like Ed Norton in any movie that he has ever done, politics aside, pound for pound Mr. Norton is a decent actor, but I digress!

    Ed Norton may not even be back as Banner, none of us really know for sure, even if it is all smoke and mirrors on Norton and Marvel part and partial, bare in mind Norton is an actor and a pretty decent one at that, and he does come back! Money, bank, chedder, etc. etc. et all, et all is the name of the game and I think all concerned Jackson, Norton and to a degree Robert Downey, Jr. want some money! It’s nice to act and all , but just acting alone don’t pay the bills and they want, especially and particularly, Norton and Jackson want some money!

    And lets face it Marvel, at this point and time, is money, its a cash cow right now! The Spider Man movies started the money ball rolling down the hill and when in your opening weekend you gross, if memory serves, $300 million, you can bet your bottom dollar Jackson and Norton saw that and said, “you know there might be something to this superhero stuff, surely I can play a superhero of some sort, I’ve already done just about everything else!” And in Jackson case he always has played a bit of a superhero type in most of his movies, or at least a really good guy, a guy your rooting for in some way by the end of such a movie.

    I just think, at least I’d like to think any way no one really knows what’s in people minds and hearts, its about money and paying the bills, investments or some controlling interests in the franchise/character, etc. etc. What say you M-Cat?! Thanks again for your response, God speed and happy trails…..