Hulk Smash Puny Avengers?

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hulk vs iron man Hulk Smash Puny Avengers?

Marvel Studios has us already talking about a movie not set to be released until 2011: The Avengers. That film will no doubt be of epic proportions.

Director Louis Leterrier, who brought us The Incredible Hulk, suggested to MTV News (back in June) that they couldn’t find a villain that could challenge the teaming of Iron Man, Ant-Man, Thor and Captain America.

And his solution was for them to use his.

Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, the writers of Iron Man, couldn’t agree more.  They’re rumored to be writing another Marvel movie in the near future – one that has not been announced.  Here’s the excerpt from MTV News:

“I hope ‘The Avengers’ embraces that,” Fergus said of having the Hulk as misunderstood baddie. “You don’t want like 10 super-badass good guys fighting together. Where’s the fun in that? Let’s break it off a little. Friends or colleagues who become enemies is always an interesting thing because you know it’s based on love and friendship and that’s always the worst thing to have turn bad — is someone you actually care about and someone you actually believe in.”

Now the Hulk has ripped through nearly every Marvel comic book series, so I couldn’t be happier with this news.  In Ultimates, Vol. 1, Nick Fury recruits Giant-Man (read as: Ant-Man), the Wasp (that Eva Longoria rumor), Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, to take down a rampaging Hulk.  Marvel’s big green monster has always been out of control, so when they said he was a part of the Avengers team in the movie it rubbed me the wrong way. And although Hulk was part of the first Avengers team in the comics, I think this movie is going to be about assembling said team and he’ll be the last piece in the puzzle.

The good guys always win, but to protect our borders and secure the homeland, they’ll have to go through little ol’ Bruce Banner to do it.  Can they trust one another?  They are working for the government, after all.

Source: MTV Spash Page

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  1. This is great news, if they end up doing this. Ive been saying this for a while now. The thing about the Hulk and Iron Man movies is that they are very heavily influenced by the Ultimate storylines in the comics. And good, because those stories seem to be written with movies in mind. How cool would it be to see Captain America and Iron Man (and Thor, Ant man and Wasp, but I really dont care about those characters much) team up to take down a seriously upset rampaging Hulk. Its not like there is nothing to draw from in the comics, Hulk has appeared in a villain capacity in just about every hero’s comics at least once. Make it so Marvel! Its genious!

  2. INCREDIBLE HULK SPOILER ALERT (in case you haven’t seen it)…

    Remember how Bruce was smiling almost evilly at the end of the film, as his eyes turned green. I wonder if that was the hint…


  3. The Hulk by himself is not mighty enough to smash Thor, let alone the entire Avengers team. That’s especially so for this movie version of Hulk, which is far weaker than his comic book self.

  4. @Heath
    I think thats what he was talking about. But until I read this story, I kinda thought that it just meant that he had learned to control his transformations, found some inner peace. I didnt think that smile was sinnister enough to imply he may be drifting down the path of villainy. But maybe that was just me.
    I will agree that this movie version of the Hulk seems to be “weak” compared to current comic iterations. But I think that problem would be easy to rectify on screen. Here’s what Im thinking…
    The more angry Hulk gets, the bigger and stronger he gets, right? So maybe in the beginning of the movie, Hulk is chosen to join the Avengers, now that Banner has learned to control his transformations. In the beginning of the movie they show a small fight with a lesser villain, or a training exercise for the team, and the Hulk starts to go beserk. He’s out of control. The Avengers come in and start fighting Hulk, trying to contain him and calm him down. They catch him and he transforms back into Banner, but the next time he Hulks out, the Hulk remembers the rest of the Avengers fighting him and gets mad, really mad. We can see him grow larger with every angry grunt and deep breath. The team would just stand there in awe as all of a sudden there is a giant hulking mass of pure hatred standing in front of them. Cue an awesome final battle.
    No matter what they end up doing, my inner Marvel geek is going to go nuts. Im so psyched about this movie.

    Does anyone think they will show Iron Man in his hulkbuster armor? Or will it just be the Mark 3?

  5. @Deadpool

    Remember this version of the Hulk doesn’t get bigger as he gets angrier, but I suppose he might get stronger.

    However, I would LOVE to see the Hulkbuster armor. :-P

    BTW, Favreau has commented on this (and I tend to agree) but I really don’t see how a Shakespearean, magic-powered Thor is going to fit into the Marvel universe they’re creating for the movies.


  6. Hulk barely handled the abomination – I think it would be a cop-out to have the Avengers team vs. him – I don’t see any challenge in that.

    Even worse, the entire Incredible Hulk film was about Bruce Banner learning control of himself and his alter ego – I think Avengers going against all of that is a weak premise, personally.

  7. The smirk at the end of Hulk was nothing sinister at all, an evil bruce banner would be ridiculous. But, as for the tony stark appearance at the end, all tony said was, were putting a team together. That statement doesn’t imply they want hulk for the team, it could mean that they are putting a team together to do what the army couldn’t aka catch hulk.

    Hulk isn’t a spit personality of bruce banner, being Hulk is more like an out of body experience, they share the same memories.

    A more likely reason for hulk going really berserk would be either something bad happening to the chick whoes name is currently escaping me, or maybe gammabomb blows up in hulks face.

  8. @Vic

    If this Ultimates storyline is what they’re using, Ultimate Thor isn’t a Shakespearean, magic-powered guy. He’s nearly insane, at least that’s how he’s seen to the world. He runs around telling everyone he’s a Norse God and telling people he’s going to “save the world.” If I remember correctly, Nick Fury approaches him and he says he doesn’t want to work for the military and then is corned into “joining the team” because of the big, green threat.

  9. @Carl Lee

    I guess you didn’t read this post here on the site:



  10. Any version Of Thor they come up with has to be better then what they did with him in that Hulk TV movie from years ago.
    the proud warrior Thor was reduced to a blustery oaf.

  11. This would be actually…AWESOME. I mean, sure I am against hero vs hero (the only winners in that are villains) but then again it does fit with Avenger continuty that they banded to fight Hulk.

    Here’s what I think would be cool for this. After the Avengers beat the stuffing out of Hulk, they discover the reason why he was smiling confidently/evily at the end of the first film…he was under control by an outside force. That force being Red Skull, because after all Red Skull has to pop up somewhere.

  12. @Vic
    Youre right, he doesnt get bigger, but I thought it might be cool if he did. Im pretty sure he does get stronger though. When I read the World War Hulk comics, I got the impression that the Hulk became nearly unbeatable because of his pure hatred for the people who sent him into space ( Iron Man, Dr Strange, Reed Richards, I know there was more but I forgot the name) Maybe I misunderstood that.
    I dont think it would be outside the realm of possibility that the writers could change things around or tweak them just enough to achieve anyting they want from the movie. They dont have to take straight from the source material, even though they probably will continue to do that. I guess Im one of those rare comic book fans that doesnt mind a little creative tweaking to characters and storylines just for the movies. For example, who should play Captain America and what should his final costume design look like? Im not going to go overboard and say Will Smith (ive heard that somewhere, thats just silly) but I wouldnt be offended if they used the new Captain America design, incorporating some black into his costume.
    And as far as Thor goes, I agree it would be hard to fit him into a realistic world Marvel is creating, but if you could believe that getting hit with a “gamma bomb” would not only not kill you, but make you turn into a large green brute when you get angry, it shouldnt be too rough to make people believe a God has come to earth, right? I mean the Hulk isnt exactly based on a believable story.

  13. Well, if their intention was to KILL the Hulk, then I could see how the entire Avengers might seem to be far too much for the Hulk. But the fact is that they see him as a “good guy” and probably wouldn’t want to kill him, making the task of stopping him that much more difficult and worthy of an Avengers movie.

    Or perhaps catching/stopping him can be the first half of the film, and then he joins the team to fight off something even crazier, lol.

  14. @ G.K
    Im pretty sure Red Skull will be in the Captain America movie. Considering the timeline they are supposedly working in, making it a period piece, Im pretty sure he’ll be in it. Be a shame if he wasnt

  15. @Deadpool
    And just as awesome as Joker was

  16. @G.K
    are you serious? Im sorry, but I dont think anything will ever get close to that. That was the performance of a lifetime. Heath deserves an oscar for that. But if they could somehow make the Red Skull as compelling/creepy/dark/evil/brilliant/hilarious as Heath’s Joker, Id go see it 5 or 6 times just like I did the Dark Knight. Id love to see it, I just dont think it will happen

  17. I brought up Captain America’s costume earlier. Here is how I want it to look

    Any thoughts?

  18. @deadpool
    I agree, Heath was a guy who comes once in a lifetime. What I meant was just like you said, make him creepy scary and dark…like he is in the comics (what I have seen him in the comics o far)

  19. Heath that smile at the end was Banner taking control of the Hulk. Having Hulk as the badguy is just an excuse to cut Norton out of the film,,, this sucks…
    Cop out!!!!!!!

  20. @ 790
    I think thats exactly what they want to do. That would be a shame though. Ed Norton is an amazing actor and his performance as Banner was pretty damn good. Hard to imagine an Avengers movie being worse off with an actor the caliber of Norton, but if all the reported b.s between marvel and Norton is true, it wouldnt shock me if they try to cut him out.

  21. Funny thing Deadpool, I didn’t expect Ed Norton to pull it off, but he’s the reason I loved the film so much !!! ;-)

  22. Whoa, what is this I see on, Terrance Howard has dropped out of IM2 and will be replaced by Don Cheadle???

    I agree Terrance Howard was probably the weakest casting choice of the film, but replacing him after one has already been made with him will be a little weird.

    Hopefully it would turn out alright.

    Sorry for the off-topic post, didn’t want to dig up an old thread about IM. Hey, IM is in The Avengers so… :-P

  23. Hulk vs. Avengers would be a good subplot but the main theme of the movie would need to focus on the heros having to join forces, despite their differences to overcome a threat too great for either one of them to handle alone.

    Just the Hulk as an antagonist would not be an enriching plot or do justice to the cinematic potential of arguably, one of the most anticipated movies ever.

    Besides I would say that the end of TIH was definitely trying to tell us that he was getting a lot better at controlling it. That means he can be an Avenger one day!

    Yes Iron Man vs. The Hulk should happen @ some point in the Marvel Movie Universe and Hulkbuster armor? Yes! If it is in the Avengers, it doesn’t need to be the whole movie. We need the Hulk to smash the real villians!

    The Avengers need an all-powerful villian. My question is who?

    I wish they hadn’t made Fantastic Four so we could have a REAL Doc Doom. It would be hard to use Red Skull, I can only imagine he is in Captain America and how would her ALSO survive to be over a hundred. Ultimo, Skrulls — too out there. I dunno, I’m anxious to see who the REAL villian will be even if they use the Hulk subplot. Maybe a team of Villians?

    But Who!!?!

    Is it 2011 yet?!? Avengers assemble!

  24. Replacing Terrance Howard is a big mistake,,,

    The Avengers has a HUGE list of villains to deal with.
    I would look at Manderin and consider what would play off his traits.

  25. The only way to have Hulk join the Avengers is to have Ed Norton play Banner!!!

  26. They could have the Hulk under the affects of something, maybe something caused by the main antagonist. And it would take the Avengers, including Stark building the Hulk Buster Armor, to capture him as a sort of middle action scene. Then he would be “cured” of the affliction that made him uncontrollable, and perhaps even present him with a cure that will not only cure him of it but cure him of the Hulk altogether, and have Banner consider it, but ultimately refuse it when he realizes he can control the Hulk and help the Avengers fight whatever the main antagonist would be. That would be a good plot I think. Then not only would Banner be able to control the Hulk, but he actually sacrifices his dream of a “normal life” in order to actually be a superhero by choice. What do you guys think?

  27. I think It will make sense if they create the Avengers movie based on Ultimates vol.1. Here’s the reason:
    1. Ultimates use a realistic approach both in costume and story
    2. Ultimates give us more explosive than Michael Bay use in his entire career.


  28. If Eddy plays up, the avengers will fight hulk in the beginning of the movie, than end up face down in the mudd as banner, norton problem solved…

  29. You know Marvel really did a great job with the Ultimate Avengers animated movie. For a short portion of the movie it showed the flaws of all the heroes and them coming together, plus Cap.America’s coming to grips with a new world.
    Seriously, I honestly don’t know how they could pull this off because it would take a lot of CGI & practical work, and it would be very expensive to do.
    Not only you have the Iron Man costume to deal with, but also Thor and his lightning attacks, Cap’s shield, the Wasp flying and a full CG Hulk destroying property, etc. Hey, if they can pull it off, God bless ‘em!