Incredible Hulk Sequel Is A Long Ways Away

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hulk Incredible Hulk Sequel Is A Long Ways Away

Kevin Feige, President of Production for Marvel Studios spoke with MTV News earlier this week about the success of this summer’s The Incredible Hulk.

Feige discussed the risks in doing another Hulk-centered film and how it paid off financially and critically compared to Ang Lee’s Hulk of 2003. Although, not even close to the success or critical acclaim of The Dark Knight or Iron Man, Feige says they now have a Hulk they are proud of and that fans can enjoy going forward. He details the two objectives Marvel had with the new adaptation of Bruce Banner’s alter-ego:

“One was to make even a dollar more than the first one did, so we could justify that we had done it from a financial aspect, and the other one was to bring a Hulk to the screen that a broader fanbase could enjoy. The good news is, we accomplished both.”

I agree with that. I really enjoyed the Incredible Hulk while I hated Ang Lee’s version. I thought the movie did everything right and was very story-driven. I also liked how they turned Hulk into more of a hero and focused on Bruce Banner learning to control his inner demon to use it for good.

Feige also discussed the increased revenues from this new Hulk and the future of the character:

“We made more [than the first 'Hulk']…. We made 3 or maybe 4 million more domestically, and I think 10 or 12 million more internationally. That was one feather and a big deal! Now we have a Hulk that we can be proud of and that is a better match and fits more with the tone of what had been in our comics and what we want him to be in our films going forward.”

banner Incredible Hulk Sequel Is A Long Ways AwayThe thing is, they’ve made no plans or announcements on a Hulk sequel while making as much noise as they can about Iron Man followups and films for Thor, Captain America and the Avengers. Why is there no Hulk sequel in there? Screen Rant reported last month that Edward Norton had not been contacted at all or been part of any dicussion about him or the Hulk being featured in a sequel or the Avengers film.

Well, it’s pretty clear that the profits for Hulk don’t even come close to Iron Man or what’s expected of Thor or Cap. Since Marvel can only self-finance two films per year at the moment, why waste that opportunity on a film that doesn’t seem to have room to grow significantly? Feige explained that Hulk has had two films in the last five years and that it’s time to give other characters their chance. He did clarify however, that characters could be popping up in other characters’ stories much like in the comics. Feige concludes:

“I would expect that people may see the Hulk again soon before he is again carrying his own film,”

hinting at the possibility of Hulk appearing in the Avengers.

If Marvel has officially confirmed the Avengers film, in my mind they should have contacted Mr. Norton immediately. I really dug him as Bruce Banner and I think he would be a cool element of the team. Just over a week ago, we discussed the possibility of the Hulk being the villain in the Avengers movie. Personally, I don’t like that idea and if that is some way of not including Ed Norton, then it’s even worse an idea in my opinion.

My ideal Avengers team would have Hulk as a good guy with Banner played by Norton. His intellect and reluctance of transforming into the Hulk would be a really cool aspect and addition to the team. I would also like to see the film focus on a true villain and not take away from what was developed in The Incredible Hulk with Banner learning self-control.

What do you think? Should Marvel be signing Norton to play Banner in the Avengers? Does Hulk deserve another solo film?

Source: MTV

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  1. Well it depends on how they want to portray it. The Avengers WERE originally formed to combat the Hulk in all honesty so it’s not that far fetched. Even in the Ultimates universe the Hulk is not a “good guy” he’s the ultimate anti-hero so I can’t see him being the good little green monster in the corner. I could, however, see him playing a role similar to what they did for Jekyll and Hyde in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. That would be an interesting dynamic.

  2. I agree with you about the Hulk in Avengers. Although I think a rampaging Hulk would be a good angle to cause Thor to “cross over” to our realm when it was clear the current make-up of the Avengers (Cap, Ant-man, Ironman, Wasp, and even SHIELD) was not enough to bring him down. But I would want this to be settled early in the film so as not to take too much time away from the true villain.

  3. They absolutely should sign Norton right now. While Im pretty sure they are planning on making Hulk the villain in the Avengers and cutting Banner out entirely, I dont agree with it. What good could possibly come out of removing a great actor from a movie like the Avengers. Good actors can enhance the characters beyond anything writers can do. Good actors can make the characters more real, more endearing or more vile (if they are villains) And Norton is a great actor, who did a fantastic job as Bruce Banner. I hope Im wrong, because no good could come from that decision.

    About a solo Hulk sequel, I think they are right about allowing other characters to get their shot on the big screen. Im sure it sucks for Hulk fans, but it is fair. Id love to see Cap, Thor, Ant Man, another Iron Man, even a stand alone Gambit before I see another Hulk movie (oh, and especially a Deadpool movie, of course!) This has nothing to do with my dislike of the Hulk. I actually like Hulk as an anti-hero more than I do Ant man, Gambit, and Thor. But Its time to let other Marvel characters have their time to shine. Each character should get 2 solo films before eventually moving on to a third for a character. And it looks like Marvel will do that, unless of course one of these films makes TDK money. Then all rules are out the window. At least they are cross pollinating to keep fans of an established character happy until that characters next chance for movie action!

  4. Deadpool and Gambit dont matter cuz its not Marvel its Fox

  5. Unfortunatly Oscaris right and look what fox did to the x-men series, they butchered it! I wouldnt mind seeing another Hulk movie but i much rather see Thor, Iron Man, or the Avengers first.

    And its ridiculose for them not to sign Norton on for the avengers movie even if he is playing the bad guy. It still would be really good for him and he has done the part before so it wouldnt b a big issue.

  6. oh sorry that b is suppose to have an e with it lol my bad

  7. If I remember right. The Avengers were formed to fight “Loki” not the Hulk. I believe the original roster was: Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, and Wasp. Then Hulk quit (causing the remaining Avengers to hunt him down), and Captain America was found.

  8. Well technically that’s true Sal but Loki manipulated everything so that the Avengers were actually formed to fight the Hulk until he was eventually revealed to be the bad guy behind the scenes. Captain America came on board in issue #4

  9. I am very well aware that Deadpool and Gambit are owned by Fox. I was simply saying that I would rather see movies about those characters before I see another Hulk. Hulk had his chance with 2 in 5 years. Bring on the other heroes!

  10. It would be interesting to have Loki cross over into the Avengers as a villain from the Thor solo film.

  11. I would like to see Loki, and possibly, even the Enchantress, cross over from Thor.

    Some scenarios:

    -Iron Man 2 could introduce socialite Janet Van Dyne and Henry Pym (though They would not become Ant-Man and Wasp until the Avengers movie).

    -15 minutes before Captain America ends, Cap and Zemo are blown up over the Arctic, freezing both Cap and Zemo. The last clip of the movie could be present day, and Cap gets discovered by SHIELD and they consult Tony Stark.

    -15 minutes before Thor ends, Tony Stark approaches Don Blake, with a job offer to be the Doctor of a group of heroes (lets face it, heroes need some healing). Then it ends with Loki, in disguise, on Midgard convincing Hulk that someone named Thor is out to hurt Betty Ross. This sets Hulk in motion.

    -Avengers movie opens with Cap struggling with the time issue, Hank and Janet becoming Wasp and Ant-Man, Don Blake revealing himself to be Thor, Iron Man setting up Avengers mansion and Hulk attacking (thinking he is saving Betty).

  12. That actually isnt a bad idea sal. If that ends up happening we know where they got their idea from :) lol

  13. i would like to see Dr. Sterns cross over from the Hulk movie as The Leader in an Avegers film. He can manipulate the Hulk and that way we can get what we all want which is the Hulk vs. The Avengers before he acutually joins the Avengers to defeat The Leader. And as far as other movies I would like to see, The Sub-Mariner has always been one my favorites as well Luke Cage and The Black Panther.

  14. Yeah, I really like the idea too. I must admit, Im really worried about the Avengers. Im kinda thinking that for it to be a truly good movie, 2 things need to happen.
    1. The solo movies for the eventual roster of the Avengers need to be cast well, with some real talent (A list or otherwise)
    2. The story for the Avengers flick has to be good.
    I worry most about the studio thinking that the Avengers could make money based on the sheer fact that they have some pretty popular characters all on the screen in the same movie. It needs a great story to tie it all together and make Avengers a great movie experience. All signs so far point to my fears being unwarranted, but still. Im concerned. I hope Im wrong

  15. Deadpool – Right on bud, the worst thing ever would be the Avengers turning into another X3 or Spidey 3

  16. my fear is that there are a lot of characters to juggle.
    The X-Men movies had Ian Mckiellan and patrick stewart to anchor the mutant debate .
    an Avengers movie would be more of a tradional Superhero flick.
    its going to have to be one heck of a story .

  17. Personally I like the idea of them adapting a slightly deviated Ultimates 2 storyline. Loki tricks them into thinking that Hulk is evil (wouldnt be hard given Hulk’s rampages), they eventually figure out Loki, possibly combined with enemies of the other heroes, is behind all of it, and they all have to work together to defeat Loki and whoever.

    Sorry for the terrible grammar.

  18. One thought.. I wonder if Ed Norton has the chops to direct an “Avengers” movie?
    That’s one way you could insure his part in the film.

    @SAL: I like your story scenario. Do you think it might require, too much of an investment, to understand an “Avengers” movie though?

  19. I really dug Norton as Bruce Banner. He was my second option for playing the character (I still think Joaquin Phoenix is THE perfect Banner) but I really liked him in the film. I’ve been a huge fan of Hulk since I was a little girl — never liked the typical superheros so I immediately fell in love with Banner/Hulk’s troubled personality — so I couldn’t have been more disappointed than I was when I saw that heinous 2003 version…now I’m worried there won’t be a sequel for this new one. I only wish someone at Marvel could guarantee there’s going to be a sequel for The Incredible Hulk, with Norton playing Banner or not (no, I don’t want a third actor playing the character but if he doesn’t to play it again…whatever).

  20. I’m a huge Hulk fan and even though I would rather have another solo movie, a prominent role in the Avengers would be the next best thing. I wish Marvel would just guarantee a sequel even if it takes awhile. I think they will have to reinvent the character a bit if they want to use him as a villian. He was portrayed as very sympathetic and way less ruthless and out of control. It was more of a resemblance to the Hulk comics of the 70′s than more recent interpretations of the character, especially in the Ultimates. Even though I definitely want a Hulk/Avengers smackdown, I would rather they come together to fight a common foe.

  21. Well if hulk was the villain you would have the greatest movie fight scene of all time: Thor vs Hulk. We all(fanboys) pretty much know who the villains in the solo movies are going to be
    Captain America:Zemo
    Iron Man II:Manderin
    so any of those could lead into the villains for the avengers movie as well

  22. The thing is michael, that’s just Thor.

    How does Wasp or Captain America fight hand-to-hand with the Hulk?

    I still think it’s a bad idea to have the Hulk as the villain. The more I think about it, the less creative sense it makes because with Tony Stark’s tech and contacts, Hulk couldn’t hide *anywhere* and not everyone would be able to fight him.

  23. Rob you got a good point but I did like sals idea sounded like a nice way to string them all together but to be honest I just hope they do not mess it up like spiderman 3 or x3 they were obviously made with money as the first thought and not a good story.

    I think Ed norton has to play him as its gonna be hard to find someone who did it as well as he did and also the rebuild of the character they’ll probably do, I would like to see a namor film.
    something different i guess

  24. @Sabin

    As we wrote above, she confirms in that interview that any solo movie will not most likely happen until AFTER the Avengers movie.


  25. If memory serves correct weren’t the Avengers looking for the Sub-Mariner when they found Captain America frozen in the ice? Hulk as main villain. Not for the entire film.

  26. Close D.C. They were actually fighting Namor at the time, not just looking for him. They just happened to be fighting where Cap was frozen in ice. That really wouldn’t work for a movie though. It would be best to keep the story simple yet epic. High stakes, big villain (NOT an alien invasion, that’s been done to death) and one huge fight fest at the end.

    Good Villains

    Any one of these could work if written right. Just don’t have Brett Ratner direct this (or any other) movie an it should be fine.